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BTU #307 - How to prepare for retirement (Chris Hogan)

Why Listen: In the 300+ interviews I’ve completed with military Veterans about their civilian career, one of the most often cited pieces of advice is to understand you’re finances. Many guests have talked about how one’s financial situation can provide you with more time to find your ideal career, and avoid the stress that comes with a career transition. Chris Hogan is one of the world’s foremost experts on personal finances, retirement planning and more. It’s an honor to have him on the...


Behind BTU - September 14, 2019

Why Listen: In this episode, I share four professional thoughts and share three personal thoughts.


BTU #305 - Lt. General to Arizona State University leadership (Benjamin Freakley)

Why Listen: Lt. General Freakley had an incredible career of over 36 years in the Army prior to his retirement. Yet, similar to nearly every guest I’ve had on the show, when he approached his own transition to a civilian career he experienced fear. In this interview, we talk about how to approach that transition, how to cultivate curiosity and learn something new, and we talk about leadership - we talk about leadership in the uniform and beyond. We talk about Ben’s work at Arizona State...


BTU #304 - Army to Production Supervisor (Chris Lee)

Why Listen: This is the first interview I’ve done with a Production Supervisor, and it is a fantastic way to start with this career field. Chris does perhaps the best job of any guest I’ve had on the show of breaking down what this role looks like - what it looks like across industries and different sized companies, including pay scales, as well as the specific traits from the military that will help you - and hinder you - in this career path. We also talk about differences in communication...


BTU#303 - Marines to Product Manager at IBM (Richard I. Porter)

Why Listen: While the bulk of this interview is about Product Manager, Richard and I cover a lot of ground that will interest you regardless of your desired career path. We talk about leadership, we talk about technology, we talk about values and how to find a career path that aligned with your personal value; we talk about how technology may be an a-moral career path, and we talk using hypothesis to confirm or deny a career move… and how either of those, the confirmation or the denial, is...


BTU #302 - Navy to ESPN (Sal Paolantonio)

Why Listen Sal has had an incredible career as a journalist, from newspapers, to authoring four books, to being a Veteran of ESPN for over 25 years. With ESPN he covers the National Football League for SportsCenter, Sunday NFL Countdown, NFL Live and Fantasy Football Now. He also hosts the long-running NFL Matchup show. While Sal’s career has been in journalism and sports, he talks about curiosity, about finding information that no one else knows, about approaching one’s job with a...


Behind BTU - August 31, 2019

Why Listen: In this episode, I share one professional thought, share a recommendation to listen to BTU #71 - Jeff Tiegs: 25 Years of Army Counter Terrorism to the Guardian Group, and share two personal thoughts.


BTU #301 - How a Startup Can Access Billion Dollar Government Contracts (Yolanda Clarke)

Why Listen: Whether or not you’re interested in entrepreneurship, you MUST listen to this episode. Yolanda has such a fascinating way of viewing and explaining the world of entrepreneurship. She also gives some of the best networking advice I’ve ever heard in over 300 episodes to date. As both a Veteran and a military spouse, she approaches the concept of entrepreneurship from a variety of angles, and I found this interview to be a real “knuckle burner” of an episode. I loved our...


September Sneak Peak

This September we have interviews episodes every Monday and Thursday, with 9 brand new episodes. We also have "Behind BTU" episodes slated for every Saturday. Here's a quick look at our lineup: 9/2 BTU #302 - Navy SWO to ESPN Reporter and Host (Sal Paolantonio) 9/5 BTU #303 - Marines to Product Manager at IBM (Richard I. Porter) 9/9 BTU #304 - Army to Production Supervisor (Chris Lee) 9/12 BTU #305 - Lt. General to Arizona State University leadership (Benjamin Freakley) 9/16 BTU #307 -...


BTU #300!!!

Why Listen: In 300 episodes completed, this is a first of a kind - a celebration, backstory, and variety show extravaganza. Thanks to all of you who have supported us in achieving this milestone!


