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Blockchain is a technology that will disrupt nearly every industry. We explore one industry in every episode. How will blockchain change art, music, or online advertising? What projects are already underway? Listen to find out. Hosted by Matt Aaron & Nick Cuttonaro. Part of the podcast network.

Blockchain is a technology that will disrupt nearly every industry. We explore one industry in every episode. How will blockchain change art, music, or online advertising? What projects are already underway? Listen to find out. Hosted by Matt Aaron & Nick Cuttonaro. Part of the podcast network.
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Blockchain is a technology that will disrupt nearly every industry. We explore one industry in every episode. How will blockchain change art, music, or online advertising? What projects are already underway? Listen to find out. Hosted by Matt Aaron & Nick Cuttonaro. Part of the podcast network.




A Rare Interview with the CEO of - Peter Smith

One of the oldest companies in the space, has staying power. With over 40 million downloads, has a large share of bitcoin transactions and the #1 downloaded wallet. In 2011 the term "blockchain" was not a word. It was not a thing. In fact their website, at the time, was the first page on the internet to ever use the word. Back in the day (2011), it made the decision to take the non-custodial approach. This was in contrast to Coinbase's...


The EU Blockchain Innovation Report

"Our vision is that the first wave of blockchain adoption will be characterised by a large number of permissioned, purpose-built blockchain platforms geared towards a specific use case or user base.” -EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum In a special episode, Matt and Blake review the recent report by the European Union. How does one of the largest Government entities see the future of blockchain technology? Listen to find out.


Decentralized Finance with Zac Prince of BlockFi

Decentralized Finance or "DeFi" is a hot topic in the blockchain world. And for good reason. The ability to establish credit and provide loans using cryptocurrency and smart contracts opens up liquidity for the entire world. Joining us on today's show is Zac Prince of BlockFi, a blockchain lending company. We discuss the future of DeFi as well as the role played by centralized companies for cryptocurrency backed loans.


Phones (Samsung, HTC, Storage, Commerce)

The news of Samsung adding a cold storage wallet to their flagship phone, the S10, sent a bullish signal to the bitcoin and blockchain world. The Korean technology magnate, which also is producing mining chips, is bringing cryptocurrency to cell phones. This is a big deal. The majority of Samsung customers, who are non-cryptocurrency users, will have built in exposure to cryptocurrency in the most important electronic device they own. We take a look at blockchain phones and the importance...


BONUS: Patrick Byrne on Humans of Bitcoin

Blockchain 2025 listeners, we recently published an interview with CEO Patrick Byrne on the Podcast Network. We reposted it here: It's a fascinating dive into the future of blockchain from a brilliant polymath who is making things happen right now, from Wall Street to Zambia to Tulum. Enjoy and please subscribe to the Humans of Bitcoin podcast.


Pivots - When ICOs change the roadmap

When you start a business, you can't predict how it will play out in the real world. Take Twitter: they started out as a podcasting company! ICO and blockchain projects are no exception and many have altered their models. Evolve or die. Accelerated by the bear market, many teams are hurting for cash and have to change their business model in order to survive. We cover ICO and token protocols including a decentralized AirBnB, publishing platform, Ripple and more. How this will affect...


Predictions Markets, Veil, Augur (Part 2) - Ryan Berckmans

Part 2 with Ryan Berckmans of the Forecast Foundation. If you haven't listened to part 1, find it here: In part 2, here are a few of the topics we cover:


Predictions Markets, Veil, Augur (Part 1) - Ryan Berckmans

I like to call prediction markets a "bitcoin within bitcoin". A fascinating use case that takes a little while to wrap your head around. But once you get it, a lightbulb clicks. We brought on Ryan Berckmans who recently sold Predictions.Global. Ryan is currently working with the Forecast Foundation, a group that guides Augur, the premier decentralized prediction market. Ryan has a diverse background, and we got a glimpse into his background as well as a primer on the decentralized...


S2 Industry Revisit - Decentralized Exchange, File Storage, Real Estate

This week on Blockchain 2025 we have the second part of our “Industry Revisit” series where Matt and Blake dissect some of the most intriguing blockchain projects from 2018. As a quick refresher, the goal here is to check back in on these projects to see how things have been progressing and if we believe they still have a compelling use case. It’s important to do this type of research now so that you’re well informed for the day the market turns back around. Here are the industries they...


