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The B2B Digital Marketer podcast is about the innovative and new digital marketing methods to build brands and capture more leads for small to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and startups trying to sell to other companies while debunking the hype and deleting the dreary. Join in to meet some of the brightest B2B digital marketing minds in the world.


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The B2B Digital Marketer podcast is about the innovative and new digital marketing methods to build brands and capture more leads for small to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and startups trying to sell to other companies while debunking the hype and deleting the dreary. Join in to meet some of the brightest B2B digital marketing minds in the world.






470 Allen Adamson - Reimagining Solutions: Looking Beyond the Product in B2B

On this episode of B2BDM, we are honored to have Allen Adamson with us to talk about the importance of looking beyond the product to offer extraordinary experiences in B2B sales. Allen emphasizes the need to identify new problems, focus on specific touchpoints in the customer journey, and partner with others to provide better solutions. In addition, he discusses trends in renting rather than buying and the need for businesses to constantly relearn and stay open to change. This episode offers valuable insights and takeaways for anyone in the B2B world looking to improve their customer experience and stay ahead of the competition.


469 Deanna Shimota - 5 Reasons Demand Generation Fails

In this episode of "5 Reasons Demand Generation Fails," our guest Deanna Shimota shakes up the old idea that low-quality leads are worth your time. She points out that many marketers choose quantity over quality, wasting time on leads that aren't likely to buy. Instead, Deanna argues that businesses should focus on high-quality leads to grow their sales. She also talks about the ins and outs of marketing, reminding us that good things take time and that it's important to set long-term goals. She gives helpful advice on how to make a strong online presence, create engaging content for your target customer, and find your own unique space in the market. Plus, Deanna shares tips on how to pick the right marketing person for your team, and the latest ways to work with others and grow your audience. If you're trying to build a solid marketing plan for your business, this episode is one you can't miss.


468 Kate DiLeo - Stop Storytelling to Make More Sales

In this episode, we delve into the power of authentic branding and simplified messaging to boost sales success. Our guest, Kate, a seasoned marketing expert, highlights the importance of moving beyond traditional storytelling and embracing genuine connections with your target audience. Discover how to unlock the potential of your brand identity and create a unified go-to-market messaging strategy that resonates. Kate shares her insights on developing an authentic branding approach that encourages sales and marketing teams to work collaboratively. Learn about navigating different communication styles among team members and how to effectively update sales materials to reflect your simplified messaging. Throughout the discussion, Kate emphasizes the need for striking a balance between providing a framework for sales reps and allowing them the freedom to infuse their personality into the brand messaging.


467 Matt Dixon - The Silent Killer of Your B2B Sales Results

In this episode of B2B Digital Marketer, we dive into why many potential customers disengage and don't make a purchase, wasting both the vendor’s resources and their own team’s resources. We learn from a machine learning analysis of 2.5 million recorded sales calls that no decision loss is a silent killer of sales, even though the customers are convinced of the value of the solution. We discuss two biases - status quo bias and omission bias - that can contribute to no decision loss, as well as the fear of failure that underlies omission bias. We explore different techniques such as the Jolt method and pings and echoes to address indecision in customers. We also examine the importance of focusing on converting lost deals into opportunities, and the impact of proper expectations setting, being a buyer's agent, building trust, and demonstrating expertise in complex B2B sales.


466 Bill Cates - Why Being More Radical is the Key to Business Growth

In this episode of B2B Digital Marketer, we explore the concept of value proposition and how it's more than just an elevator pitch or value positioning statement. Our guest speaker shares insights on the importance of identifying every point of value for prospects and clients and radical approaches to understanding ideal customers. We discuss the obstacles of inertia, how to overcome them, and the importance of social proof, empathy, and clarity in messaging. Join us as we learn about the benefit of the benefit and how it's crucial to be radically relevant in conversation while keeping cognitive fluency in mind. Understanding the brain's response to messaging and how to structure it for pain points and opportunities for success is key in B2B sales.


