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029 – Paul revered while Dawes knocked

Tags: trust, connections, relationships, messaging, American revolution, British, Concord It’s not what you know, but who knows you and trusts what you say! Looking after your business connections is important for maintaining communications, especially for your ‘news feed’. But does your attention to the news depend on the messenger? In today’s story, we contrast the […] The post 029 – Paul revered while Dawes knocked appeared first on Anecdote.


028 – Hot Brazilians Futsal Weapon

Tags: innovation, curiosity, soccer, Today’s episode illustrates the importance of not just noticing a pattern of excellence, but working out why it happens. Sometimes this means jumping in and talking to customers. It’s so easy to become disconnected as you become more senior in a company. It seems like the guys at Apple are combating […] The post 028 – Hot Brazilians Futsal Weapon appeared first on Anecdote.


027 – John Snow versus the Miasma

Tags: data, patterns, decisions Bringing your data to life is crucial in making others understand why it’s important. In this example, we hear how John Snow had to be creative and clear with his data to prove his theory right. If you work with data, this story is particularly useful for you. While we disagree […] The post 027 – John Snow versus the Miasma appeared first on Anecdote.


026 – Henry Ford did that?

What do you do when you have high turnover? Henry Ford’s solution made his shareholders angry. In this example, we see how Henry Ford ignored what everyone around him thought and went ahead with a decision that would more than double his profit. We discuss how this is a great example of how a company […] The post 026 – Henry Ford did that? appeared first on Anecdote.


025 – How to tap into your audience

Tags: Curse of knowledge, bigger picture, insight When people don’t understand what we’re trying to convey to them we get frustrated. Sometimes we wonder why they aren’t getting something so simple. This is called the curse of knowledge. This week’s story is my favourite type – a scientific experiment story. It’s about Elizabeth Newton, a Stanford […] The post 025 – How to tap into your audience appeared first on Anecdote.


024 – U2 can protect your tribe

Tags: Life and death, bravery, taking care of others An important part of leadership is taking care of your team. This story is a beautiful example of how taking care of others and helping them through tough times is beneficial for everyone. The focus of this story is U2 at their 1986 Tempe concert, and […] The post 024 – U2 can protect your tribe appeared first on Anecdote.


023 – Industrial design with child’s play

Tags: User experience, shifting perspectives, design Putting the customer first and shifting your perspective to seeing how your design might be viewed by others is really important in today’s globalised, competitive market. It’s Mark’s turn to tell a story this week and the example he tells is particularly useful if you’re designing products, processes or […] The post 023 – Industrial design with child’s play appeared first on Anecdote.


022 – Saving Rubles with mutual Mars

Tags: Values-in-action, mutuality, trust We’ve changed things up a little for this week’s episode of Anecdotally Speaking! We have Gerry Lynch, former General Manager of Mars New Zealand and now CEO of Delmaine Fine Foods tell the story this week. Mars New Zealand has been awarded as the best place to work in the country. Everything […] The post 022 – Saving Rubles with mutual Mars appeared first on Anecdote.


021 – Rolling stones to hidden gems

Tags: team-work, rocks, conflict Working in teams can be hard. In the process of working together, we can disagree, stall and face major setbacks. However, when a team comes together and gets across the finish line it can be great. The story Mark shares this week gives a useful analogy that can help teams get […] The post 021 – Rolling stones to hidden gems appeared first on Anecdote.


020 – Twists and turns of a flying fortress

Tags: big-difference, small-things, checklist Small things can make a big difference. That’s the theme of this episode of Anecdotally Speaking. In Episode 20, Twists and turns of a flying fortress, we hear how a checklist saved Boeing from going under and offered a key advantage to the US Army in World War 2. It’s a […] The post 020 – Twists and turns of a flying fortress appeared first on Anecdote.


019 – Three feet away from the gold seam

Tags: persistence, hard-work, experts, mining It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to do something great. Naturally, if the goal is a big one it’s going to be harder to achieve. You just don’t want to give up and find out that you were close to achieving it. This week, Mark tells a […] The post 019 – Three feet away from the gold seam appeared first on Anecdote.


018 – Are you married?

Tags: safety, moments, attention-grabbing Our story this week is a short one, but it has an impact. As you will see if you tell a story in an unexpected way, and the topic is possible death or injury, you will immediately generate interest from your audience. We also talk about keeping track of the movies […] The post 018 – Are you married? appeared first on Anecdote.


017 – All about apocryphal stories

Tags: apocryphal stories, influence stories The web is full of stories of dubious origins, which is the very definition of apocryphal, yet many can be used to make a business point as long as you make clear that the story is most likely false. We provide some examples of apocryphal stories and we dig into […] The post 017 – All about apocryphal stories appeared first on Anecdote.


016 – Tips for strawberry flavour

Tags: brand storytelling, competitors, collaboration In this episode of Anecdotally Speaking, we explain what it is that Mark and I do for work, why some stories work for some audiences and not for others, and the difference between the typical ‘brand stories’ we see and the one we share today. Lots of companies have ‘brand […] The post 016 – Tips for strawberry flavour appeared first on Anecdote.


015 – Empty bunks in tall ships

Tags: persistence, vision, opportunities It’s Mark’s turn to share a story, and so he tells a great one of how Janusz Kamiemski wanted to come to Australia but didn’t think he had any chance of doing so. It’s a great example of persistence with a twist at the end. He told the story at a […] The post 015 – Empty bunks in tall ships appeared first on Anecdote.


014 – It ain’t what you do

Tags: leadership, story-triggering, lead by action, education In this week’s episode of Anecdotally Speaking, an Irish principal demonstrates a powerful message to her school of predominantly African American students with one small action. It’s a fantastic example of how to lead through what you do, instead of what you say. Shawn and Mark also unpack […] The post 014 – It ain’t what you do appeared first on Anecdote.


013 – Travel connections

Tags: leadership, putting others first, development, rapport, culture Sometimes being a leader means putting your employees or team members first. In this episode, we hear how one of the founders of Flight Centre puts an employee first. It’s a story that we often tell when asked for a good example of leadership. We also talk […] The post 013 – Travel connections appeared first on Anecdote.


012 – Harley Davidson promise

An organisation’s value is nothing more than a slogan unless it impacts employees’ behaviours. In this episode, we visit a Harley Davidson factory and see their company values in action. As I write this post I’m sitting on the TransAlpine Railway about to head off from Christchurch across the Alps in the south island of New […] The post 012 – Harley Davidson promise appeared first on Anecdote.


011 – High viz role modelling

Tags: leadership, safety, speaking up, story-triggering, moments They say what a leader walks past without saying anything becomes the norm. So sometimes it really helps to see what your people will let slide or who will speak up. Today’s story should give you an idea for a little experiment you can do as a leader […] The post 011 – High viz role modelling appeared first on Anecdote.


010 – Bright spots

Tags: change, leadership, culture, focussing on the positive One of the most important stories a leader can tell is one that provides insight on how to tackle problems in new ways. I call them intervention stories and some of the very best ones are from outside the business world. In fact, if you look back […] The post 010 – Bright spots appeared first on Anecdote.