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090 | PR + Visibility Tips for Freelancers with Katherine McDermott

In today’s episode, we speak with PR Guru and Founder of Slightly Savvy, Katherine McDermott. She dives into the perfect PR plan you want to have for yourself as a blogger, influencer, or entrepreneur. We learned that public relations is always free (or earned), and advertising always costs. How you can figure out your own branding, then the audience, and then figuring out where you need to be to be seen effectively. She encourages us to go beyond the status quo and take those crazy...


089 | The #1 Mistake Freelancers Make in their Businesses

First-time freelancers can oftentimes spend way more money and time than they need to setting up the front load of their business. The business cards, the website, the logo, the design. Although those things are very important, they aren’t the most important. They aren’t the things that make you money or keep you and your business afloat. Your business development strategy is. A clear and organized schedule and calendar is. Those are your priorities and the heartbeat of your business, and...


088 | How to Prepare for Your Best Year Yet with James Quigley

With just a few short weeks left of December, we often times forget or move to quickly into our New Year resolutions, to reflect on all of the things we have accomplished this year. Today I sit down again with recurring guest James Quigley, and he explains to us the importance of mindfully taking a step back and reflecting on those accomplishments, counting up the big and small. And how by doing so, we lay the foundation of effective goal setting in all areas of our lives. We discuss the...


087 | How to Have Less Meetings (and Get More Done)

Are meetings controlling your weeks and overriding your productivity? I found that between client calls, team meetings and business development coffee talks I had little time to get my actual work done. On today’s episode, I share with you my recommended tips for having less meetings and getting more done. Don’t get me wrong, I love meetings with my clients and team. I look forward to building, developing and nurturing our relationship as our projects advance. But somewhere down the line,...


086 | Effectively Hiring + Managing a Team as a Freelancer with Alexandria Hart

Growing your business is an incredibly rewarding experience! As your client list grows and the money flows, you should reflect upon the hard work that has gotten you here and be proud! As you embark on the next phase of your entrepreneurial journey you might consider growing your team to help champion your mission. The transition from solopreneur to team manager AND business owner will be a whole new learning experience and today’s episode will help you prepare for that next stage of...


085 | How to Use the Perfectionist Inside You For Good

Do you ever find yourself apologizing for being a perfectionist or labeling yourself as OCD so that the people around you don’t feel intimidated by your attention to detail? After today’s episode, we apologize no more! I encourage you to embrace, nurture and challenge your inner perfectionist so that you can live your life Beyond the Status Quo. In design school, I was trained to focus on the details, always polished and prepared. In the school of hard knocks, I am learning that things...


084 | Making Money Online with Digital Products with Sheila Joy

Sheila Joy is a Business Coach for Bloggers and expert on creating, strategizing and selling digital products. Digital products are intangible goods that exist in digital form. Some examples of digital products are e-books, webinars, templates, graphic designs, etc. I have had many guests on the show talk about their success selling their digital products and today Sheila will share with us her trusted resources as well as her expert advice on A) how to choose what type of digital product to...


083 | Replay Episode: 8 Secrets to Closing Clients Effortlessly

Happy Monday! Over the past few weeks, my guests and I have spoken in great depth about the impact our mindset has on our everyday lives and it's direct effect on our business. As fresh-faced freelancers and first-time entrepreneurs, the idea of selling our services can be intimidating, uncomfortable and, with an anxious mindset, unsuccessful. My mission for today's episode is to help you re-frame your mindset when it comes to sales and client management. 8 Secrets to Closing Clients...


082 | Pivots and Niches for a Fulfilling and Purposeful Business with Gariele Wright

Today on theBSQ podcast I sit with Gariele Write, Web Designer, Brand Strategist and Founder of the Rad Girls Collective. Gariele’s entrepreneurial journey is filled with adventures in travel, family, friends, success, and authenticity. Her ability to remain true to her zone of genius, listen to her intuition and recognize pivoting opportunities has helped her turn her passion into a career. As freelancers and new business owners, we are faced with fresh opportunities as well as challenges...


081 | Replay Episode: What to Say to Your Worst Critic

Today, I am replaying an episode that is near and dear to my heart and success. In last week's episode with Alessandra Nicole, Mastering Your Mind for a Life Beyond the Status Quo, we touched on the power of the What to Say to Your Worst Critic exercise. This tough, eye-opening and therapeutic activity impacted my life and business tremendously. Our conversation inspired me to replay this episode and encourage you to try it (if you already haven't). Sometimes the only thing holding us back...


