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Episode 115: Grow Your Business Without Being Stressed Out, Worn Out And Wanting To Quit With Jay Owen

For twenty years, Jay Owen has been building Design Extensions, a Florida-based marketing agency that’s grown its revenue and profits every year since 1999. Increasing the company’s revenue every single year hasn’t been easy, but in doing so, Jay has learned that building a thriving business is possible, and that you don’t have to sacrifice family or quality of life to do it. Jay has built Design Extensions while also being an invested husband to his wife, Claire, and father to their five...


Episode 114: Transform your Business and Yourself with Conscious Communication, with Mary Shores

Mary was able to create heart in a business category that traditionally lacked it - Debt Collection. Her commitment of having people feel better at the end of the call, than they did at the beginning, transformed her business. And, changed the lives of everyone involved. Her recent book, "Conscious Communications" chronicles her journey and amazing lessons for the entrepreneur who wants to make a difference, not just a paycheck.


Episode 113: Scale or Fail with Allison Maslan

Allison and her latest book, "Scale or Fail" will help you grow revenue and get to that next level. Starting at age 19, she has started 10 businesses and now her mission is to pay it forward by helping others thorough her events, books, video podcast and more.


Episode 112: Discover What It Takes To Establish a Business Where Authentic, Quality Leadership Is the Compass, With Gregory Gray.

A thriving business is defined by visionary leadership. Gregory Gray helps to discover what it takes to establish a business where authentic, quality leadership is the compass that drives the business and its members to achieve.


Episode 111: Establish an Entrepreneurial Operating System for your Business with Marisa Smith

Marisa hit a wall with her business and decided to get some help. She loved the help so much, she joined it! Find out how EOS - the Entreprenurial Operating System helped Marisa and now how she uses the system to help others.


Episode 110: Create a Crevice Niche for Impact, with JP Moery

JP took his experience from working at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and created a very niche business. In fact, it is so niche, one can even call it a crevice business! JP super focused on helping nonprofits grow their orgainization. And not just all nonprofits, he drills down even more to nonprofit trade assocations. His lessons are universal though. You'll learn a lot from his journey, strategies and what he teaches his organizations he works with.


Episode 109: Changing Lives with 20 points, 4 minutes and a kid named J-Mac with Jim Johnson

Coach Jim had foresite to put the team manager (who also happened to be autistic) into the high school baskteball game. Little did he know that he would score 20 points in four minutes, become the high scorer for the game and create a magical experience for everyone! If you haven't heard to story of JMac and Coach Jim, you need to listen to this interview.


Episode 108: Start, Sell and Repeat with Jim Walsh

Jim Walsh is a seasoned entrepreneur who remains very humble. His journey has taken him from starting a company from scratch, selling it for millions, finding himself unfulfilled and then starting all over again. Great journey and interview!


Episode 107: Become an SEO Tiger with Jeremiah Smith

Jeremiah began SimpleTiger in 2007 right after discovering and teaching himself SEO. What became a long process of working full-time for other agencies and consulting for SimpleTiger on nights and weekends eventually turned into a small consultancy. Digital marketing is his big interest but SEO has been his main focus for over 11 years now. He loves talking about and teaching all aspects of SEO.


Pitch Your Idea as a Magnetic Storyteller with John Livesay

John Livesay is known as "The Pitch Whisperer." He helps salespeople become magnetic storytellers with the ability to make irresistible offers to their ideal clients.


Episode 105: Becoming a Thought Leader with Peter Winick

Peter is an entrepreneurial-minded leader who leverages the power of internal and external relationships to accelerate growth within emerging and high-potential companies that have powerful intellectual property. His accomplishments include start-ups, turnarounds, and M&A —with results driven by practical strategy, focused execution, and a disciplined method of cost control.


