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Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor interviews retailers and their suppliers to answer the request, “Tell me something positive about retail.” For tips about competing in brick and mortar retail, listen in to learn about retail sales training, marketing, operations and more.

Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor interviews retailers and their suppliers to answer the request, “Tell me something positive about retail.” For tips about competing in brick and mortar retail, listen in to learn about retail sales training, marketing, operations and more.
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Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor interviews retailers and their suppliers to answer the request, “Tell me something positive about retail.” For tips about competing in brick and mortar retail, listen in to learn about retail sales training, marketing, operations and more.




Podcast Episode 123: Hilary Blair, CEO Articulate Real and Clear | The Shifts In Conversation

Bob Phibbs interviewed Hilary Blair, CEO Articulate Real And Clear on how to prevent misunderstandings with subordinates, how breath and consonants make a big difference when talking with younger co-workers and much more.


Podcast Episode 121: Georganne Bender & Rich Kizer | Retail Is A Comparison Game

Bob Phibbs interviewed Georganne Bender & Rich Kizer, principals of Kizer & Bender, retail consumer anthropologists on the power of events, merchandising and changes in retail.


Podcast Episode 120: Jamie Bettencourt, SVP Mood Media | Using The Senses To Bring Stores To Life

Bob Phibbs interviewed Jamie Bettencourt with Mood Media as she shares how music and scent can help create the right mood in a brick and mortar store.


Podcast Episode 119: Dean Shulman, SVP Brother | Creating A Passionate Network Of Dealers

Bob Phibbs interviewed Dean Shulman CEO of Brother as he shares how observing his customers helped him have aha moments, the need to partner with your dealer network if you want to be successful and which reviews he always reads and why.


Podcast Episode 118: Colby Williams, Parengo Coffee | Small Town Retail Rewards

Latest episode of Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor interviewing Colby Williams found of Parengo Coffee as he shares why smaller rural retailers are successful, why he chose to not carry a staple in the south, the power of online reviews and more.


Episode 117: Becky Tyre, Founder Retail Details | A Love For Independent Retail

Bob Phibbs interviewed Becky Tyre, Founder and editor of the Retail Details blog and a Contributing Editor at Gifts & Decorative Accessories magazine. She is a shop local advocate and specializes in visual merchandising. She talks about merchandising a pocket of your store that is Instagramable, clutter comes not just from poor buying but also poor fixtures and your need to collaborate with local makers or national companies for unique items that drive margin.


Episode 116: Bob Phibbs | When The Mind Goes So Should You

Bob Phibbs interviews himself about knowing when it is time to change, his background in retail and why he does what he does.


Episode 115: Paula Rosenblum | Cracks In Amazon's Grip

Bob Phibbs interviews Paula Rosenblum Managing Partner and co-founder of Retail Systems Research. She is well known for her pragmatic approach to retail and talks about shiny object syndrome, possible cracks in Amazon's model and how retail continues to evolve.


Episode 114: Whitney Morgan, Collage | Being Socially Responsible

Bob Phibbs interviewed Whitney Morgan, Owner of Collage in York, Pennsylvania who just received the REA Socially Responsible Retailer Category award. She shares her ideas that you can always purchase more so feel free to wait, retail is a lot of time spent figuring things out and being socially responsible is the best way to show your community support.


Podcast Episode 113: Todd Gill, former Director of Retail for Calphalon | You Can't Over-communicate

Bob Phibbs interviewed Todd Gill, Southern Regional Director for Rockler Woodworking and former Director of Retail for Calphalon. He shares his tips on managing a diverse workforce across multiple states, how to have difficult discussions and what it takes to compete in brick and mortar retail.


Episode 112: Jennifer Grimm, Founder Lux Beauty Boutique | Math Doesn't Lie

Bob Phibbs interviewed Jennifer Grimm, CEO and Founder of Lux Beauty Boutique in Edmonton. She shares her tips on being a small business and how she looks at some retailers who put so much money into a store because they love shoes or clothes or beauty and they don’t realize what they need to love are spreadsheets, systems, and analyzing people.


Episode 111: Patricia Fripp, CEO & Founder Fripp | Work Smarter, Not Harder

Bob Phibbs interviewed Patricia Fripp, past President of the National Speaker's Association,as she shared her journey from in-demand hairstylist in San Francisco and salon owner to speaker, speech coach, and sales trainer. She shared important rules of customer service, owning your own business and saying words that make you sound less-than-professional.


Episode 110: Tony Post, Founder & CEO | Listening To Your Customers

Bob Phibbs interviews Tony Post, CEO and Founder of Topo Athletic shoes near Boston. He talks about his journey in footwear with Rockport and Vibram and on to his founding his own athletic shoe company as well as how any brand should build customers partnering with brick and mortar stores.


Episode 109: Melanie Tillett, Founder Tillets | Building A Vast Online Following

Bob Phibbs interviewed Melanie Tillett who, along with her two daughters founded Tippett's in the UK just five years ago. Now with a Facebook following of 50,000, she shares how they've added stores and fans across the world.


Episode 108: Paul LaPonte, Quality Sewing | Finding A Way To Say Yes

Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor interviews Paul LaPonte, President, Quality Sewing with 13 stores across the state of Washington. Paul shares his sales philosophy that it is all about finding a way to say 'yes,' how a sale does not have a finite limit, and why one store does better than another.


Episode 107: LaDonna McCarran, Nook & Cranny | Manage Your Business From Your Customers' Viewpoint

Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor, interviews LaDonna McCarran, Co-Owner The Pantry, Nook & Cranny, Rose & Alice Handcrafted Soaps. She talks about how kismet allowed her to grasp opportunities and run with them, trust your instincts when buying, and how to manage your business from your customers' viewpoint.


Episode 106: Rachel Doyle Arboretum Garden Centre The Glass Is Not Half Full; It's Full All The Time

Rachel Doyle CEO of Arboretum is the third ever Lifetime Achievement Award winner (and first woman to win) the Retail Excellence award in Ireland. Three great points you'll hear are that unless people die, anything else we can sort out in lif, an opportunity has to be realized in the lifetime of the opportunity and that entrepreneurs need todare to be different and go outside of the boundaries.


Episode 105: Patrick and Imelda Bourke | Thriving For 90 years in Retail

Patrick Bourke is CEO of his namesake men's clothing stores in Country Clare and his wife Imelda has her own restaurant across the street. I spoke to them about Patrick being the fourth generation owners the day after he received the prestigious Retail Excellence award


Episode 104: Roberta Bonoff, Creative Kidstuff | Everything Is Just A Conversation

Roberta Bonoff, CEO of Creative Kidstuff in Minneapolis shares her experiences of being in retail for 30 years, why tasks often get priority over selling, how they started their own TV show, what customers care about and more.


Episode 103: Brian Travilla, Petco | Secrets To Managing Retail Employees

Brian Travilla, Regional & District Leader at PetCo shares how to have those uncomfortable conversations about attitude, what works to get employees to succeed and his trajectory from working at Montgomery Ward when he was in high school to being responsible for about 1000 associates. He joined me from his office in Chicago.