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Join Dr. Kent and Randy as they explore otherwise banal topics every weekday morning... and relate them to business strategy.


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Join Dr. Kent and Randy as they explore otherwise banal topics every weekday morning... and relate them to business strategy.






52. The Armchair Strategists - Fall and Business

🍌 I tripped and fall. 1:32 🍂 Autumn leaves and talking properly in English. 2:01 😕 Falling and failing. 4:56 🤠 Being prepared prevents you from falling. 5:13 🤓 Working with someone who knows what is the correct order and sequence of business seasons. 6:52 ☃️ Winter seasons in business is something we should look forward to. 8:01 🤩 Find out more on the process to becoming successful and about the business life cycle on 🍁...


51. The Armchair Strategists React to $3000 wine vs $3 wine

👀Why some things worth more than other things? 0:55 🤔 Is more expensive wine better? 2:32 🎥 Randy and Kent watch the vine testing video. 3:44 📣 Is $19 program better than $10,000 program? 6:48 😲 Why are we watching this video for? 10:30 👃Why it's called the Nose? 12:42 🌟 Who is the real star of the show? 16:59 🎯Educate your client about the best use of the value you are providing. 20:11 👓The business bro looks smart with glasses on. 22:05 AS on Facebook video:...


50. The Dallas Cowboys and Business

Australians call American football—a Gridiron. 1:41️ Atlanta Falcons vs Dallas Cowboys 2:04 🥅 Rules in a football game and rules in business. 05:37 What can happen when you are not controlling your business? 07:16 Many types of playing can get you to succeed in business. 8:21 ⛑️ Don't get your head hit. 10:00 🏉 🧢


49. The Armchair Strategists React Lucky number 7 & Business

Lucky and unlucky numbers. 0:31 7️⃣ Number seven and all related to it. 2:14 Thought Leader Path and 7 parts that make the core of one business. 3:16 🤌 The core of the individual. 4:35 Funny story about a TV show back in the '70s. 6:11 💎 A place where you can find a lot about the business core: 😃 🙃


48. The Armchair Strategists React Kid Destroys Computer

Armchair Strategists are experimenting: reactions to viral videos. 0:59 ⚔️ Gamer smashes a computer with a samurai sword video. 2:28️ The kid is destroying his computer at the first second of an 8-minute long video. 5:25 Smashing computers became a new sub-genre on the internet. 6:36 ⚒️ Angry guy smashing his computer at work. 10: 59️ Recap videos and movie bloopers. 12:54 Why do we have the desire to destroy? 14:40️ You've got two choices in business: improve your skills or destroy...


47. Chronic Pain and Business

👋Welcome, Karen Brinklow! 0:37 💪Struggling with chronic illness and getting back to a career she loved. 1:45 🗓️Thursday is the best day of the week. 4:40 🥇 Her book is a best seller in many categories. 6:12 🌟Thought Leadership as a way of thinking like you never thought before. 6:52 🤯Trendy terms that most people hate. 10:10 🤬The first thing someone teaches you in a foreign country is curse words. 11:35 📚Books are both priceless, and worthless. 16:08 🛌Learning how to rest:...


46. All about the first time (in business)

🥇The first kiss, the first car, and the first job. 0:45 🚴 Delivering telegrams on the bike without knowing to ride one. 2:16 🎣 The first time in business. 4:16 😓 The current era is making it hard for new business owners. 6:15 🤝 Experts, you don't have to do it yourself. 6:32 🛣️ We help experts find their way: 🔗


45. August, September, October

🍂Autumn is coming. 0:52 🙃 Everything is upside down this year. 2:11 ⌛ Are we getting old or time flies faster? 3:00 🎃 What are we going to wear for Halloween? 3:44 👀 Tesla issues: is naming a company after a scientist a good thing to do? 4:44 🍎 Apple and Tesla: splitting stocks 5:35 🍏 When you have two halves of an apple, it is still one apple. 7:48 🍏 The difference between the investor and stock trader. 8:40 🔗...


