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29. Scary Stories (and how the SBA helps small businesses)

Hear cautionary tales of the industry and how the Oregon Secretary of State's Office of Small Business Assistance can help. Discover how this resource team has helped other Oregon businesses, including those starting, growing or winding down a business. Learn what to do if you believe you've been subject to unreasonable or unfair state regulatory actions, including: investigations, excessive fines or penalties, even threats or other enforcement by a state agency. Guests: Ruth Miles,...


28. Word on The Street

ORLA's Greg, Nicole and Steve boil down some of the industry chatter around the state, what's happening where, and the overall trends impacting Oregon's hospitality industry. From an industry-insider perspective, they touch on Portland protests and the City's counter measures, why brewpubs are closing, and a new wave of suburban migration. Hear more about new food cart pod regulations, Corporate Activities Tax rule making, and the Federal DOJ overtime rule soon taking...


27. Liquor Liters, CBD Consumables, and Cage-free Chickens

We've got the OLCC's Executive Director and Deputy Director in the house answering all our alcohol and marijuana-related industry questions. Our conversation boils down what the License Fee increases mean and how they will help fund automation and software upgrades in the future. You'll also hear about pilot projects with liter sizes, what is legal with CBD and edibles, and new acceptable IDs for Canadians via NEXUS cards. Guests: Steve Marks, Executive Director, OLCC Will Higlin,...


26. Grassroots Advocacy

Lindsey Miller, National Restaurant Association grassroots advocacy manager and Nicole Peterson, ORLA government affairs coordinator talk about the Portland Kitchen Cabinet, a civic engagement program committed to growing and preserving opportunity in the local restaurant industry. We discuss the importance of grassroots advocacy around the country as well as local community initiatives that help drive relationships with peers, neighbors and elected officials. Guests: Lindsey Miller, NRA...


25. Turning Micro-Disappointments into Macro-Delights

Every interaction a guest has with your brand has a direct affect on your company's reputation, your customer's subconscious decision-making, and your bottom line. Chris Nordyke of Summit Cleaning & Restoration stops by to talk customer experience and how common failure points present opportunities for success and how an empowered staff can create wins all around. Guest: Chris Nordyke, Summit Cleaning & Restoration Advocacy Watch: • Plastic bag and straw bans coming into effect •...


24. Keeping Employment Law 'Above Bar'

We keep it candid with employment law professionals Rich Meneghello and Alex Wheatley of Fisher Phillips as we discuss recent must-know developments for employers. Hear a national check-in on Trump's administration and about the new version of the overtime rule under U.S. Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta. Take note on why you should be prepared with two years of data for the renewed Equal Employment demographic form, EEO1. We also examine off-duty consumption issues, your ability to...


23. The Future Workforce

In this episode, hear about Oregon ProStart–a Career and Technical Education program, it's capstone event ORLAEF ProStart Invitational, and Willamette High School team's upcoming trip to Nationals. Sysco Portland is an important partner to our industry, not only as title sponsor of the event but also its support of ORLAEF and workforce initiatives. Guests: Martha Humphreys, Culinary Arts Instructor, and Shane Wilder, student (Willamette High School) Guest: Cory Schreiber, Chef for...


22. Bonus Episode: Northwest Food Show

'It's what's cookin' was the theme of the 2019 Northwest Food Show and there's still lots of buzz around the event! Featured presenters from the show stage stop by the podcast–hear from world-renowned Chef Marcus Samuelsson and local legend Chef Beau Carr of RingSide Steakhouse. You'll also learn more about the show, industry trends and happenings from a few exhibitors and the Show CEO. Enjoy a laugh with several personalities from the TV show Bar Rescue.


Remembering A Spirited Storyteller

Back in 2017, Oregon’s Secretary of State Dennis Richardson graciously appeared on ORLA’s Boiled Down podcast to talk about the many responsibilities of the office, his goals and vision for Oregon. He also agreed to read Green Eggs and Ham in celebration of Dr. Seuss Day. ORLA is sharing this reading again to honor Dennis Richardson, his unwavering commitment to his family, and to publicly thank him for his years of military, legislative and executive service on behalf of our state and our...


21. BUCKLE UP! Session Has Begun

ORLA's contract lobbyist and director of government affairs discuss what's ahead this legislative session. We get into everything from the dynamics of the Capitol to whether or not the "kicker" will be kicked. Other hospitality concerns this year include the possibility of the DUII threshold to be reduced to .05 BAC, the single-use disposable plastic debate, and paid family leave. And as always, we're keeping an eye on lodging taxes – not only protecting the use of lodging tax dollars, but...


