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Power of Delayed Gratification

Have you heard of the marshmallow experiment? Even if you have, pay close attention and see if you can spot some distinctions. Years ago, a large group of 4-year-olds was led into a room that looked like a classroom. One wall had a one-way mirror that allowed researchers to watch the children. Each child had a marshmallow put in front of him or her, and was given simple instructions by a researcher: feel free to eat the marshmallow now, or wait to eat it until after the researcher’s return...


Power of Practical Knowledge

Let’s start with a story! Once upon a time, a professor approached a boatman for a ride downstream in exchange for a small sum of money. The professor decided to show off his intelligence while they were in the boat, and started arrogantly testing the simple boatman. First, the professor started grilling the boatman about geology, then said that 25% of the boatman’s life is gone simply because he doesn’t understand the subject. Next, the professor scooped a leaf from the water and asked if...


What Is "Self-Serving" Benevolence?

Let me share with you the true story of my mentor, Michael. He was a Princeton honor student and is fluent in many language, but he has overcome obstacles of his own. He faced three disasters: the deaths of his mother, father, and brother within a close time period. Imagine how traumatic that must be. Michael met a gentleman of Indian descent while he was at Princeton, and decided to fly to India to meet this gentleman and get a deeper insight into why so much of his family died. When he...


Why Wisdom Crushes Knowledge

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. is among the most famous of all US Supreme Court justices. He was born to a prominent boston family, and graduated from Harvard Law School in the 1860s. He then prepared a series of lectures that were published as The Common Law in 1881. Holmes served on the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts from 1882 until his appointment to the US Supreme Court in 1902. During his 30 years serving on the country’s highest court, Holmes became known for his “clear and...


How to Influence Like Gandhi

No one is required to change more than those of us who present ourselves as leaders of educational reform and transformation. And if you’re ethically influencing others, that’s you! Ethical influences reform others, cause permanent change, and transform people. Why do you need to have change in yourself before you can change others? Simply because you are required to model the behavior that you want others to adapt. No one is better known for this than Mahatma Gandhi, who started off as a...


Anatomy of an Ideal Workday

Imagine the ideal personal and professional workday. You go to sleep at the perfect time, wake up at the perfect time, you feel completely in control, you own your morning, and you don’t let any interruptions or disruptions to get in the way of getting stuff done. You also block out time at the prime times to get things done in your way, and do not only what’s urgent, but also what’s important. Does that sound like the kind of day you could live? If so, you’ll love this episode about the...


Six Keys to Finding Your Avatar

This about avatar identification, not about religion, but I’m going to start off with the story of the Saddleback Church and its founder, Rick Warren. Warren was born in San Jose, California, to a Baptist minister and a high school librarian. He graduated from Ukiah High School in 1972, and went on to study at California Baptist University, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. Again, this episode isn’t about religion. Instead, it’s about a...


Why Selling Is Marketing Oxygen

Somewhere in Asia, a hermit was meditating by a river when a young man interrupted him to ask to become his committed disciple. “Why?” the hermit asked. The young man answered, “Because I want to find enlightenment.” The master grabbed the young man by the scruff of the neck and plunged his head underwater. After a long moment of the young man kicking and struggling, the master released him and asked gently, “Young man, what did you want most of all when you were underwater?” “Air!” the...


What Makes Leaders Weep?

Herman Miller was founded by D. J. De Pree in 1923 and is one of the most profitable in the Fortune 500. While it’s #456 in revenue, it’s #7 in profit. Isn’t that incredible? This is because revenue never equals profit. Revenue is top-line, and profit is bottom-line. Are you wondering how to get more profit, and why Herman Miller has been so profitable relative to its revenue? The answer is leadership, specifically servant leadership. At Herman Miller, the concept is that leaders don’t...


Four Ways To Play The Game

In 2010, in Los Angeles, my good friend Dave Buck (the CEO of CoachVille) taught a session to my students at the Ultimate Internet Bootcamp. While on stage, he talked about how life is a game, and in all coaching, the best way to coach someone is to identify what game they’re playing and how they’re playing it. The most noble, easy, and consistent way to develop permanent change in your life is by changing the game you’re playing, and the way you’re playing it. With all that said, here’s...


