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In this podcast, Adriana Belotti chats with the people working on building stuff using blockchain technology. There are many: developers, marketers, business developers, accountants, founders . Each episode tells someone story, in a chat about what they were doing before crypto, how did they first learn about it and what are they currently working on. #blockchain #crypto #blockchainpro #blockchainpropodcast

In this podcast, Adriana Belotti chats with the people working on building stuff using blockchain technology. There are many: developers, marketers, business developers, accountants, founders . Each episode tells someone story, in a chat about what they were doing before crypto, how did they first learn about it and what are they currently working on. #blockchain #crypto #blockchainpro #blockchainpropodcast
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In this podcast, Adriana Belotti chats with the people working on building stuff using blockchain technology. There are many: developers, marketers, business developers, accountants, founders . Each episode tells someone story, in a chat about what they were doing before crypto, how did they first learn about it and what are they currently working on. #blockchain #crypto #blockchainpro #blockchainpropodcast






#20 - Brenda Saveluc

Brenda Saveluc is the director and founder of BlackGold Legal. She’s a straight talking, freelance commercial and corporate M&A lawyer with more than a decade of experience working in accounting and law. Brenda is passionate about ICO and STO regulation, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and loves working with cool tech clients all over the world. Connect with Brenda Website Connect with Adriana LinkedIn Twitter...


#19 - Daniel Bar

Daniel is an entrepreneur with primary focus on decentralized web technologies. He is the founder of bitfwd and currently serves as Chairman. Daniel is particularly interested in disruptive innovation in the FinTech space and promotes equitable business models through opensource systems and cryptoeconomic empowerment. Daniel was selected as impact entrepreneur fellow to join the Edmund Hillary Fellowship program. He is based mostly in APAC (Australia, New Zealand and China). Daniel leads...


#18 - Crypto Chicks - Natalia Amelie & Elena Sinelnikova

Crypto Chicks is a volunteer-run non-profit educational hub with a mission to grow the economic, professional and leadership potential of both women and youth in blockchain and AI THROUGH education, mentorship, business and diverse employment opportunities. Check out their website Elena Sinelnikova FOUNDER AND CEO (TORONTO, CANADA) Software development team lead and entrepreneur. Elena Sinelnikova founded CryptoChicks non-profit organization with the vision to...


#17 - Luke Anderson

Luke Anderson teaches computer security and is the co-founder of Sigma Prime, a software and security consultancy, that is playing a big part in the new the Ethereum 2.0 ecosystem by developing a client implementation called Lighthouse. In this episode, we talked about the importance of developing skills like public speaking and coding, we also talk about geeking out at a young age, the new paradigm shift brought on by Ethereum, and much more. Get in touch with Luke...


#16 - Leah Callon-Butler

Leah is co-founder and Chief Impact Officer for, a cryptocurrency bringing safety and security to the Adult Industry. With over a decade's experience spearheading the business development and growth strategies for a range of emerging tech startups, she devoted a large part of her MBA to the topic of social entrepreneurship. Leah is an official member of Women of Sex Tech; has been featured on Women@Forbes; and has consulted to the United Nations Environment Programme Finance...


#15 - James Zaki

With 15 years experience in engineering and software development, James has worked in a variety of domains from industrial/home automation, to local tech companies and startups. The last 7 years have covered development, product management, and tech advisor roles, both locally and abroad. As organiser of the OzBerry IoT MeetUp and smart-contract developer/auditor, James is exploring applications using IoT and Blockchain technologies that can positively impact society. Currently working...


#14 - Lucas Cullen

In this episode, Adriana and Lucas talk about developing applications for the early days of the web, bitcoin, coloured coins and ethereum. The importance of being part of the community and giving back. Getting paid in crypto and much more. Connect with Lucas Twitter - LinkedIn - Connect with Adriana Twitter - LinkedIn -


#13 - Nick Addison

In this episode, we’ll get know Nick Addison, who over the past few years has been pretty active in the Sydney Blockchain community. Adriana and Nick talk about ethereum development, blockchain technology progress, and tools of the trade, as well as the career paths for computer science graduates and how to become a blockchain expert. TLDR; It takes effort, but it’s most definitely doable. Nick’s Bio: Nick Addison is a Developer at ConsenSys where he designs and builds Ethereum based...


#12 - Samuel Brooks

In this conversation, Samuel and Adriana chat about how inspiring having access to technology at an early age can be, rebuilding the internet and the pitfalls of centralised systems, being a CTO in an incubator and solving 'first principles' problems, cypherpunks and bitcoin, the technologies that will most impact the future, using electricity to secure value and, finally, what needs to happen next in order to take this 'internet upgrade' to the next level. Plus, great advice for those...


