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CNN's Poppy Harlow goes beyond the headlines, and the talking points, with the biggest names in business. In-depth conversations with the men and women leading global companies - and those committed to making a positive impact beyond the bottom line.

CNN's Poppy Harlow goes beyond the headlines, and the talking points, with the biggest names in business. In-depth conversations with the men and women leading global companies - and those committed to making a positive impact beyond the bottom line.
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CNN's Poppy Harlow goes beyond the headlines, and the talking points, with the biggest names in business. In-depth conversations with the men and women leading global companies - and those committed to making a positive impact beyond the bottom line.




Neil & Rachel Blumenthal: Warby Parker & Rockets of Awesome

Husband and wife founders Neil & Rachel Blumenthal talk about the the wild ride of being founders, raising money, and raising a family. They compare the vast differences in their fundraising experiences. Rachel is the founder of Rockets of Awesome, a kids clothing subscription service. Her husband Neil Blumenthal is co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker. Produced by Haley Draznin, CNN. via Knit


Google CEO Sundar Pichai

*EXCLUSIVE* Google CEO Sundar Pichai weighs in on privacy, diversity, Artificial Intelligence, the spread of misinformation and hate speech on YouTube, gender and diversity issues at the company and employee walkouts, and he reacts to the expected US antitrust probe into his company. He opens up about how his upbringing in India with little access to technology impacts his work. CNN received rare access inside a Google data center in Pryor, Oklahoma where the big tech company is adding...


Investor Glenn Hutchins on Race, Capitalism and Big Tech

Billionaire investor and philanthropist Glenn Hutchins explains why he's committed millions of dollars toward improving race relations in the United States through the Hutchins Center for African & African American Research at Harvard University. He also opens up about "reforming capitalism" so it works for more Americans, calls for regulation of big tech companies, and why he's making a bet on the future of cryptocurrency. Produced by Haley Draznin, CNN. via Knit


Sophia Bush & Nia Batts: Detroit Blows

Actress Sophia Bush is teaming up with entrepreneurs Nia Batts and Katy Cockrel to partner and invest in Detroit Blows, a blowdry salon that is contributing to Detroit's comeback. They open up about why they aim to build a more inclusive space for women with all hair types, the challenges they face raising money as female founders, and their philanthropic arm, Detroit Grows. This interview was recorded in front of a live audience at the Fashion Tech Forum in New York City. Produced by Haley...


Melinda Gates: "The Moment of Lift"

*BONUS* Melinda Gates has dedicated her life's work to achieving equality for all women, and shares her experiences in her new book "The Moment of Lift." She opens up about the hurdles she faced as one of the first female MBA employees at Microsoft, how she established a more equal partnership with her husband Bill, and her struggles to reconcile her work on contraceptives for women around the world and her Catholic faith. Recorded in Dallas in front of a live audience on "The Moment of...


WW's Mindy Grossman: Transforming Weight Watchers

Mindy Grossman, President and CEO of WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers, is focusing is leading the turnaround of the weight loss company into a wellness brand. She opens up about her leadership journey, using big data to better understand consumers, and Oprah Winfrey's impact. Produced by Haley Draznin, CNN. via Knit


Kara Swisher: Holding Big Tech Accountable

Kara Swisher, co-founder and executive editor of Recode, has covered the tech industry since the 1990s. She opens up about her storied career holding Tech CEOs accountable, why she thinks Silicon Valley needs Chief Ethics Officers with power, and her call for Congress to start regulating tech giants. Produced by Haley Draznin, CNN. via Knit


Gwyneth Paltrow: CEO of Goop

In a one-on-one conversation at SXSW, Gwyneth Paltrow opens up about leading her lifestyle brand Goop, becoming CEO and the life-changing journey that took her from actress to the C-Suite. Produced by Haley Draznin, CNN. via Knit


Jamie Dimon on the State of America

*EXCLUSIVE* JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon sits down with CNN's Poppy Harlow to talk about the future of work, why his bank is investing hundreds of millions of dollars to train the employees of the future, and how he sees the U.S. economy right now. via Knit