Behind BTU - August 24, 2019

Why Listen: In this episode, I share lessons learned from two interviews I did this week. These episodes will air in September & October, but there were some important professional lessons I wanted to share in advance. I also share three personal thoughts about relationship and life.


BTU #299 - Chef Robert Irvine

About Robert Irvine: "With more than 27 years in the culinary profession, Chef Robert Irvine has cooked his way through Europe, the Far East, the Caribbean and the Americas, in hotels and on the high seas. Robert hosts the Food Network series Restaurant: Impossible, where he saves struggling restaurants across America by assessing and overhauling their weakest spots. He also previously hosted Dinner: Impossible and Worst Cooks in America. Robert has authored two cookbooks, Mission: Cook!...


BTU #298 - Making Wine on Active Duty (Brian Retherford)

Why Listen: Brian co-founded a wine business while on Active Duty, which is one of several “side hustles” in his life. Regardless of your interest in wine, entrepreneurship, or side hustles, this is a FANTASTIC interview. We talk about how you can use an existing product while bringing marketing and branding to the table to make it a business. In Brian’s case, he is redistributing wines from incredible vineyards under his own label, which means he doesn’t have to worry about creating and...


Behind BTU - August 16, 2019

In this episode, I share lessons learned from four interviews I did this week. These episodes will air in September, but there were some important professional lessons I wanted to share in advance.


BTU #306 - Vietnam WIA to 4x Super Bowl Champion (Rocky Bleier)

Why Listen: Special thanks for ESPN for helping make this interview happen. A new film about Rocky, The Return, will air on August 20th, featuring Rocky’s story, and his return to Vietnam where he sustained his injuries 50 years ago. Rocky’s story - of going from the NFL to Vietnam, to being wounded in action, being told he will never again play football, and clawing his way back to the NFL to win 4 Super Bowls is absolutely inspiring. About Rocky: Not falling within the ideal of what a...


BTU #297 - Freedom Makers (Laura Renner)

Why Listen: After multiple jobs, Laura found a career that is aligned with her personal values and, as a result, feels more energy in what she does. And what she does as Founder & CEO of Freedom Makers is help military spouses gain freedom in their own life. Laura talks about how small businesses can benefit from working with military spouses, about how listeners can benefit by having their own virtual assistant, and a whole host of topics related to any military Veteran. About...


BTU #296 - Career Transition Advice (Lockheed Martin's David Wallace)

Why Listen David transitioned from the military… twice. He talks about what he got wrong on his first transition, and advice on pitfalls to avoid. He serves as the Project Manager for a 5 person Military Relations Team at Lockheed Martin who organize over 170 career fairs per year, and has helped countless military Veterans in their career search. We cover a lot of ground in terms of resources Veterans should consider, mistakes to avoid and more. About David David Wallace is a Military...


BTU #295 - Amgen Live Seminar

Why Listen We’re honored to have held a panel with Amgen back in June, and had over 40 people sign-up as part of this live, video seminar. During the seminar we had three members from Amgen, each with three very different military experiences, interacting with and responding to our live audience. I wanted to share this seminar with you so you can benefit from their fantastic advice. About our Panel Bre Cameron - Bre was featured in BTU Episode #252. She is based in Findlay, Ohio and...


Behind BTU - August 3, 2019

Why Listen: In this episode, I share two professional thoughts and three personal thoughts.


BTU #294 - Advice from a Prisoner of War (Charlie Plumb)

Why Listen: I LOVED my conversation with Charlie, and found myself partly taking notes for Beyond the Uniform, and partly taking notes just for myself. As a Prisoner of War, the lessons that Charlie shares in this episode are hard earned. We talk about mindset, finding your purpose, resilience, and more. I left our conversation inspired and uplifted and hope that you do as well. About Charlie: Charlie Plumb is an author and motivational speaker. He started out at the Naval Academy, and...