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Explore the Future of Work with Chris and Martin.

Explore the Future of Work with Chris and Martin.
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Explore the Future of Work with Chris and Martin.






The Future of Public Relations Roles

On this episode of African Retooled we take a journey back in time to 3200BC, to the origins of Public Relations. One of the oldest professions, Public Relations is about story telling. The human being experiences life through narratives. In our discussion, we find out from Naomi Mutua, Deputy Managing Partner Ogilvy Public Relations, about how curation of stories is the back bone of PR. We paint a picture of where PR begun and what PR has become then imagine together what PR is going to be....


Summary of Future of Sales Episodes (B2B and B2C)

On this episode, Chris and Martin summarize key lessons learnt from discussions held with Leon Kiptum - Country Manager Betin on Episode 3 & 4 and Andrew Waititu - GE Healthcare East Africa CEO on Episode 2. You will also come out of this episode with four practical skills that you need to focus on in the year 2019 to ensure you remain relevant in the world of sales in the next two to three years. It is evident that sales roles(B2B and B2C) will disrupt, but you don't have to be left...


Part 2 - The Future of Consumer (B2C) Sales Roles

On this episode we delve further into the Future of Consumer (B2C) Sales roles. Leon Kiptum, picks up from part one where we discussed what the consumer sales landscape has been to date. Join us as we explore the disruption to various roles caused by emerging technologies and evolving consumer demands brought about by fluid knowledge in the market place.


Part 1 - The Future of Consumer (B2C) Sales Roles

On this episode we continue on the sales journey and begin the exploration of Consumer or B2C Sales roles. The landscape of business is becoming more and more homogeneous in product offerings with consumers having a wide variety of substitute goods and services to choose from. We are seeing that price is also no longer a sustainable differentiator if you want to survive. How will the salesman of the future need to evolve in order to stay ahead and navigate these dynamic and often turbulent...


The Future of Business to Business (B2B) Sales Roles

On this episode we explore the evolution of business to business (B2B) Sales. Sales Executives generate and can access valuable amounts of data, that if leveraged can yield great business results. Enabled by technology the sales man of the future will need to regularly update the business on his/her activity that will draw out insights and predict the most valuable business leads to be focused on. Find out from the CEO GE Healthcare East Africa - Andrew Waititu, how the price and complexity...


The Future of Work - African Retooled Starts The Journey

On this episode of African Retooled , Chris and Martin ; two African recruiters introduce themselves . They explore the imminent changes that roles will go through driven by artificial Intelligence , cloud computing and increased computing power. The two introduce the audience to the 'Tafsiri-meter' - a tool they will use to discover the extent to which a role will be disrupted in the future.