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Topical chat, sound advice and lively debate on these Covid times from the people that brought you SafePrem Solutions

Topical chat, sound advice and lively debate on these Covid times from the people that brought you SafePrem Solutions


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Topical chat, sound advice and lively debate on these Covid times from the people that brought you SafePrem Solutions






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Behind The Mask Episode 23 - Stuart Freer Down Under

G'day folks, have we got a treat in store for you with this episode. If you've been wondering what on earth those crazy Aussies have been getting up to lately, well, through the magic of digital, Pat & Andrew were able to venture down under to bring you the story, direct from Sydney. Stuart Freer is a Brit who moved to Australia eight years ago having latterly been IT Director at Dixons Carphone & Home Retail Group. His time down under includes spells with Coles & Mecca. His insights into...


Behind The Mask Episode 22 - Mark Pilkington

We've had some fantastic guests on Behind The Mask but in this episode, Mark Pilkington delivers some amazing insights which you won't want to miss. As well as discussing his forthcoming book, Retail Recovery (which we were more than happy to plug) Mark discusses the triumph of the dot coms, using data in a different way and the way physical needs to blend with digital, "The key to everything is the correct use of the channels". If you're contemplating your physical / digital strategy, this...


Behind The Mask Episode 21 - Football's Coming Home

In which Pat Kelly displays his mythical knowledge of football, not only accurately predicting the score but one of the scorers and when. Remarkable! In other news Freedom Day can't come soon enough for many whilst for others it's a source of fear and dread. Sadly, it would appear that Mask Wars are set to become a thing. DJ Buzzer spins the discs whilst Pat 'Mystic' Kelly offers up his thoughts on the double jabbed, social media polls, 'boobles' and much more besides.


Behind The Mask Episode 20 - with Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor

Pat and Andrew were feeling a little poorly for this episode, so who did they call? Not just any doctor but Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor! And as luck would have it, the good doctor had just the tonic to get them sorted and right as rain once more. Should you also be in need of a retail pick me up then please tune in, the prognosis is good. SafePrem Solutions The world's first and only independent directory of Covid safe and smart solutions


Behind The Mask Episode 19 - Greg Deacon

On the eve of the grand reopening, we were thrilled to be able to chat with Greg Deacon, Chief Customer Officer at Jisp. We are beginning to hear more and more about what physical retail needs to do in order to come back stronger and digitally level up with online. And Greg supplied us with some absolute solid gold insights. "When that customer wants to come to you, you need to make them feel like it's the safest place they can be", Greg Deacon.


Behind The Mask Episode 18 - Eliot Wilson

Pat and Andrew decided it was time to introduce a rather more cerebral element to Behind The Mask, and what an inspired decision it was. Former House of Commons clerk and now co-founder of Pivotpoint, Eliot Wilson provided some fascinating insights. On the consumer: "People have been shutting themselves away and therefore experiencing a more bespoke existence". On business: "Let's assess what you do well, what not so well and in some cases (post 2020) there may need to be wholesale...


Behind The Mask Episode 17 - Jani Moran of Clenzair

Absolutely delighted to welcome Jani Moran, partner at Clenzair to the Behind The Mask podcast. Clenzair could provide the route out of all of the restrictions the pandemic has placed upon us all. And coming just a week or so after new research into how Covid-19 is transmitted, this was a very timely discussion. So, if you want to find out how we're all going to get back to something approaching the lives we once knew, take a listen.


Behind The Mask Episode 16 - Warren Richmond of Situ Live

We were thrilled to welcome founder and CEO of Situ Live, Warren Richmond to the Behind The Mask podcast. Despite Pat and his budgie smugglers and irreversible pints, it was an absolutely fascinating conversation. Situ Live is most certainly the future of retail and will be opening in Westfield White City later this year. Listen in to find out more.


Behind The Mask Ep. 15 - Go Instore co-founder Aman Khurana

We were absolutely delighted to welcome Go Instore co-founder Aman Khurana to the Behind The Mask podcast. If you're interested to learn more about the future of shopping, consumer behaviour, attitudes to Covid plus the future of live video streaming this episode makes for compelling listening.