S2 Industry Revisit - Wine, Crowdfunding, Black Markets, and more

On this week’s episode, Matt and Blake run through highlights of different industries that are going to be affected by cryptocurrencies. Bear markets are the best time to educate yourself on the latest trends and projects in the space. Things move fast and you want to be well prepared for when the market turns back around. This episode provides a great overview on the status of some of the best projects of 2018. Let’s dive into the episodes that were covered: Future of Blockchain Jared...


Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake - A Primer

Matt and Blake got together this week to discuss the differences between two very important concepts in crypto, Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. One of the best features of cryptocurrencies is that there's no need for a 3rd party such as a bank to validate transactions on the blockchain. Two strangers can send money to each other with confidence thanks to the consensus mechanisms mentioned above.


John McAfee Flees The US, Wyoming Opens Up For Cryptocurrency Companies & More Bitcoin Cash News

Remember to subscribe and hit the bell "🔔" icon to get notifications: Thanks to special guest Gabriel Cardona Follow him on Twitter: ►Visit: Our Developer site and Change the world with Bitcoin Cash: Us to get some free Bitcoin Cash: Our Badger wallet page and add it to Chrome or Firefox: Grab...


The Dogecoin Story - A lesson for all cryptocurrencies

We constantly talk about the importance of adoption: eventually a cryptocurrency projects need USERS in order to succeed. One key to adoption we haven't covered: humor. A sense of lightness, taking things less seriously help keep a community together. On today's episode we tell the story of Dogecoin. It started out as a joke. Yet 5 years later, it has a strong community and is working towards making a real impact on money.


Blockchain Use Cases - Season 1 Industry Revisit (Identity, Gambling and more)

We covered 10 industries in the first season of Blockchain 2025 in the first part of 2018. We revisit each one to see if any of the projects have made any real world progress. Full show notes at


MimbleWimble, Privacy Protocol of the Future? With Alexander of Beam

"Named after a Harry Potter spell also known as the Tongue-Tying Curse that prevents an opponent from casting theirs, Mimblewimble enables the bulk of a blockchain’s past transaction data to be removed." It is all the buzz right now in the cryptoworld. Even BTC maximalists are closely following Beam and Grin, privacy coins utilizing MimbleWimble. Alexander of the Beam project which just launched a few days ago, joined us and did an excellent job explaining MimbleWimble on laymens...


Quantum Computing and Other Risks to Blockchain Technology

We have done over 40 episodes on blockchain and talked about the common risks of technology and adoption. With most ICO's and projects, the overwhelming, evident risks are: 1. No product market fit 2. Inability to get adoption, network effects. They come up frequently on the show. But they aren't the only risks. Some are more abstract and less evident. For example, the risk of quantum computing. What is it exactly and could it be a threat to bitcoin and other blockchains?


Blockchain 3.0 and 2019 dApp adoption with Xinshu of Zilliqa

Listeners of the show know that most dApps we have covered on the show are all built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Naturally, there are many competitors to Ethereum. One of them, Zilliqa, looks to build a blockchain predicated on speed; faster transactions per second. Xinshu Dong, the CEO broke down the Zilliqa project, complex dApps and some ideas about dApp adoption in 2019. Timestamps: 01:27 - On Singapore: one of the top ICOs spots in the world. 03:08 - Why does the world need...


Cryptocollectibles - Massive Upside

"Calling this one now... the crypto craze of 2019 will be game assets and collectibles." -Erik Voorhees We have many touch points from developers, investors, and entrepreneurs in the cryptosphere that Cryptokitties was not a one-off phenomenon. A fad, yes. Also, it is a preview of a massive up and coming niche in the cryptoworld. Collectibles from stamps, coins, jewelry, cars have and will always exist. Thanks to blockchain, unique digital collectibles are on the rise. Blake and Matt...


Coworking on the Blockchain

For less than 1 Euro, Blake booked a coworking hot desk for 1 day in Berlin. He used crypto and purchased through a blockchain coworking startup. Could this be a thing? Invented in 2005 by Brad Neuberg, coworking is a worldwide phenomenon. Many are familiar with WeWork, the largest coworking operation in the world with a multi billion dollar play. It can be a fantastic real estate play and a valuable service for startups and freelancers. We do a deep dive on coworking and two blockchain...


Decentralized Internet (Everything) - Tron

Led by Jack Ma's protege, Justin Sun, Tron is going big. Social media, decentralized exchange, prediction markets, anything you can think of that we have covered on Blockchain 2025, they plan to have on their platform. Like ANY project in this space, you have to have some skepticism. And there are a few areas of concern. But they have done two things that most projects have not: A) They bought a real company - BitTorrent. B) Tron has live a dApps and an exchange for tokens bulit on top...