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Advice from a Call Center Geek is a weekly podcast with a focus on all things call center and contact center. We discuss topics such as call center operations, hiring, culture, technology, and training and have fun doing it! #callcenter #contactcenter #callcenterops #CX #custserv

Advice from a Call Center Geek is a weekly podcast with a focus on all things call center and contact center. We discuss topics such as call center operations, hiring, culture, technology, and training and have fun doing it! #callcenter #contactcenter #callcenterops #CX #custserv
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Advice from a Call Center Geek is a weekly podcast with a focus on all things call center and contact center. We discuss topics such as call center operations, hiring, culture, technology, and training and have fun doing it! #callcenter #contactcenter #callcenterops #CX #custserv








Remembering the Call Center of the Past- 1985

Let's take a walk down memory lane to the call center of 1985 when there were no computers, outbound was king, stats were few and far between and smoking in the call center was the norm! Wow, have things changed! I would love to hear some of the stories of your call center back in the day. Head over to to post!


Changing How Sales are Done in Your Call Center- Introducing "ERQ"

No matter what type of Contact Center you are operating, there is always some aspect of sales. Customer service centers are looking to upsell and cross sell, outbound center are looking to sell. How do you get your associates to do this the right way without having your quality drop? Almost all internal call centers fight with the concept of interdepartmental mingling. The finance guys need the sales numbers to be X while the customer service executives need quality to be Y. This is a...


A New Way to Incent Your Call Center Associates

In Episode 18 of the Geek we look at a new way to incent your call center associates based on your culture. No longer is it good enough to just look at a couple KPIS. Learn how to build a well rounded associates with incentive!


Chatbots for the Call Center and Customer Service- Present and Future

Let's take a look a the types of chatbots that are available for your call center today, what ones you should be using and where the technology is moving to. We discuss not only the technology behind them but the use cases and costs.


How Much Does Your Call Center Really Cost? How to do an Easy yet Thorough Cost Assessment

When you think call center costs most people think agents and minute charges. In this episode of the Geek! we we look at the full scope of costs that are involved in your center and the reasons you many not be as efficient at possible. We use our fun Call Center Calculator at as well so listen to the episode and follow along with our interactive calculator!


Advanced Speech Analytics- Unique Use Cases

In this episode of the Geek! we dive deep into the awesomeness of speech analytics. There are many powerful use cases for this amazing call center tool but understanding what it can do and its limitations are vital to having a great experience. We will tackle some topics such as: 1) What Speech Analytics IS and IS NOT 2) Why Its such a powerful tool 3) Real life use cases to improve your QA, VOC and Marketing. We also give a real life example of how the power of analytics can really...


Why the Cloud Rocks (and so does NICE inContact)

In the episode of the Geek!, the we discuss the benefits of moving your call center to the cloud and why we believe its so beneficial. We also talk about our history with premise based solutions. We are not shy for our love for what we believe is the best in class Cloud Telephony provider Nice inContact.


9 Ways to Improve your Call Center Coaching

In this Episode of the Geek we talk about 9 ways to improve your call center coaching techniques:


Call Center Money Ball- Call Center Metrics that Actually Matter

So many people judge what a world class experience is by metrics that our industry has been using for over 30 years. Has using these metrics really improved the CX? Take a look at a new approach to KPI's. One that measures not just how quickly the agent answers the phone but measures both sides of the conversation. Isn't the who point of world class customer service to improve the customer experience and not just hit a SLA number? We hope this episode opens some eyes into what we believe...


Motivational Games to Play In your Call Center 2.0

We have re-done the original episode 4 to now include more games, more engagement and more fun to have in your call center. There are over 20 games and ideas to have fun in your call center in this episode. We break the games into basic, intermediate, and advanced games for your center. If you want any of the rules for these games email the Host of the Geek, Tom Laird at BASIC FUN INTERMEDIATE FUN ADVANCED AWESOMENESS


Ten Critical Items to Think About Before Outsourcing Your Call Center or Creating an RFP

In Episode we look at 11 concepts to consider before you outsource your call center. Many great things can happen when you outsources to the right partner. Nightmares happen when you don't. This is a must listen is you are considering an RFP or looking to outsource your call center. 1. Proper Size 2. Track Record of Management 3. Client Support Method 4. Associate Match: 5. Proper Technology 6. Onshore/Offshore/Hybrid 7. Company Culture 8. Training 9. Scalability/Flexibility 10....


Episode 10 QA (Quality Assurance) Done the Right Way in Your Call Center

In Episode 10 of the Geek! we take a deeper dive into the quality aspects of your center. From starting or improving your QA scoring, educating on delight and tone and taking a look at the benefits of Speech Analytics, we strive in episode 10 to improve your Quality processes!


Making Your Call Center Unique to Your Culture- Tips and Tricks

In Episode 9 of Advice from a Call Center Geek we look at some ways that we have made our call center different and unique and show you how to do the same in your environment! Head over to to join in a discussion on what makes your center different and unique!


Call Center Supervisor Training- Starting a Management Training Program

How do you facilitate call center management training in your call center? Do you have a training plan at all or are you just pulling long tenured/high producing associates to be your supervisors? Stop that! Start a management training program in your call center. In this episode of the Geek! we tell you how!


When Good Times Go Bad- Dealing with Supervisor and Associate Confrontation in Your Call Center

While we all want a world class center with happy associates, well trained supervision and a great culture, we know that good times sometimes go bad. In this episode of the Geek! we discuss five strategies for avoiding and resolving issues that arise on the call center floor. 1) Supervisor Respect 2) Progressive Discipline 3) Don't let it Linger! 4) Get to Know Your Associates 5) Managing your Peers


Ten Ways to Disrupt Your Call Center Using Technology and Best Practices

We have updated the really well received talk that we gave at the Nice incontact Interactions Conference on 10 Ways to Disrupt Your Call Center. We want to to think about: 1) Your Technology and Current Customer Trends 2) Your Operations 3) Your Culture (This is by far our favorite podcast and provides an awesome overview to the state of where your center needs to be in 2019)


Call Center Coffee- Starting the Day in the Right Way in Your Call Center

We discuss the importance of controlling the first 30 minutes of an associate's day to have an awesome and productive shift with our "Call Center Coffee Procedures". We discuss: 1) Your call center environment and energy. 2) Greeting each associate with enthusiasm! 3) Recapping team and individual goals. 4) How are you going to have fun today? 5) Work transition.


Initial and Ongoing Education in your Call Center

In this episode of "The Geek" we discuss tips to limit turnover during the first 90 days of hire and how to educate associates the right way. Want to improve ongoing education? You need to implement your very own agent analysis program, we show you how.


Hiring the BEST Call Center Associates for your Organization Based on Culture

In this episode of "The Geek" we look at your call center culture and how we can evolve it so be a tool to hire, incentivize and engage our call center associates. We look closely at: 1) Defining your call center culture 2) Hiring the right call center associate, no the "best" candidate 3) How to incent off culture 4) The importance of getting employee buy-in to our culture and how to do it.


Podcast DNA / I Bet In Know Why Your Call Center is Struggling

In our inaugural episode we give some background on why we created "The Geek" we discuss three distinct topics to start off our podcast: 1) Who we are are 2) Why we created "the geek" and whom it will benefit 3) We dig into our first topic of "The Seven Reasons why your Call Center Stinks!