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02/13/19 - New Help is Available For Young Farmers

Host and American Family Farmer, Doug Stephan, begins with a look at how Rural American hospitals and schools are closing and so far there has been no real reaction from the Federal Government. Next, Doug introduces Holly Rippon-Butler, who is Land Access Program Director for the National Young Farmers Coalition. Holly grew up on her family’s multi-generation dairy and beef farm in Upstate New York, where she continues to farm with her parents. She...


02/06/19 - Becoming A Successful Ranch, by Doing Things the Old-Fashioned Way

Host and American Family Farmer Doug Stephan begins with news about the State of The Union Address and references to farmers and ranchers. Next, we meet Tony Weber, who, along with his wife Michelle, own and operate a small, successful farm, Weber Ranch. They have no secrets, you can visit them anytime. They let animals live like animals. “Pigs need to express their pigness.” Cows and sheep eat grass, chickens thrive on pasture, and pigs...


01/30/19 - Women In Agriculture, Springing Up In Record Numbers

Host and American Family Farmer Doug Stephan, begins with news about bad weather warnings and reminders about checking the snow-load frequently on your animal shelters. Also, a reminder to check animal food sources with regularity. Next, we meet Lisa Kivirist, author of: "Soil Sisters: A Toolkit For Women Farmers." Women in agriculture are sprouting up in record numbers, but they face a host of...


01/23/19 - The President Recently Promised to Increase Annual Farm Net Income by $4-Billion

Host and American Family Farmer Doug Stephan reports news that President Trump recently claimed that he will increase the annual farm net income by $4,000,000,000. Doug wonders how he might do that. Next, Doug welcomes Ken Iverson, who runs the Wooden Shoe family farm in Woodburn, OR. The farm began in 1950 and by 2001 changed the name to Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. They have greatly expanded their operation to include taking bulb orders, cut flowers,...


01/16/19 - Who's Getting A Portion of The $60-Million Aid, Included In The New Farm Bill?

Host and American Family Farmer Doug Stephan has news about the 120 Specialty Crop Organizations benefiting from the new Farm Bill. There's $60-million dollars available, and none of it is going to benefit the Dairy Farmer. Next, Doug welcomes Evan Kruse, a fourth-generation farmer at Kruse Farms from Roseburg, OR. They grow several types of fruits and operate a huge Farmer's Market. Then, Doug opines about how the Government Shutdown is beginning to...


01/09/19 - Learn All About Hemp, As A Cash Crop

Host and Family Farmer Doug Stephan has news about how the New Tax Laws will affect The Family Farm. Next, we meet Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. Bruce has always been an entrepreneur. His passion for business started at the young age of seven when he began shining shoes door-to-door. He created an empire. Called, “The Company”, his operation had a business plan, investors, and employees, their product just happened to be illegal, Marijuana. As Chief...


01/02/19 - Dogs Help Handicapped Farmers

Host and American Family Farmer Doug Stephan begins with news about the second round of trade payments, and milk prices are going higher. Next, Doug welcomes Jackie Allenbrand who started P.H.A.R.M. Dog USA, Pets Helping Agriculture in Rural Missouri . They train dogs, primarily labs or lab mixes, to do a variety of helpful tasks such as retrieving or picking up dropped tools, opening a latch gate system, carrying buckets, as well as standing and...


12/26/18 - What is Farm To Fork?

Host and Family Farmer Doug Stephan has more news about the new Farm Bill and why Family Farmers are upset about it. Next Doug welcomes former turkey farmer and broadcaster Darrell Anderson. Darrell hosts a weekly radio feature called "Farm to Fork." The feature deals with a wide range of topics affecting the American Family Farmer. Finally, Doug opines with his view of what 2019 may hold for the farming community.


12/13/18 - Meet Country Artist and Family Farmer, Ben Rue

Host and American Family Farmer, Doug Stephan begins with news and opinion about how the American Family Farmer is getting screwed by the brand new Farm Bill. Next, meet Country Singer and Family Farmer Ben Rue Ben came to Nashville by way of small-town in Oregon, where he grew up the youngest of three brothers on his family’s 2000-acre grass seed farm. Driving a combine since he was 11, Rue wasn’t one to shy from the hard work of the farm,...


12/05/18 - Suicide Prevention For Family Farmers

Host Doug Stephan has news about how the Family Farm is in trouble. Next, Doug welcomes Darla Tyler-McSherry who started "Ask In Earnest" after her father died of an apparent suicide. "I believe that my dad was born to be a farmer. He spent his entire life working the land, caring for the animals, providing for his family, and providing food for countless people over the course of his lifetime. Like all other farmers, he experienced numerous...


