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Be Brilliant In Your Business is the podcast for busy business owners to take charge of your time and energy, so you can create meaning and momentum in your life. Join Business Life Coach, Linsi Brownson, as she shares tools, coaching, and lasting solutions to the real problems that keep people from realizing their dreams. Visit to learn more.

Be Brilliant In Your Business is the podcast for busy business owners to take charge of your time and energy, so you can create meaning and momentum in your life. Join Business Life Coach, Linsi Brownson, as she shares tools, coaching, and lasting solutions to the real problems that keep people from realizing their dreams. Visit to learn more.


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Be Brilliant In Your Business is the podcast for busy business owners to take charge of your time and energy, so you can create meaning and momentum in your life. Join Business Life Coach, Linsi Brownson, as she shares tools, coaching, and lasting solutions to the real problems that keep people from realizing their dreams. Visit to learn more.






From Start To Finish. The Process Of Achieving A Goal.

Most of us are pretty familiar with setting goals. We do it informally all the time, and formally sometimes. And we all achieve some of our goals. But I’ve found with a lot of entrepreneurs, that there is a bit of a disconnect between the starting point of setting a goal and the finish line. There’s a whole process that we go through that we rarely pay much attention to. And that is where the entirety of our success and our struggle takes place. I want to bring your attention to the...


89: 5 Reasons To Hire A Coach.

Episode Highlights: The first reason to hire a coach:Learning vs. Applying.When you listen to things you learn them. When you apply them, you grow. It doesn’t matter how much great information we get or how many ah-ha moments we have if we don’t apply the things we learn in our lives. The vast majority of the content we consume we don’t do anything with. Check out theMaverick HQto get tools to work on your business or yourself.The most effective way to learn and apply tools is by working...


88: (Ask Linsi) "How Do I Know if I'm Wasting My Time?"

Episode Highlights: Come join me for free in theMaverick HQand you can ask me any questions you want to know. How do I know if I am doing busy work or actually moving my business forward?This is a big challenge I see come up for my clients in two ways. The first way is making time for new things that we don’t already have the time for but we want to create the time for. It also comes up when people have been doing something for a while, but it doesn’t seem to be working. We carry this fear...


87: Creative Ways to Motivate Yourself.

Episode Highlights: Most of the time personal growth happens gradually. It is a very organic growth process. Focus on yourintrinsicmotivators. Get centered and find your motivation within yourself. These creative ways are all about going inward and sparking your own inspiration.The first way to motivate yourself is to put on your creative hat literally. Having objects that we give meaning for specific activities signals our brain that it is time for that activity to occur. Tip #2: Pay...


86: If You Want Better Habits, Change This First.

Episode Highlights: Announcing the Maverick HQ Listener Hub - a library of business tools and resources to help you manage your time and energy, create clarity and cultivate joy in your life! Join for free at, busyness, people-pleasing and undercharging are habits too! The good news is that we can break these patterns in the same way we'd break habits like overeating, shopping or drinking.Our behavior comes from our identity. Habits are actions that...


85: Lessons Learned and Unlearned In 2020.

This is the final episode of 2020. Most of us are looking forward to a new year and finally saying goodbye to 2020. I am really excited about this episode. Since it is the final episode of the year, we are going to be looking back a little bit. I am going to share 3 lessons from this year: a lesson that I learned, a lesson that I re-learned, and a lesson that I unlearned this year. The best part is that I will be sharing these lessons using the British Baking Show. In This...


84: Sell Better: Part 2, Create The Urge To Buy.

Welcome back for part two of the How to Sell Better series. Last week we kicked things off by talking about clarity and not having a clear enough offer. If you miss that episode definitely go and check that out. This week, we’re digging into the second reason: making your offer compelling. You don’t want to miss the three ways to create your own compelling offers. Adding these three pieces to your offer will create the urge to buy with your clients. In This Episode: [01:42] A lot of us...


83: Sell Better: Make Your Offer Clear.

Today I am kicking off a two-part series. This week and next week we are going to talk about selling, how to sell better, and more specifically why people are not buying from you now. These are very important things to get in mind and help you to be better at selling. Because the better we become at selling, the easier it is to make money. And there are two reasons that your offer isn’t selling right now. What you’re selling isn’t crystal clear.It’s not compelling them to take action now....


82: How to Self-Audit Your Business.

On today’s episode, I am going to take you through my process to self-audit your business. I like to do an overall audit or a year in review every year around this time. Auditing is also something that you want to do regularly to check-in and see where your business is and what has and hasn’t been working. I am going to talk about the three parts of a self-audit. Once you learn the system, you can implement it over and over again. I also share how often you should consider implementing a...


