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056 | Using Visualization to Design Your Dream Life with Martina Fink

A typical day in the life of an entrepreneur and freelancer moves by pretty quickly, don’t you agree? We sometimes put so much energy into our work and we get so deep in our zone of genius that time flies and we forget to take care of the most important element of the job - YOU! The creator! My mission, for this episode Using Visualization to Design Your Dream Life, is to inspire you to take action and start building a wellness practice that nurtures your mind, body and spirit. When we...


055 |How I Made $20,293.57 in July While Traveling in Europe (Behind the Scenes of my Freelance Income)

One of the greatest lessons I have learned since starting my freelance career is the power of setting and believing in my goals. Back in January 2018, I made it my mission to hit a record breaking income month and I am happy to tell you that I was able to reach that goal. However, in order to do so, I was working like a dog and racing like a horse in order to turn my dream into a reality. The months that followed were not as fruitful because I did not have the energy, belief nor confidence...


054 | Behind the Scenes of an Online Entrepreneurship

Sometimes we need to look back in order to move forward. Today, I bring back fellow female entrepreneur, friend and mentor Akansha Agrawal of Citrus & Gold (check out our first collab episode on the BSQ Podcast) to review our online entrepreneur journeys. We breakdown what we did right, where we went wrong and why we wouldn’t have done anything differently. This conversation is helpful for freelancers and solopreneurs who are seeking inspiration, guidance, tips, and support. In This...


053 | How to Feel Motivated Again Show Notes - Record Date

Motivation is an incredible innate tool that drives us to excel, perform and create. When we feel highly motivated and energized we are unstoppable, but when we lack the ‘mojo’ it can be hard for us to regroup and carry on our mission. In this episode, I dive into 5 techniques that can help get you out of your rut and back into your groove. In This Episode You Will Learn: Best practices for reigniting your motivationHow to recognize when it is time to take a breakThe power of...


052 | Tools + Tips for the Digital Nomad Brie Goumaz

In today’s episode I sit down with the ultimate digital nomad, vandweller and female entrepreneur, Brie Goumaz. Her passion for travel and thirst for exploration motivated her to find a career that blends seamlessly with her digital nomad lifestyle. I highly recommend you follow Brie on her epic adventure as she ditches the home life for the van life and takes on the world. In This Episode You Will Learn: Howto start when you don’t knowwhereto startBrie’s recommended tech tools,...


051 | 8 Secrets to Closing Clients Effortlessly

Let’s look beyond ‘making a sale’ and start cultivating authentic and wholesome relationships with potential clients. In today’s episode, I outline 8 Secrets to Closing Clients Effortlessly. These tips have propelled me to ‘smash’ through my record breaking revenue months and I know these tips will help you too! In This Episode You Will Learn: Sales tactic Do’s + Dont’sItems to prepare for successful kick-off meetingsHow to authentically drive a sales meeting for mutual...


050 |Effectively Build Your Brand Online with Lauren Thickner

New technologies breed new opportunities. In the rising age of social media, Lauren Thickner entered an uncharted medium and grew her business from the Instagram up! Her deep understanding of storytelling and brand development has caught the attention of tens of thousands of people from all over the world! In today’s episode, we dive into Lauren’s story as well as her top strategies for social entrepreneurs on the rise. In This Episode You Will Learn: How to identify your purposeTips...


049 | 10 Ways to Be More Confident

Look, feel and carry yourself with confidence! In this episode, I dive into 10 tried and true methods for boosting your confidence and creating a positive mindset. Not only will these tips help you excel in your professional career, but also in your everyday life. In This Episode You Will Learn: How to incorporate confidence boosting practices into your daily routineTools to help you command attention with positive energyTips for fighting fear and procrastination Web Page:...


048 | Crushing Fear + Finding Your Purpose with Lizz Franco

In this week's episode, I interview Lizz Franco whose purpose and story is nothing short of amazing. After years of working closely with the terminally ill, Lizz made it her life’s mission to motivate and inspire people to live their best and most authentic lives. In This Episode You Will Learn: How to trust to your inner rebel to live beyond the status quoAction items to work towards finding your purposeBest practices when charging through fear, self doubt and...


047 | Do You Really Know Your Clients?

In today’s economically competitive market, how do you stand out? What do you offer your clients that others in your industry might not? In today’s episode I dive into the profitable benefits that come with building authentic and lasting working relationships. Sometimes a great product is not need the entire package. In This Episode You Will Learn: The mutual benefits that come from deeply understanding your clients needsHow empathy plays a role in business5 methods to...