11/28/18 - People Are Moving Closer To Their Sources of Food

First, Host/Farmer Doug Stephan talks about his personal farm, Eastleigh Farm . Next, the news from The White House, that President Trump wants more aide for needy farmers. Doug wonders who will decide who the "needy" farms are. Doug Welcomes Steve Nygren from Serenbe . Serenbe’s is an "AGRI-HOOD," consisting of a community of hamlets that have complementary commercial centers focused on the elements of a well-lived life: arts for...


11/21/18 - Meet a Woman Who Sang and Danced Around Her Beef Cattle, But Never Took Them to Slaughter

Host and Family Farmer Doug Stephan reports news that the average Thanksgiving dinner costs about $21-Dollars, but the Family Farmer only receives about $9-dollars of that. There's also news about how Family Farmers can make money with the NFU's Carbon Credit Program. Next, we meet Renee King-Sonnen, the Rowdy Girl of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary It all started with a little 2-month-old baby calf that her husband wanted her to care for, hoping that...


11/14/18 - Robots May Soon be Harvesting Your Crops

Host and American Family Farmer Doug Stephan offers news about how Family Farmers are reacting to the Midterm Election and how they are investigating alternative markets for their products. Next, Doug welcomes Paul Bissett, Chief Operating Officer of Harvest Croo Robotics . Paul is a Wall Street bond trader, PhD in Computational Science, Naval Oceanographer, who says: "This year a half-million dollars of crop was left on the ground at one farm...


11/07/18 - How The Midterm Election Will Affect The Family Farm

Host/American Family Farmer Doug Stephan takes a look ahead at the winter's weather forecast and the effect it will have on next year's crops. Also, a look back at the mid-term election and it's effects for the American Family Farmer. Next, Doug welcomes Lauren Palmer, owner and chief farmer at Bloombury Organic Farm. Lauren, who holds a bachelor’s in social work and a master’s in management, couples her background in social work with a...


11/01/18 - Learn How to Charge The Prices You Want For Your Farm's Yield

Host/Family Farmer Doug Stephan has news about the FDA's recommendations for the labeling of meat. Next, Doug welcomes Michael Olsen, agriculture consultant and author for the book, "MetroFarm, The Guide to Growing for Profit In or Near the City." Michael has been consulting for specialty agriculture projects –big and small – around the world for over three decades. His book provides instruction on how to charge the prices you for your produce and...


10/24/18 - Which Fast Food Restaurants Use Meat Containing Growth Hormones?

Host/Family Farmer Doug Stephan has news about growing Hemp and Hemp Farming. Next, Doug welcomes Attila Agoston, who with his wife and young children operate Mountain View Farm, in Neersville, VA. . Mountain View Farm is located a few miles from the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. They lease their farmland from the Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship, a 900 acre nature preserve. They grow USDA Certified...


10/17/18 - Drug Addiction, Rising on the Farm

Host/Family Farmer Doug Stephan offers news about how the wet weather and the new trade deal are related. Then, news about how drug addiction is increasing on Family Farms. Next, Doug welcomes Baker/Family Farmer, Shana Amsterdam. She and her husband Joe are the Owners/Bakers at Talking Breads Bakery, in Shermansdale, Pennsylvania. They are dedicated to providing a wide variety of breads using only the...


10/10/18 - New Opportunities For American Farmers in England, Scotland and Ireland

Host Doug Stephan has good news for American Family Farmers about trade opportunities in England, Scotland and Ireland, due to The President's new trade deals. Next, Doug welcomes Lucille Benoit Few have had the milk stool in the barn that she's been privileged to have for more than 30 years. She has known good cows, bad ones, clean ones and messy ones, the ones who are the best and brightest and the ones who have died from incurable diseases....


10/3/18 - Good News For Family Farmers From New Tariffs

Host Doug Stephan has good news for Family Farmers coming from The White House. Next, Doug welcomes Gerit Quealy, author/editor of Botanical Shakespeare from HarperDesign /HarperCollins. As a journalist, she has covered everything from lipstick to Shakespeare. The book is a one-of-a-kind color compendium of the ALL the named plants that appear in the entire canon attributed to William Shakespeare,...


9/26/18 - Can You Answer The Question: What Is Real Meat?

Host/Family Farmer Doug Stephan has news about the Tester-Hagen Amendment and what it takes to qualify for assistance. Next, Doug welcomes Jennifer Fahy, Communications Director for Farm Aid . Jennifer has been with Farm Aid since 2002. She loves to spread the word about good food from family farms and the important work of Farm Aid. According to Jennifer, the best part of...