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This is business as you've never heard before! Former CFO, Bank VP, & world renown business consultant, Curphy Smith "Beard" is shameless and raw. This is not a typical, canned, boring, step by step process to success podcast! The Beard is in the BUSINESS of getting to the RAW TRUTH behind the BUSINESS of Mindset, Healthy Living, Entrepreneurship, Creating Bonds, and Establishing Your Brand!!! This is a Business Podcast with ATTITUDE! Music Copyright Goes to The Following: Artist : Eminem Track : Business Album : The Eminem Show Artist: DJ JAXSIN Track: The Purge (Trap Remix) Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/biz-with-beard/support


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This is business as you've never heard before! Former CFO, Bank VP, & world renown business consultant, Curphy Smith "Beard" is shameless and raw. This is not a typical, canned, boring, step by step process to success podcast! The Beard is in the BUSINESS of getting to the RAW TRUTH behind the BUSINESS of Mindset, Healthy Living, Entrepreneurship, Creating Bonds, and Establishing Your Brand!!! This is a Business Podcast with ATTITUDE! Music Copyright Goes to The Following: Artist : Eminem Track : Business Album : The Eminem Show Artist: DJ JAXSIN Track: The Purge (Trap Remix) Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/biz-with-beard/support






Episode #55: Claiming Victory with Patrick Huey of Victory Independent Planning

Patrick Huey is an investment advisor representative and owner of Victory Independent Planning, LLC. He is the author of two books: "History Lessons for the Modern Investor" and "The Seven Pillars of (Financial) Wisdom"; He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® and an Accredited Tax Preparer. He has a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Master of Business Administration from Arizona State University. Patrick...


Episode #54: Where Is Yours Made with Dean Wegner, CEO of Authentically American

Dean Wegner CEO of Authentically American has been on Fox News, Yahoo Finance, Fox and Friends, Forbes, Varney & Co, Mornings with Maria, The Story with Martha McCollum, Business Wire and many many more! But now he This former Army Ranger, Helicopter Pilot, and West Point Grad talks about why we need to buy American and how his company is 100% Authentically American! This episode touches on some riveting topics such as: Listen in as Dean talks about his expertise in the apparel...


Episode #53: Let's Get Giddy with Chief Lizard, Rebecca Rausch of Neon Lizard Creative Marketing & Design

The Chief Lizard is here! Rebecca Rausch is the owner of Neon Lizard Creative Marketing & Design is here to tell you how to Catch the eye and Grab the HEART of your clients! As a "Brand Evangelist" she preaches the good word about Foundational Branding and Marketing while inspiring the world to build a brand with social impact. Listen in and here about: EMBRACE THE POWER OF YOUR BRAND by listening to this episode that is both High energy and Exceeds expectations. --- Send in a voice...


Episode #52: Easing the Weight of Employee Benefits with Insurance Expert Dan Hiett

Dan Hiett is an insurance professional and an expert in the Group Health insurance industry with extensive knowledge and expertise in Health Care Reform, Flexible Spending Accounts HAS, and Self-funded. He is also this week’s guest! Dan shares with us how he as managed and grown multiple businesses and divisions from start up to multi-million-dollar entities. He also discusses: 1. The biggest issue of the never-ending rising costs of benefits 2. The Manipulation Game your insurance...


Episode #51: Bank On Yourself Money Strategy with Sarry Ibrahim, Founder of FIN Asset Protection

Listen in as Sarry Ibrahim discusses how he helps high net worth individuals, real estate investors, business owners and retirees grow and protect their wealth predictably and safely utilizing the Bank On Yourself money Strategy! Sarry has cultivated a reputation for putting his clients first and his unique strategy. He is an advocate of pursuing purposeful investment strategies that minimize risk and maximize the value of a clients’ portfolio to meet their evolving financial needs as well...


