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Beyond the Rut is a weekly podcast sharing stories and tips to help get you unstuck in the areas of faith, family, fitness, finances, and future possibility. Our hope is to inspire and equip you to make your own path and live the life you’ve always dreamed of living beyond the rut.

Beyond the Rut is a weekly podcast sharing stories and tips to help get you unstuck in the areas of faith, family, fitness, finances, and future possibility. Our hope is to inspire and equip you to make your own path and live the life you’ve always dreamed of living beyond the rut.


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Beyond the Rut is a weekly podcast sharing stories and tips to help get you unstuck in the areas of faith, family, fitness, finances, and future possibility. Our hope is to inspire and equip you to make your own path and live the life you’ve always dreamed of living beyond the rut.






Mr. Pit-T the Fool Without a Positive Attitude - Sterling Andre Hunter

Sterling Andre Hunter, aka Mr. Pit-T, shares the benefits of having a positive attitude amidst a layoff during the COVID-19 pandemic and taking on a Mr. T persona. See the full show notes at Connect with Us Subscribe on iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Spotify, Stitcher, or iHeartRadio and never miss an episode. Twitter @beyondtherut Facebook Beyond the Rut Instagram @beyondtherut Email Call or Text (469) 608-0355 Episode Credits Host, Editing,...


How to Roar Back in Life After an Identity Crisis - Cherlyn Decker

Cherlyn Decker shares how to face an identity crisis by claiming new territory in life with your true identity. Cherlyn is the author of the book Roar Back: Transforming Struggle into Strength, and speaks with audiences worldwide on finding your true identity then claiming your territory in life like a lion by roaring back. See the full show notes at


How to Prepare for Truly Living in Retirement

Jacquie Doucette, host of Beyond Retirement, shares tips on how to prepare for truly living in retirement rather than simply waiting to die. View the show notes at


2 Simple Steps on Finding Your Purpose in God with Kris Reece

Jerry and special guest host Katina Stith of TrueIdentity.Life discuss two simple steps on finding your purpose in God with Kris Reece, host of the Building Faith Podcast. Kris found herself asking on the third day out loud, "Is this all there is?" She didn't ask herself this question. She said it out loud to her husband's face. How's that for an eye-opening moment? Since then, Kris has found her purpose in God and helps others do the same to strengthen their own faith and live a life on...


Step 1 in Overcoming Adversity - Erica Lynn Speaks

Motivational speaker, coach, and podcaster, Erica Lynn speaks life into overcoming adversity by healing for a higher purpose. See the full show notes at


Parenting a Child with Type-1 Diabetes Stacey Simms

Stacey Simms once proclaimed herself the "worst diabetes mom" is parenting a child with Type-1 Diabetes and building a community of awareness. Parenting a Child with Type-1 Diabetes Parenting brings a certain amount of unsolicited advice. We never seem to be doing it good enough. Someone will always feel he or she has a better way, and you must hear about it. Add to that the challenge of parenting a child with type-1 diabetes, and you an extra layer of judgment coming in the form of...


Dave Ebert on the Life-Changing Benefits of Improv and Mental Health

Improv coach and credentialed minister, Dave Ebert, discusses the benefits of improv in his life and as a ministry to others. See the full show notes at Improv and Mental Health “Laughter is the tangible evidence of hope.” - Michael Junior, Christian comedian Improvisation is the form of comedy where you make up your lines on the fly. Having done this a few times through corporate training events, I can say with confidence there is a sense of liberation when it comes...


3 Hacks to Master Change at Work with Michael Diettrich-Chastain

Michael Diettrich-Chastain, executive coach and founder of Arc Integrated, discusses 3 hacks to help you master change at work drawing from his experience and knowledge in psychotherapy. Your Response to Change Change is constant, and change can be traumatic for people. Resistance to it often comes from a sense of loss, fear of the unknown, and adhering to our comfort zones. There is a physiological reaction to the stresses that come with change and crisis. If left unchecked, those...


Melinda Patrick How We Can Move Forward Even While We Wait

Melinda Patrick, host of The Even While Podcast, shares how we can move forward in life even while we wait for a big break. See the full show notes at


Sherry Jones on How We Are the Church

Sherry Jones is the host of the We Are the Church podcast, and shares her perspective on how we can get out of the ruts in one's Christian faith. See the full show notes at


Kristina Naydonova on Publishing a Novel at Age 12

Kristina Naydonova spent her time during the COVID-19 pandemic to publish her first novel making us question what we are doing with our spare time. See the full show notes at


How a Pandemic Hurt Business and Julie Deem Made Success Happen

Julie Deem, the owner of a massage therapy business, shares how she tapped into skills and resources she already had to overcome hurt business from the pandemic. See the full show notes at


How to Dream Big with Barbara Fonti

Executive Coach Barbara Fonti discusses how to dream big and design the life you always dreamed of living. See the full show notes at


Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Business with Alyssa Avant

The Virtual Assitant Advantage podcast host Alyssa Avant shares her start-up story and how you can start your own virtual assistant business. See the full show notes at


You Are Destined for Greatness - Sarah Nuse

Sarah Nuse shares her story of turning a college side hustle called Tippi Toes into an international franchise, appearance on Shark Tank, and more. See the full show notes at


Chad Austin Beat Your Excuses and Make Fitness a Priority

Author and fitness coach, Chad Austin, discusses how we can overcome our excuses and make fitness a priority in our lives and a part of your plan for success. See full show notes at


Matt Manney How to Find Your Calling and Build Momentum

Matt Manney shares how his newest book, Momentum, can help you find your calling in life and ministry. Find Your Calling If you’re asking yourself how to find your true calling, this is the episode for you! Some of us may have found our calling early in life. That is what happened to Matt Manney at thirteen years old after a major change happened in his family. The response of positive male role models in his church inspired him to pursue a life in ministry as a pastor. There was just...


Healthy Marriage 8-Episode Series Recap

Brandon and Jerry recap eight episodes of Beyond the Rut that focused on healthy marriage relationships. Full show notes at


Winning to Wealth Michael Lacy is Living a Debt-Free Lifestyle

Michael Lacy started his marriage with $61,000 in consumer debt and shares how he and his wife created a debt-free lifestyle while winning to wealth. Debt-Free Lifestyle What is it like to be debt-free? Nothing can keep us from our financial goals like consumer debt. The idea of having what you want now and paying for it later with interest binds you in a way that prevents you from putting money aside for that next vacation or towards your retirement investing. The average American has...


Try These Tips to Master Money Issues in Marriage During a Pandemic with Dan Hinz

Dan Hinz from Adulting with Money is back to discuss mastering money issues in marriage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Money Issues in Marriage During COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic did more than create panic, take lives, and put people in hospitals. It took its toll on families financially. Fear and hoarding impacted available goods in stores, and the prices of some essential items may have risen. Rather than going into a crowded store, many people opted for delivery services which also...