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We Talk about Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship. I invite authors, speakers, and experts in the field.

We Talk about Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship. I invite authors, speakers, and experts in the field.
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We Talk about Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship. I invite authors, speakers, and experts in the field.




035 Gabe Weisert, Co-Author of the Best Seller book "Subscribed"

More ‎ Gabe Weisert is the managing editor of Zuora. Zuora is a publicly traded company in the New Your Stock Exchange (ZOU) focused on creating software for subscription-based businesses. Gabe started his career as a content marketer, he has written for the Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Post, Forbes.Com, Huffington Post, Daily Beast and Yahoo! Travel. The subscription model is nothing new, newspapers have been using it for...


034 Michelle Y. Talbert, Esq. Personal finance while being black in America

More In this episode, we discuss personal finance and social issues as it relates to black America. Balck Americans are systemically discriminated upon. They have fewer employment opportunities, and when they get employed, they earn less than their white counterparts. And black women get paid proportionally less than white women. They are also charged higher interest for mortgages or other loans. They get arrested more often, many cases without...


033 Andrei Polgar The Age of Anomaly.

More Andrie Polgar is an economist, an entrepreneur, a Youtuber, and an Author. One of the things that I find the most amazing about Andrei is that he's is from Romania and he lives in Romania, he lives in a non-English speaking environment, yet his YouTube Channel and his books are all in English. And his English is a high level academic English. This is a testament, that in our interconnected Internet society, time and distance are not barriers to...


032 Sandi Martin From Spring Financial Planning

More Sandi Martin From Spring Financial Planning I heard from Sandi in an interview I had with Shannon Lee Simmons, Shannon recommended the podcast Because Money where Sandi is one of the participants in a roundtable. The podcast is almost like a telenovela, where the speakers present their different points of view and they are not afraid to disagree with one another. In the end, the listener gets a great learning experience from different points of...


AG 031 Jessica Moorhouse

More Jessica Moorhouse is a blogger, a podcaster, a speaker and an Accredited Financial Counselor-Canada® who shares tips on saving, budgeting & investing. But the thing that I know Jessica the most for is for bringing amazing guests to her podcast. Jessica started working at age 15, paid her university without any financial assistance. Jessica started blogging about 6 years ago, as a way to keep herself accountable for the way she was spending...


AG 039 Jen Hemphill, Her Money Matters

More This is the first time I interview a fellow Latino. Like me, Jen is also from Colombia. I felt the connections right from the first email. I am so happy to have this interview. Jen Hemphill calls herself a "money confidence coach," but her real title is "Accredited Financial Counselor." Jen helps women gain confidence in their finances, she is a mother of two boys and a military wife. Because Jen is a military wife, she and her family moved...


029 Kornel Szrejber, helping Canadians build wealth

More Kornel first became well known for paying his mortgage in his 20s. In a society where people are making mortgage payments way into their 50s, Kornel decided he didn't want any of that, he didn't want to be a slave to his bank. Once his mortgage was paid off, once he and his wife have learned the virtues of frugality, by saving 50% of their income, they focused all their energy into pilling money in their retirement accounts. By age 32 Kornel...


AG 028 Roger Whitney, The retirement answerman

More I first heard about Roger in the Afford Anything Podcast. In this episode, he said: I don't believe in retirement Roger and I are the same age, 51, except that he's better looking than me, and he has more letters after his name. He started his career as a financial advisor in 1991, right at the beginning of the tech boom. He acquired all his superpowers by making lots of mistakes. Roger clientele of preference are those people who are...


AG 027 Elizabeth Fournier; How to die, save money and save the environment

More The typical burial in North America cost about $10,000. The sad thing about that absurd prices is that the surviving members of the family are too sad, too stressed, and under a time limit to shop around for better options. In addition to losing a loved member of the family, two other bad things happen: Imagine that your aunt who has always been conscious of the environment. It would be disturbing to know that her last interaction with the...


AG 026 The Escape Artist

More Bernie, The Escape Artist, is a blogger based in England. The name of the blog came from the classic movie The Grand Escape which plays every Christmas in England. His blog is about helping people get out of the financial prison camp in which many of us end up. If you are working on a job you don’t like or if you are in debt, you are in a prison-like situation. Breaking out of prison requires slow deliberate work which can have a huge...


