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What You Have Now Is What You Asked For Back Then with Raquel Miller

Raquel Miller is a proud Carribean-American business leader, a social connector, and the owner of Bunchful Birthday + Holiday Registry. She is a poet and a remarkable speaker on various topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership, and cultural gift-giving as well as a phenomenal storyteller who is not afraid to share and be honest about her highs and lows in business. With over 17 years of experience in operations and sales, she has developed her skills as a business-savvy entrepreneur...


How Embracing Your RAW Can Lead to Your Success with Dr. Yashima

Dr. Yashima White AziLove is the founder of YWA Enterprises where she equips entrepreneurs and influential people to transform their businesses, organizations and personal lives using the power of Elevated Communication and Branding. Aside from working with Fortune 100 companies around the globe, Dr. Yashima has been a key player in the marketing industry - ever since she started blazing trails at age 35 when she built her $1 Million personal and professional development agency. As a...


This Year Do More of What You Want Featuring Jo Dodds

Jo Dodds is the Founder of POWER to Live More, where she helps home-based coaches and consultants improve their productivity, organization, wellbeing, energy, and resilience to unlock the POWER within, get more done, and live a healthier, happier life. She is also a member of the core team at Engage for Success, a movement committed to helping organizations and business leaders improve their personal and organizational growth through evidence-based case studies, tools, and support. She is...


How to Avoid Being Smothered by Emotions with Beth Lawrence

Beth Lawrence is an event producer and experiential marketing expert who has launched several brands and provided PR services to many small businesses. She is the CEO of a events production, marketing, and PR firm based in Philadelphia as well as the co-founder of The Industry Formula, a company that offers sales and marketing templates as well as consulting services to small-to-mid-sized companies. She is a human rights advocate who served as the former Silent Auction Co-Chair for the Human...


Breaking Through and Becoming with Kyana Brathwaite - Part2

If you heard last week's interview, you understand why we absolutely had to follow-up with Part- 2, today! If you are new to the show or missed last week, let me reintroduce you! A registered nurse, Kyana Brathwaite founded KB Caring Advocacy & Liaison Services (or KB CALS) to help people, families, and businesses find the best wellness plan that suits their various medical needs. Kyana’s clients go through an interactive and participatory process as she connects with health systems and the...


Breaking Boxes and Letting Go Expectations with Kyana Brathwaite

Kyana Brathwaite is a registered nurse and the CEO and founder of KB Caring Advocacy & Liaison Services (or KB CALS), a company that partners with their clients and assists them in an interactive and participatory process of discovering the best customized health and wellness plan for individuals, families, and businesses that will best fit their needs. In addition to planning, her company also coordinates support in the medical community, health systems, and with insurance providers. While...


How to Change the Narrative of Your Life with Kristie Bergey

Kristie Bergey is an Associate with Very Real Estate who helps people get new leases in a record-breaking time of less than 3 hours. With her background in real estate, she grasps the essence of the investment world. It is no surprise that she is also an entrepreneur who creates new businesses. Today, she travels the world and embraces the cultural differences in Philadelphia while owning three homes. Kristie joins me today to share what led her to change the narrative of her life and how...


Roxanne Wilson on Pivoting with Passion

Roxanne Wilson is a former Appellate Lawyer and Supreme Court Justice Clerk who pivoted her career to become an accomplished event planner and skincare influencer. She is the owner of a Jazzercise Franchise, a well-travelled speaker, radio personality, and the first African-American woman to compete in the final four of the NBC hit reality TV series, The Apprentice, with President Donald Trump. She is the author of Footprints in the Boardroom and has served as spokesperson of the national...


Managing Mindset By Creating Alter-Egos with Whitney Nicely

On Today’s Episode of the Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women Podcast: Whitney Nicely is the Queen of real estate investing in East Tennessee. She is an expert property investor, speaker, and real estate coach whose career initially began while living on her parent’s couch and working a desk job where she made $24,000 annually. Deciding there were better options and possibilities waiting for her, she decided to take a leap of faith and begin her real estate journey. In less than three years,...


Newell Anderson on Building the Right Teams to Avoid Burnout

Newell Anderson is the Co-Founder and Principal Partner of Caccioppoli Anderson LLC, a boutique marketing firm specialized in creating dynamic, impactful marketing design and branding campaigns that seamlessly marry their client’s needs, unique style, quality, and personality. His role with the company includes extensive public relations, marketing campaigns, event planning, advertising, and developing strategies for branding that drive revenue for international and domestic organizations....


