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Richard Sarkis – How Big Data Now Massively Impacts RE Investing

Big real estate data is changing the playing field by closing the inefficiencies in the commercial real estate market. How will this impact investing in the future? Today we sit down with Richard Sarkis, Co-Founder and CEO of Reonomy. Reonomy is a commercial real estate data platform that is transforming the world’s largest asset class. It’s all about analytics, data crunching, and AI for commercial real estate. Richard and his co-founder Charlie Oshman grew a chance coffee shop...


The Art of Buying Unsold Co-Ops and Condo Packages – Myles Horn

Finding success in the NYC real estate business requires being creative with where and how to add value. One market that requires this skill is the bulk purchase of unsold units in condominiums and co-ops. In essence, it’s about buying wholesale and selling retail, but it gets much more complicated from there... Today we sit down with Myles J. Horn, who has spent the last 35 years specializing in this part of the business. Myles has likely purchased more blocks of unsold condominiums and co...


The Journey to Titan of Title with Jarett Fein

One trait I have observed among the most successful investors, is they all have a keen ability to find scarcity and exploit its opportunities. In commercial real estate, title insurance is one of those less talked about areas. However, its $15 billion industry is a critical component to all transactions… that is why today's guest is Jarett Fein. He has made his mark in the title industry as the Co-CEO of Kensington Vanguard National Land Services (KV), one of the largest independent...


Zach Aarons - The Future of RE Tech

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the future of the real estate industry? In Real Estate tech there are plenty of places to look. Today we speak to Zach Aarons, one of the most influential players in the PropTech world. Zach co-founded MetaProp, a leading accelerator and VC fund, that has backed over 60 real estate tech startups. These companies have collectively raised over $2 billion, and employ over 1,500 people around the world. In this episode we deconstruct Zach’s...


"The Most Entertaining Tenant Stories" of Season 1

As we have recently passed the 1 year anniversary of this podcast and with the conclusion of Season 1, I thought we would treat everyone to a surprise this episode! Frequent listeners and fans of the show know that typically during each interview I will ask the guest to share one or some of their most entertaining tenant stories. I always say, owning, investing in, and managing New York City multifamily real estate is a full-contact sport. With the mix-up of people and situations you find...


Greg and Graham Jones - Specialization, Relationships, & Determination

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson Starting off in a windowless office on 55th street, with no experience, no money, and struggling to figure out how to buy their first building in NYC, the Jones brothers had no choice but to trust in themselves to make something happen. In this episode, we discuss how Greg and Graham Jones of GRJ, not only got their company off the ground but since 2010 have grown it into a very successful enterprise. They currently have...


Chris Voss - Negotiating 101: Life, Death, & Money

If there is anything that can give you an edge in the New York City real estate business it’s being a better negotiator. Chris Voss was the Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator in the FBI for 24 years. His book, Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It, outlines his field-tested tools for talking anyone into, or out of, just about anything. Currently, Chris is the founder and CEO of The Black Swan Group, a coaching and consulting group that strives to solve...


Knox LaSister - The Future of Urban & Community Development

Throughout NYC and the entire US, there is a serious lack of supply of affordable housing. This has a wide-ranging impact on cities and their growth. Any investor interested in the long-term health of their market knows how critical affordable housing is to the local community and future economy. Real estate entrepreneurs have a critical role in how cities develop, and we dive into this subject in this episode. Knox LaSister is the CEO of World Urban Property Management. (His online job...


Nav Athwal: Crowdfunding, Real Estate Technology, and the Future of Investing - Behind The Bricks With Peter Von Der Ahe

Nav Athwal is the Founder of RealtyShares, one of the top real estate crowdfunding websites and businesses. For those new to the concept, crowdfunding provides private individuals the ability to invest on-line in commercial real estate opportunities, while giving the owners and principals a much easier way to raise capital from a larger audience. Nav is a pioneer in real estate technology and frequently writes about online investing, real estate, crowdfunding, and fintech. You can find his...


Urban American Private Equity, Workforce Housing, & Institutional Investing - Behind The Bricks With Peter Von Der Ahe

Urban American is a pioneer in the world of raising private equity specifically for workforce housing investing. These underserved properties are attractive for their stable cash flow and occupancy - but harder to operate - and Urban was one of the first institutional investors to scale this segment of the market. Over the past 20 years, the firm has bought and sold thousands of units. Started by Philip Eisenberg, today we speak to him and his son James. To begin, Both Philip and James...