080 | Mastering Your Mind for a Life Beyond the Status Quo with Alessandra Nicole

n our modern age of information, there is no limit to what, where, or when we can learn. From books to articles, SkillShare videos to IGTV, we have the ability to expand our knowledge constantly. After we collect all this information one must wonder, how much of what I learn do I put into practice? Today, I sit with Alessandra Nicole -- Mindset & Confidence Mastery Coach, Host of Girls on a Mission Podcast -- to address issues surrounding confidence, mindset and limiting beliefs....


079 | Unlocking the Power of Affirmations + Future Pacing

Repeating affirmations and future pacing are tools I love to use. I practice them as part of my daily routine to help me stay focused, motivated, and confident. Future pacing is a technique used to help you envision your future goals, and repeating affirmations are your daily reminders to help you get there. These two exercises can be done independently, but I have found that they work harmoniously together. Whether working alone or leading a team of people, it can get lonely, distracting...


078 | Tiny Gains for Massive Impact - Crafting Your Morning and Evening Routines with James Quigley

A ‘tiny gain’ is the practice of small steps that, over time, can lead to a big change. We use this term as we weight train at the gym, scale our business and when we develop a new set of skill. Achieving small goals, one step at a time is a great confidence booster and motivator. My guest on the show today, James Quigley, is a former Fitness Coach and now works with his clients as a Life Strategist and Personal Development Coach. He utilizes the ‘tiny gains’ method to coach his community...


077 | How to Outsource + Automate as a Freelancer

Today’s episode is centered around outsourcing projects and automating systems in order to save you time and energy. Running a freelance business has incredible perks - freedom, ownership, flexibility! But it also can be extremely overwhelming - organization, business development, invoicing! As you grow and develop your business more and more items start to pile on your plate. I have found that in order to run a successful freelance shop, you must A) learn to trust others to help you and B)...


076 | Nurturing Your Mental Health and Intuition with Gemini Bhimani

As human beings, our biggest aspiration in life is to be happy. We simply want to feel good. From our late teenage years to early adulthood, we start to experience a negative edge, a mental shift. The world looks a bit darker, things start to get harder and you continuously ask yourself ‘why me’. It wasn't until recent years that the topic of mental health became a less taboo item. Since no one prepared us for it, we never learned how to address it. My guest on the show today, Gemini...


075 | 3-Steps to Crushing Your Fear Gremlins

Fear is a natural human instinct that has protected our species since day one, but in this modern age, fear cripples us more than protects us. No matter what transition we are trying to make in work, life and love we seem to be unable to shake our ‘fear gremlins’. They linger in the back of our mind, reminding us that we can’t and shouldn’t take risks or change our routine. As freelancers and entrepreneurs, once we start to feel our ‘fear gremlins’ waking up, we are faced with two options...


074 | Get Aligned in Your Freelance Business + Become Unlimited You with Alysha DeMarsh

This is a very special episode. Alysha DeMarsh from Basil and Bark is back on the BSQ podcast! We catch up from where we left off in episode 60, Freelance Hacks: Find Alignment, Build an Email List, and Create Multiple Streams of Income, and discuss her new course for Digital Creatives as well as her new passion, supporting female entrepreneurs with mental illness. After a recent introspective meditation, Alysha was able to identify her root causes of anxiety. When she went back to the...


073 | Why You Should Raise Your Freelance Prices

Today, we talk about how to raise your freelance prices because chances are, you are not charging what you are worth! I will walk you through mathematical equations and real-life scenarios to help you better understand how to appropriately change your clients. Early on in my freelance career, like most of you, I charged my clients an hourly rate based off of my desired yearly salary. After a while, I found that this formula not only devalued my self-worth and production but also, it...


072 | From Follower to Raving Fan (And Paying Customer) with Tyler J. McCall

Today, on the BSQ podcast, I break bread with Entrepreneur and Instagram Marketing Strategist, Tyler J. McCall! We have been long time Insta-friends and I am thrilled to have him on the show. Tyler is an expert at building relationships and forming communities on Instagram. His genuine and heart centered approach to relationship management has led him on a path of epic success. Tyler and his partner are running a successful consulting business that helps people understand their instagram...


070 | How the Learning Mindset Can Help You Become an Entrepreneur with Cara Katz

Today on the BSQ podcast I interview my very own Virtual Assistant, Cara Katz! We focus on the topic of a learning mindset and how it has helped her ditch the 9-5 and freelance with confidence. A learning mindset is a mentality that fosters growth and education. As Cara moved around the country and transitioned into different jobs she understood quickly that a learning mindset was going to be her strongest asset. After her most recent move, Cara turned on the BSQ podcast and decided to...