Episode #50: Master, Market, Monetize with Sherri Somers of Sherri Sommers Unlimited

Sherri Somers is a master life and financial coach who specializes in helping solopreneurs exceed 6 and 7 figures! Her secret? Master, Market, Monetize! As a single mom and divorcee, the odds were stacked against her not to succeed. She challenged those odds and overcame them with great success to build a successful business and double her salary in one month! Sherri Somers discusses with Curphy the practical solutions and actionable strategies to help you cultivate the necessary skills...


Episode #49: Raising Men with US Navy Seal Sniper Instructor, Eric Davis

Eric Davis is part of an exclusive and elite group that many of us cannot even fathom being a part of nor could we even be accepted. You may remember the movie American Sniper based on Navy Seal Sniper Chris Kyle who was the most wanted man in the Middle East. Eric Davis was his sniper instructor. Eric has trained, operated, and sacrificed in the shadows for many of us for many years. He and his brotherhood believe in getting the job done at all cost and could care less about what you...


Episode #48: Rocking the Yock with Adam Hahn, Owner of the Award Winning Beard Product Company, Honyocker Beard Co

Want to know my beard secret? It is this week's guest, Mr. Adam Hahn, on Episode #48! I have been rocking the Yock since 2020! Listen in and meet the artist and owner behind the magic, Mr. Adam Hahn, of Honyocker Beard Co. Adam has created some amazing award winning products and has even created my own scent based off of me and the podcast called #BIZ​ which has been an amazing success! So listen in as 2 bearded guys talk about Beards, Beard Products, how he got into the industry, his...


Episode #47: Crushing Life with Joel Pilka of the Crushing Life Podcast and No Booze 30

Do you want to CRUSH IT? Come crush life with Joel Pilka of the Crushing life Podcast and No Booze 30 movement! Season 3 Episode #47 can now be "VIEWED" in its entirety on our You Tube Channel NOW! WATCH AND LISTEN HERE: https://youtu.be/JHKS05kqInM Joel Pilka hosts the Crushing life Podcast which he shares his short daily thoughts on becoming the best version of yourself, living up to your true potential and being present enough to balance family, work and your goals all while being...


Episode #46: THE SEQUEL with Todd Laux, Owner of PRiDE Fitness and The Thunderdome

The Season 2 Finale doesn't have a lot of business, but there is a whole lot of funny business! The most listened to guest ever, from Episode 11 Season 1, Todd Laux, makes his return to the Podcast for the most explicit, dangerous, and free for all show ever recorded. The episode is INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ( or immature ) only, as the guys go unscripted and remanence about their college days, and past life experiences (shenanigans). The Beard and Todd do get down to some serious...


Episode #45: Let Your Game Speak with Dr. / Coach Jen Welter, NFL's 1st Ever Female Coach

Dr. Jen Welter was breaking glass ceilings since she was a kid! In fact she has been smashing glass slippers! The reason she has done this is because she "let's her game speak for itself." This episode features one of the most ground breaking people in all of professional sports. What are some of Dr. Jen's accomplishments? In women's football, she has 2 Gold Medals with Team USA, 4 World Championships, and 8 All-Star selections. The Head Coach of the First Australian Women's National...


Episode #44: Fire Your Villain with the Confidence Creator, Heather Monahan

Heather Monahan is one of the biggest influencers on social media and especially LinkedIn. She is a Top 40 Female Keynote Speaker and an amazing TEDx presenter! As a Chief Revenue Officer in Media, she was a Glass Ceiling Award winner, named one of the most Influential Women in Radio in 2017 and Thrive Global named her a Limit Breaking Female Founder in 2018. Heather’s book Confidence Creator shot to #1 on Amazon’s Business Biographies and Business Motivation lists the first week it...


Episode #43: Integrating the World with Jan Arendtz, CEO & Founder at Celigo, Inc.