465 Jay Baer - 5 Silly Things Digital Marketers Do

In today's episode, we are joined by digital marketing expert and author, Jay Baer, to discuss common mistakes digital marketers make and how to overcome them. We dive into the topic of "5 Silly Things Digital Marketers Do" and provide insights on how to improve your marketing strategy. Jay shares his thoughts on the importance of creating valuable content for both current customers and new prospects. He emphasizes the need to tell a bigger story with top-of-the-funnel content that isn't directly related to your product or service, and how this can help engage and captivate your audience. We also discuss the pitfalls of striving for perfection and the benefits of adopting an agile marketing approach. In addition, Jay highlights the significance of humanizing your brand in the B2B space and shares examples of successful B2B brands that have broken the mold. Throughout the episode, we explore various strategies for creating content that resonates with your audience and fosters loyalty. Jay provides tips for balancing content creation between new prospects and existing customers, as well as how to inject creativity into your campaigns. Listen in as we uncover the "5 Silly Things Digital Marketers Do" and learn how to overcome these common marketing mistakes.


464 Dacia Coffey - Boosting B2B Growth through Sales and Marketing Alignment

In a world where B2B competition is fiercer than ever, businesses need to find innovative ways to stay ahead. One crucial factor to achieving success is aligning your sales and marketing teams. Our latest podcast guest, Dacia Coffey, author of "Corporate Caffeine," shared her insights on how B2B companies can benefit from aligning these two departments to supercharge their growth. One of the key takeaways from the conversation was the concept of "smarketing." This approach involves merging sales and marketing to create a unified team with shared goals and KPIs. By fostering collaboration and breaking down silos, businesses can improve communication, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately, increase revenue. In this episode, Dacia Coffey shares a few top tips for aligning sales and marketing teams. Tune in to our podcast and discover how your B2B organization can benefit from her expertise and experience.


463 Steve Weinberg - How to Become a Master Sales Pro

One of the biggest challenges facing B2B sellers today is meeting their quota. In fact, according to recent research, 67% of B2B sellers are not meeting their quota. This is a significant increase from previous years and a worrying trend for businesses. Steve Weinberg believes that the key to becoming a master sales pro is to focus on the fundamentals of sales. He emphasizes the importance of building relationships with customers, understanding their needs and pain points, and providing solutions that meet those needs. He also stresses the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement to stay ahead in a constantly evolving industry. During the podcast, Steve shares some practical tips and techniques that sellers can use to improve their sales performance, such as how to create a compelling value proposition, how to handle objections, and how to close deals effectively. If you're a B2B seller struggling to meet your quota or looking to take your sales performance to the next level, this episode is a must-listen. In this episode, we learn valuable insights from Steve Weinberg on how to become a master sales pro and exceed quota performance.


462 Stacey Hall - How to Find and Retain Good Salespeople

Finding and retaining good salespeople can be a challenge in today's business landscape, where traditional seller-buyer relationships are no longer as effective. Research shows that 67% of B2B salespeople fail to meet their sales quota, and it's becoming harder to connect with decision-makers in larger and more dispersed buying teams. To address these challenges, companies can leverage the power of alignment marketing. Alignment marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to create a connection between a brand and its target audience by aligning the brand's values, beliefs, and goals with those of the audience. By using the alignment marketing formula, brands can build deeper connections with customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. Moreover, alignment marketing can help attract and retain good salespeople. By creating a culture that aligns with the values and goals of potential sales hires, companies can attract top talent who are passionate about the brand and its purpose. The alignment marketing formula can also help in retaining good salespeople, as they will be more likely to stay with a company that shares their values and goals. In summary, the alignment marketing formula can help companies find and retain good salespeople by creating a culture that aligns with their values and goals. By using this approach, companies can also build deeper connections with their customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. In this episode of our podcast, we're excited to welcome Stacey Hall, a seasoned sales leader with over 20 years of experience. Stacey has worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry, and has successfully built and led high-performing sales teams. She is also an expert in alignment marketing, a strategy that can help companies find and retain good salespeople. Stacey will share her insights on the challenges facing salespeople today, and how companies can leverage alignment marketing to overcome these challenges. She will also discuss how to create a culture that attracts top sales talent and retains them for the long term.


461 Preston Brown - The 6 Returns You Expect in Your Business

The success of a business is a shared interest for employees, entrepreneurs, and CEOs alike - a positive return on their investments and efforts. However, the demands of running a business can sometimes cause us to lose sight of the key factors that contribute to success. In this episode, we explore the 6 crucial returns that serve as markers of business success. Our expert guest, Preston Brown, shares his valuable insights and lessons learned on his own journey to success. He'll reveal the metrics that matter most for driving positive results. Tracking these 6 returns can help measure your business performance and guide your efforts towards your goals. Whether you're just starting out or already established, they serve as a useful tool to help you achieve the success you're striving for.