Ryan Serhant: Where Residential & Multifamily Meet, New Opportunities, & Success Skills - Behind The Bricks With Peter Von Der Ahe

Ryan Serhant is most widely known for being the star of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing New York” and the upcoming show “Sell it Like Serhant.” However, Ryan also has some real chops when it comes to residential real estate. He leads the top team at Nest Seekers International, where they have been ranked one of Wall Street Journal’s top 5 sales teams nationwide for the past 3 years. I asked Ryan to be a guest on Behind the Bricks (BTB) because in many ways the NYC residential market...


2018 Outlook with Joe Koicim, Shaun Riney & Seth Glasser

In this special episode of Behind the Bricks, I am joined by my partners Joe Koicim, Shaun Riney, and Seth Glasser for an end-of-the-year recap and glance at our predictions for 2018. As the last release of 2017, I would like to say thank you to our listeners throughout this year – for both your comments and feedback and for helping to make this show the #1 podcast about the NYC multifamily market. Join us as we discuss how 2017 has compared to our predictions and how we believe 2018 will...


Michael Shah, What & Where to Buy, Debt Opportunities, & Market Intel - Behind The Bricks With Peter Von Der Ahe

Michael Shah is the founder and CEO of Delshah Capital, a NYC-based private equity and asset management firm. He began his career in real estate in 2006, after working as an attorney at one of New York’s top law firms. Since then, Delshah’s assets under management have grown to almost $1 billion dollars. In this episode, we discuss his circular entrance into the industry. After being exposed to NYC multifamily growing up, Michael had a serious formal education. He graduated with a chemistry...


Peter Tessler, Brooklyn: When to Buy, How It Feels to Sell, and Uncovering New Opportunities

Peter Tessler, is one of the most successful Brooklyn owners of 2017. Earlier this year, (along with his partner Rob Bremmer) he sold their 18-building portfolio for almost $75 million which, to date, is the largest Brooklyn portfolio to trade hands in 2017. (Disclosure: we represented him in this sale.) Our conversation covers the entire lifespan of these investments; from growing a portfolio from the ground up, all the way to the decision to sell, and take chips off the table. In doing...


Glen Kunofsky, Triple-Net (NNN) Investments, 1031 Exchanges, Cash Flow & Life Improvements W/Special Guest: Art Weigold

When multifamily owners no longer want to operate and manage their apartment buildings, what options do they have? Owners ask me, “What can I buy that will improve my quality of life?” This episode explores one answer to that question. Today we have a special guest, Glen Kunofsky. Glen and his team are the leading investment advisors in the Triple-Net (NNN) property space, nationally. Triple-Net properties are, in their purest form, investments which require no day-to-day management. If...


Jordan Vogel, Luxury NYC Rentals, Trophy Locations, & Knowing Your Target Market

Jordan Vogel is the co-founder of Benchmark Real Estate Group. Since 2009, (when he started the firm with partner Aaron Feldman) they have acquired over $1 billion of New York City apartment buildings. They have a reputation for unlocking and maximizing potential value in their assets and are incredibly strategic in the locations that they select. Jordan is skilled at distilling down his investment philosophies and conveying them in a simple way. There are many intelligent nuggets you will...


Jordan Sachs, Navigating the NYC Rental Market, New Supply, & Technology's Impact

Jordan Sachs is the co-founder of Bold New York, one of the top residential leasing firms in NYC. He and his partner Todd Jacobs, started Bold in 2010 in the bottom of the economic downturn and have since grown is their company to a powerhouse rental agency with over 100 agents. They consistently achieve top-of-the market rents in many of the buildings they represent. This is particularly noteworthy because the NYC "rental market" has become more diverse and nuanced, and is one of the most...


Matt Engel, Managing 10,000 Units in NYC, & Operating Successfully in Secondary Markets

Matt Engel is the President of Langsam Property Services, one of the largest management companies in the NYC market. They are responsible for managing approximately 350 buildings with over 10,000 units. Langsam is on the "short list" of who to call when you have tough management assignments which need assistance. They have rescued some very large portfolios on behalf of large investors, and there is a lot of real knowledge he shares with us. We will cover things like: For more, go to...


Adam Mermelstein, Emerging NYC markets, multifamily operations, and starting with only $10,000.

Adam Mermelstein, who co founded Treetop Development, one of the most Active owners/Operators for NYC multifamily in the past several years. I have completed many transactions with his company, and the had developed a reputation for successfully turning around & transforming apartment buildings in NYC’s emerging neighborhoods. In this episode we will learn: For more, go to