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34: The Impact of Account Based Marketing w/ Kyle Lacy

The switch over to Account Based Marketing doesn’t happen overnight. But with a little patience, you can start to see the impact of your ABM investment. Kyle Lacey is the Vice President of Marketing at Lessonly, and his team decided to switch over to an ABM approach over the last few years. It wasn’t an easy change of direction, but Kyle and his team are seeing real results in some surprising ways. We caught up with Kyle for this episode of The Intelligent Marketer to learn more about...


33: How CTOs and CMOs Look At Marketing Differently w/ Matt Mobley

Matt Mobley is the Chief Technology Officer at Merkle. Air Force, built up technology chops. Then joined small consultancy, in the marketing technology space. Extensive experience with data management and data processing.


32: How An Agile Marketing Approach Can Transform Your Team w/ Andrea Fryrear

The days of year-long (or even quarter-long) marketing campaigns are behind us. Marketing must be quicker and more responsive than ever. To put it simply, marketers must be agile. Andrea Fryrear is the President and Lead Trainer at AgileSherpas, and this is the type of marketing that Andrea and her team focus on teaching every day. For those unfamiliar with the concept of “Agile Marketing,” the team over at AgileSherpas was kind enough to put a guide together for you. Andrea’s company is...


31: The Importance of Data in the Internet of Things (IOT) with Rob Glickman

No longer limited to just computers and phones, many household smart devices are appearing. This means more data than many companies know what to do with. Rob Glickman is the Chief Marketing Officer at Treasure Data, where his role all comes down to managing data and how it changes customer experiences. Rob joined us for this episode of the Intelligent Marketer to talk about aligning his team at Treasure Data, the Internet of Things (IOT), and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in...


30: How To Use Email To Communicate Effectively With Your Customers w/ Matt Harris

Startups can’t compete with Enterprise orgs in many respects… But where they can compete is at a customer experience level. Matt Harris is the CEO and Founder of sendwithus.com, and he helps companies use email to provide the best possible customer experience. Matt is a reformed engineer turned marketer and CEO. He started sendwithus around 6 years ago where his team developed an expertise around sending personalized emails, and he learned to build a sales organization along the...


29: 5 Key Traits of High Performing Marketing Organizations w/ Mathew Sweezey

Mathew Sweezey is the Principal of Marketing Insights at Salesforce. He can usually be found doing market research, speaking on the road, guesting on a podcast, or writing an article. He’s spent the last two years researching companies all over the globe in every single vertical to determine the traits of high performing marketing organizations. Often marketers intuitively know what to do, but they don’t have concrete data behind their inclinations to make a persuasive case for change....


28: The Ever-Changing Role of Modern Marketing Executives w/ Inga Romanoff

Marketing is always changing. That has never been more evident than in the last 5-10 years. This creates pressure on marketing executives to take on more responsibility, wear more hats, and deliver phenomenal rates of growth all at the same time. It’s a tough gig. And the turnover rates are increasing. Why is there this amount of change and how can marketing executives stay on top of trends? With 20 years of experience, Inga Romanoff is heavily involved in the marketing industry as a...


27: How to Balance The Use of Data w/ Zak Pines

Are you drowning in data? You can have too much of a good thing, and that includes data! Zak Pines is the VP of Marketing at Bedrock Data. He’s been in and around the marketing technology space for a few decades, and now his job is to solve problems around data. Zak knows how valuable data is, but he also knows that too much data can keep you from making decisions. Integration challenges, conflicting data sets, and a lack of insight can leave you worse off than if you had less data to...


26: How Artificial Intelligence is Influencing Account Based Marketing w/ Jessica Cross

Jessica Cross’ obsession is working with data to enable personalization at scale. Whether that is through email, dynamic ad units, or direct mail, she sees that whenever she can personalize, there are better click through or conversion rates. She leverages Artificial Intelligence to help her reach this goal of personalization at scale. Jessica works in Account Based Marketing for RollWorks, a division of AdRoll. She has been in the high tech B2B world for nine years. She worked with two...


25: The Importance of Collaboration in ABM w/ Rebecah Wiegardt

“Alignment is just seeing eye to eye. Collaboration is actually working together.” ABM has become a buzzworthy term in the B2B world over the past few years, but Account Based Marketing only works in a collaborative environment. If sales & marketing are not on the same page, ABM will fail. Both sides will be frustrated with each other. Time, money, and effort will all be wasted. Who can afford that? Rebecah Wiegardt is an Account Based Marketing Manager at Vyond, and she understands the...