81: Take a Mental Break with Jacq Fisch.

On today’s episode, I am joined by a special guest, Jacq Fisch. I interviewed Jacq over a year ago on the podcast and we are re-airing that conversation today. Jacq is a professional copywriter and helps business owners become better writers and make the writing process a whole lot easier. She has an online membership called Write Like a MOFO. She also has her own book, Unfussy Life, coming out in early 2021, all about her life of fast pivots and learning to really trust herself. When I...


80: Using the Turnaround to Get Perspective

On today’s episode, I am talking about the turnaround, an easy way to get some perspective on whatever is bugging you. This is taken from The Work of Bryon Katie. She does four questions and a turnaround. So today what we are talking about is the turnaround. It is kind of like playing opposite day with your thoughts. The purpose of the turnaround is to get perspective and sometimes that perspective is so powerful it just instantly releases all of the weight of whatever you have been...


79: Do You Have Fuzzy Blanket Syndrome?

On today’s episode, I am talking about something I like to call Fuzzy Blanket Syndrome. No, this isn’t actually a real syndrome, but I think it paints a really great visual in our minds to help us create more awareness for ourselves and how we are showing up in our businesses. Most small business owners want to love their business. They want to do work that they are passionate about. Fuzzy Blanket Syndrome is when you want your business to make you feel all warm and snuggly inside. Do you...


78: Post-Decision Doubt

On today’s episode, I am talking about post-decision doubt. This has been coming up recently with some of my clients and I think this is such a great topic. We talk a lot about powerful decisions a lot on the show. I talk about how to make them and how to follow through with them. When you make a powerful decision it doesn’t mean all your doubt, mind chatter, and what-ifs disappear. This seems to be what we think should happen and it can really throw us for a loop. Post-decision doubt is...


77: Overworking and Underworking

On today’s episode, I am talking about overworking and underworking. I am going to talk about why we do it and how to stop it. Many business owners come to me very tired, overworked, and maybe even burnt out from chasing their to-dos day after day. We are going to talk about this from the root cause because if you are overworking or underworking it is a result of overthinking. In this episode, I talk about the steps you need to take to get the results you want. In This Episode: [00:49] My...


76: The One Thing You Need (And Don’t Need) to Navigate Transitions

On today’s episode, I am talking about making transitions in our lives. I am also talking about the one thing you need and the one thing you don’t need to do it gracefully. Can we do transitions gracefully? Well, we can certainly try to transition gracefully. I talk about confidence vs. self-confidence. What are the differences and what do you need to navigate through transitions. In This Episode: [01:05] This year has been a big year for many of us and it has created an opportunity or...


75: What are you saying no to?

One of the fundamental things that I teach as part of Be Brilliant, and I want you to cultivate for yourself, is to become very protective of the life that you want. Think of your time as your most precious asset. How you spend your time will determine what you create in your life. You need to be the gatekeeper of your time and energy, so that you have the capacity to build what you really want. Saying no is a necessary skill. And there are two ways to say no - unintentionally and...


74: Stop telling yourself that you are behind.

For transcript and show notes, visit What do you struggle to keep up with? Maybe it's managing your daily schedule, completing a course or embracing a healthy habit. Whatever it is, one of your obstacles is definitely the thought "I'm behind." In this episode, I've got two examples to show you exactly how this plays out and why it's not useful. And good news, it's also never true! So you can stop thinking it immediately, and start moving forward...


73: Creating community through commerce, with Bianca Black.

For transcript and show notes, visit In the community of Hoedspruit, Limpopo in South Africa, people's lives are interlinked. The adage "it takes a village" is a truism here. People depend on each other, as they each contribute something valuable as well. The town is both farm and safari; The perfect setting for travelers looking for both simplicity and adventure within nature. Giraffes (Twiga in Swahili) make everyday appearances. So...


72: Solving people problems.

Today I am sharing a powerful tool for relationships - or what I like to call "people problems." And it's not only relationships, this can be useful for pretty much any problem where something or someone is making you miserable. Ps, make sure you are subscribed to Be Brilliant In Your Business Podcast, and I’d love to hear what you think of this episode! Take a screenshot in your player and tag me @linsibrownson on Instagram. Key Takeaways: We believe that our life experiences are...


71: Sell the thing you wanna sell.

Hey Mavericks, today I am sharing a piece of business advice that I recently gave to a friend of mine. This is my personal experience after spending lots of time and energy doing it the hard way. The reason I am sharing my story is because the advice itself sounds simple...almost like a platitude. But I promise you it's not. My hope is that this will help you notice where you're doing this in your business, so you can move forward faster. Ps, make sure you are subscribed to the show,...