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Inside Fertilizer Analytics: Blue ammonia, Aug. 2021

Low-carbon or blue ammonia has seen growing numbers of projects announced, and is perceived as at least a stepping stone towards a carbon-free ammonia market in the future. It is a complex topic however, leading to industry uncertainty, and has raised key questions that Argus has been addressing for our clients. In our latest podcast we tackle these questions and uncertainties, assessing the opportunities and hurdles facing this sector. Join Andrea Valentini, Principal and Tim Cheyne, VP –...


Falando de Mercado: A abertura do mercado de gás no Brasil em 2022

O mercado brasileiro de gás natural passará a ter uma nova dinâmica a partir de janeiro de 2022 com a abertura definida na nova lei do gás e a redução da participação da Petrobras no setor. Junte-se a Camila Dias, chefe de redação da Argus no Brasil, e Flávia Pierry, editora de Gás Natural e Energia. Elas conversam sobre o que muda em cada elo da cadeia do gás no país e quais os obstáculos que o setor deve enfrentar. Saiba mais sobre nossos serviços para gás natural


The Crude Report: Opec’s row resolved

Editor-in-Chief Jim Washer talks to Dubai Editorial Manager Nader Itayim about the Opec+ alliance’s new output agreement, the Saudi-UAE row that nearly derailed it, and the challenges the group could face, not just through to the end of this current deal, but even beyond. The easiest way to get Argus global crude podcasts, webinars and blogs:


Market Talks: Fertilizer truck freight rises amid delay in corn harvest

The delay in the second corn crop harvest has been rising truck freight rates in Brazil. Please join Camila Dias, Argus Brazil Bureau Chief, and Joao Petrini, a reporter with Argus Brazil Grain and Fertilizer report. They talk about the reasons behind that truck freight increase and the perspectives for the prices. (Podcast is in Portuguese) Related Links Argus Fertilizer Brazil Map


The Crude Report: Argus introduces Canadian High-TAN assessments

In this episode, Argus experts Jeff Kralowetz, VP, Business Development and Alex Endress, Senior Crude Reporter, highlight the introduction of a new Canadian High-TAN price assessment at Houston and Cushing, and update the audience on the continued growth, liquidity and transparency of Argus WCS Houston and ICE ARV.


Environmental Market Insights: Legislative impacts on RECs at the federal and state level

This fourth and final episode will discuss updates in environmental market programs at the federal and state level. Over the coming weeks we will be discussing growth in the US environmental markets including the new NOx allowance program, expansion of cap-and-trade programs, expansion of LCFS programs, and an update on renewable energy certificates. In this fourth episode, Michael Ball and Patrick Zemanek, break down the impacts of various environmental market programs at the federal and...


Inside Fertilizer Analytics: Urea, Jul. 2021

The urea market has seen a surge in demand without a corresponding increase in supply. Will the bull run on prices continue? Join Alistair Wallace - Principal, Consulting and Tim Cheyne - VP, Fertilizers as they start with a look at what’s been driving unseasonably strong urea prices, covering a confluence of factors such as high crop prices, lack of new supply, plant maintenance, energy prices and the influence of China. We then focus on the outlook for Indian demand over the remainder...


Falando de Mercado: Safra recorde de milho eleva demanda por nitrogenados

A expectativa de produção recorde de milho na safra 2021-22 tem elevado a demanda por nitrogenados no Brasil. Junte-se a Camila Dias, chefe de redação da Argus no Brasil, e Renata Cardarelli, repórter da publicação Argus Brasil Grãos e Fertilizantes. Elas falam sobre os fatores por trás do aumento dos preços de nitrogenados e o cenário global para a oferta do nutriente.


Market Talks: Brazil record corn crop boosts demand for nitrogen

An expected record corn crop in Brazil on season 2021-22 has been boosting the demand for nitrogen. Join Camila Dias, Argus Brazil bureau chief, and Renata Cardarelli, a reporter for Argus Brazil Grains and Fertilizer publication. They talk about the reasons behind the raise in nitrogen prices and the global supply scenario for the nutrient.


The Crude Report: DJ Light hosts Cushing crude party

As increasing and more diverse light sweet Denver-Julesburg (DJ) crude volumes are delivered into Cushing, Oklahoma, from the Rocky Mountains, a need for better pricing has become all the more important. And now more buyers than ever are depending on spot supplies due to variable lease supplies and fewer evergreen and term contracts. In order to meet the needs of this changing market, Argus launched the DJ Light Cushing price on 28 June – which includes trades on four DJ Basin streams at...


