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Ask Alex - I'm Being Harassed for Not Being Gay Enough

Alex - I work at a large postal processing center. I am openly gay and have been for 15 years. Because the work is boring, my co-workers and I share a fair bit about our personal lives, I know about their relationships, kids, hobbies, etc and they know about my personal life. It has been plesant for years and I have never had a problem about my sexuality. In fact, none of us has ever made a big del about being heterosexual or homosexual. About three months ago, there was a change in the way...


Ask Alex - My Mom is a Toxic Bully

Alex, Since I was a little girl, my Mom has bullied me and made fun of me to other family members. When I was a teenager, she would call me fat, made fun of my lack of boyfriends, and tell her sisters (my aunts) about every bad grade or failure. After I moved out, went to college to become an architect, and started my own life. Last week, I discovered that my Mom has been sending letters to friends and family, saying that I am a deadbeat, that she couldn’t afford to go on a vacation this...


Ask Alex - Co-working Blackmailing Me Over Girls Gone Wild Past

Hi Alex, I have a really big, potentially career destroying problem. About ten years ago, while I was on Spring Break, I was filmed topless and drunk and ended up on a girls gone wild video. My college is listed. Thankfully my name isn’t on it, but I am right there, dancing around in bikini bottoms and nothing else. Not my proudest moment. A couple weeks ago, one of the guys who is on my team started making weird, sexual comments to me when he passed my office or when we were alone in the...


Ask Alex - After Ghosting My Ex She is Harassing Me and My New Fiance

Alex - I am living in hell. For about six months, I dated Amy. She was smart and sweet and I really enjoyed spending time with her. But, after the first couple months, it became clear to me that there wasn’t anything deeper. I didn’t want a big “talk” you know. I figured it would be better to kind of fade away, no hurt feelings. Anyway, I started dating around for a few months and eventually met Karen. After a whirl wind romance, Karen and I got engaged. A month ago, I posted a picture of...


Ask Alex - My Son Is Being Bullied At School

Alex – I know that you help adults who are victims of bullies, but I am at a loss as to how to help my son. He is in 7th grade and is being bullied by an 8th grade kid and his little gang. My wife and I have gone to the school to complain dozens of times, we have talked to my son’s teachers to keep an eye out, nothing seems to help. The school assistant principal suggested that my son is too sensitive and should be tested for psychological problems. My son is so stressed out about going to...


Ask Alex - Co-Worker is Bullying Me to Get My Job

Alex, A new co-worker, let's call him Bob, is out for my job. He frequently comments about how he would do a better job and criticizes my appearance, my personal life, and my work performance. He recently found out that our boss is a huge Trump supporter. I spent a lot of time during the last presidential election posting my opinions about Trump on Facebook. They were far from positive. Anyway, lately Bob has taken to screenshotting my old posts and emailing them around in a mass office...


Ask Alex - Former Bully Struggles With Payback

Today's Ask Alex About Stalking and Bullying comes from Pauline who writes; Alex - You probably don’t get many requests for advice from bullies. But, here goes. I spent years stalking and trolling, and generally causing trouble for people that I didn’t like. I made up stories and posted them online. I know that I hurt people’s feelings, damaged their reputations, and messed with their relationships. I really got off on the drama. I was unemployed, bitter, and bored. They were easy marks. I...


Ask Alex - Real Estate Broker Faces Reputation Attack From Former Employee

Today's Ask Alex About Stalking and Bullying comes from Kim who writes; Alex, I owned a real estate office, that due to divorce and ill health struggled and finally closed two years ago. While the entire process was painful and humiliating, the situation was made 1000% worse by a temp who took to the internet to slam me and the business. She only worked for me for two weeks and so she knew almost nothing about the problems and certainly didn’t know me or my husband or the other workers. For...


Ask Alex - Ex May Be My Anonymous Cyber Bully

Today's Ask Alex About Stalking and Bullying comes from Vivian who writes; Alex, I have been bullied online by an anonymous person for a long time. I don’t know for sure, but I think that it is my ex husband and his girlfriend. I haven’t seen him face to face in years. We have kids, which he hasn’t seen or supported, ever. But every once in a while I have emailed photos of the children. Sometimes he is cordial and really pleasant. Sometimes he says he loves me. Other times I'm not even sure...


Episode 3 - Adult Harassment & Hate Campaigns - Defining an Epidemic

In this episode, PR and Crisis Management expert, Alexandrea Merrell discusses harassment and hate campaigns. Harassment and so called "hate campaigns," which focus on bullying and harassing an individual or group based on perceived sexuality, religion, physical characteristic, or membership in a particular group is on the rise. Technology makes information gathering and attacks easy and often anonymous. This episode defines actionable harassment and hate campaigns as a first step for...


Episode 2 - Adult Stalking - Defining Actionable Physical & Cyber Stalking

Stalking, particularly cyber or online stalking is one of the fastest growing crimes on earth. In this episode, PR and Crisis Management expert, Alexandrea Merrell discusses identifying actionable stalking. The crime of stalking has been around since the begining of time, but modern technology makes stalking, harassing, and bullying victims easy and often anonymous. Individuals and professionals are being victimized at an alarming rate with limited recourse. This episode defines actionable...


Episode 1 - Adult Bullying - Defining Actionable Physical & Cyber Bullying

Words like bullying, stalking, and harassment have become over generalized, with many people using them to include any activity that hurts their feelings, opposes their opinions, or potentially offends them in some way. The problem with using these words in this over generalized way is that it often prevents people who are legitimate victims from being helped. In this episode, PR and Crisis Management expert, Alexandrea Merrell discusses identifying actionable bullying as a first step for...