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The business podcast designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners to be inspired by, listen to, enjoy and take some action from.

The business podcast designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners to be inspired by, listen to, enjoy and take some action from.


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The business podcast designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners to be inspired by, listen to, enjoy and take some action from.






Boss Nation – Dog and Cat Food and Products

Basel Nassar - Boss Nation Brands The dog and cat food and product market is hot. More people entered the market as customers with pets over the past few years than at any other time in the recent past. All of these customers need food, leashes, treats and an endless array of products to show care and affection for their pets. Basel Nassar is an entrepreneur at heart. He has lived the startup life a few times and helped get Boss Nation Brands started and growing. Boss Dog, Boss Cat and a...


Starting a Food Business – Ember Foods

Yakub Kazi - Ember Foods Yakub Kazi is a well traveled man that loves sharing his cooking with the world. Lucky for us, he has his food available in the Madison, Wisconsin area. Yakub has taken his food business, based mainly on Indian cuisine, and listened to the people to give them what they want. He also helps introduce new flavors and dishes to broaden the food horizon and give people something a bit different and extremely delicious. Listen as Yakub takes us on his journey from all over...


How to Start a Mobile Bartending Business

ChinaMoon Cromwell - Bartender 608 Who doesn't love to party? But a funny thing happens with a party, or a celebration, or really anytime people get together. People want to be in on the fun, not running around serving their guests. Enter the genius of ChinaMoon Cromwell and her business, Bartender 608, a superior mobile bartender service in the Madison, Wisconsin and surrounding area. What puts Bartender 608 a step above other mobile bartenders is the higher level of service and the systems...


Where Are Mortgage Rates Going

Bill Quigley - Amerifirst Home Mortgage The real estate market is crazy now. What better time to bring on the mortgage expert, Bill Quigley of Amerifirst Home Mortgage, right? Bill explains what is happening in the real estate market, where he believes it will go and what moves you, as a buyer or seller, can do to make the best moves for you and your money. Enjoy! Visit Bill at:


Retail Gift Business – 200th Episode

Amy Moore - Little Luxuries Madison Retail businesses that make a community more than just restaurants and bars and a few cross streets are needed to bring character and culture to a place. They can make a locale a destination, as well as give it an interesting vibe. Independent brick and mortar businesses bring life to a community that otherwise would look like any other town, in any other place. Stores like these make memories and give a unique character to a place to make it special. But...


Dog Therapy Business

Cindy Brosig - Operation H.E.E.L. Dogs make people smile. You can't help it. When a kind dog comes to you with their tail wagging, you cannot help but forget your troubles, even if for a moment. Add that to the fact that almost all of us want to help people. But not all of us have the empathy or passion to make a business out of it. Veteran Cindy Brosig, one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, has created a place to treat humans with the help of dogs. Dog Therapy,...


How To Grow your Business With Marketing

Pat Miller - The Idea Coach As business owners we rock at our skills. Whether that is being a great painter, accountant, massager or seller of crystals, we do what we do very well. But what happens when no one knows that you and your business exist? Without awareness, you have no business. At least, not for very long. That is where Pat Miller, the Idea Coach, comes in. With his marketing experience in all forms of media, along with his Premium Incubator Group, designed to build small...


Life Coaching For Grieving Women

Michelle Vande Hey - Light of Love Coaching When you experience a dramatic event, it can be life changing. Sometimes for the better, though often these are tragedies. The truth is that sometimes, we just need some help to get back on our feet and live the life we were gifted with. But how do you get back on your feet? Who do you turn to for help and guidance? Michelle Vande Hey started her life coaching practice, specifically for grieving women, and has helped women that were suffering from...


How to Start a Graphic Design Company

Ibrahim Harun - IH Concepts Sometimes, when you find yourself doing what you love but doing it at a place you may not love, it is time to move on. And some of those times, the time is right to start your own business. That is how Ibrahim Harun got started with his graphic design company. Wit a little patience, skill and drive, along with a pinch of luck, Ibrahim has built his design company to what it is today. Listen as Ibrahim tells the story of how he started his graphic design business....


How to Start an IT Company

Kevin Peterson - Peterson Technology Starting an IT company can be tough. You need the knowledge, the customer service skills and the clients that want to use you. Kevin Peterson started Peterson Technology Group years ago and shares his tremendous insight about how he started his business and what he has learned throughout the years. Listen as Kevin details his entrepreneurial journey and learn a bit about what it takes to start an IT company. Enjoy! Visit Kevin at:...