Blazing Trails and Personal Branding with Stephen A. Hart

Stephen A. Hart is a brand strategist and the founder of Isles Media, LLC. He is also the creator of Brand You™, a digital platform that provides done-for-you services to help entrepreneurs and professionals create a digital footprint by expressing their passion and creativity so they can change the world. Stephen also owns, operates, and hosts Trailblazers.FM, the top ranking podcast that interviews black industry leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Due to his efforts, he was...


Becoming a Servant Leader with Al Cini

Al Cini is an innovator, influencer, and the creator of the Brand and Culture Alignment Tool Kit (BCAT) -- a must-have tool that measures your team brand and culture as well as offer strategies to boost workplace productivity. He founded Computer Methods Corporation, a staffing recruiting, and project management company where he also served as CEO in 1980. Al is an expert in behavioral assessment, scientific selection and assignment, organizational development as well as professional and...


Caring for the Inner CEO with Stephanie Scheller

Stephanie Scheller is the owner of Stephanie Scheller Enterprises, LLC., a highly successful coaching company focused on disrupting the typical way businesses operate and helping businesses and entrepreneurs scale their companies through sales, marketing, and systems. Additionally, she is a sought-after keynote speaker, a trained martial arts professional, and the author of Friend Power. Over the last 7 years, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and over 700 businesses, including Time...


Living Bravely and Authentically with Mariska Bogle

Mariska Bogle joins joins the Balance Boldly Podcast to talk about how her curiosity led her to be the Executive Director of Philadelphia Hospitality. She shares the fears that high achievers try to overcome, what she does to maintain her quality of life, and how she lives bravely and authentically as she enjoys living in the moment. Mariska is the Executive Director of Philadelphia Hospitality, an organization dedicated to promoting Philadelphia as a premier travel destination for cultural...


Habit Development and Personal Transformation with Joy Fejoku

Joy Fejoku joins the Balance Boldly Podcast to share the challenges she encountered as a new business owner and how she overcame them. She also shares how she created the blissful life she’s now living and how she changed and cultivated mindset habits and behavioral habits that allow her to process herself, identify her triggers, and change the way she approaches life altogether. With a passion for personal development, Joy founded Habit Bliss, a community platform that focuses on conscious...


Stop Whispering and Scream Your Dream with Cheldin Barlatt Rumer

Cheldin joins me today to share why being comfortable with being uncomfortable is essential in your journey to realizing your dream. She talks about what it means to pivot and how to do it, the steps to take to scream your dream, and the relationship between sacrifice and reaching your dream. Having an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, Cheldin Barlatt Rumer is the CEO of i-g Creative and the host and executive producer of her own show This Is It TV, a digital lifestyle series that airs...


The Power of Showing Up with Nicole Brown

Nicole Brown joins me today to share how one person inspired her to go further and eventually impacted the trajectory of her life. She also shares the significance and power of showing up - not only in her education as she dealt with doubtful stares head on - but also in her career and, ultimately, in the community she serves. Nicole is an environmental engineer with a business development role at AECOM, the number one global design company that builds, designs, and manages projects that...


Being a Catalyst for Change with Lisa Gable

Lisa Gable is a phenomenal woman who has served a number of influential people -- including four U.S. presidents and two governors. She also serves as a counsel to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and as a representative to global public-private partnerships and nonprofits. Her goal is to move organizations to a higher level of performance and to promote quality leadership and diplomacy in organizations with the vision of having a better society. In this episode, Lisa shares how to be a bold...


Beyond Limiting Beliefs Featuring Kristin Iris

Special Guest Kristin Iris joins me today to share what limiting beliefs and thoughts are and how to create a paradigm shift in your work. She shares why you should make the effort of digging deep into yourself to figure out what’s blocking you from being a fantastic creative and why some people are afraid to go for and grab what’s good for them. Kristin Iris is a writer, speaker, and creativity mentor. She helps socially conscious people from different cultural backgrounds to overcome the...


Another Selfish Episode with Naketa R. Thigpen: Justified Lies

According to Google, a white lie is “a harmless or trivial lie; especially one told to avoid hurting someone's feelings.” There are many reasons why we justify lying to others and ourselves. Sometimes we think that doing this will avoid awkward confrontations. Many times, we’re just not ready to handle the truth. Today, I’m going to share my health problem -- a rare autoimmune condition that I like to refer to as my “superpower” -- that led me to justify lying to my husband and myself. I’m...