How to Sell Less & Net More

In 2016, my friend Ryan asked me if I would support him for his first product launch, The Ask Method Training. It ended up being pretty successful, and generating over $3 million in revenue in just two weeks. The problem, though, was his profits. After the fees, advertising, joint venture payouts, refund requests, and affiliate contest payouts, the typical profit margin is about 20%. Ouch! I prefer to be in the 50% to 60% range. In my own launch, I used the PLUS Method, which stands for...


Why Socrates Avoided Rejection

In 2002, I tapped into a 2400-year-old technology that the most revered universities across the globe embrace: the Socratic Method. This method involves asking questions. When you’re thinking about applying this to your sales presentation, keep this in mind: the question mark looks like a hook. It draws people in. The exclamation point, on the other hand, is like a spear that can shoo people away. Back to 2002: my children were very young, and so I didn’t want to travel as frequently as my...


Four Learning Styles to Greatness

In 2006, I sat in a converted office in my home in California. My wife and children were asleep, and I wondered what the topic should be for the next course I wrote. In 2001, I had developed the course Marketing With Postcards, which earned me nearly $1 million. At that point, I wasn’t great at creating traffic, but I was very good at converting traffic. The success of this course led to my next course, Traffic Conversion Secrets, which I sold for $1,800. That course, in turn, led to...


Public Speaker’s Magic Formula

Dale Carnegie was the author of the book How to Win Friends & Influence People, one of the best-selling self-help books of all time. Perhaps surprisingly, Carnegie was born into poverty in Missouri. As a boy, Carnegie won friends through his knack with words. At various assemblies he attended in high school, he became inspired by speakers, and joined the school’s debate team. During his horse rides to college, he practiced his speeches and style. After graduating, Carnegie’s various jobs...


The ‘ALL IN’ Principle

In the summer of 1992, I learned an important fact that has stuck with me ever since: leadership is a choice. On the day I learned this, I was climbing a wall in an obstacle course as part of a team-building exercise. I was dripping with sweat, my shoulders were aching, and my legs were throbbing. I felt battered, but ready to take on the challenge. (This feeling probably sounds familiar to you, even if the battering is a mental or emotional rather than physical one!) The pain didn’t matter...


Transform Ice Blocks Into Steam

I want to introduce you to someone I like to call Coach Carla. Most of my list is made up of Coach Carlas. These women are consultants or service professionals, typically in their 40s, and typically making under $100k. Coach Carla hates to sell. She’s not very good at technology. She has fears, frustrations, and foibles, but she’s a really good coach. She lives a simple lifestyle, but spends rich for continuing education and has a habit of hiring mentors. She’s proud of the quality of her...


The 3 WHYs of “Ethical Influence”

In 2016, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in front of 850 crazy, outrageously influential and enthusiastic Brazilians. I was there for the first time for what’s called Guerrilla Business Intensive. It’s a three-day intensive that starts at 8 AM and goes until 10 or 10:30 PM each day. On day two, I was making a mention that Brazil is the 8th largest sovereign nation in terms of GDP, but 1st in natural resources. In other words, Brazil is a testament to unmet potential. The key to any nation’s success is...


Experience Is Not Best Teacher

Many years ago, in northern Asia, an arrogant samurai warrior challenged his Zen master to explain the difference between evil and goodness. The master’s response had a sense of mockery, even disgust, as he said, “I will not waste my time with such scum as you.” The arrogant samurai reacted by pulling out his sword and screaming in a rage, “Little man, I will cut you into pieces for your insults!” The Zen master responded, “That, my dear friend, is what evil is like.” When he heard this...


Power of Ruthless Compassion

Once, I was speaking on stage in front of hundreds of other thought leaders and entrepreneurs. I wrote down the word “compassion” and asked what it said. When we unpacked it, they learned that the word “compassion” has three other words inside of it. Compass, the first word, is about knowing which direction to go. Passion, the second word, is about the heart (whereas compass is about the head). Ion, the third and final word, is the smallest substance that we can study. It represents the...


5 Famous Influencer Dropouts

Sir Richard Branson, who you may know for his Virgin companies, is dyslexic. While he may not be known as one of the great speakers of all time, he’ll absolutely be remembered as one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time. He’s a perfect example of how someone who’s willing to try more things (despite potential public embarrassment) is more likely to be successful. Barbara Corcoran, who you’ve seen if you’ve watched the show Shark Tank, is one of 11 children, and has been fired from many...