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This show aims to serve marketers and digital entrepreneurs in B2B industries, and provide them with an opportunity to listen to quality content that will motivate them to succeed as well as strategically pivot their businesses.




This show aims to serve marketers and digital entrepreneurs in B2B industries, and provide them with an opportunity to listen to quality content that will motivate them to succeed as well as strategically pivot their businesses.




Ep. 125: How to Optimize the Digital Buying Experience in B2B

Matt Bell (Founder & Principal Consultant, MessageUp) on how B2B companies can optimize the B2B buying experience. During our conversation, Matt discussed some recent trends that B2B marketers should be aware of and what pitfalls to avoid. He also provides actionable tips on how the digital buying experience can be improved.


Ep. 124: How to Deliver Better B2B Digital Marketing Results

Michelle Bassett (Founder, BIZQOR) on the value of leveraging behavioral analysis and data analytics for better B2B marketing results. Michelle talks to us about what these specialized fields help organizations to solve and what pitfalls to avoid. She also provides us with some actionable tips on how to make sense of all the data to get marketing budgets approved.


Ep. 123: How to Create Good B2B Brand Narratives

Joe Zappa (Founder and CEO, Sharp Pen Media) unpacks how B2B MarTech companies can develop a strong brand narrative. Joe also talks about the pitfalls to avoid and how marketers should adapt to the changes in the B2B MarTech landscape.


Ep. 122: How to Develop B2B Content That Solves Business Problems

Steve Goldhaber (CEO, 26 Characters) talks about the five common barriers to solving problems, what the six core business problems are, and the six effective techniques that B2B marketers can use to discover the real problem that they’re facing. He also elaborates on the different visions for a content marketing program.


Ep. 121: How to Create and Run a Thriving Community

Serial B2B entrepreneur and community builder Lloyed Lobo (Co-Founder, Boast.ai) on what it takes to build a great community. Lloyd also highlights the pitfalls that marketers should avoid, how you can add value to members of your community, and how to keep members engaged so that they come back for more.


Ep. 120: How to Shorten the Sales Cycle with Case Studies

Julian Lumpkin (Founder & CEO, SuccessKit) on how B2B companies can accelerate sales at different stages of the sales process with case studies and video testimonials. Julian talks about what he thinks is slowing sales down, and he also provides the audience with great tips on how to create better case studies,.


Ep. 119: How to Do Social Selling The Right Way

Brandon Lee (Founder, Fist Bump) talks about what social selling IS and ISN’T, and how it can be used to fill that trust gap between companies and sales. Brandon also highlights the pitfalls to avoid, and why commenting as well as engaging is just as important as posting content on platforms like LinkedIn.


Ep. 118: How to Close Trust Gaps in a Trust-Deficient World

Dustin Tysick (VP of Revenue, Testimonial Hero) on how video testimonials can help to close that trust gap. During our conversation, He explains how the way B2B buying behaviors have changed, and how marketers can build trust and credibility throughout the different stages of the buyers’ journey.


Ep. 117: How to Create A Content Distribution Plan That Drives Sales

Samantha Lloyd (Co-Founder and Managing Director, Skeleton Krew) on how B2B marketers can create an effective content distribution plan that helps to drive sales. Samantha also talks about the importance of outreach, what pitfalls to avoid, and what metrics to pay attention to.


Ep. 116: How to Create Case Studies That Sell for B2B

Joel Klettke (Founder, Case Study Buddy) talks about how to create case studies and video testimonials that sell in B2B. He explains why storytelling from the customer’s point of view is paramount and the importance of understanding customers as well as their buying journey. Joel also provides some actionable tips.


Ep. 115: How to Stand Out in a Specialized B2B Industry

Jason Westgeest (Marketing and Innovation Manager, Guardian Chemicals) on what it takes to stand out in a specialized B2B industry. During our conversation, he talks about why many companies use a risk-averse approach in their marketing, what mistakes to avoid, and how to get buy-in from senior management.


Ep. 114: How to Leverage Demand Generation for Better Results

Deanna Shimota (CEO, GrowthMode Marketing) on how B2B companies can utilize demand generation to yield better marketing results. In our discussion, Deanna talks about how the way B2B prospects buy has changed and the importance of having a deep understanding of customers as well as their buyers’ journeys.


Ep. 113: How to Build a World-Class Marketing Team & Culture in a Competitive B2B Industry

Jasmine Martirossian (Chief Marketing Officer and Chief People Officer, Mercury) talks about the biggest challenges that B2B marketers face. She elaborates on the mistakes that B2B marketers should avoid and how to get buy-in from other business units for marketing initiatives. Jasmine also talks about how marketing can be the “voice of the customer” in the organization, and more.


Ep. 112: How to Successfully Incorporate Events as Part of Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Global events expert Muhammad Younas (Founder and CEO, vFairs) talks about the latest trends in the B2B events industry and how B2B marketers can capitalize on these. He also elaborates on the mistakes to avoid, how to strategically utilize data, and highlights the metrics that B2B marketers should pay attention to.


Ep. 111: How to Leverage Buyer Personas for Better Marketing Results

Jim Kraus (President, Buyer Persona Institute) talks to us about how buyer personas can and should be leveraged by marketing and sales teams. He talks about the top challenges facing marketers today and how organizations should use buyer persona insights to improve performance.


Ep. 110: How to Leverage Technology to Improve Customer Experience

Martech expert Dan Radu (President & Founder, Macromator) talks about the role that digital technology can play in enhancing customer experience. During our conversation, Dan elaborates on how a company can scale with good CX, how digital technology can be leveraged, and what mistakes to avoid.


Ep. 109: How to Leverage AI and Machine Learning for Better Content Marketing

Ren Agarwal (CEO, StoryAZ Studio) helps to debunk some myths around AI and content marketing. Ren talks about the importance of leading with strategy and research, and how content marketers can leverage AI and machine learning to improve their work. Ren also highlights the mistakes to avoid, the limitations of AI, and elaborates on some future trends.


Ep. 108: How to Grow Any B2B Content Platform from Scratch

Ali Schwanke (CEO & Founder, Simple Strat) discusses the importance of growing B2B platforms to organizations and what mistakes marketers need to avoid. She also elaborates on the different components required to effectively grow your B2B content platforms, what metrics to pay attention to, and what actions marketers can take immediately to improve how they scale their content platforms.


Ep. 107: How to Build Trust With Storytelling in B2B

B2B content marketer Chris Rapozo (Marketing Specialist, Hannon Hill) talks about building trust with target audiences by telling better stories. He talks about why B2B companies need to focus less on their product or service features and more on how they are able to solve their customers’ challenges, and more.


Ep. 106: How To Successfully Address the Challenges of Global Multilingual Marketing

Language expert Wendy Pease (President, Rapport International) on how businesses can become culturally relevant with the wonders of high-quality translation, localization, and interpretation. Wendy talks about how successful global marketing should start with the right corporate strategy and why it’s also important to understand the language and culture of the market that companies are entering.