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140 | How to Create Contracts for Your Freelance Biz with Ashlee Hightower

Today’s guest is Ashlee Hightower. Ashlee is an attorney for creatives and the owner of Contracts for Creatives as well as Cobalt Chronicles. In this episode, she talks about what we’re missing in our contracts as freelancers, as well as what we need to do to protect ourselves, protect our businesses, and make sure we’re getting the most out of our contracts. Ashlee began her career as an attorney working at a large, national law firm. After a few years, she moved into the corporate world...


139 | 5 Ways to Listen to Your Clients to Make Them Love You Even More

What does it mean to really listen to our clients? Have you ever gone back to a client asking for more clarification or a seeking a better understanding of the project even though you’ve already had a meeting? Here are fives strategies that I think will change the way you listen to your clients. They are effective, easy steps you can take to impress your clients right from the get go, and make your freelancing life a lot easier. “Listen to them [your customers] in order to deliver better,...


138 | Debunk the Money Myths in Your Life with Shaylene Cameron

Today’s guest is Shaylene Cameron. Shaylene is a sales consultant for service-based entrepreneurs, helping them transform their limiting beliefs around success, and teaching them how to sell high-ticket services without feeling “salesy”. Shaylene started in the health and wellness industry as a personal trainer, quickly moving into a management role. Over time, she hired 12 trainers and drove one million in sales. At that point, she envisioned climbing the corporate ladder in that space and...


137 | Why I Said No to a $35k Project

Money is money, right? What if I told you that I turned down a $35,000 project. That’s right, it’s a lot of money, but sometimes other things are more important. In today’s episode, I talk about why I turned down such a big project and the lessons you can learn from it. In short, life happens and we have to understand where our business ends and where we begin in order to stay sane when things, like a wedding, come up. Our businesses are a lot of who we are as entrepreneurs and it is a...


136 | Using Email to Connect with Your Audience + Grow Your Business with Case Kenny

Today’s guest is Case Kenny. Case is the founder of prsuit, a daily email newsletter dedicated to helping you become who you’re meant to be. He’s also turned it into a popular podcast. Case lives in Chicago where he runs his email list of 213,000 readers. While his focus is on self-development, he’s also mastered the art of monetizing everything that goes along with it. At his core, Case is a writer and creator, whether it’s through his podcast, newsletter, or products. He’s built his...


135 | Overwhelm is a Decision

We’ve all been there. Life gets crazy, work gets busy and before you know it, you feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you have to do. Today we’re going to be talking about just that: Overwhelm. The tough truth about being overwhelmed is that it’s our own fault. It’s a decision that we can train our minds to get out of with the right mentality. Sometimes being overwhelmed can make us feel powerless, but we do have the power to fight back against those feelings and it starts with taking...


134 | Effectively Hiring + Managing a Team as a Freelancer with Alexandria Hart

Today’s guest is Alexandria Hart. Alex runs GoodJooJoo, a digital marketing agency that focuses on digital acquisition channels, email marketing, and marketing automation. She and her small team work with a range of e-commerce clients, but one thing remains consistent: they work with people who inspire them. Alex used to be a one-woman show, but over time, her business grew and she brought on employees to help out. While she could do everything herself, at some point it was going to cause...


133 | 7 Steps for Effectively Managing Your Team of Freelancers

Working with a team is one of the best things that you can do to help accomplish your goals. It refocuses your time on the important high-value tasks that only you do, and that make your business work. Here are some tips for managing your team more effectively. 1. Clearly communicate expectations When you’re hiring someone, it’s a good practice to write out an in-depth job description so that you know what kind of skills are needed. It also helps clarify things such as pay and time...


132 | Mastering Consistency for the Compound Effect in Life and Business

Consistency is key to getting things done. If you truly want to change the way you operate your life and business, you need to be consistent in the actions that will get you there. After a while, these small, seemingly insignificant, changes can make a big impact. The compound effect of being consistent is hard to overstate. Today, we’ll talk about how you can master consistency, and the results you can see from the compound effect. Ways to Stay Consistent “If you do the thing that...


131 | Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

None of us work for free. Every dollar we make is important to living the entrepreneurial lifestyle we want, so it’s important to know if we’re maximizing the amount of income we could be making. Today, we’re going to look at how you might be leaving money on the table, as well as some strategies for how you can re-capture some of that wealth. Drop low-value tasks Many of us spend too much time on low-value tasks. Small tasks need to be batched, automated, or hired out so you can spend...