The Importance of Learning from Kids with Bea Wray

When Bea Wray walked out of Harvard Business School with her MBA focusing on Entrepreneurial Studies securely in her hands, she knew she had it covered. She had been taught by the best minds in academics and business and had voraciously absorbed everything they had to share. But at some point Bea Wray realized her children have been her greatest driver in her business for nearly 20 years.


Episode 103: #MAXOUT Your Life and Become an Elite Performer with Ed Mylett

Ed Mylett went from having the water turned off in his apartment because of non-payment to now having massive success including two dream homes and a private jet. He has done this while staying to humble and grateful. This amazing interview will teach you how a "regular guy" can literally go from rags to riches.


Episode 102: Becoming a Small Giant with Hamsa Daher

Hamsa Daher is running an amazing orgainization called Small Giants Community. Small Giants are companies led by purpose-driven leaders who believe that success is about growing a business with purpose. Learn about her journey from growing up in Iraq, leaving during the gulf war and coming to America where she is now having a huge impact on business leaders worldwide! Contact info: Email: hamsa@smallgiant.org Company: Small Giants Website URL: www.smallgiants.org Twitter Handle:...


Episode 101: The Importance of a Good User Experience, with Heidi Trost

Heidi Trost, Founder of Voice+Code, User Experience Researcher and Designer. As founder and director of UX at Voice+Code, Heidi helps clients demonstrate a positive return on investment in their digital products by strategically measuring and optimizing the customer experience. Voice+Code is one of few firms that understands that digital properties are living things. That means understanding the voice of the customer as well as understanding the technology behind what makes a great digital...


Episode 100: Dieting, Nutrition and Healthy Living, with Sarah Goodenough

Sarah Goodenough is a mother of two boys. She is from Rochester, NY and has a BS in Nursing, a BS in Biochemistry, and a Plant Based Nutrition Certification. She has worked in a Medical Intensive Care Unit as well as Community Health as a registered nurse. About 8 years ago, Sarah was extremely overweight and sick with borderline high blood pressure, the beginning stages of fatty liver disease, among other things. She struggled for years trying to lose weight and exhausted just about every...


Episode 99: What it Takes to Start a Startup, with Aaron Newman

Aaron is a serial entrepreneur who has previously founded and sold three other successful startups Techrigy, DbSecure, and Application Security, Inc. Aaron authored the books Enterprise 2.0, printed by McGraw-Hill, and the Oracle Security Handbook, printed by Oracle Press. He is an acclaimed international speaker on technology topics and has been awarded multiple patents in database security and social media. Aaron was Founder and President of Techrigy, Inc, until the summer of 2009 when...


Episode 98: Understanding Adversity as an Advantage, with Klyn Elsbury

Klyn Elsbury is CEO of Landmark Makers, a best-selling author, and a keynote presenter focused on helping leaders understand the principles on how to live ALL IN. Her focus is on teaching others how to create a strong vision, how to develop core habits centered around that vision, and how to give and receive unconditional love by authentic communication. What you’ll learn about in this episode: How Klyn defied expectations by not only taking Zumba classes despite her cystic fibrosis but by...


Episode 97: Developing as a Leader to Develop Leaders, with Heather Manzano

Speaker, Trainer, professional Coach and Mentor, Heather Manzano’s life’s work is focused on leadership development, professional skills and personal growth. For more than two decades Heather has worked within Corporate America as senior management, focusing her energies on creating cultures that foster growth. She is particularly gifted at fostering rapid transformation of toxic work cultures into growth cultures. Her decades of success in corporate leadership combined with being trained...


Episode 96: Unconventional is Not Just a Buzzword -- It's a Way of Life, with Brian Scudamore

Brian Scudamore is a serial entrepreneur and passionate people-person. Known for pioneering the professional junk hauling industry with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Brian started out as a scrappy kid in Vancouver, BC, with ambition and a big idea. Since then, he’s adapted the success of his first company to launch three additional brands in the painting, moving, and home-detailing industries, with WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, and Shack Shine. Together, Brian’s companies form O2E Brands, a...