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26. When and How to Redesign Your Book Cover

While the adage “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” may be true, it’s no secret that many people shopping for books don’t take that advice. A book cover is more important than you might think. You could be the greatest author and your book could be phenomenal, but if your cover doesn’t grab a reader’s attention and give them insight into what your book is about, they won’t necessarily buy it. We’ve had Sasscer Hill on a previous show to talk about how she revived older books to increase...


25. Constructing a Book Description

While the cover and the title of a book are the first things shoppers see when they look at your book, hooking them with a description is what turns those shoppers into buyers. An important thing to note for writing descriptions is not to write a book report, but to entice the shoppers to want more. A good description should include a hook, an introduction to the protagonist(s), and a summary that leaves them wanting more. In today’s episode, I talk to Bryan Cohen, author of the book,...


24. When and How to Change Your Book Title

The title of a book is important, and when deciding to change the title of a book, there are a few tips to keep in mind. This will be a solo show where I give you tactics to consider if you plan on changing a book title and we go over Amazon’s rules and requirements for book titles and subtitles. Titles deserve a lot of love and if you are thinking about giving a book you’ve previously released a “facelift,” changing the title to better represent the book and its content can be a great...


23. Marketers & Coffee: Lessons learned publishing and marketing with Joanna Penn

No matter how far we’ve come, we’ve all had our shaky beginnings, and in this episode, Joanna Penn and I talk about the mistakes we made when starting out and the lessons we’ve learned. Joanna Penn is an author, blogger, the host of The Creative Penn Podcast, as well as lots of videos aimed at helping authors succeed in writing, publishing, and marketing their books. For more information, visit the show notes at


22. The Art to Getting an Author Picture for Your Bio

Marketing yourself as an author is an important part of marketing your books, and your author bio picture conveys to readers who you are and gives them a chance to connect with you. You don’t have to drop a boatload of money on a photographer immediately, but this episode will teach you how to make the best with what you have. Having an author bio picture is important because it is a reflection of yourself and it shows your professionalism. Even if you think you can’t be photographed, our...


21. Start Your Author Email List ASAP

We all know marketing our book is important on social media, but are you using an email list to help your book sales? Many authors, including myself, say one of their biggest regrets is not starting an email list sooner. Our case study in this episode is Amy Murphy, an award-winning sci-fi novelist, who started off with basically no email list, but successfully grew her list and will share some tips she used to not only increase her book sales, but also get feedback and reviews. Her tips...


20. Reviving a Dead Book Case Study #2

In our first case study about reviving a dead book, Kevin McLaughlin took his books that were previously selling poorly and, with a few tweaks, he was able to re-release them and garner more sales than before. This episode is the second case study that examines a few things authors can do to make their books stand out to achieve better marketing success. Sasscer Hill published her first book in 2010 with a small publisher and was nominated for both the Agatha and Macavity Awards, and...


19. Marketers & Coffee: Mistakes Authors and Ourselves Have Made

One of the best ways for learning how to sell books is not just to read blogs or listen to podcasting, but to go to conferences and meet other authors. It can be amazing what kind of ideas come out, and what you can learn from one another. Once a month, I’ll be doing episodes called Marketing and Coffee where I sit down with some of the best authorities out there and chat about book marketing. This week, I’m talking with Mark Dawson, who is the host of The Self-Publishing Formula podcast...


18. How to get Your Book Ranked for More Amazon Book Categories

We’ve talked about Categories in the past few episodes and how they help us to sell more books, how we can find better Categories, and how we can ask Amazon to change our Categories for us. But did you know your book can show up for 10 categories? The reason showing up for as many as 10 categories will help your book sales is because this increases your chances of achieving Best Seller status with your book. And the way you can be listed for more than the assumed three categories is to...


17. Secret Niche Amazon Categories and Where to Find Them

We are going bit further into picking the right Amazon Book Categories we discussed in the previous episode. We will look at what niche categories are, how they are offered, and how authors can get listed in the categories we want. Our case study for the week is Dali Burgado, a Certified Personal Trainer and Bestselling author who used my free Kindle Sales Rank Calculator to help pick niche categories to list her book under to increase her sales. For more information, visit the show...


