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Learn How To Manage Your Time Better By Managing Your Energy - Robyn Pearce - 17-09-2018

Learn How To Manage Your Time Better By Managing Your Energy - Robyn Pearce from GettingAGrip.com shares some great tips on how to manage time better from her latest book "Getting a Grip on Time Management". Manage your energy, not your time and plan your day to suit your energy levels so that you do the most complex tasks when your energy level is high. Take breaks and manage your workflow to match your ultradian rhythm. Chunk like activities. Don’t do the “one last thing” and squeeze in...


How To Overcome 5 Conversational Blind Spots - Robyn Vintiner - 03-09-2018

How To Overcome 5 Conversational Blind Spots - Robyn Vintiner from Rejuvenate Life discusses “Conversational Intelligence” by Judith Glaser and explains how to overcome five conversational blind spots. 1: Assuming others see, feel and think as we do. 2: Not recognising the impact of fear & distrust on how we see & interpret reality. 3: Inability to stand in each other’s shoes when we are fearful or upset. 4: Assuming we remember what others say. 5: Assuming meaning resides in the speaker not...


Commercialise New Hi-tech Products - Greg Fahey - 20-08-2018

Commercialise New Hi-tech Products: How To Insights - Greg Fahey is the CEO and co-founder of Bison Group. He shares valuable insights about Bison Jacks, developing and commercialising new shipping container weighing systems. Start with identifying a real point of pain that you can solve. There may be no direct substitutes, but companies always have choices. Keep an open mind, experiment & expect some surprises. Sales give potential investors confidence. Digital marketing done well is very...


The Age of Anomaly - Spotting Financial Storms in a Sea of Uncertainty - Andrei Polgar - 06-08-2018

Andrei Polgar’s new book “The Age of Anomaly” provides clarity and shows that understanding financial calamities and being prepared are not rocket science. Analysing some economic calamities, drawing parallels and finding common denominators all help to spot financial storms. Dedicate energy to becoming more resilient to withstand future shocks. By becoming good at spotting financial storms as well as resilient you’ll be far better prepared than the average person. See...


Word of Mouth Marketing for Not-For-Profit Organisations - Alan Casey - 17-07-2018

Word of Mouth Marketing for Not-For-Profit Organisations - Alan Casey is the co-founder of Word of Mouth Marketing That Works. Not-for-profit organisations are purpose-led and they have a broad group of stakeholders. There are well-placed to use Word of Mouth Marketing effectively, but it must be planned and managed. Their purpose must be applicable and relevant to all stakeholders, so that they can form a tribe of advocates. WoM:NFP is an online learning course of 8 modules that is free to...


Important Lessons About Early Stage Companies - Scott Mason - 02-07-2018

Important Lessons About Early Stage Companies - Scott Mason from Crowe Horwath shares important lesson about early stage companies. Begin with the end in mind: have the right company structure, robust systems & make sure you have a tidy business. Check that your business will be attractive to potential investors. Plan several funding rounds to avoid dilution of the founders’ shares. Go for smart capital that provides expertise & connections. Market Validation should be done often. Attend...


The Five Principles of Successful Teams - Ann Andrews - 18-06-2018

Ann Andrews CSP discusses The Five Principles of Successful Teams. 1: You must recruit meticulously and check references. 2: Document and share your Vision and Goals. 3: Have clearly defined Values and align your vision and values. 4: Learn how to delegate and allow teams to create their own ground rules. 5: Organise your meetings so that they are effective. Start and finish on time and instil a culture of coming prepared and be responsible for your actions. Visit b2m.co.nz/successful-teams...


How Spatial Intelligence Gives Better In-Depth Insights - Neill Glover - 04-06-2018

Neill Glover from Land IQ Insights describes the history, present and future applications of Spatial Intelligence. Mapping events in time and space creates 2D or 3D maps and 3D fly throughs that show complex information in a form that is easy to understand. This enables effective and timely decision-making and cost-savings, such as which specific areas of a field to spray or re-sow. Identifying plant stress & nutritional deficiencies is being worked on now. Visit...


Sales Shift Natural Sales Success to Scientific Sales Results - Mike Boyle - 22-05-2018

Mike Boyle is the MD of Sales Shift Global. He talks about his latest book “Sales Shift” and the new Sales DNA. Sales People need to change from being product experts telling prospects all about products to consultants asking probing questions to help prospects gain a deeper understanding of their problems. They can learn from the curious mind of a child. The four pillars of coaching are: fitness, skills, technique & mindset. They apply to sales as well as sport. Visit b2m.co.nz/sales-shift...


Top Hallmarks of High Performance Companies - Ross Tilson - 04-05-2018

Ross Tilson shares his insights from selling industrial products globally for major international companies. One hallmark is being client facing. This must be driven from the top. All employees need to understand their role. Cascading Strategies ensure that all activities are aligned. Avoid micro-management & silo mentality. Ask customers about their experience with your company. Understand their problems & shape their thinking. Build a Safety Culture. Visit...


