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Ep 23: Have you tried making things MORE challenging?

00:00 Why the counter-intuitive way of making things harder (or more challenging) makes things more satisfying 02:30 Using exercise examples– how problem-solving during climbing engages Marina so much that she doesn’t notice how hard she’s working. 06:00 Shanna uses progress as a way to avoid boredom. Talks about rucking as a way of intensely engaging in walking or hiking. 09:00 Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Flow — why making your work more challenging gets you into flow 11:30 This is...


Episode 22: Why Manage Business Finances SEPARATELY

Show Notes: 1:31 Why you should keep your personal and business finances separate 6:14 Ideal separation of accounts vs. real life models 13:38 Crash course in Accounting 101 by Shanna 21:58 The daunting part – the setup. With examples! Accounting tools we mention:


Episode 21: The Bus Problem

The Bus Problem 00:30 What is the bus problem and why it’s important to solve 03:00 Are you more likely to get hit by a bus or win the lottery? And which is more likely to ruin your life? 05:30 Shanna gives examples of how “the bus problem” has bit her, and how she was inspired to do better. 8:30 What happens when YOU are hit by the bus 10:00 How preparing for the bus problem differs from just stepping aside and hiring help a la Tim Ferriss 12:30 Solving the Bus problem when you’re...


Why One System to Rule Them All is a BAD IDEA

Show Notes for episode 20, where we talk about using various productivity apps for specific and different purposes, for letting go of teh idea of “one big system to do everything”, and disagree about using Asana and Trello. 1:36 Why using a dashboard to do EVERYTHING is a bad idea? Beyond the fact that they don’t exist 5:49 What to do *in practice* instead of a catch-all system juggernaut? 8:22 Functional differences between Trello, Asana, and Slack – which [...]


Episode 19: Dashboards and Project Planning - Tools for Solopreneurs

1:00 How we use (and don’t use) paper planners 3:00 Drawbacks of a pure analog system 5:00 When daily planning becomes project planning and the necessary tools required 9:00 Marina breaks down when Gantt charts are the most suitable tool 10:30 Shanna discusses why the ability to hide the things you can’t work on yet in Workflowy 12:00 Different apps for different types of work 13:00 Why a perfect “business dashboard” doesn’t exist 15:00 Dashboard workarounds 20:15 How dashboard...


Episode 18: Fundamentals of Product-Market Fit

Show notes: 01:30 Where to begin?! Figuring out product or service to market fit 05:30 When do you decide you have a business rather than having an idea? When people PAY you money. This is the first test to your product-market fit 8:30 Apprenticing – work for a business in your field before inventing a business for yourself 10:16 A shining ex [...]


Episode 17: Standing Down From Crisis Mode

Episode 17: Standing Down From Crisis Mode and Getting Back to “Normal Productivity.” 1:20 Switching from a ‘wartime footing’ to a ‘peacetime footing’ (and Marina has the best real life example of this) 4:30 Why it’s not about ‘flipping a switch’ to go back to the way things were. 7:30 Chilling with your autonomic nervous system! 10:30 Dealing with the guilt of doing nothing 14:30 Ramping back up - tips and tricks 25:00 What IS your normal, anyway?



In this episode we’re talking about our (very different!) perspectives on dealing with crisis, whether external or self-imposed. Show notes: 1:37 Why is “War Footing” so seductive, to the point of being addictive? 4:34 External crisis vs. internal crisis – the difference in coping strategies, availability of support, and the legitimacy of asking for help 9:47 Shanna’s tactic to make the plan to “just tumble out of you [...]


Episode 15: Getting Back to Normal After “Crunch Time”

How to get back to normal after a “crunch time” 1:00 How Shanna handles the post-crunch collapse3:00 Marina talks about her own “crunchiest crunch time collapse”5:00 How to return to normal “RPMs”


Episode 14: Choosing YOUR Coach: What to AVOID

In this episode we talk about our coaching experience: warning signs, finding the right match, and hilarious experiences in-between Show notes: 00:45 How Shanna chooses her coaching clients3:11 Stages of Business: Baby, Emerging, Established: the difference in confidence levels, navigation, and challenges. (There’s a wealth of detailed examples in the following minutes) [...]


E 12: Charlie Gilkey - Lessons in COURAGE for the functionally delusional, like us

Today, for the Grand Finale of our first season, we have a guest we’re both super-excited about - Charlie Gilkey! Charlie is the founder of Productive Flourishing, that’s been enabling Creative Giants realize their impact on the world for over a decade. He’s a speaker, author, Business Strategist and Podcaster. His work has a way of validating your actions, calming your deepest fears, and moving you to push and reach further that you thought possible. Show Notes: 1:23 The power of...


Ep. 11: Discussing Failure and What Constitutes “Successful Failure”

Discussing Failure and What Constitutes “Successful Failure” 1:45 - Shanna’s “superhuman” reaction to failure. 3:05 - The correct ‘philosophy of failure’. 5:44 - How to avoid the feeling of failure when comparing yourself to others. 8:50 - Marina’s Hebrew catchphrase that encapsulates the philosophy 9:30 - Shanna’s thoughts on how to avoid the paralysis that can be caused by the fear of failure (or the fear of success) 13:00 Hedging as a technique for avoiding failure 18:15...


Ep 9: Ever thought of DECADENCE as a Planning tactic?

Ever thought of DECADENCE as a Planning tactic? 0:25 Why Decadence in the first place?3:01 The Framework for using Decadence as means of Getting Things DoneMarina’s blog post about Decadence as a tactic (and a #MomWin)6:10 what happens when you give yourself permission to think decadently7:50 the edge Decadence provides over l [...]


Ep. 7: How We Sew Our Systems and Tools Together

How we sew our systems and tools together 01:10 - How Marina plans and her favorite tools06:30 - Marina’s physical workspace09:45 - “Once you know the trick, it’s not a trick anymore” - As true of Gantt charts as it is of shoes10:45 - Shanna’s physical workspace — Austin Kleon’s two-workstation method14:45 - How Shanna realized that working by hand made her more productive15:15 - Marina and Shanna discuss the pros and cons of Gdocs and why it works for [...]


Ep. 6: Michelle Nickolaisen - The ‘Secret’ Everyone KNOWS but nobody DOES

With us this week is Michelle Nickolaisen of Bombchelle.com, freelancer, creative and woman-about-the-internet. 0:30 Michelle’s favorite nerdy thing: D&D live play podcasts. The Adventure Zone, Friends at the Table, Godsfall for th [...]


Ep. 5: Transitions as Part of Your Personal Time Structure

Two polar Opposite approaches to time management (0:36) Losing momentum from task to task - how to transition better (5:06) Building Personal Transition rituals (11:07) “Clear to Neutral” ritual - what’s the most important part? (13:24) Building a time-structure: where to start? (hint: with your personal Focus Patterns) (17:06) Allow and plan - both time and energy - for processing NOVELTY [...]


Liv Sagan: Obsessive Automation, Networking on Steroids, and Letting Go, step-by-tiny-step

Show Notes Automation - The magic of IFTTT (If This Then That) (1:05)Build an Automation or outsource to a VA? It depends (3:14)The Love Affair with Data is making you a CONNECTOR (5:14)


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