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Best Practices and Sales and Marketing Strategies to Help You Close Deals Faster

Best Practices and Sales and Marketing Strategies to Help You Close Deals Faster


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Best Practices and Sales and Marketing Strategies to Help You Close Deals Faster




Top Cognitive Biases for Salespeople to Master: Seven Through Twelve

In our previous episode, John Asher covered the 6 Most Important Cognitive Biases a Salesperson Must Overcome. In this episode, John talks about the next six cognitive biases out of the 47 that pertain directly to sales and marketing: John also went over the best architecture of a customer story. ----more---- Listen to the first part of this series here:


Six Most Important Cognitive Biases for Salespeople to Master

There's been this international consortium of neuroscientists in 70 countries, sharing their research, sharing their studies in the cloud. So all of them get to see what everybody else is doing. The growth of this knowledge is really just exponential. If you go to Wikipedia and type in cognitive bias, see there are 184 of them. Asher Strategies has analyzed all 184 of them and boiled them down to 15 or 20 of them that apply really directly to sales that can have a big impact. In most cases,...


Being Honest Isn’t the Same as Being Mean or Brutal, But It’s Necessary

Join these two authors, John Asher and Vincent Burruano, talking about what took them so long to write their books. That leads to the motivation behind Vincent's latest book, "A Daily Dose of Sales Wisdom". This takes us to an important distinction regarding being nice can be unkind. What Vince means is that honesty is necessary to build trust, and sometimes that means telling a hard truth or two to your sales team. They both make the distinction between being honest and being mean or...


How do you hook prospects to stay, listen, then tell their story?

In this episode, John Asher is joined by the author of "Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell", Mike Adams. One of the best ways to get someone, specifically a business prospect, to pay attention to you is by being a great storyteller. And who better to explain this than a best-selling author? Mike and John are here to explain the difference a great story can make, and the effects storytelling has on the brain... and your sales. You'll want to bookmark this episode, hosted by John Asher,...


What Buyers are Telling Us About Digital Transformation

In this final piece of John Asher's series on Digital Transformation. Do you think your company has already been digitally transformed? How about your sales team? This isn't just for larger companies. Smaller companies are in trouble because with AI, it's easier and almost effortless for larger companies to dominate the areas that were formerly reserved for smaller companies. Successful companies that have truly transformed their businesses are using AI to really transform their strategic...


5 Ways the Buyer’s Behavior has Permanently Changed

Did you know that 10% of buyers will spend up to a million dollars a year per transaction without ever speaking to a sales rep? 30% will buy up to have a million per transaction without ever speaking to a rep. Digital transformation is here to stay. For many companies, it's a game of catch-up. In order to know what you need to change, you first have to understand what has permanently changed in the buyers' behavior. Listen to John Asher run through those five ways and the WHYs to give you...


The Five New Skills Sales Professionals Need

John talks about the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 rule. People are interacting with buyers 1/3 of the time in person, 1/3 of the time on a remote platform like Zoom or the final 1/3 of buyers are just buying themselves on companies' websites, eCommerce sites, interactive portals, sometimes even mobile apps. All that face-to-face we were doing before is not going to be available in the future. And we ask the buyers, "Do you like this new omnichannel way of buying?" They'll say, "Yeah, we, we love it. In...


Building Sales Pipeline with Cold Calling, Podcasts, and Video

This Asher Sales Sense Podcast - “Building Sales Pipeline with Cold Calling, Podcasts, and Video” - features host John Asher with guest Collin Mitchell, Chief Revenue Officer of Salescast, the only fully-managed tech and service stack offering an end-to-end thought leadership platform. Collin Mitchell is also the host of the Sales Transformation Podcast. Many sales professionals believe that cold calling is dead, that podcasts don’t bring revenue, and video is a waste of money. Collin...


Managing Burnout and Stress - To Help Your Team Perform at Their Best

This Asher Sales Sense Podcast - “Selling with Authentic Persuasion” - features host John Asher with guest Jordan Benjamin, Founder of My Core OS, working with companies and sales teams to help drive a growth mindset and create championship business cultures. My Core OS is built to help update your personal/corporate operating systems to drive peak performance and harmony between work and life. Jordan also hosts the ‘Peak Performance Selling Podcast,’ interviewing top sellers and sales...


Selling with Authentic Persuasion

This Asher Sales Sense Podcast - “Selling with Authentic Persuasion” - features host John Asher with guest Jason Cutter, Sales Success Architect and Keynote Speaker in Fort Myers, Florida. Jason is the CEO and Founder of the Cutter Consulting Group and the author of the book with the same name as this episode’s title - Selling With Authentic Persuasion: Transform from Order Taker to Quota Breaker. Jason is also the host of the Authentic Persuasion Show, the Scalable Call Center Sales...


