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BTU #326 - Loving What Is (Byron Katie)

Why Listen: Byron Katie, while not a Veteran, has started a movement over the last thirty years that has helped many Veterans, myself included. She is the author of three bestselling books (and over a dozen other books mentioned in the show notes for this episode). The book of hers that I read over four years ago is Loving What Is - it is a book that still influences my life today. She has been interviewed by Oprah, praised by Eckhart Tolle and Time Magazine, and was extremely generous with...


BTU #325 - Clark Kent-ing Your Resume (Shannon Gregory)

Why Listen: Shannon’s military career includes time in both the Marine Corps and the National Guard, and so he has faced multiple transitions. Shannon has been a mentor at the University of Minnesota and it comes through - he has so much great advice on topics including: resumes - how he has nearly a dozen version of his resume based on to what job he is applying. being Clark Kent - not always revealing your super powers. yes, you may have dozens and dozens of crazy stories from the...


BTU #325 - The Happy Lawyer (Peter Vanderloo @ Verizon)

I really enjoyed my conversation with Peter. First, I want to acknowledge that this is a sponsored interview, and we’re grateful to Verizon for their support of Beyond the Uniform, as well as how they have hired over 11,000 Veterans and thousands of military spouses. However, there’s only about six minutes of this interview that are directly about Verizon in a way that may be seen as sales-e. Peter is such a fantastic speaker and storyteller. Immediately after our interview, I set up a...


Behind BTU - November 9, 2019

Why Listen: In this informal episode, I go through one admin item, two professional items, and a lot of personal items. Listen to as much or as little as serves you.


BTU #323 - Conscious Leadership (Floyd Carlson)

Why Listen: While Floyd has had an impressive 13-year career as a Sales Executive at Cisco and now as an Executive & Team Coach, in this interview we talk about the work that Floyd does with military marriages. Floyd has done extensive work with military and Veteran relationships, helping couples improve their marriage, as well as helping Veterans be more effective in their working relationships. We cover a lot of ground in this conversation about tactics that can help any listener improve...


BTU #322 - Navy SEAL to Paralympic Gold Medalist (Dan Cnossen)

Why Listen: I don’t really know what to say about today’s interview. Dan is a classmate of mine from the Naval Academy. I didn’t know him really well while I was there, but I knew of him. This interview really makes me wish I would have had the chance to get to know him better while we were in school together. We recorded this interview, and there were some technical difficulties and we got started a bit late, and I had another meeting right after it. It was actually a video conference that...


Behind BTU - November 2, 2019

I’m recording this episode of BBTU a few days early, because as we speak I’m camping in Death Valley as part of the final weekend of the yearlong men’s program I’ve been doing with John Wineland. I’m very excited to be unplugged - to be 100% off my phone and off the internet for 5 days - that in and of itself will be incredible. But, I’m also very much looking forward to seeing this group, doing some incredible work together in the desert, and bringing this program to a conclusion. I have 5...


BTU #321 - Emotional Intelligence (Kerri Meyer)

Why Listen Today is a skill episode, where I meet with an expert to learn a skill that will help any military Veteran in their civilian career. Today, I talk with Kerry Meyer about emotional intelligence. And Kerri makes some incredible statements about how - if you are going to pick one skill to learn - emotional intelligence is HANDS DOWN the one to pick, with a clear and direct impact on your earning potential AND very clear ways to start to improve your EQ, no matter where it is today....


BTU #320 - Marines to Outdoor Adventure Guide (Mike Titzer)

Why Listen: Shortly after leaving the Marine Corps, Mike traveled to Cambodia, where he worked to setup a cross fit gym. He went on to business school… in Malaysia. And then he became a National Outdoor Leadership School instructor, where he teaches civilians and members of the military about wilderness survival and leadership. Which is to say - Mike is a Veteran who is forging his own way, and thinking outside of the box. If you are interested in a non-traditional career path, or just a...