16. The Power of Book Categories and Sales

We’ve already discussed how choosing the right categories for your ebooks can help sell within different niches, but in this episode we’ll dig deeper into how picking the right categories can help sales. You’ll learn what Kindle Categories are, as well as how Category rankings are done within Amazon. You will also learn how to distinguish between a good category to list your book under and one that might not help as much as you might think. For more information, visit the show notes at...


E15. Using a Heatmap to figure out what Amazon Shoppers Look at

Wouldn’t it be great to know what parts of our book’s Amazon page shoppers look at the most? Author Michael Alvear hired a company to conduct a study using computers with laser cameras that track pupils to see exactly what Amazon shoppers focus on while they were in search of a book. The heat map provided some interesting information that can help authors optimize their book’s Amazon page. For more information, visit the show notes at


14. Listing Previous Books for More Sales w/ Steve Scott

For authors of multiple books, it’s important to be able to point your readers to other books you’ve written. Today’s episode will focus on best practices for doing so and give tips for effectively listing your previous books to increase their sales. Author Steve Scott — also known by his pen name S.J. Scott — joins the program to discuss how he has found success by promoting other titles of eBooks and to talk about how and why he does it. For more information, visit the show notes at...


13. Reviving a Dead Book Case Study #1

Once you’re an experienced author, you might realize your earlier book marketing efforts fell flat. In today’s episode, we’re going to take a look at how to take that earlier book from “Dead Book”-status and revive it using a few techniques mentioned by today’s guest, who did just that with one of his books. Since there’s no specific formula for doing this, each episode will be called Reviving a Dead Book with a different Case Study Number at the end. The first case study is Kevin...


12: Setting Up a Book Publishing Company

When it’s a good idea for an author to start thinking about starting a publishing company? One reason would be to start publishing other people’s works. Another would be if you are sued, the rights to your books could be included in your financial assets and could end up in someone else's possession. Today’s case study is my own lawyer, Clint Coons of Anderson Advisory. Clint helped me set up Ebookpreneur, LLC, the company under which I have KindlePreneur, KDP Rocket, and this podcast. He...


11. Creating a Symbiotic Package to Market and Sell Your Book

You’ve written your book and picked out what you think are the perfect elements to help it sell: an engaging title, a nice cover, and a description using properly researched keywords. But why isn’t it selling? The idea behind the Symbiotic Book Package is that each aspect of your work has been tailored for a specific market, and it reaffirms to that market that this is the perfect book out there for them. For more, visit


10. What's Better for Self-publishing: KDP Print or CreateSpace?

Learn the difference between the print on demand services, KDP Print and CreateSpace. Both are owned by Amazon, however, there are differences between the two that all authors should know about. Through this episode I hope you’ll be able to know which one you should use, and if you have used the other previously, is it worth switching your books over. For more information including resources mentioned in this episode, go to


9: How to Effectively Collaborate with Other Authors on a Book and Double Your Sales

Learn how collaborating with another author not only helps you to make more books faster, but also cut costs and combines both of your marketing capabilities so as to create a better chance of book sales success. But there are some things you should be weary about, and using the tips we go over in this episode, you should have a better chance of success, if not also be able to create a large list of great books under your name, like our case study will show you. For more, visit...


8: How to Get Book Reviews Without an email List, Website or Fans

Learn about reviews and how they affect sales. I’ll show you a tactic you can use to get book reviews even if you don’t have an email list, following or fans. Even if you do have those things, this tactic will still help you get even more reviews and build our your email list with the right kind of readers who like to leave positive and happy reviews. For more, visit


7: Using Book Promotion Sites to Launch Your Book

Learn about book promotion sites, how they actually work, and how authors can use them in order to get their books to a large amount of readers. They can be a powerful tool for book launches, as well as a steady drip of sales over time. However, not all promotion sites are created equal and some are a waste of time. Plus there are things authors should consider so that they get the most out of this tactic and reap the best benefits going forward. Don't miss any of the sessions:...


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