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7: How to Nail ABM Experimentation and Personalization w/ Jame and Julie from Optimizely

Optimizely recently relaunched the homepage on their website using their own personalization. As they were starting to roll out their ABM strategy, they realized that the account-specific experience needed to expand to the web. If you’re one of their target accounts, your homepage experience is completely different than someone else’s. If you’re a retail account, you’ll learn about retail case studies and see customized content about the challenges in your organization/industry. If...


6: 3 Things You Should Know About Customer Data Platforms w/ Cory Munchbach

Customer data is important to forming a marketing strategy for your business. But aggregating that data into a useful form is time-consuming, and it can be hard to figure out how to turn it into actionable information. Marketers need a way to be more efficient in their gathering and usage of customer data. Luckily, there’s a relatively new type of platform that can help with this. In this episode Cory Munchbach, VP of Marketing at BlueConic, gives listeners a crash course in customer...


5: Why You Should Organize Your Marketing Team Around the Buyer’s Journey w/ Linda West

Linda West’s team at Act-On oversees everything from strategy to execution management. They play a central role in supporting other groups within marketing. As she told us, “Marketing has to be the steward of the relationship with the customer, from the first time they interact with your brand, through the sales process, and even after that.” In this episode, Linda talks about the increased responsibility of marketing teams—and how a unique structure at Act-On helps them do the little...


4: Reporting, Sales Engagement, and Attribution: An Interview w/ Bryant Lau

Bryant Lau, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Highspot, is a self-proclaimed marketing scientist. In this episode, Nic got to dive into some of the technical parts of Bryant’s role at Highspot, but the results were surprisingly applicable to all sorts of marketers and salespeople.


3: How to Enable Your Sales Team With the Latest Tools w/ Tristan Jackson

In this episode, Nic and guest co-host Corey Litwin interview Tristan Jackson, Manager of Global Sales Enablement at Curvature. This one's all about bringing new tools into the sales organization, covering everything from how to sell innovative ideas to more traditional executives, to how to utilize the tools you've purchased over the years and integrated them into the sales process.


2: How to Measure Customer Success (And Why You Need To) w/ Lincoln Murphy

Customer success is something that happens throughout the lifecycle—it’s not just a group that sits in the back making customers happy. Today’s guest is Lincoln Murphy, author of Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue. Lincoln explained that there are four things that everybody wants from their customers: we want our customers to stay longer, to buy more, to invite us into other parts of their business, and to advocate for us. But how...


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