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The beat of the bay where we chat with local business owners and keep up to date with all things local in Sydney's Inner West

The beat of the bay where we chat with local business owners and keep up to date with all things local in Sydney's Inner West




The beat of the bay where we chat with local business owners and keep up to date with all things local in Sydney's Inner West






Bridging the Gap Foundation

Bridging the Gap Foundation works to improve and advance the lives of Indigenous Australians. In this podcast, I discuss why, as a local business owner, I have chosen to support this charity. Dean Rioli and Colin Baillie join me. Dean Rioli (retired Essendon Football player) sits on the board of Bridging the Gap Foundation. For over 14 years Dean has worked to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into sustainable employment. Colin Baille is head of development for the...


The Birth of the Mother

The Birth of the Mother Keturah is a mother of two teenage boys and Perinatal Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage Therapist, Baby Massage Instructor and a Birth & Postpartum Doula. She is based in the Inner West Sydney suburb Annandale. In this podcast, we discuss the “birth of the mother” and the changes that happen to a women’s brain when she becomes a mother. Scientists have shown there is an increase in activity in a. These changes are prompted by hormones during pregnancy and in the...


David Russo and Natalie Bone

Strength training and ballet In this podcast, we are speaking again with David Russo owner of Pro-Active Health and Sports about the benefits of strength training and ballet. The conversation is focused on dancing and what training a dancer should be doing to ensure they keep their body strong, reduce risk of injury and improve flexibility. My daughter Natalies asks the questions. Natalie spends many hours a week training for ballet, so it makes sense that she runs the podcast. This is...


Conversation with Victoria Jacono Gilmovich

7/31/2020 In this conversation with Victoria Jacono Gilmovich we look at the role music has played in her life. Since the age of 6, Victoria has been putting her bow to the violin strings. She has gathered a list of credentials and achievements in her time, so long, that it would take up the length of this Podcast to name them all. I would recommend the listener visits Victoria’s profile on her website to see this list....


Beck from Marketing Goodness

7/28/2020 Repost due to error in the link. In this episode, Beck from Marketing Goodness answers some of your burning marketing questions. I asked, and Beck answered. Have a listen to find out what she said. Here are the links to some tools Beck recommended too. Happy listening! GrammarlyHemingway App Get in touch with Beck Website: Connect...


Conversation with Bayside Built

7/28/2020 Repost of Podcast recorded 10 June 20202. In this conversation with Bayside Built owner Doug Carey we (more…)


Bridge to Bricks

7/27/2020 Buyers Agent John Comino, CEO of Bridge to Bricks repost due to error in link. We discuss if property ownership is a reality or pipe dream for young people and how should a young person go about getting into the property market. We look at what the common mistakes are when negotiating a property deal and the mistakes people make when investing in real estate. John gives his insight as to where in the...


Running Community for Women

Running community for women, Boobs on the Run is building community and raising funds to find a cure for cancer. Repost of podcast due to error in link. Owner and principle run leader Mel Warman shares her running story and how the journey of Boobs on the Run began. To learn more about Boobs on the Run visit Boobs on the Run


Your Money Habit

7/27/2020 Your Money Habit.The repost of the podcast recorded 22 May 2020 due to an error in the link. In this Podcast Amira MacCue, spending planner from Your Money Habit debunks many of the myths about budgeting. To download the free ebook of 5 ways to break free of living payday to payday click here. To contact Amira please click Here


Shape Personal Training

Reposted Podcast due to error in the previous link. This podcast was recorded on 2nd June 2020. Shape Personal Training is located in North Strathfield. In this podcast, we speak with the owner’s Joe and Lorah. Shape Personal Training provides a holistic approach to fitness, weight loss, and general wellbeing. Visit Shape PT to learn more.


The 440 Run Club

7/23/2020 The 440 Run Club, a community of runners that you can feel part of. No judgment, stress, or pressure. Just the opportunity to be part of a group that encourages each other to get out there. Senka Coulton explains what the term “yes boss” is all about, where the idea came from and how you can become part of it.


Covid 19 and the Family Unit

7/21/2020 COVID 19 is having a considerable impact on the family unit. In this podcast, Ann Eyres from Ann Eyres Hypnotherapy and Jacqueline Minors from Minors Family Law, discuss ways to cope and what options are available for those who require assistance.


Imposter Syndrome Suzi Petrozzi

7/21/2020 Suzi Petrozzi discusses Imposter Syndrome and how it can affect how we live our lives and view our achievements. (more…)


David Russo Pro+Active Health & Sports

7/18/2020 In this podcast, I speak with David Russo Inner West Sydney Chiropractor owner of Pro+Active Health & Sports in Chiswick. David graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Masters of Chiropractic. Since completing these degrees, David has undertaken further education, through courses and seminars with some of the world’s leading experts, to improve his clinical knowledge to...


Marleen Mour Fitness Coach

Marleen Mour Fitness Coach in Five Dock


Branded Merchandise with Scooda

Branded Merchandise with Scooda, local supplier of branded merchandise, corporate gifts and uniforms. Who would have thought there was so much to it? In this podcast Elisa Grant, Creative Account Director at Scooda shares her extensive knowledge on the importance using the right products to reflect your brand. A pen that breaks after 2 uses can also break the image you are trying to portray to your customer. Is the merchandise you use to promote your business socially responsible? Do you...


Anna Bratby AJC Administration Business Solutions

7/1/2020 In this podcast I speak Anna Bratby from AJC Administration and Business Solutions. You can visit her profile on BayTalk here. We discuss what a bookkeeper actually does and tips on how to prepare for the End of the Financial Year. We look at how to keep on top of everything, especially if you are completely disorganised, embarrassed, stressed and unable to make sense of a draw full of receipts...


Nerrida Debeck Aptitude Education

Maths and English Tutor Nerrida Debeck, owner and founder of Aptitude Education, joins me to discuss her tutoring centre in Five Dock. Nerrida has an extensive amount of teaching experience behind her with over 20 years of teaching in the classroom. Last year she left the classroom to venture out on her own and open her own tutoring facility. Aptitude Education provides private and group tuition in maths and English from Kindergarten to year 12. They also offer a school readiness program...


Motherhood with Keturah

Motherhood with Keturah. In this podcast Keturah Stoltenberg of Motherhood with Keturah, postpartum doula and massage therapist discusses the benefits of massage before, during and after the birth of a baby. (more…)


Conversation with Bayside Built

In this conversation with Bayside Built owner Doug Carey we discuss the process of a new build or renovation and how Bayside built manages the process from conception to completion. (more…)