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Belleville Brewing Co. - Episode 5

This week we are joined by Adrian, founder of Belleville Brewing Company down in Balham, South London. At Belleville, a small group of professionals of different skillsets joined together like a very adult Magnificent Seven story where they traded cowboy guns (and throwing knives, I know some of you know about the knife guy in the Magnificent Seven!) for hops, malt, liquor and yeast to produce a fine fine brewery. Jack speaks with Adrian about hops and the economics surrounding it all, the...


By The Horns Brewery - Episode 4

This week we join Alex and Chris from By The Horns in their rather echoey brewery taphouse. Round the corner were taps galore drawing straight from their stores of beer from the brewery and also some guest taps. We sat down on some benches in a rather echoey room that in about 5 hours time would have been filled with their masses of fans sinking a few jars after a long day! Jack and the guys talked about their crowdfunding campaign, the origins of the brewery and how it feels to take the...


Hop Stuff Brewery - Episode 3

This week we are joined by James Yeomans, Founder of Hop Stuff Brewery in South East London, one of London's fastest growing breweries. At the time of recording James is coming off from a successful crowdfunding campaign allowing him to grow his operation and invest in more brewtaps across the city (and elsewhere)! He explains his insights in the craft beer space: the good, bad and ugly. He goes into where he is trying to position Hop Stuff as stepping stone between the premium and super...


West Berkshire & Renegade Breweries - Episode Two

We're joined by (then) CEO Simon Lewis of both West Berkshire Brewery and Renegade Brewery - the brewery of two halves. He and Jack discuss the history of the brewery, the inception of Renegade, the background of some of the team at West Berkshire and the direction they're headed with the investment into a huge new brewery. They also tackle some of the debate around craft, and properly geek out about the overall process of making a beer. Please note that since recording, Simon has moved on...


North Brewing Company - Episode One

In the inaugural edition of the Beer and Company podcast we are joined by Chris a co-founder and Bean, the head of operations of North Bar and North Brewing Company. We go through the history of the business from its inception over 20 years ago in Leeds as they decided to bring more unique global beers to the market and educate its customers on what more hop infused malted barley stew has to offer.


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