24: The Future of Marketing Analytics w/ Melissa Todisco

How do you push yourself to continue to learn? Do you latch onto the latest buzzword, or do you find new & innovative strategies for your team? Melissa Todisco is the new VP of Marketing at Concentric. She was drawn to Concentric because they are disruptive. They don’t sit back and wait for others to pave the way in front of them, they are pioneers. Melissa fell in love with telling innovation stories during her time consulting for companies like 3M, and she is looking to tell those same...


23: Marketing Technology Tools w/ Jeff Shearer

Strategy is the core of marketing. But technology is the force multiplier. Jeff Shearer is a marketing operations and mar-tech strategist based in Seattle. Most recently, he served as Director of Marketing Operations Technology at Nintex, a workflow automation company. He has also been with Expedia's corporate travel division and just struck out on his own as an independent marketing, operations, and technology consultant. "I describe marketing automation tools as Legos in business," he...


22: Strategic Marketing Automation w/ Chelsea Kiko

“I don’t think data is the problem... I think the problem is there’s too much data.” Chelsea Kiko is the Marketing Automation Team Lead at the Hileman Group in the Cleveland area and a Marketo Champion. Chelsea approaches marketing automation success in a slightly different way than many of her counterparts across different organizations do. Here are some of the things she subscribes to: 1) Marketing & sales alignment is key. 2) A more complicated tech stack is not always better. 3)...


21: 4 Keys for the Modern Marketer w/ Jami Schwartz

As technology continually shifts, and data has become more and more accessible, the profile of the Marden Marketer is an ever-expanding role. What does it take to keep up? Jami Schwartz understands this ever-changing world facing today’s marketers. Currently, she manages B2B Demand Gen at Airbnb for Work. In her career, she’s led Marketing Operations for Intuit Demandforce at Intuit, but she’s also led a variety of marketing and marketing tech teams at startups such as Kabbage and...


20: Combining your Marketing & Sales Operations Teams w/ Meg Goetsch

In a traditional business, the marketing and sales operations teams sit with their respective counterparts: the marketing and sales teams. On the surface, this seems like a no-brainer. After all, since they’re the marketing operations team, it would make sense to sit with the marketing team right?


19: How To Manage Your Tech and Data Ecosystems w/ Jeff Canada

What do you think of when you hear the word “data”? Does it scare you or excite you? Probably a little bit of both. It’s in the news. New regulations in Europe are giving individuals more control over their data. It can cause problems. Data Integration can completely cripple your business if done incorrectly. But if used correctly, it can save your business. Jeff Canada has worked on his Tech Stack and Data Ecosystems in his time as a marketer at Quantcast. He has used data to bridge gaps...


18: How Marketers Handle Data w/ Stewart Maurer

Marketing is still in a transitional period. For years marketers have been focused on data mining en masse, but now that we’ve reached a point that we’ve reached a point of unprecedented information collection, what do we do with it? On this episode, Stewart Maurer, Vice President of Marketing at Crownpeak speaks with us about the “small but mighty” marketing team he leads and how they’ve learned to blend departments and share data efficiently. Stewart discusses some of the resources that...


17: How to Align Sales & Marketing for Better Customer Engagement w/ Rachel Noble

Getting your sales & marketing teams to agree on how to engage your ideal customers is a challenge, but it’s the an important first step in the sales cycle.


16: How GDPR Can Impact Marketers w/ Michelle Miles

The fines for violating GDPR are straightforward as well, to the tune of 20M Euros, or 4% of your company’s global revenue, whichever is larger. That means if you’re a 10B company, you could be looking at up to a $400M fine. So you can see why GDPR is a big deal. Oliver Wyman predicts GDPR will hit 6B in the first year, and that half of all companies globally will receive fines. PwC estimates that 77% of large US corporations plan to spend more than $1M on GDPR preparations. Are you...


15: How to Turn Marketing From a Cost Center to a Revenue Center w/ John Fernandez

When is the last time you evaluated the size of your tech stack? Do you need all of the software you’re paying for? Do you even use all of the software you’re paying for? John Fernandez is the Vice President of Revenue Marketing at Contently and he asks himself these types of questions all of the time. He is obsessed with revenue. After all, it’s in his job title. So he is constantly reviewing his ROI model, and if something under his control isn’t contributing to revenue, it’s probably...