Sales Acceleration through Connecting Technical and Business Value

Today’s buyers are inundated with sales pitches coming at them from websites, peer reviews, social media, and email blasts. Is it any wonder they’re overloaded, overwhelmed, and tuned out? The fact is, product-centered pitching simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Buyers don’t want to hear about your product’s features―they want to hear about how it can solve their problems or help them reach their goals. This Asher Sales Sense Podcast - “Sales Acceleration through Connecting Technical and...


The Continuing Lack of Women in Corporate and Sales Leadership Positions

Where are all the women in key business and sales positions? They’re half of the workforce and are earning more bachelor's and master’s degrees than men, but despite decades of seeming progress, only 5.5% of CEOs are women in the 3,000 largest U.S. companies. And women represent only 33% of top business leadership positions overall. Companies say that advancing women is a top priority, but … This Asher Sales Sense Podcast - “The Continuing Lack of Women in Corporate and Sales Leadership...


Bringing Your Sales Team Back to the Office

It’s the end of summer. The vacations are ending and kids are returning to school. Your company’s senior leadership just announced you should begin bringing your sales team back to the office (because they need to get back to work). You have to get going now, but you don’t know how to start. Wouldn’t it be great to hear some useful tips from an expert sales leader who’s doing that with his company right now? This Asher Sales Sense Podcast - “Bringing Your Sales Team Back to the Office”...


The Power of Sleep for Business and Sales Leaders

You’re a busy business professional and know you aren’t getting enough sleep. You have limited time and too much on your mind and think you can sleep when you retire. But what if you were able to get more sleep, be more successful in your job, and have a much better chance at retiring early? There are techniques that can help you get the best sleep out of the time you have. This Asher Sales Sense Podcast - “The Power of Sleep for Business and Sales Leaders” - features host John Asher with...


Top Sales Strategies for Realtors and Contractors

The real estate market has hotted up and there likely are more realtors than properties for sale. If you’re a realtor, how can you differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack? If you’re a construction contractor, how can you convince buyers to choose value over price? And when you combine the two professions can you generate more sales? This Asher Sales Sense Podcast - “Top Sales Strategies for Realtors and Contractors” - features host John Asher with guest Bill Reiman, Vice...


Grow Your Profits with Powerful and Engaging Video Content

Video marketing is usually associated with getting someone’s attention. But what if it’s in the wrong way? What if you took the lens of marketing and focused on prospects in their cultural context during their customer journey? The next Asher Sales Sense Podcast—“ Grow Your Profits with Powerful and Engaging Video Content” features host Kyla O’Connell with guest Leo Napper, CEO and Producer at Vicar Studios, creating entertaining and informative media that turning viewers into customers....


Employing Digital Marketing Tools to Evaluate Competitors

It has long been known that digital marketing tools can help you boost your company’s presence online and attract more business. But did you know you could use many of the same ones to evaluate your competitors? In a previous Asher Sales Sense Podcast, John Asher and John Edwards discussed “The Five Ways Elite B2B Competitors Are Beating You Online.” Now they’ve returned to talk about using marketing tools to help you gain competitive advantage. This Asher Sales Sense Podcast – “Employing...


I'm in Sales? How I Learned to Love that Sales Thing

Who am I? Where am I? How did I get here? If you’re in sales, you’ve probably asked yourself those questions at one time or another. Most kids when asked what they want to be when they grow up don’t respond with, “I want to be in sales!” And yet, it is one of the most challenging and rewarding professions where you can take control of your destiny - and have fun along the way. The next Asher Sales Sense Podcast - “I’m in Sales? How I Learned to Love that Sales Thing” - features host...


Post-Pandemic Cold Calling

One thing that stayed consistent during the past year is cold calling. It still works. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. It worked before the pandemic and during the pandemic. Have you noticed that a phone call can sometimes be better than a virtual meeting with video? There are fewer distractions and more focused communication. It’s why podcasts can be more compelling than videos. Properly done, cold calling brings in sales. This Asher Sales Sense Podcast – “Post-Pandemic Cold Calling”...


The Secret to How Productive Workdays Work

Are you continuously stressed out about having too much to do and too little time? Are you tired of forgetting follow-ups with prospects or missing opportunities with existing clients? Does the pace of progress feel a bit like you’re slogging through molasses? The next Asher Sales Sense Podcast—“The Secret to How Productive Workdays Work”—features host Kyla O’Connell with guest Leslie Shreve, workload management and productivity expert, and the Founder and CEO of Productive Day®. Leslie has...