Almost all businesses struggle to integrate and safeguard important data across platforms. The solution to this according to Jan Arendtsz, CEO of Celigo, is iPaaS. Listen in as we sit down with Jan Arendtz as he shares how a young boy from Sri Lanka is now integrating the world with his International Tech company, Celigo which is headquartered in San Francisco with satellite offices in the Netherlands, India, and the Philippines, Jan also discusses his journey from a startup, to raising...


Episode #42: Three People Negatively Affecting Your Sales Team with "The Beard" Curphy Smith

It is another solo shot that dives into 3 specific types of people that are probably negatively affecting your sales team and their performance. Listen in as I discuss why your sales team may be underperforming and who is to blame. Many sales managers face the dilemma of whether or not they should fire a highly successful sales person who is toxic to the organization's culture and negatively impacts everyone else on their sales team. I talk specifically about the Mercenary, the Missile,...


Episode #41: Brand Management, How You Should Use AI with the Beard, Curphy Smith

THIS WEEK IS A SOLO CAST! Hey fans! I recently was a guest on a TV show called Business Forward hat will air at the end of October. I was joined by the Branding Genius, David Brier. On the show I was asked what are some new tools out there that can help you manage your brand? I shared, but I decided to go more in depth and share with you on this week's episode of #BIZ with the Beard! USING AI TO MANAGE YOUR BRAND ========== Find out in this episode how to use AI to: * Analyze your...


Episode #40: From Building the Amazon of Africa, to Being on Interpol's Most Wanted List, with Marek Zmyslowski

Marek Zymslowski is a Polish-born entrepreneur and executive that co-founded Sunroof.se, HotelOnline.com, and Jumia Travel, Africa’s Biggest Hotel Booking Portal listed on NYSE as part of Jumia Group. However, he was about to pay a price for his success as one day at the airport before a flight back to Nigeria he was arrested and quickly found out he was on Interpol's Most Wanted List. Marek is the bestselling author of the book “Chasing Black Unicorns” where he discuss this frightening...


Episode #39: The Unconscious Bias Women Face at Work with Robin Hauser, Award Winning Director of Documentary Films at Finish Line Features

Women in the workplace have overcome so much the past century, but there is still this unconscious bias. We bring in award-winning director of documentary Robin Hauser for a spirited discussion around this subject and many other challenges that women face in the workforce and as leaders! Robin’s most recent film, Bias, delves into unconscious bias and how it affects our lives socially and in the workplace. She was a TEDx speaker in 2019 on “The Likability Dilemma for Women Leaders.” Her...


Episode #38: What is the Real Men Wear Pink Campaign? with American Caner Society's Courtney Heiser

I think we can all agree that cancer sucks! Breast cancer especially sucks because it affects everyone. If you are like me, you probably know of someone who has had it, fought it, survived it, or, unfortunately, has lost their battle with breast cancer! That is why this week's podcast is going to focus on the American Cancer Society's 2020 Real Men Wear Pink Campaign. My good friend, Courtney Heiser, who is the Cancer Control Strategic Partnerships Manager (Big Name Big Job) joins me this...


Episode #37: B2B Marketing... Where Do I Start? with "The Beard" Curphy Smith

Summer Break is over and the "Beard" is back at it with a solo shot! Check out this great episode that discusses how to get started with a B2B Marketing Strategy? The Beard discusses 10 questions that need answered before starting your campaigns. He also has a new segment called "Stop Spamming Me Bro" where he reads the best or the worst sales pitches from his inbox! Find out why The Beard has gone pink for the next couple of months and help him fight breast cancer by donating to the...


Episode #36: Building A Digital Community with Olga Adreinko, Head of Global Marketing of SEMrush

She is the Head of Global Marketing from SEMrush! Olga Adreinko and her team has built one of the strongest international communities in the online marketing industry. She is also a frequent and featured speaker at the leading industry's conferences such as SMX, Pubcon, and BrightonSEO. She has also been recognized in 2018 as one of the top 25 women in digital marketing! The #BIZ with the Beard Podcast, has broken new boundaries with our first guest from Russia! Find out on this episode...