460 Gary Geiman - Your Secret Roadblocks to Business Growth

Having trouble finding solutions to business problems is a common experience among entrepreneurs and business owners. Sometimes, it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture or the obvious solutions that are right in front of us. This is because we get so focused on what we are trying to accomplish. However, most of the time, the answers are right in front of us. It is helpful to have someone assist us in seeing them. Consider it like cleaning a dirty window. Having grime and dirt on it makes it difficult to look through it. However, after cleaning it, you will see the answers clearly. In business, it's critical to understand that when we get blocked, it's not just affecting us but everyone in our organization and everyone we touch. As a result, it is important to take a step back from everything you do and get a fresh perspective. It may be worthwhile to obtain advice from a mentor or business coach or simply to take some time off to consider things afresh. When we're able to see the answers that have been right in front of us all along, we're able to make the necessary changes and move forward. It's important to remember that this happens in all periods and all parts of life, not just in business. So, next time you find yourself stuck, remember to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The answers might be right in front of you. In this episode, Gary Geiman shares with us three secret roadblocks to business growth that may be affecting your business or organization. Examine whether you are experiencing them right now and find the answers that you are looking for.


459 Todd Caponi - Wildly Successful Sales Leader Playbook

​​In today's fast-paced and constantly evolving business world, it's essential to regularly reevaluate and update our marketing and sales strategies. That includes improving or replacing outdated tactics that are no longer working. Trying to push products or services aggressively on potential customers is an old-fashioned approach to selling. Rather than focusing on building relationships, modern sales strategies usually prioritize understanding potential customers. The consultative selling approach works best in today's market because it builds trust and helps you develop long-term relationships with customers. It's also becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to succeed with mass mailings and cold calls. Instead, they're finding success with targeted, personalized, and relevant marketing. As a result, you can use data to segment and understand your target audience, and you can use content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing to connect with them. We need to make sure that we're using the most effective sales and marketing strategies in today's market by reevaluating and updating our strategies regularly. It's easier for us to connect with and serve customers when we ditch outdated tactics and use modern techniques. In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Todd Caponi, author of the bestselling book 'The Transparent Sales Leader'. Our discussion with Todd will focus on his innovative approach to sales and marketing that emphasizes transparency as a fundamental component. As Todd shares insights from his book and real-life examples, he will illustrate how honesty and openness are crucial to increasing trust, loyalty, and sales with potential customers. Whether you're a salesperson or a marketer looking for ways to increase your effectiveness and build lasting relationships with your customers, you won't want to miss this episode with Todd Caponi.


358 Christina Del Villar - The One Thing Marketers Need to Succeed

Most companies and executives don't really understand what marketers bring to the table. A marketer's efforts are often unknown and unrecognized and the people are often misunderstood or misrepresented. To some, the role of a marketer is often interchangeable - lumped up into one single role - if they're a marketer, then surely they can write or build a website. As a result, the outcomes that they are judged on are often just based on the basic and non-essentials, and marketing has become one of the roles or departments that have been considered non-essential. But is marketing really non-essential? As you will see in the interview, it's the exact opposite. Marketing is the ultimate cross-functional organization that often acts as the underbelly of the whole company. Their influence extends throughout the whole organization, and their contributions greatly affect the success (or failure) of the company. Leaders and executives need to understand that they need to empower their marketers. They need to have a go-to-market strategy in place. It’s more than just the mission and vision of a company. There has to be a commitment to a set plan to bring in more leads and drive growth and revenue to the organization. What are the signs of a successful marketer? How can marketers make it clear what it is they bring to the table? What is the one thing marketers need to succeed? In this episode, Christina Del Villar sheds more light on this topic and shares with us the one thing marketers need to succeed (and several more).


357 Avi Kumar - How to Know You're a Savvy Marketer

There are a few key characteristics that can help you determine if you are a savvy marketer. First, a savvy marketer is always learning and staying up-to-date on the latest marketing trends and techniques. They are willing to try new things and are not afraid to experiment in order to find new and effective ways to reach their target audience. In addition to gaining knowledge and experience, it's also important to develop the key skills that are essential for success in marketing. This includes strategic thinking, creativity, analytical ability, and the ability to communicate effectively with both internal teams and external stakeholders. Overall, becoming a savvy marketer requires a combination of education, experience, and skill development. By taking these steps and continually learning and improving, you can become a savvy marketer and succeed in the field. In this episode, Avi Kumar sheds more light on how you can test yourself and your ability in regard to being a savvy marketer. How can you know you're a savvy marketer? And what does it take to become one?