The Crude Report: Iran crude to India post sanctions

Indirect talks between Iran and the US have not yet resolved disagreements over a roadmap toward lifting US sanctions and enforcing Tehran's nuclear compliance. But refiners are watching the developments closely, and the eventual lifting of US sanctions is expected to trigger a revival in Iranian crude sales to Asia.


Driving Discussions: What’s causing volatility in the RINs market? Prt.1

Over the last month there has been a lot of volatility in the RINs and RVO markets caused by key government decisions. Listen in as Louise Burke, VP renewables for Argus Media, and Thom Dwyer, US biofuels reporter for Argus Media, give an overview on the RINs and RVO markets, discuss refinery biofuels waivers, and the impacts on the long-awaited decisions on US biofuel blending requirements.


Environmental Market Insights: What’s next for LCFS programs?

This third episode in a new mini-series will discuss growth in low carbon fuel standards programs across the US and Canada. Over the coming weeks we will be discussing growth in the US environmental markets including the new NOx allowance program, expansion of cap-and-trade programs, expansion of LCFS programs, and an update on renewable energy certificates. In this third episode, Jessica Dell and Elliott Blackburn break down the expansion of low carbon fuel standards (LCFS) programs...


From the Economist’s Chair: A Fork in the Road

Hello, I’m David Fyfe and welcome to another Argus podcast and blog in the “From the Economist’s Chair” series. Opec+ Ministers failed to agree a route forward for crude production on 5 July, leaving a market that arguably needs more barrels short-term, but then seeks tighter restraint once again from 2022. Stay ahead of the rapidly changing energy and commodity markets with the latest Argus news and insight. Argus Market Highlights FREE industry-specific email updates help you to...


Driving Discussions: New pricing solutions for the transition to E10 in Europe

Listen in as Elliot Radley, Editor European Products, and George King Cassell, Associate Editor of European Products, give an overview of Europe’s transition to E10 fuel, the non-oxy gasoline cargo market and new pricing solutions available to accurately assess this transition.


Inside Fertilizer Analytics: Phosphate Rock, Jul. 2021

The phosphate rock market has seen structural changes in Egypt, changes in Indian market dynamics and intriguing developments around projects in Israel, Australasia and China. How have these and other factors influenced our view of the phosphate rock market? Join Claira Lloyd - Phosphate and Phosphate Rock Research Manager, Harry Minihan - Editor, Argus Phosphates, Claudia Wlk – Deputy Editor, Argus Phosphates and Tim Cheyne - VP, Fertilizers as they start with a look at structural changes...


Weight of Freight: Is high price of crude good for tanker market?

We welcome a special guest from Vortexa in this next instalment of the Weight of Freight podcast series. Recent history says that high price of oil usually spells trouble for tanker freight. Will this be different in 2021 where shipowners place hopes on rising post-pandemic demand and anticipated boost in oil production. In this episode of Weight of Freight, Arthur Richier, Senior Freight Analyst at Vortexa joins Argus’ Head of Freight Alex Younevitch to explore if tanker freight could...


The Crude Report: The Brent basket’s burden: Part 2

The staple crude oil price benchmark Dated Brent needs reinforcements, but how should the North Sea maintain its status in the global oil markets? In a recent informal poll run by Argus, voters were asked how the Brent basket should be bolstered – by adding US crude or new Norwegian grade Johan Sverdrup. In this episode of The Crude Report we take a look at how voters responded.


Chemical Conversations: US butadiene prices expected to remain strong

How did the US butadiene market become the global price leader and how long will this trend continue? In a twist, US butadiene (BD) prices are the highest globally because of ongoing supply constraints, planned and unplanned cracker maintenance globally and strong demand. Typically the world market looks to Asia for price direction. But North America has yet to fully recover from a mid-February winter storm that unexpectedly shut US Gulf coast BD production for several weeks. As such, the...


The Crude Report: IFAD Murban – a maturing crude oil benchmark?

In this episode of The Crude Report, Alejandro Barbajosa, VP Business Development and Karl Kleemeier, Head Oil in Asia, take a closer look at how the contract is faring. We aim to provide answers as to how fast Murban may evolve from a fledgling price reference to a maturing crude benchmark in the Middle East, looking at liquidity, market depth and levels of participation relative to expectations.