#11 - Dr Philippa Ryan

Pip Ryan Intro Dr. Philippa Ryan, a.k.a. Pip Ryan or Dr Pip, is a barrister and senior lecturer at the UTS Faculty of Law, on 31st of October 2018, the day that marked the 10th anniversary of the publishing of Bitcoin whitepaper, we had a quick chat about her career and how interesting it is to live during this time and being part of creating a new financial world. Her passion about education, law and blockchain is almost palpable through her words. Listen up :) Links mentioned: A New...


#10 - Laura Degiovanni

Laura Degiovanni is very much the typical Italian, warm, friendly and loud. She speaks with her hands and her heart, and her energy flows into the conversation. We caught up at the end of July at the Imperial College in London, as she was preparing to host her first Trustless Ecosystems meetup. This is why we had to wrap up quickly, making this one short and sweet. We talked about how to create trust with “trustlessness”. Nonetheless, we discussed the 5-keywords of blockchain, how to measure...


#9 - Derek Myers

Derek has found great success in providing energy deals to businesses, whilst offsetting electricity carbon emissions. Taking this offer to the general public with The Zero Carbon Project is a natural development. Personally, what I like about this project is the "right now" approach using carbon credits to offset emissions. It's a great way to reduce the impact of dirty energy, whilst the world move to greener sources, which will take a couple of decades, if not more, to fully...


#8 - Kate Korolkevich

Kate has plenty of experience with financial markets and hedge funds. She and I caught up in St. Petersburb on the day Russia kicked Spain out of the World Cup on a thrilling penalty shoot out. We discussed financial markets and how anyone can transfer their skills to work in crypto. Contact Adriana Twitter @abelotti LinkedIn Website Kate’s bio: Kate has close to 20 years of diverse business experience with...


#7 - Paul Puey

Episode 7 features Paul Puey, CEO of (formerly Airbitz) and overall cool guy. Paul and I caught up at Consensus, earlier this year. We tried to find a quiet corner for our chat, but that was next to impossible! We chatted about the start of his career and a software engineer and how he had to make a very difficult decision to improve his health. Our chat covers how his career, what are his plans for Edge, some hiring tips and much more. Enjoy! Contact Paul Twitter...


#6 - Mitch Travers

Mitchell currently works at doing research, product development and community management. Upon finishing his undergraduate from Sydney University in Political, Economic and Social Science, Mitchell worked with a think tank, The Australian Institute of International Affairs, and has since developed a passion to change the way we do governance and develop monetary policy by leveraging blockchain technology. His core interests are in cyber security, blockchain, decentralised...


#5 - Hannah Glass

Hannah Glass is a senior associate in the financial markets team at leading Asian law firm King & Wood Mallesons, specialising in blockchain technology and fintech. Hannah works with a broad range of clients advising on the evolving legal and regulatory issues associated with the implementation and application of innovative technologies. She is a recognised key contributor in policy development in Australia’s fintech industry. In particular, she has played a significant role in the...


#4 - Nathan Waters

Nathan Waters is a futurist and entrepreneur. Founder of Peerism, a blockchain-based economic protocol which aims to solve job automation and wealth inequality via proof-of-skill and matching paid work to tokenized skill levels. He also founded the 7th largest monthly Ethereum meetup in the world (SydEthereum), and the largest independent hackathon in Australia (Hackagong). He currently manages communities for Consensys in Australia.


#3 - Kelsie Nabben

Kelsie Nabben's unconventional career path in international government, investment and startups has led her to accelerating the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. She is currently responsible for sharing the benefits and capabilities of the OMG financial transactions network at OmiseGO. Particularly passionate about ethical frameworks for blockchain development and the impacts of decentralization on society and people. Kelsie lives in Bangkok, Thailand, and enjoys skateboarding and...


#2 - Bokky Poobah

Bok Koo, a.ka. Bokky Poobah is an Ethereum Smart Contract developer. Bokky first started researching blockchain in 2014, but really delved deep when Ethereum was launched in 2015. He is a community contributor and a big believer in open source. In this chat Bokky talks about his passion for smart contracts and sharing his knowledge. Bokky's Website Bokky's Twitter


#1 - George Samman

George Samman started his career in Wall St, where he worked as a senior portfolio manager, technical analyst and market strategist. In 2013, he co-founded a bitcoin trading platform called, now called magnr. Nowadays he consults and advises startups and has worked with, Hedera Hashgraph,, Praetorian Group, investfeed and Gazecoin. He also writes a blog on blockchain technology and use cases at I've met George a few years ago...