356 Emily McGuire - Modern Email Strategies for Lead Nurturing

Email has changed. In today's world, we're dealing with a lot of conditions and situations that we've never experienced before - including email. The majority of organizations struggle with their email marketing and aren't getting the conversions they want. The open rate of their emails continues to decline. In spite of all the changes, email remains one of the top-performing channels for organizations. So how do you do it properly post-pandemic? Is it still used in the same way as it was before the pandemic? How does email contribute to lead generation or lead nurturing? In this episode, Emily McGuire shows us how to use email more effectively in a post-pandemic world. Using modern email strategies for lead nurturing, she explains to us how to nurture leads effectively.


355 Jonathan Kazarian - Top Mistakes with B2B Event Strategies

Taking advantage of B2B events can bring your brand to the attention of your customers. Every day, consumers are bombarded with pitches and advertisements, so you need to make your event stand out. Increasingly, companies are seeking ways to stand out from the crowd, and event marketing is an excellent starting point. In addition to providing new channels and methods for connecting with future and returning customers, event marketing allows you to collect customer data from other sources. This allows you to get to know them prior to the event so that they can be treated as individuals rather than just part of the crowd. There are, however, some marketers who do not get every event right. Events are often misunderstood, and people make mistakes. Event marketers of the future must stay ahead of the event marketing game in order to succeed. What is the best way to do it? How should we go about it? In this episode, Jonathan Kazarian points out some of the top mistakes event marketers make and shows you how to avoid them.


354 Daniel Priestly - 5 Reasons Why Quiz Funnel Marketing Sucks

Marketing is filled with a sheer amount of noise. For the last decade, marketers have become expert broadcasters - from blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, social media, ads, and websites. There is no shortage of information. It’s overwhelming. And the COVID situation has 50x the noise. It seems like you have to be a master of psychology to stand out and make a difference. In a world where we’re all vying for attention, how do you grab your ideal client’s attention and evoke a response? How can you deliver true value? How can you set yourself apart and be different? In this episode, Daniel Priestly shares with us quiz funnel marketing and 5 reasons why quiz funnel marketing sucks. You’d be surprised to learn how most people apply quiz funnels (or scorecards) wrong. Learn from their mistakes, and you can craft your own scorecards more effectively.


353 Brianna Haag - What's New for B2B Events in 2023

Life is finally starting to return back to normal - a new normal. Everyone is going back to face-to-face. However, things will not be the same. We won’t be going back to the pre-pandemic past. As humans, we change, we adapt, and we will be doing things differently moving forward into the coming years. For B2B events, things are also looking a bit different. With virtual and hybrid events getting more popular, people have more flexibility in their event choices, and as B2B marketers, we have to learn to be agile and resilient and learn to adapt to these ever-changing needs. Things will be different. We won’t be doing the same things again. Looking forward, what’s new for B2B events in 2023? How can we take advantage of these changes and make the most impact in the upcoming years? In this episode, Brianna Haag shares her valuable thoughts and insights on what’s new for B2B events in 2023.


352 Jeroen Corthout - Why Does CRM Fail and How to Fix It

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology is one of the most basic and foundation tools that digital marketers use to manage customer relationships and interactions with potential customers. At some point in time, all marketers will have had some kind of interaction with a CRM. In fact, running a business without one is costly. However, just having a CRM does not necessarily guarantee success. How you use it matters. Various studies have put the CRM failure rate around 18% to 69%. So, why do we have this high failure rate? What are marketers doing wrong? Why does CRM fail, and how do we fix it? In this episode, Jeroen Corthout, Co-Founder of Salesflare.com, shares his insights on why CRMs fail and how you can fix them in your business.


351 Itamar Shafir - The 5 Musts of B2B Marketing Funnels

By analyzing your B2B sales funnel, you will not only be able to generate more sales, but it also enables you to improve your sales processes, which will enable you to understand your customers better. Depending on the business, a sales funnel can have three or more stages. Despite the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all model, basically, all sales funnels function similarly. An organization can use the sales funnel as a tool to visualize and quickly understand the process of turning a potential customer into one who pays. In this episode, Itamar will discuss the five must-haves of B2B marketing funnels.