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016 – Tips for strawberry flavour

Tags: brand storytelling, competitors, collaboration In this episode of Anecdotally Speaking, we explain what it is that Mark and I do for work, why some stories work for some audiences and not for others, and the difference between the typical ‘brand stories’ we see and the one we share today. Lots of companies have ‘brand […] The post 016 – Tips for strawberry flavour appeared first on Anecdote.


015 – Empty bunks in tall ships

Tags: persistence, vision, opportunities It’s Mark’s turn to share a story, and so he tells a great one of how Janusz Kamiemski wanted to come to Australia but didn’t think he had any chance of doing so. It’s a great example of persistence with a twist at the end. He told the story at a […] The post 015 – Empty bunks in tall ships appeared first on Anecdote.


014 – It ain’t what you do

Tags: leadership, story-triggering, lead by action, education In this week’s episode of Anecdotally Speaking, an Irish principal demonstrates a powerful message to her school of predominantly African American students with one small action. It’s a fantastic example of how to lead through what you do, instead of what you say. Shawn and Mark also unpack […] The post 014 – It ain’t what you do appeared first on Anecdote.


013 – Travel connections

Tags: leadership, putting others first, development, rapport, culture Sometimes being a leader means putting your employees or team members first. In this episode, we hear how one of the founders of Flight Centre puts an employee first. It’s a story that we often tell when asked for a good example of leadership. We also talk […] The post 013 – Travel connections appeared first on Anecdote.


012 – Harley Davidson promise

An organisation’s value is nothing more than a slogan unless it impacts employees’ behaviours. In this episode, we visit a Harley Davidson factory and see their company values in action. As I write this post I’m sitting on the TransAlpine Railway about to head off from Christchurch across the Alps in the south island of New […] The post 012 – Harley Davidson promise appeared first on Anecdote.


011 – High viz role modelling

Tags: leadership, safety, speaking up, story-triggering, moments They say what a leader walks past without saying anything becomes the norm. So sometimes it really helps to see what your people will let slide or who will speak up. Today’s story should give you an idea for a little experiment you can do as a leader […] The post 011 – High viz role modelling appeared first on Anecdote.


010 – Bright spots

Tags: change, leadership, culture, focussing on the positive One of the most important stories a leader can tell is one that provides insight on how to tackle problems in new ways. I call them intervention stories and some of the very best ones are from outside the business world. In fact, if you look back […] The post 010 – Bright spots appeared first on Anecdote.


009 – Jackie Stewart in the pits

Today’s story illustrates the strong link between great work and what can been seen, heard, and felt in the workplace. You can tell this story to help your team understand how top performers appear and get a conversation going about what your workplace looks and feels like. It’s also a great model for an excursion […] The post 009 – Jackie Stewart in the pits appeared first on Anecdote.


008 – Gillian is a dancer

Have you ever had an employee who just didn’t fit, who wasn’t quite cutting it, and your boss suggests you should let them go? Helping people find what they are truly good at is one of the many jobs of a leader and firing someone should be your last resort. So it’s good to have […] The post 008 – Gillian is a dancer appeared first on Anecdote.


007 – Saving the Citicorp skyscraper

We often get asked “does storytelling work with finance folk, scientists or engineers?” There’s an assumption in their question that some professions only care about the numbers, the facts, and they don’t have time or an interest for stories. Well, nothing can be further from the truth, everyone tells and listens to stories–it’s a human […] The post 007 – Saving the Citicorp skyscraper appeared first on Anecdote.


006 – Accidentally winding up a bank

The way leaders react in times of high stress is a good measure of their character. And it is in these times of strain everyone is taking note of what the leader is doing. The leader’s reaction creates new stories that make the organisation’s culture. You can’t underestimate how important these moments are. Our story […] The post 006 – Accidentally winding up a bank appeared first on Anecdote.


005 – The street corner experiment

A story type we love here at Anecdote is the story of a scientific experiment. It has the double benefit of giving you a story with a good business point and it’s based on peer reviewed research. An experiment story has authority, especially with people who value evidence and science. This week’s story is the […] The post 005 – The street corner experiment appeared first on Anecdote.


004 – Can’t see the bathroom from the grout

This week’s episode features a small story that’s versatile and really delivers. It’s about a bathroom renovation of all things. Sometimes business stories can come from your personal life and make a good business point. The beauty of many of our personal stories is that they are often relatable. Similar things have happened to the […] The post 004 – Can’t see the bathroom from the grout appeared first on Anecdote.


003 – Pick one great strategy

With all the stories you’ll learn here in Anecdotally Speaking you will need a place, and an approach, to keep track of them so you can find good ones when you need them. So in this episode Mark and I run through some tips to create your own story-bank and give you some important advice […] The post 003 – Pick one great strategy appeared first on Anecdote.


002 – World’s worst first day on the job

We’re reading The Power of Moments by Dan and Chip Heath and they talk about creating memorable first days. This episode features a story with a very memorable first day which you wouldn’t wish on anyone. And wrapped up in the story are insights about confidence, decision-making, the role of social networks and the limits […] The post 002 – World’s worst first day on the job appeared first on Anecdote.


001 – An unexpected visitor from Mars

Welcome to our new podcast. Each week Mark and I will introduce a new story you could potentially tell at work, then we will describe why it works and share some ideas of how it might be used in a business setting. By the end of year you will have about 50 stories you can […] The post 001 – An unexpected visitor from Mars appeared first on Anecdote.


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