BTU #319 - The COMMIT Foundation (Anne Meree Craig) (Rebroadcast)

Why to Listen: The Commit Foundation is a fantastic and free resource to help veterans get where they want to go… just a whole lot faster. They take a very individual approach with each veteran with whom the work, and tailor their approach to help instill veterans with information, confidence, and imagination. Having worked with so many veterans over the years, Anne Meree has some fantastic advice for listeners about interviews - it’s some of the best advice this subject I’ve had on the...


BTU #318 - Navy to Clean Tech & the DOE (Dan Misch)

Why Listen: One aspect that I loved about my conversation with Dan is how his story exemplifies a middle road for Veterans. Often, I interview Veterans who take a wildly different career path after their military experience. I also interview many Veterans who take a career path that is directly related to their military experience. Dan found a way to split the difference. His career path utilized one piece of his military experience, while also allowing him to branch into an entirely...


BTU #317 - Army to EVP @ Hornets Sports & Entertainment (James Jordan)

Why Listen: If you’re interested in sports and entertainment - either as an enthusiast or as a potential career option - you’ve got to hear James’ story. He went from 31 year Army Veteran to being an Executive Vice President for Hornets Sports & Entertainment. Not only does this entail the logistics for each and every Hornets basketball game… but that is literally less than 20% of the events that occur at the Spectrum Center each year, and James oversees all of them. We talk about how much...


Behind BTU - October 19, 2019

In this informal episode, I go through two announcements, answer one listener question, and delve into more personal info than you’d ever want to know.


BTU #316 - Navy to Nebraska State Government (Jason Jackson)

Why Listen: I’m embarrassed to say this, but my interview with Jason was an eye opening reminder of how many positions there are in public service that are not elected office. When I think of public service, I think of previous guests I’ve had on the show, like Sean Barney from episode #66, who ran for a seat in the House of Representative. However, as Jason points out in this interview - for every one of those positions, there are thousands of others, working behind the scenes, making...


BTU #315 - How to be a better storyteller (Paul Smith)

Why Listen: Well, normally on the show I interview military veterans about their civilian career, what they do, how they got there, and advice for other veterans seeking to do the same. Today, however, is a skills episode, where I meet with a world-class expert on a topic relevant to our listeners, regardless of your career path. And the topic may surprise you, because today is all about storytelling. We talk about why storytelling may make or break your success as a leader, interviewer,...


Behind BTU - October 12, 2019

A plug for our events, a request for recommendations, and a recap of an interview this week that will be broadcast in mid-November.


BTU #314 - Serial Entrepreneur in Southeast Asia (Danny Hwang)

Why Listen: Sign me up for the Danny Hwang fan club. We cover some fresh terrain for Beyond the Uniform, as we follow Danny’s story of leaving the Army - and just weeks later - traveling to Shanghai, and growing an education startup until - three years later - he and his brother successfully sold their first company. In doing so, they achieved a lifelong goal they committed to at age six, of being able to retire their parents and move them from their home in Atlanta back to Seoul, Korea....


BTU #313 - Mastering Sales (Tyler Johnston)

Why Listen Well, you know you're enjoying a conversation when midway through, you're already planning the next interview. Tyler is awesome. I just really appreciated so much about this interview. The thing that stands out to me most is his mastery in sales. He talks about his career, which is a variety of different experiences in the functional role of sales while also having most of that in the industry of energy. What I appreciated about his story is hearing about how throughout his...


Behind BTU - October 5, 2019

Why Listen: In this episode, I answer three listener questions, talk about our upcoming webinars, and review three upcoming interviews and what I learned.


BTU #312 - Wounded Warrior Project (Tom Kastner)

Why Listen: What I appreciate most about my conversation with Tom is his authenticity. After 30 years in the Army, it took Tom a while to find his new home in the civilian workforce. While he was able to land incredible opportunities - General Manager at Mercedes Benz USA, Senior Manager at Amazon, Academic Dean at St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy - each of these proved to be a poor fit for him. I respect Tom’s willingness to talk about what this process was like - the frustrations,...