AG 24 Scott Alan Turner, from money moron to rock star

More Scott Alan Turner was a money moron at one time in his life. He made many mistakes, but each time he made a mistake, he learned a lesson and applied those lessons to become a finance rock star. He started like most of us: Living paycheck to paycheck Accumulating credit card debt Buying a luxury car Gambling in the stock market And the big blow, buying a house he could not afford. Scott felt trapped in his conundrum and started looking...


AG 023 Bob Lai, building a dividend portfolio

More Bob Lai is the host of the website He’s a personal blogger on a quest for happiness and financial independence. Bob Lai investment philosophy focuses on dividend & ETF investing, financial independence, early retirement, happiness, frugality, and finding the right personal balance between saving for the future and enjoying life today. Highlights from the interview J. Money here hereside business as a photographer


AG 022 John Robertson: The Value of Simple

More Who is John Roberson? Dr. Robertson is a scientist, writer, investor, teacher, and an all-around nice guy. He specializes in explaining complex topics – scientific or financial – for regular people. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Western Ontario in Medical Biophysics, and he writes about personal finance in his blog Blessed by the Potato. Personal finance and investing have long been personal passions for John, and...


AG 021 Shannon Lee Simmons: How to have Worry-Free Money

More Shannon Lee Simmons is amazing. She is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), speaker, media personality, entrepreneur, personal finance expert, financial literacy advocate, and founder/owner of Toronto’s advice-only financial planning practice - New School of Finance, the educational hub for Canadians to get advice and learn about personal and small business...


AG 020 $9 Million on a Secretary's salary

More The formula is simple. There is no magic around it. Spend less than you earn and invest the rest. Many times we attribute wealth to a well-paying career: computer science, medicine, law, etc. We attribute wealth to being a genius in the stock market. We try to find the secret sauce of wealth. We try to find the reason why others can have what we can not. The truth is that we live in North America, and people...


AG 019 Millennial Revolution: Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung. Interview

More Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung are two Canadians computer engineers who retired at age 31 and decided to go and travel the world. Kristy and Bryce (K-B) broke tradition when they decided NOT to buy an expensive property in Toronto. Instead, they decided to rent, save their money and plan their escape from the drudgery of a 9-to-5, 45-years serfdom. With the money they saved, they managed to build a 7...


AG 018 Whitney Johnson, Build and A-Team. Interview

Do you want to build an A-Team? Whitney Johnson, with over twenty years of coaching, investing and consulting, take us by the hand and share her knowledge on how to build an A-Team. In this interview, we speak about: Disrupt YourselfDare, Dream, DoDisrupt YourselfBuild an A-Team Ther first time I heard about Whitney was in a podcast where she was talking about her new book at the time Dare, Dream, Do. Everything she said was so obvious, so clear, yet the ideas were expressed in a way...


AG 017 Dough Nordman, The Military Guide

More I have been listening to different podcasts for about 10 years now. I remember, long time ago, I heard an amazing story ( I will retell it now) about a retired submarine pilot and how he was financially independent after his 20 years of service. Little did I know that one day, I would interview Doug Nordman creator of the blog The Military Guide. Conversation with Dough Nordman, the Military Guide. Dough retired at age 41 (in 2002), after 20...


AG 016 Interview with Smile If You Dare

More In this interview, I talk to an anonymous person. He calls himself "Smile If You Dare." On my effort to get to know other personal finance bloggers, I reached out and I asked Smile If You Dare for an interview. I was pleasantly surprised. Here are the highlights of the interview. Smile If You Dare Interview Highlights Dividend investment list End of the podcast Book recommendationThe True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass...


AG 015 Interview with Justin Chidester, Certified Financial Planner at Wealth Mode

More As I was doing some research on the Internet, I stumbled upon the website Wealth Mode | Financial Planning run by Justin Chidester, a fee-only, Certified Financial Planner. I liked his point of view, his voice, and his explanations and I asked him for an interview. Here are the highlights of our interview Blog postPick my brains Book recommendations: The Clash of Generations: Saving Ourselves, Our Kids, and Our...