Behind The Mask Episode 14 Junior Jousting

In which our intrepid duo, freed from the constraints of having any guests, are let loose on one another once more. It has to be said that the old fella Kelly puts up a spirited defence in the face of some enthusiastic Busby ballestras. And whilst he manages to parry the majority of them, it is the young pretender who ultimately triumphs with a most emphatic flunge.


Behind The Mask Episode 13 - The Big Take Back with Ken Hughes

Pat Kelly and I have had some amazing guests on Behind The Mask but nothing quite prepared us for this. Sit back and immerse yourself in this masterclass courtesy of leading shopper & consumer behaviouralist, Ken Hughes. From signing up for the wrong race, to the five components needed for recovery, this episode is jam packed with inspirational insights. For anyone who has been lucky enough to take in one of Ken's keynotes, you'll know that this is a must listen. With the added benefit that...


Behind The Mask Episode 12 Back Together Again

In which the two grumpy old gits eschew any guests in favour of fighting it out to see which one can be more waspish than the other. And although at once acerbic and curmudgeonly, my colleague Pat Kelly wins that particular battle by a country mile. Mind you, in doing so, he also talks an awful lot of sense. From Biden to lockdown to face coverings to the vaccine, it's all here in one neat little package.


Behind The Mask Episode 11 - Dr Jackie Mulligan

Hang on to your hats, splice the mainbrace and close the curtains because this is one ripsnorter of an episode. We were privileged o welcome founder of ShopAppy Dr Jackie Mulligan and what an awesome discussion it turned out to be.


Behind The Mask Episode 10 - Highlights 2020

We've only been going since lockdown 2.0 but already, we've had some great guests on and picking the highlights was rather more tricky than at first thought, there have been so many. But if it's retail you're after, look no further, there are some real gems here. So why not pour a glass of something you fancy and settle in for half an hour of pure retail gold. Oh, and there's even the Marbella megastar himself, Pat Kelly, making an appearance here and there. But don't let that spoil it for...


Behind The Mask Episode 9 - Fran Bishop

From The Apprentice to the darling of the media to running her own successful retail business, Fran Bishop is never far from the spotlight. So why she agreed to come on the Show and talk to a couple of old has beens goodness only knows. But we're glad she did because there's some retail nuggets in this episode. Not to be missed!


Behind The Mask Episode 8 with Imogen Wethered

Pat and Andrew were delighted to welcome the Co-Founder of valued partners Qudini, Imogen Wethered onto the Show. If you want to learn all about queuing and appointment apps this one's for you. Qudini work with some of the UK's most prominent retailers including Asda and Burberry. "Covid has been a catalyst for many things but above all it has once again focused retailers on what matters most, the customer" Imogen Wethered.


Behind The Mask Episode 7 With Bill Grimsey

At Behind The Mask we were delighted to welcome some retail royalty for this episode, none other than former CEO of Iceland, Wickes & Focus, Bill Grimsey. We covered a lot of ground in this one including the great supermarket business rates gift back, Build, Back, Better and some forthright views on what more the retail industry could be doing to help itself through this pandemic. Get ready, because this one's a Christmas cracker!


Behind The Mask Episode 5 - with Richard Lim

With the sad news of the demise of Arcadia and Debenhams, Pat and I were delighted to welcome the Chief Executive of Retail Economics, Richard Lim onto the Show. But don't worry, it wasn't all doom and gloom, as well as the serious business of retail, listen to us discuss Scotch eggs, eating Christmas lunch on the patio and a strange marriage which took place in Borat's home country.


Behind The Mask Episode 6 with Neil Saunders

We were thrilled o welcome the retail guru, MD of Globaldata, Neil Saunders to the Show. Pat couldn't quite contain himself, so whilst he went to gather himself together, Andrew enjoyed a chat with Neil about all things Covid, the vaccine, and especially a view from America, which, we can assure, makes for fascinating listening.


Behind The Mask Episode 4

Episode 4 of the fortnightly face-off, the bi-weekly banter between Andrew & Pat. Tune in to hear them bicker about all things Covid. Featuring this week, Boris, Carrie, anti-vaxxers, the vaccine and the Swedish experiment. Oh and a couple of quirky tales to keep you amused (even if the rest of it doesn't). Remember - keep 'em peeled.