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BAI Banking Strategies is a weekly show that focuses on the key issues impacting financial services leaders. We bring you objective opinions and actionable insights to power smart decisions. Hosted by BAI managing editor Lou Carlozo.

BAI Banking Strategies is a weekly show that focuses on the key issues impacting financial services leaders. We bring you objective opinions and actionable insights to power smart decisions. Hosted by BAI managing editor Lou Carlozo.
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BAI Banking Strategies is a weekly show that focuses on the key issues impacting financial services leaders. We bring you objective opinions and actionable insights to power smart decisions. Hosted by BAI managing editor Lou Carlozo.






13.05: Coming out on top in today’s talent war

What was once known simply as Human Resources is today calling itself talent management—and in 2019, the battle to attract, hire and retain talent is as fierce as any ion recent memory. It’s a job seeker’s market, and banks must work hard to counter an industry reputation of stodginess and stuffiness. But there are clear ways to succeed in the short term, and win the talent game in the long run. Here to share her strategies and insights, we’re joined by Janet Coletti, executive vice...


13.04: The grand financial adventure of starting a new bank

If you think regulators still have roadblocks up for de novo banks, guess again. A cooperative spirit between bankers and government authorities has emerged, clearing the way for faster approvals to help new financial institutions get down to business. The only obstacle at this point? Word hasn't yet spread enough for those with de novo dreams to move in the direction of decisive action. On this podcast, Mi Bank chairman /CEO Robb Farr, and senior vice president core technology Erin Tecker,...


13.03: Your guide to winning business banking customers

On Episode 100, of the BAI Banking Strategies Podcast, BAI's Mark Riddle and Jason Mencias share key findings and takeaways from their latest quarterly business banking research. The business banking landscape is changing—rapidly—yet financial services organizations find themselves challenged to keep up. The disconnects are many, with some banks unaware of how their position and reputation amongst business customers have changed. The BAI Banking Outlook report sheds light on how banks can...


13.02: The secrets to effective digital transformation

Digital transformation. The term and the concept predate smartphones and widespread internet usage. Yet if it’s time to bring the idea up to date in an age of AI and machine learning, what does this mean for the financial services industry? And what's the best way to approach strategy even as the pace of transformation has turned into the financial services equivalent of a rocket launch? Kim Capps, chief operating office for Southern bank, shares how financial institutions and community...


13.01: Cannabis banking and the path to navigate compliance

The cannabis industry carries with it tremendous potential and opportunities for merchants, suppliers and backers. But for banks, the sector isn't so clear cut. What's legal in a growing number of states remains illegal on the federal level, and that places financial institutions at a tricky intersection. Tony Repanich, president and chief operations officer for Shield Compliance, breaks down how banks can work within the industry to manage risk, comply with regulations and satisfy...


12.08: Digital transformation that triumphs

Whether it benefits customers and employees on the front end or core systems on the back end, digital transformation is a top shelf to-do for banks in 2019. But it's not as though the imperative comes with easy-to-follow instructions where "tech gadget a" plugs into "tough problem b." Here to share her smart strategies this podcast, we have Kristiane Koontz, executive vice president, director of banking transformation at Zions Bancorporation.


12.07: Why top customer experience needs tough fraud protection

The flipside of superior customer experience is a strong fraud program, even if it's not the sexiest thing for banks to promote. Still, you can't have the former without the latter, and getting the balance just right challenges even the most innovative financial institutions. Debbie Peace, co-founder and CEO of ACH Alert, gets to the heart of how the two forces work in tandem and win customer loyalty.


12.06: The most valuable keys to customer engagement

Despite a newfound fascination with customer engagement, banks know it's a constantly moving target that doesn't reward indecision or momentary distractions. It takes strong resolve and concentration to stay on top of it—and strategy that leverages all that data and high tech have to offer. Carrie Stapp, SVP of product management at Harland Clarke, sees the key to customer engagement as enabling the easy use of the products consumers value most. On this podcast, she discusses how banks can...