046 | How to Use Automation to Take Back Your Time with Alyssa Coleman

In this week's episode I sit down with the productivity queen, Alyssa Coleman. As the founder of The Productive Entrepreneur, the Free Spirited Babes Community, and leader of the #freedomrebellion Alyssa helps creative entrepreneurs, bloggers and influencers manage their time efficiently in order to make a bigger impact. In This Episode You Will Learn: Alyssa’s unique path to becoming a successful Productivity StrategistThe difference between an employee mindset vs an entrepreneur...


045 | Make Your Clients Fall in Love

Building lasting client relationships is crucial to your success as an Entrepreneur. Throughout my experience, I have worked hard to create a balance of professionalism, curiosity and empathy in order to establish trustworthy and healthy working relationships. Today I let you in on my top 7 tips for making your clients fall in love with you! In This Episode You Will Learn: The best practices for creating lasting client relationshipsTools for optimizing your workflow and creating better...


044 | Lazy Marketing for Online Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Freelancers with Court Baker

I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast episode with Court Baker! She is a business coach for wellness coaches and a marketing genius. Court has mastered the art of growing an organic following and building a business authentically with only inbound sales. In this episode, we chat about the secrets Court is using to book sales calls with her potential clients effortlessly. We also cover the steps to becoming a health coach if that is something you’ve been considering but don’t know where to...


043 | Finding Focus as a Freelancer

Lately, I’ve been getting lots of questions from people who are launching their freelance business. These questions have been around social media strategy, how to design the right website, and whether the logo looks right… In theory these are all great questions, but they are not the questions to be asking as a freelancer who is looking to scale for REAL income. In this episode, I’m diving deep into why you need focus as a freelancer. I’m going to talk about how to find your focus and...


042 | Stepping Into Your Magic with Liz White

In this episode I talk with spiritual success coach, Liz White a.k.a the Money Making Maven. Her mission is to help women entrepreneurs uncover their true ‘magic’ and make money ‘painlessly’. We dive into her professional journey and unique approach that has her Ladypreneurs on paths for great success. What You’ll Learn: How to Harness Your True MagicThe Benefit of Understanding The Difference Between: What You Are Good At Vs. What You Enjoy DoingThe Beauty of Embracing the Laws of...


041 | How Niching Down Can Help You Charge More as a Freelancer

When I started freelancing / consulting, I did everything! I took every job that came my way and thought that was the way to earn more money. I didn’t have a specialty or specific industry that I worked in. I did everything “design” related. Not only was it exhausting, but the pay wasn’t as rewarding as I had hoped. In this episode, I’m sharing the steps I took to find my freelance niche and start charging more for my skills and expertise. The riches are in the niches, my friend, and...


040 | Using Iteration + Reflection to Build an Impactful Business

Sabina Bharwani is the Founder & CEO of Hello World, a computer science enrichment program taught by software engineers, AI architects, data scientists and educators on a mission to equip and empower next generation innovators. We sit down to openly and honestly discuss her journey as she paves the road for the future of education and technology. In this episode you will learn: How Sabina’s experience with Teach for America inspired her to become the Founder & CEO of Hello WorldThe...


039 | Break Through Your Upper Limits + Rewrite Your Story

With great ideas come great struggles and in today’s episode I dive deep into the good, the bad, and the awesome that comes with recognizing our ‘Upper Limits’ and advancing out of our comfort zone. In this episode you will learn: What is an Upper LimitHow we can identify our Upper Limit gremlinsTools to put to practice in order to breakthrough our Upper Limit barriersWays to reframe the stories we tell ourselvesAnd finally, how to level up and use good energy to propel us...


038 | How to Use Self-Discovery to Step Into Your Purpose with Melissa Huisman

Melissa and I chat all about her journey to entrepreneurship and how self-discovery played such a crucial role for her. We talk about why self-discovery is often overlooked and how we can get the courage to face the stories we’ve been telling ourselves. Melissa shares how she has been able to rewrite these stories for herself in order to chart her own path and live beyond the status quo. If you’re looking for a catalyst in order to level up in your life, this episode is for you! In This...


037 | Create, Establish, and Maintain Boundaries in Your Biz + Life

Boundaries are the limit or space between you and something else or someone else. What’s crazy is that some of us A-Player / Entrepreneur types have an extremely tough time maintaining strong boundaries. I definitely fall in that category. After having frustrated days and feeling burnt out or pulled in every direction, I needed it to stop. So, I decided to come up with a series of boundaries that I could implement in my business and life in order to protect my energy. In this episode, I’m...