How to Start a Gym

Mark and Sonya - Twisted Fitness Gym When you have a passion for an industry, sometimes you are just drawn to entrepreneurship in that industry. Mark and Sonya started Twisted Fitness in 2007 in a 500 square foot facility that doubled as an apartment as they worked to build up their enterprise. Today, they are in a brand new, 18,000 square foot facility that dwarves where they started. Listen as Mark and Sonya describe how they started their gym, how Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai were...


How to Start a Chiropractic Practice

Dr. Eric Johnson - Functional Wellness Chiropractic Center Starting any business can be challenging. Starting a health related business is no different. Dr. Eric Johnson hit the books and graduated as a doctor of chiropractic medicine. Then he took the leap and started his own practice. Listen as Eric explains how he did it and some of the challenges he overcame as he built his chiropractic practice. Enjoy! Visit Eric at:


The Life of a Salesperson

Tom Johnson - Account Executive for Fearing's Audio/Video/Security In this episode we take a different approach and interview a seasoned sales professional. Tom Johnson has worked in a myriad of positions. One thing remains the same, he is in the sales game. He has sold everything from kitchen equipment to newspaper ads and almost everything in between. Listen as Tom explains what it takes to be a great sales person and to keep the revenue pipeline flowing. Because we all know that in...


The Power of Virtual Assistants

Melissa Smith - ThePVA - Association of Virtual Assistants Business professionals typically have a million things to do and about eighty hours shy of enough time to get it all done. But the to-do list isn't filled with frivolous things. All of the work needs to get done to keep the business machine running and the cash rolling in. So what is a savvy business pro to do? Hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to get your to-do list knocked out. The best part is, you aren't the one spending...


Duplicate Yourself With Webinars

Melissa Kwan - eWebinar We've all the experience of attending webinars, and many of us have created countless webinars. We, as business owners in a small, connected world, need to be able to educate, pitch and market our wares to our target audience at any time. But giving presentation after presentation of the same information can be time consuming and can really take away from the goal of freedom that most business owners strive for. This is the problem that Melissa Kwan has targeted, and...


Invest In Land – Get Dirt Rich

Mark Podolsky - The Land Geek We have all heard of the different ways to invest in real estate to build wealth, often with little time investment. The problem with a lot of real estate is that it can have problems, typically with the buildings on the property. Tenants, termites, broken pipes, non-paying renters and the like have all plagued more than a few people going down the real estate investing game. But what if you invested in distressed properties that were only made of dirt? Listen...


Master Passive Income With Real Estate Investing

Dustin Heiner - Master Passive Income Trading time for money has always been what the true entrepreneur is working to avoid. Time is a limited resource, and you want to keep as much time available for your freedom as possible, right? One of the ways to get to the true point of freedom is to have passive income. That is money coming in that you really don't have to work much for. Sounds sweet, doesn't it? Investing in rental real estate is a great way to earn that passive income stream, gain...


Remote Real Estate Investing With the Fearless Millionaire

Nathan Amaral - Fearless Millionaire How to invest in real estate is a popular topic these days. Real estate is typically a great investment, but where do you start? Nathan Amaral has taken his real estate investing into another level, by investing in properties he never sees. Properties that are often in other countries! Listen as Nathan shares some of his secrets to investing in real estate and how you can get into investing in real estate. Enjoy! Visit Nathan at:


Succeed Through Speaking

Tom Bailey - Succeed Through Speaking Did you know that some entrepreneurs are introverts? I had a tough time believing that, but Tom Bailey has helped me understand that you can be an introvert and still get out and be the pro you are to help you accomplish your goals. With his business, succeed through Speaking Tom Bailey helps those introverts geared towards success to get in front of the crowds you need to as the professional, so the crowd takes notice. Listen as Tom gives some great...


Carrying the Fire

Shane Whelan - Carrying the Fire Every entrepreneur has ideas. Some ideas you run with, others you tuck back into the back of your mind. Shane Whelan is an entrepreneur with ideas that stemmed from his experience starting his dog containment fence business. He started as a one person show and built his business to be a profitable, well-positioned company. Then he helped create software to connect customers with other dog containment systems. Another idea, another business and another...