Cultural intelligence (CQ) - Impact of the global shift to digital consumption - Steven Renata - 23-04-2018

Steven Renata is the co-owner and CEO of Kiwa Digital. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the ability to manage cultural diversity. Go beyond feeling nice and help people express their culture. The Global Shift to Digital Consumption The average person interacts with 30 Apps per month and spends 3 hours per day on a smart device. There is a massive opportunity to educate people using App technology. Air NZ is using Maori language & culture as point of difference. Visit...


Tips on Social Media from an Introverted Entrepreneur - Jennifer Corcoran - 09-04-2018

Jennifer Corcoran is an Introverted Entrepreneur. She tells her story of becoming an entrepreneur and how she has used social media to raise her profile with the important elements of Know, Like and Trust. Be part of a supportive network of positive people. Guest blogging can be very effective. Repurpose your content. Her three tips are: BE SOCIAL, BE CONSISTENT and GIVE! 80% is sharing, inspiring, educating and giving and only 20% should be soft selling. Visit b2m.co.nz/social-media-tips...


Great Tips For Successful Video Production And Marketing - George Dawes - 26-03-2018

Great Tips For Successful Video Production And Marketing George Dawes is a freelance filmmaker. He shares some Great Tips For Successful Video Production And Marketing. Start with the Objective, what you want your video to achieve and how you will measure success. Next comes Strategy, how you will achieve this. Tactics, the video comes third. Define your audience & why they will watch your video. Have one key message that is simple & easy to understand. Don’t just tell your story, make sure...


Top Tips For Effective Business Success in Germany - Monique Surges - 12-03-2018

Monique Surges is the CEO of the NZ German Chamber of Commerce. She shares her top tips for effective business success in Germany. Most companies in Germany are privately-owned and they have a long-term perspective. They place great value on lasting relationships with customers, suppliers and business partners. You must show you can deliver consistent quality on time. The main German trade fairs are truly international. Plan well in advance and consider visiting before you exhibit. Broadcast...


How Wellness Can Help Achieve a True Work-Life Balance - Jane Field - 26-02-2018

How Wellness Can Help Achieve a True Work-Life Balance Jane Field from LifeCraft explains how wellness can help achieve a true-work-life balance. The seven dimensions of wellness are: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, social and environmental. They all need to be in alignment and if one is out, it influences all the others. See the whole person in every aspect of work and life. Planned Happenstance: keep your ears and eyes open and make your own luck. Follow the...


How to Use LinkedIn to Get New Clients - Sarah Santacroce - 13-02-2018

Sarah Santacroce is an internationally recognised LinkedIn Specialist. She dispels some of the common myths about LinkedIn and explains who to use LinkedIn to get new clients. A LinkedIn Profile should be a mini-website that leads quality traffic to your main website. Pay attention to the Headline: who are you, who do you help & what results to you deliver. The Summary should be in the first person and talk about the present, not the past. Find out more by visiting...


Making Sense of Intellectual Property - Kate Duckworth - 29-01-2018

Kate Duckworth explains why Intellectual Property (IP) is so important for businesses. She stresses the importance of getting advice from a patent attorney at the early stage of product development. Timing is critical and a robust Non-Disclosure Agreement can help protect your IP. There are two important aspects: protecting your IP and making sure you don’t infringe on the IP of another company. Do check Freedom to Operate. IP has many forms: registered & unregistered: Trade Secrets,...


Loving Your Job As An Entrepreneur - Hans Schumann - 22-01-2018

Hans Schumann is an international executive career and life coach based in the UK. He describes his own transition from corporate lawyer to life coach and he shares some insights from his book “Falling In Love With Your Job:”. This is a self-coaching book with exercises. You may need to overcome fear to be able to change. This could be minor or a major shift to a new career. Do you get enough fulfilment from your job? If not, what needs to change? Be clear about what is important to you....


How To Develop Your Strategy Map for 2018 - 15-01-2018

Simon Fawkes from B2M explains the process to develop your Strategy Map for 2018. This should be the foundation for your planning. There are 15 elements: Why, Market, Customers, NOW, Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA), Competitors, Company Vision, Personal Vision, Challenges, Income Matrix, Sales Process, Website, Profit, Team and KPI’s. Learn how to do an effective Strategic SWOT Analysis. Apply for a Free Strategy Consult. Go to B2M.CO.NZ and click on the STRATEGY CONSULT button....


Personal Coffee Roasters The Dream of Perfect Coffee - Chris Hilder - 01-01-2018

Chris Hilder is the founder and Coffee Engineer of Kaffelogic Roasting Systems. He describes his early days as an appliance engineer developing a controller for near space balloons. He is a coffee lover and wanted to enjoy freshly roasted coffee at home. He used his appliance engineering skills to refine the coffee roasting process and he then built a working prototype that helps make perfect coffee. He will be launching a crowdfunding campaign in early 2018. Learn more at...