20. A Healthy Way to Recruit and Retain

As we move toward 2019, healthcare options and requirements continue to vex employers. In this episode, we revisit some of the basics of what is required and what offerings are available under the ORLA Health Solutions umbrella of options. These levels of coverage provide options for every ORLA member’s budget. Understand the difference between Standard, Essential and Supplemental coverage. Learn about special small business options, the relatively easy administrative process to offering...


19. Stolen Secret Sauce?!

Cease and desist letters can serve as a warning ahead of full scale litigation, however there are some possible resolutions before ending up in court. Alicia Bell and Carla Quisenberry of Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP walk us through deciphering demand letters, how to avoid them, and your options if you receive one. Find out how to be sure you are not infringing on other's intellectual property, trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets. Guests: Alicia Bell and Carla Quisenberry...


18. Clue: Incidents and Accidents. Question: What Do Paul Simon and SAIF Corporation Have in Common?

Our friends at SAIF share some very relatable stories regarding safety in hospitality. And with years of experience, comes valuable tips and strategies for owner/operators and management teams. Also hear how members are saving 10% with ORLA's Workers’ Compensation Group program through SAIF. Guests: Pat Morrill, Agency and Group Coordinator, SAIF Corporation Judi Croft, Safety Services Supervisor, SAIF Corporation Guest Host: Lori Little, Oregon Restaurant & Lodging...


17. Sexual Harassment Prevention

In a wave of #MeToo revelations, protect your employees and your business by taking a proactive approach to sexual harassment prevention. Hear pragmatic approaches and practical solutions from industry expert Darcey McAllister, who has over 20 years of hands-on HR experience. Learn the difference between quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile work environments, so you can ensure you have a respectful workplace for all. Then get wise to ways of resetting the bar of what is acceptable in...


16: Food Waste Stops With Me

There are currently over 1,200 businesses composting in the Metro area. Hear from an Oregon hotel and a restaurant owner about how diverting food waste from the landfill brings financial gains, changes company culture, and makes business sense. Guests: Alex Bertolucci, Green Business Advisor, Washington County Scott Youngblood, Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland, Washington Square Punky Scott, The Bomber Restaurant and Catering Guest host: Lori Little, Oregon Restaurant & Lodging...


15: Northwest Food Show Special Edition

The floor was bustling at the Northwest Food Show, April 22-23 at the Portland Expo Center. Between zesty chef cooking demos and cutting-edge ed seminars, we invited celebrity guests and show participants to give us a taste of what’s going on in their slice of the industry. Listen in for bites on food waste prevention, agricultural economies, fostering the next generation of culinary professionals, and plant-based cheese. Hear about the relationship that launched Ox Restaurant, feeling fed...


14: Let it Grow, Let it Grow

You may have heard of OregonSaves by now, the state-sponsored retirement savings program, facilitated by employers. If you don't currently offer a retirement plan to employees, listen up! The program is rolling out in phases over the next few years and Joel Metlen, Public Engagement Manager for OregonSaves, guides us through employer responsibilities, schedules, and resources available to help you easily implement the program— and help your employees see their savings grow. Guest: Joel...


13: If This Were a Normal Administration

Feel like there's been a firehose flow of regulation changes recently? Rich Meneghello is back after a year, following up on predictions about our hotelier president and his administration's impact on hospitality operations. Get a recap of overtime regulations, pay equity, immigration, and joint employment. Plus, predictive scheduling, how "number fudging" may affect the tip pooling decision, and how #metoo has impacted confidentiality agreements. Guest: Richard Meneghello, Attorney at...


12: Translating the Legalese of Pay Equity

Oregon has had a pay equity law on the book for years, so what’s new and unique about the Oregon Equal Pay Act of 2017? Find out what the expansion means for you as an employer, how it impacts your employment forms and hiring processes, and how to take advantage of the law’s unique employer safe harbor. Labor attorneys Jennifer Nelson and Anne Milligan help us understand the “legalese” of pay equity. Guests: Anne Milligan, Fisher Phillips and Jennifer Nelson, Ogletree Deakins Guest host:...


11: A Miniature Horse Walks Into a Bar

Business owners, how do you differentiate between purse accessory pup and service animal? What questions can you ask without getting into legal hot water? Can you require a service animal to be crated in a hotel room? With so many uncertainties, it can be a zoo out there! Employment Law Attorney Shane Swilley joins us in this episode to shed light on the dos and don’ts of service animals in your establishment. Guest: Shane Swilley, Employment Law Attorney, Cosgrave Vergeer Kester Guest...