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Bellwether: One who leads or sets trends. Let’s learn from the best.

Bellwether: One who leads or sets trends. Let’s learn from the best.
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Bellwether: One who leads or sets trends. Let’s learn from the best.




Wellness, Organized: The Physical

As promised in a previous post and podcast, I’ve decided to organize my thoughts on wellness. It’s such a massive topic, that it needs to be broken down into categories. Today, we focus on the physical aspect of wellness. Physical wellness, to define it and get on the same page, is your vessel; the tank that carries around your crap all day. It covers health, weight, and more. In essence, it’s your body. It is not, however, your body image. Save that shit for our mental discussion. Physical...


In the Company of Men: How Women Can Succeed in a World Built Without Them

It’s always a risk for a white guy to cover the topic of equality in the workplace. So that’s why I’m thrilled to have Eileen Scully join me to provide her perspective and wisdom on the topic. Eileen is a consultant, speaker and author of the upcoming book, “In the Company of Men: How Women Can Succeed in a World Built Without Them.” When I first met Eileen, she made the comment, “Businesses and organizations operate in a way that was developed by white men ages ago, and that just doesn’t...


Wellness, Organized.

Defining wellness, and organizing what it actually means, is step one to figuring out what to work on. This outlines the details of physical, mental and social well being.


Digital Detangler: A Guide to Mindful Technology Use, Ep. 005

The conundrum of the digital world is that we have all of this technology to make our lives easier, but what are we willing to sacrifice in order to use it? Stories abound of families glued to their smartphones around the dinner table and the impact of television and phones on young children’s brains, all leading to the frightening, supposed prospect of society becoming unglued due to the destruction of in-person social interaction. But not to worry, because this week we are very happy to...


How 5 Minutes of Silence Can Change the World: Keeping Wellness Simple, Ep. 004

This week, we learn from Tricia Barger, owner of Poppy Tree Design and Yoga Instructor, on the benefits of simplicity, the beauty of silence and how empowering minimalism can be. The topic of wellness has been monetized to the point where it no longer makes you “well” - so Tricia resets the button, looks at the forest from the trees and gives some tips on how you can find out what “wellness” actually means for you. In the words of Andre Gide’s “Fruits of the Earth” - “As women in the pale...


Learning Discipline and Mentality from a Pro Boxer – Ep. 003

It’s not every day you get to sit across the table from a pro boxer. It’s exciting and fun and you just feel cool. And once you make sure that you are in no way offending them or opening them up to hitting you, you can then open your mind to learning from them. Dashaun “Too Sweet” Johns is an undefeated professional boxer, with eyes on being world champion in the next two years. Learn about how he keeps his eyes on the prize, and what goes through his mind as challenges try to derail him. He...


Getting Over Your Fear of Public Speaking, Once and For All – Ep. 002

The old joke goes that people are more afraid of public speaking than dying - so they would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy. Why are we so petrified of speaking in front of a group of people? When I bring up the topic in front of clients, their eyes go wide with fright. “I can’t do that!” they say. And it’s evident with people beyond my clients at all levels - from high school students to senior executives - public speaking and abject horror and stage fright go hand in hand....


True Efficiency: Implementing “Lean” into Your Home – Ep. 001

Almost every coaching client I’ve worked with has asked for help creating an “organizational system;” one to help them better manage their time to be more productive, efficient, and effective. Dennis Wayland, Lean extraordinaire, shares how he implements “Lean principles” into his home to help get his family organized and out the door in the most efficient manner possible. By just focusing on the concept of Lean, which is designed to make companies more profitable and efficient, he discusses...