44. All about finish lines. And where do you start. And business. And life.

🏁 Going to the end of the finish line. 0:13 ▶️The business has a starting and finish point. 2:30 🤷 A lot of people don't know how to start a business. 4:24 🤸 Just like gymnasts: find the starting line. 6:33 😎Coaches are helping gymnasts to grab the highest pool. 8:00


43. This Episode Has Nothing to Do With Donald Trump (we promise)

➡️TikTok and number 27. 0:32 📢 Creating a movement with the help of social media. 3:29 🎎About Folklore Thursday. 5:47 🦸 Business people are sometimes like superheroes or mythical figures. 9:13 ‍👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ‍ Stories about families and ancestors are important and influential. 10:30 📖 Business is all about a story. 15:09 👩‍🚀 ‍ How do you make a million dollars in the space business? 17:04 🤑 What can you do with 200 billion dollars? 18:18 ️🌬️ Why we name hurricanes after humans?...


42. Dogs, Books, and 100 Years

👩Celebrating Women in our lives. 0:28 ⏳100 years of voting rights and all changes that occurred within one century. 1:30 🐶Looking at the world from a dog's perspective: what is wrong with people? 3:29 🐕‍🦺Simplicity and trust dogs have. 4:33 ✍️Writing a book on how to make your business alive 5:41 🎸Every musician's dream: I play for a living. 6:30 🐩Having a good dog's life: a job you love and keeping it alive. 7:20 🤓Learn how to keep your business alive:...


41. When Remote Works

😒Zoom got zoomed and it went down. 1:43 🍰 It is a good time to re-position and take a piece of cake from Zoom. 3:02 🖥️When does remote work--work? 7:38 🧠It is a good idea to have backup systems when working remotely. 7:47 📲 📱 🔗


40. All That Glitters is...

💍 Lord of the Rings and gold. 0:32 💰Goldrush today. 2:22 🪙Chasing alternative investments. 3:46 🌟Where is the best place to invest your money? 5:55 🤔Is it a smart idea to hire a coach? 7:17 🔗


39. Would that it Were for Active Verbs

📚 Books we are reading these days. 0:40 😲 Active, short verbs are so important in business. 3:23 📧Emails and texts: do we take a moment and write emails carefully? 4:01 ✅ Usage of active verbs in business shows call-to-action and simplicity. 7:31 📞 ☎️ 🖥️


38. Talking Size and Business

🤭 Size definitely matters. 00:39 🦬 Randy's safari adventures. Bison and ostriches, oh my! 00:57 🚩 Ostriches put their heads in the sand, but can a buffalo do it? 02:24 🪥 Small? You can clean the shark's teeth or feed together with large birds. 04:20 📏 Size and dysfunction in business. 05:39 👖 Gotta know what fits you. 06:37 👔 Just like in nature: regardless of the size, there is a role for you in business. 07:24 🌐 Visit Randy at


37. Ice Cream and Business

☀️ A sunny day 00:28 🍦 Fishsticks or state-flavored ice cream? 00:50 🍨 Randy's ice cream making adventure 01:42 🍓 Fresh ingredients and following the recipe make the end meal great. 03:56 📏 In order to be able to improvise later, you have to do it by the book first. 04:21 🏗️ For a system, you need to have all the parts built the right way. 05:47 🔜 Figuring out one thing can help you figure out the other. 06:44 💸 "How do you generate revenue so you can afford to do the next...


36. Brought to You by the Number 105



35. Bird Bones and Business

🦅Big bird 0:34 🦴Kent is amazed by bird bones 1:31 🧱Different building approaches for cathedrals in Europe and the Olympic pool in Australia. 3:06 😲People get amazed because you're doing something innovative 5:40 🦩Build your business on totally different bones 5:52 🦩If you need support: and 🐦Fly around:


34. Taboo Topics and Business

👀What is taboo? 0:36 😲There's a whole lot of new taboo topics. 2:44 👉Triggers. 4:07 🖌️We are camouflaging the truth. 5:05 🧐Is it good to be careful about expressing yourself? 6:50 😒Spoken and unspoken biases in business and in life. 11:50 ✌️Thought Leader Path Program and conversations that are right on the edge of taboo.13:32 🤸Exercise your thoughts and opinions. 14:44 🤔What is an HR dilemma? 16:40 👥We like to facilitate healthy discussions. 17:21 🌟 and...


33. Fire Ants and Business

🐜Fire ants are fiery. 1:01 🔍Soldier ants walk in rows. 3:49 🛣️Competition on your way. 4:52 🤔There are two ways you can think about the competition. 6:00 🧱Poisoning environment or creative environment. 9:09 💾Are you a CEO with programmed ants around you? 11:40 👀The herd mentality in business. 14:39 🔥Be fierce even if you are small. 15:44 Connect: and 🥡