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42. My Keywords Aren’t Working and How to Fix that!

We’re going to be diving deep and looking at why keywords might not be working for your book and how to fix it. We’ve covered a bit about keywords in the past and how important they are for authors. But what if our keywords aren’t working for us? In this solo episode, I talk about the reasons why your keywords might not be working, and ways you can assess what words are working and which ones might not. This will also help in not only attracting the right readers to your book, but also in...


41. Marketers & Coffee: Audiobooks and Should Authors Sell Them?

Audible has made it easy for people to download and listen to audiobooks, especially because they can listen on the go. With Audible’s incentive of offering two free books when readers sign up, it’s also become increasingly popular. Having and audiobook version of your book can be a great way to gain more readers, as well as add a little bit more credibility to your book. Derek Doepker has been turning his nonfiction books into audiobooks for three years and has seen their growth as a...


40. How Does Amazon Handle Reviews?

Once a month, I like to sit down with authors or someone who’s an authority on a certain subject and chat about their area of expertise in what we call Marketers & Coffee. On this episode, we talk about the Amazon review process. Now, as you’ve learned from previous episodes, you can’t pay for Amazon reviews, and we dive a little deeper into how we think Amazon looks for fake reviews or reviews that were gotten in ways that go against Amazon’s policies. Craig Tuch, the owner of Hidden Gems...


39. Book Press Releases and Do they Work?

While there are many marketing tactics to help increase awareness and sales of your books, don’t discount local media to help you promote it. A press release that’s sent to news agencies is a good practice, especially if your book is relevant to readers and viewers. Dan Janal, the owner of a major press release company, is on today’s show to help us get the inside scoop and understanding of press releases, including how they work and if you should consider one for your book. For more...


38. New Book Market, Playster and What Authors Need to Know

Playster is a growing subscription-based service that allows you to download unlimited music, movies, books, audiobooks and games for a monthly fee. For customers, it’s a great deal and it means you don’t have to worry about credits or paying extra like with Audible for audiobooks. While it’s good for the consumer, it’s also great for authors, as well. Our guest this week is Kevin Tumlinson from Draft2Digital who talks about the benefits of making books available on Playster, as well as...


37. How Writing Books has Affected our Lives and Others

Emeka Ossai and I discuss what writing and our books have done for us that are necessarily about making money. They’ve opened doors for us and created opportunities. Emeka is known for his YouTube channel, which has a lot of videos about Kindle self publishing, as well as personal growth and creating a passive income. When he published his first book published in 2016, he found he was able to create some extra income for him and his family. For more information, visit the show notes at...


36. Amazon Book Review Policies - Can We Give a Book for Free for Reviews?

We all know reviews can be instrumental in giving our books some clout when it comes to people on Amazon browsing and looking to see what others thought. One question that causes some confusion among authors is, Can I give copies of my book away for free in exchange for a review? And the answer is yes, but also no. Amazon has specific rules regarding how authors can get fair reviews from readers. This episode, I talk to Craig Tuch, the owner of Hidden Gems Books, which is a review site....


35. How to Sell More on Book Markets other than Amazon

One subject that has come up a lot in this podcast is the advice of not putting all your eggs in one basket. Amazon may be at the top when it comes to the book market, but newer platforms for people to sell their books on are emerging and making your book available on those platforms can increase your sales. Amazon has started cracking down on authors and publishing companies who are practicing deceiving tactics when it comes to increasing their sales, and Amazon has begun cracking down...


34. Best Ways to get Fiction readers turned into Subscribers

Many fiction writers may use a short story as a content upgrade for those signing up for their mailing lists, but using a method I call the Kobayashi Maru tactic makes that reader magnet even more appealing. W.H. Lock and Jim Heskett both used reader magnets and found that they not only turned their readers into email list subscribers, but also turned them into true fans. W.H. Lock used the Kobayashi Maru Tactic for his email list, while Jim Heskett actually gave his readers exclusive...


33. Best Ways to Get Nonfiction Readers Turned Into Subscribers

While your book is providing your readers with value, going above and beyond for them by offering what’s known as a “content upgrade” can turn them from readers to loyal fans. A content upgrade can be something like a companion PDF, eBook, video, or even course readers can get by signing up for your email list. By offering this content upgrade, your readers can get even more out of your book by signing up for your email list, but you can also use that email list to send notifications of...


