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Quantum Board Factor

The implications of Quantum Computing can make or break you in the boardroom and beyond! Host: Nancy May, CEO, BoardBench Companies Guest: Dr. Mark Jackson, Scientific Lead, Cambridge Quantum Computing Most boards try to cover their butts by bringing a tech guru onto their board. But did you know that having an up-to-date understanding of technology and computing not be enough? Blockchains can be broken and may themselves become a thing of the past in just a few short years. The new...


IPO Countdown!

Countdown to an IPO - Learn about the groundwork that set this company on its fast moving trajectory. Host: Nancy May, CEO, BoardBench Companies Guest: Keith Krach, Chairman, DocuSign Ever wonder why your company lags instead of leads? CEOs get jammed into traditional molds by boards that have gotten too comfortable with the same old or become overly protective. Breaking out of that mold and building new markets requires adopting proactive thinking and getting everyone to boldly go...


The Wild Wild, East of 瓷的 Boards!

Host: Nancy May, CEO, The BoardBench Companies Guests: Cynthia DiBartolo, CEO, Tigress Financial. One of the leading women-owned independent financial firms on the Street! In this episode we tackle the issues surrounding joining the board of a Chinese publicly traded company. Not all public boards are “created equal.” Many wannabe directors, and even seasoned directors, are courted by these companies. You need to take a deeper dive into, and understand what you’re signing up for. Young...


The CEO's CYA. . . or bust!

The CEO's CYA. . or bust! Who’s got your back? Host: Nancy May, CEO, the BoardBench Companies Guests: Henry Morgenbesser and Michael Katzke How much CEOs get paid is often an easy hit for news outlets and for stirring up outrage. But have you ever wondered how those CEOs were able to get what they wanted? As a corporate director, how would you feel if your CEO got expert help when looking for what they thought they deserved from the board? Emotions may run high in the discussions, but...


How to Retain Your Control.

The Ups And Downs of Being a High-Flying CEO/Founder. Host: Nancy May, CEO, BoardBench Companies Guest: Mark Herschberg, the White Knight VC investor, tech/cyber expert and director. Have you ever seen a CEO/ founder lose control of the company that he/she started to outside investors? How often do you see pre-IPO and new public company boards fall on their faces? Or see directors paralyzed by cyber-attacks and other disasters? In this episode of the Boardrooms’ Best, you’ll get the...


How Boards Can Lead With Values That Build Trust

How Boards Can Lead with Values that Build Trust. Host: Nancy May, CEO, BoardBench Companies Guest: General Tom Kolditz From a very early age, we all get lessons and see examples of what’s right and wrong. These lessons stick with and follow each of us to very different degrees. Which may explain why some corporate board directors and CEOs make otherwise puzzling, but very poor decisions for themselves and their companies. Leading from the point of trust takes time and consistently...


Here's Your White Horse Rider!

Rogue Busters: Who Ya Gonna Call? When directors get blindsided, their first instinct is to call in outside counsel. While that sometimes works, you need the right inside person to ride to the rescue! Learn from one of the best turnaround General Counsels, Ken Handal, who's cleaned up challenging environments and led companies back onto the straight and narrow. Your Host: Nancy May and Guest: Kenneth Handal -- Trusted Turnaround General Counsel. Lessons for Boards, CEOs, and high-profile...


Courageous Directors Lead!

How to lead when the going gets tough. Many directors talk tough, but when things get rough, some start to focus, while others fall apart. Steering a company over the rapids takes courage! Join your host Nancy May and Karyn Barsa as they dissect just how to test, challenge, and focus leaders, directors, and investors on the issues at hand without triggering anxieties, resentment, and treachery. Host: Nancy May, and Show Guest: Karyn Barsa, Public Company Director and retail CEO...


Innovate and Profit with Your Board

How boards can find cash where it's least expected. While innovation is often the mantra at strong companies, few leaders know how to direct the process profitably. It's not all fun and games - but it can be exciting. Join your host Nancy May, and Bryan Mattimore, one of the country's most creative innovators as they unveil the mysteries of how to drive organic growth and business success by encouraging imagination and unleashing creativity. Host: Nancy May Guest: Bryan Mattimore, Chief...


Deep into Boardroom with CIA Jack!

Lessons for Boardroom leaders, CEOs and high-profile entrepreneurs who dare to challenge themselves and their boards to new levels of excellence worldwide. How your due diligence might bite you in the boardroom and beyond. Learn to avoid disaster and cover your assets!. Your Host: Nancy May Guest: Jack Devine, Founding Partner and President The Arkin Group