12.05: The inside story of America's first mobile-only bank

Considering that smartphone apps are just a dozen years old, the technology has exploded far beyond anything Steve Jobs might've imagined when he unveiled the first iPhone. Now in 2019, the reality of mobile-centric banking has arrived, with Varo Money already delighting customers to the tune of 13,000-plus five star reviews on the App Store and Google Play. Colin Walsh, Varo's CEO and co-founder, describes the journey from blueprint to charter, and how Varo hopes to help millions of...


12.04: From compliance complexity to regtech reality

Compliance has always presented a set of thorny challenges for banks, and at this point there's no going back to simpler times. Enter "regtech," a subset of fintech that aims to handle how regulations are met and requirements satisfied. But there is more: So far as customers are concerned, regtech helps financial institutions to become more transparent and trustworthy. Shiran Weitzman, CEO and co-founder of Shield FC, talks about the digital developments that have led us to this point, and...


12.03: How banks can supercharge their cybersecurity

While the fight for tighter cybersecurity keeps financial institutions scrambling, it means much more than keeping firewalls strong and hackers out. Miscues with data can destroy customer trust, while the demand for high-tech talent has banks competing not just with each other but every other business sector as well. Sundeep Nehra of EY's financial services office practice draws on decades of experience to share how financial institutions can best handle a changing security landscape, win...


12.02: Smart ways to address new consumer habits with innovative tech

Creating organic growth boils down to a seeming paradox: developing intelligent digital tech that meets customers where they live. BAI Global Innovation Awards judge Alex Sion of Citi's D10X program explains how financial institutions can apply the latest technology to rapid changes in family life and consumer behavioral patterns.


12.01: Mastering the digital-physical mix

Making consumer bank strategy stick ranks among the hottest topics in financial services today. But to get there, financial institutions must figure out how to balance a host of channels, from branches to call centers to mobile and its next wave. Ben Hopper of First Tennessee Bank shares his insights on achieving the optimal digital-physical combination to benefit customers and bolster banks in 2019.


11.08: Turning AI into ROI

Artificial intelligence, BAI's Trend of the Year in 2018, looks set to have another banner run in 2019. But many financial institutions still haven't figured out the best uses of AI or how to find the right high-tech mix. Daniel Faggella, founder and CEO of Emerj, lays out how AI can transform banks in areas from automation to risk forecasting and monitoring.


11.07: Aiming to please SMBs

Getting to the heart of serving small- and medium-sized businesses has been a heartache for banks, as they struggle to make many work-intensive transactions into a large, meaningful chunk of volume. Charles Wendel, owner of Financial Institutions Consulting, highlights the steps banks can take to build relationships and revenue with SMBs.


11.06: What's hot in banking innovation, fintech and digital growth

Whatever the months ahead hold for technology in financial services—from open banking to closing the gaps between fintechs and banks—the future is coming faster than ever. Sue Britton, CEO and founder of the FinTech Growth Syndicate and BAI Global Innovation Awards Judge, gives us a glimpse on the most exciting developments on the banking horizon.


11.05: An insider’s guide to risk and data management

In an age when so much stress is placed on customer experience, financial institutions need to keep an eye on the safeguards that guarantee success. Terry Ammons, partner at PKM, explains how savvy banks can take security measures to the next level.


11.04: Getting to the bottom of great customer experience in 2019

For all the noise surrounding customer experience, dialing in to the best practices and effective strategies is another story. Kerim Tumay, vice president of marketing for Kiran Analytics (a Verint company), explains how outstanding in-person interactions can drive an overall customer experience that ensures loyalty and gives banks an edge in the marketplace.


11.03: Realizing data's phenomenal potential in 2019

While financial institutions know data holds the key to success, many haven't figured out how to collect it or what exactly to do with it. Kunal Chopra, leader of Gradient Ascent's financial services practice, sheds light on how banks can move forward with data, artificial intelligence and more.


11.02: 2019's top banking decisions with the BAI Leadership Team

As the financial services industry begins a new year, three topics are sure to dominate the agendas of many banks. How can institutions win the talent war? How can they use data and analytics to give consumers the experiences they want? And how can banks leverage customer empathy to stand out from the competition? Join BAI president and CEO Debbie Bianucci, managing director Karl Dahlgren and chief marketing officer Holly Hughes for a special year-ahead podcast that addresses these topics...