130 | The Long-Term Effects of Staying in Your Zone of Genius

Before we dive in to today’s episode, I wanted to let you know my new, free webinar on how to get a steady stream of high-quality clients is now available. If you’ve ever struggled to balance working on your business and bringing in new clients, this webinar is for you. I’ve talked about zone of genius and niching down many times before. Getting into your zone of genius means that you are focusing on what you’re great at — what you do better than no one else. As I’ve been niching down my...


129 | How to take a Workcation (or Vacation) as a Freelancer

Everyone needs a break every once in a while. If you’re employed by an agency or traditional business, it’s pretty easy to request PTO and take your time. The life of a freelancer is a little bit different. We have clients that demand our attention and it’s not always easy to put down our phones or computers and get away. We often feel like if we step away from our business that it will fall apart in our absence. Taking a vacation or at least stepping away from work for a period of time is...


128 | How to Create Content That Attracts Your Dream Clients with Nicolas Cole

Today’s guest is content creator all-star Nicholas Cole. Nicolas (aka Cole) is cofounder of Digital Press — a business that helps companies position their founders and CEOs as thought leaders through written content. Cole’s background is a bit unusual. As a teenager, he was a top-ranked “World of Warcraft” player. As he got older, he moved into body building before finally landing in his career as a writer. Through his growth as a writer, he launched Digital Press. Today, Digital Press has...


127 | Income Report: How I made $30k + in March

Today we’re talking about my March income report. I know it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but I wanted to give you a little insight into how I made what I did in March. A little background Before July 2018, my business was steadily bringing in about $10k-$15k every month. This was great because it was sustainable, consistent income that allowed my business to operate. In July, my business finally hit $20k in revenue and we continued that until the end of 2018. In January, I...


126 | Using the Power of Pinterest to Boost Traffic + Get Clients with Carley Zuercher

Today, I’m excited to share with you a great conversation with my good friend Carley Zuercher, or as I like to call her, “The Pinterest Queen”. Carly runs CZ Invitations where she specializes in designing custom wedding invitations for couples. On top of that, she is an expert at curating and driving traffic to her website via Pinterest, resulting in over one million views each month. She also runs a small consulting business, aimed at Pinterest, called Two Can, and has written an ebook on...


125 | How to Find Peace During Crazy Busy Days

We all know those days. The ones where you’re running around, with barely enough time for lunch, let alone any time for yourself. Today, we’re going to talk about how to find peace during those crazy days. Start the day with something to center yourself If you know you’re going to have a busy day, try and start it off with something that helps you feel at peace. It could be meditating, taking time for yourself, or drinking a cup of coffee. If you can start the day right, then you have a...


124 | Leveraging LinkedIn to Get More Clients with Rob Palmer

We talk so much about freedom and the digital nomad lifestyle on this podcast, and that’s why I’m so excited to share this conversation with you. Rob Palmer is on the show today, and he’s a pioneer in that digital nomad lifestyle and the founder of Rob started freelancing nearly 20 years ago. He started as a journalist then shifted to copywriting, scoring work with big tech companies like Apple, IBM and Microsoft. When he began his freelance career, he spent most of his...


123 | How to Prioritize Money-Making Tasks

Everyone in business wants to make money, right? Today, we’re going to talk about prioritizing money-making tasks. Every task is different and we need to figure out how each one will benefit our bottom line. All tasks are not created equal There’s no denying that some tasks are simply worth more than others. Your Instagram post for the day will not get you as much money as calling back a client. We need to be deliberate and careful about how we spend our time each day and assign an ROI...


122 | Developing an Abundance Mindset Around Money, Business, and Life - Replay from the Today I Am Podcast with Lauryn Miranda

Today’s episode is something special. I was recently a guest on the Today I Am podcast with Lauryn Miranda, and the conversation was so good. I wanted to replay this episode for you because she asked me so many great questions about money mindset, abundance mindset, and how those things can effect your live and business. Lauryn has done something amazing with her podcast — she’s created a nourishing and supportive space dedicated to authenticity, spirituality, and social transformation. I...


121 | Streamlining Your Freelance Business for Sanity, Scale, and Sustainability with Kate Jones

Today’s guest is Kate Jones. Kate is founder of Kate Waldo + Co. Kate loves helping influencers focus on their strengths by eliminating the stress and streamlining their businesses. Kate got started with her organizing business because she loved systems, and got her thrills from figuring out how to optimize and organize people’s professional and personal lives. After struggling to scale the business, it was time for a major intervention on the administrative side. Though lots of...