32. Do Book Awards Help to Sell More Books?

Having your book nominated for or winning an award is a wonderful opportunity for any author. While you might have high hopes of increased book sales following the accolade, those sales may not come quite so easily. In today’s episode, author Amy Murphy talks about her experience having her books nominated for the 2016 Dragon Award and how it affected her book sales, but more importantly, the other opportunities that came from earning the award. Applying for many awards is similar to...


31. Marketers & Coffee: Facebook Ads vs AMS Ads with Jonny Andrews

Facebook ads and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) ads are great ways to promote your book and increase your sales. But before you throw your time, energy and money at these, take a look at some of the pros and cons of each to help you decide which one may be right for you. Amazon Marketing Services Pros The ads are already put in front of people who are on Amazon looking to buy a new book.You can set up ads for specific keywords to help sell to just the right audience. Cons The...


30: What Price Should You List your Book At?

A common question from authors is about pricing their books. There are five major things to take into consideration when setting your price: Patrick King is the guest for this episode, and he’s had first-hand experiences testing prices and seeing what sticks. For more information, visit the show notes at


29. Ways to Make More Money with Your Book

When an author writes a book, it’s easy to assume that their main focus for making money would be selling the book, but in the case studies and examples we talk about in this episode, there are more ways authors can benefit from writing a book financially than simply selling copies. One case study we looked at is a lawyer who wrote a book that he used as a kind of calling card for her services, which increased the number of clients he has, as well as made him known as an expert in his...


28. How to Choose a Pen Name

There are a number of reasons to choose to use a pen name for your writing, including anonymity, separating an author’s personal and professional worlds, choosing something easier to pronounce, protection, or as a marketing technique. Some even do it for fun, like Stephen King writing a book under the name Richard Bachman. When an author plans to pick a pen name, consider creating the author name keeping in mind the age and the readers perceptions and their ability to remember it. For...


27. Marketers & Coffee: Mistakes Authors and Ourselves Have Made

Mastering AMS ads isn’t something you can just throw some money at and hope they’ll work. It takes time and some knowledge of how they work. In this special Marketers & Coffee episode, Brian Meeks will walk us through three major points to understand when it comes to AMS ads: Don’t trust the AMS ads reporting system, trust the keywords KDP Rocket gives you, and more keywords is better (even misspellings). For more information, visit the show notes at


26. When and How to Redesign Your Book Cover

While the adage “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” may be true, it’s no secret that many people shopping for books don’t take that advice. A book cover is more important than you might think. You could be the greatest author and your book could be phenomenal, but if your cover doesn’t grab a reader’s attention and give them insight into what your book is about, they won’t necessarily buy it. We’ve had Sasscer Hill on a previous show to talk about how she revived older books to increase...


25. Constructing a Book Description

While the cover and the title of a book are the first things shoppers see when they look at your book, hooking them with a description is what turns those shoppers into buyers. An important thing to note for writing descriptions is not to write a book report, but to entice the shoppers to want more. A good description should include a hook, an introduction to the protagonist(s), and a summary that leaves them wanting more. In today’s episode, I talk to Bryan Cohen, author of the book,...


24. When and How to Change Your Book Title

The title of a book is important, and when deciding to change the title of a book, there are a few tips to keep in mind. This will be a solo show where I give you tactics to consider if you plan on changing a book title and we go over Amazon’s rules and requirements for book titles and subtitles. Titles deserve a lot of love and if you are thinking about giving a book you’ve previously released a “facelift,” changing the title to better represent the book and its content can be a great...


23. Marketers & Coffee: Lessons learned publishing and marketing with Joanna Penn

No matter how far we’ve come, we’ve all had our shaky beginnings, and in this episode, Joanna Penn and I talk about the mistakes we made when starting out and the lessons we’ve learned. Joanna Penn is an author, blogger, the host of The Creative Penn Podcast, as well as lots of videos aimed at helping authors succeed in writing, publishing, and marketing their books. For more information, visit the show notes at