Dollar Shave Club Founder: More than a Razor Company

Since its 2016 acquisition by Unilever, Dollar Shave Club has overhauled its business model from a subscription razor service to include a variety of male-care products like fragrance, toothpaste, hair gel, and body wash. Founder and CEO Michael Dubin opens up about taking on competitors in the industry and how his background in improv and marketing is key to the company's success. Produced by Haley Draznin, CNN. via Knit


Lyft Founder John Zimmer: On the Brink of IPO

As the race for ride-hailing services Lyft and Uber to go public, Lyft co-founder and President John Zimmer believes there is nothing for his company to admire about rival Uber. He admits eliminating car ownership is their biggest business goal, explains why expanding to China is a risky market, and share how the company is committed to improving safety for all its passengers and drivers. He also opens up about the personal struggles he has faced as a Silicon Valley leader. Produced by Haley...


SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan: Don't Call Us a Fad

SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan opens up about the brand's decision to not go public, monthly meetings with her "millennial mentor," and why SoulCycle looks at Disney and Starbucks to think outside the box. Produced by Haley Draznin, CNN. via Knit


Howard Schultz: "From the Ground Up" and a Potential Presidential Bid

*BONUS* Former Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz details his personal journey from growing up in public housing in Brooklyn to his decades long career at Starbucks and now his potential bid for the White House. He reveals why he is seriously considering running as an Independent in the 2020 presidential election, shares his vision for America, and offers a candid take on President Trump and the State of the Union. Produced by Haley Draznin, CNN. via Knit


Charity Water's Scott Harrison: From Nightclub Promoter to CEO

Scott Harrison went from nightclub promoter to founder of charity: water. His mission? To bring clean water to millions of people around the world. He describes himself as a "prodigal son" who left his conservative Christian home to climb New York City's social scene and opens up about his epiphany to turn his life around. He explains the nonprofit's promise to allocate 100% of public donations directly to fund clean water projects and how a lack of access to clean water contributes to...


Edible Arrangements Founder: From McDonalds Employee to Global CEO

Edible Arrangements founder Tariq Farid turned a single flower shop selling creative fruit baskets into a multimillion dollar global business with 1,200+ franchisees. An immigrant from Pakistan who moved to the United States when he was 13 years old, he responds to recent rhetoric around immigration and says diversity is key to America's strength. He shares the lessons learned from his first job working at McDonalds and calls for more recognition of small business owners by leaders in...


Salesforce's Cindy Robbins: Being an Introverted Leader

Cindy Robbins, President and Chief People Officer at Salesforce, reports to CEO Marc Benioff and is tackling pay equality at the company. She has lead three internal audits of Salesforce's pay practices and notes there is still more work to do. Why she credits her Mexican-American heritage for instilling the work ethic and values that helped guide her to leadership, and how she has learned to overcome being an introverted leader. Produced by Haley Draznin, CNN. via Knit


Kendra Scott: Building a Billion-Dollar Brand

Kendra Scott -- jewelry designer, CEO, and philanthropist -- started her business with just $500, stringing beads together in a spare bedroom in her Texas home with a newborn son. Today she has grown it into a billion-dollar business with 90 stores and 2,000 employees. She opens up about her team of "super seven" who have been by her side since day one, how the Trump administration's tariffs are affecting her business, and if she still take the company public one day. Produced by Haley...


PwC Chairman Tim Ryan: Building an Inclusive America

Tim Ryan, U.S. Chairman and senior partner at PwC, launched companywide conversations about race following a series of police-involved shootings in the summer of 2016. How he defied critics who questioned what he knew about the challenges of diversity and why he started the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion council with more than 500 CEOs who have signed on to his diversity pledge. Produced by Haley Draznin, CNN. via Knit


Justin Trudeau: Prime Minister of Canada

*EXCLUSIVE* Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls himself a "feminist," explains why he mandated a gender-balanced cabinet when he took office, and admits diversity is "fundamental to governing well." He describes how he negotiates with President Trump, and issues a staunch defense of the free press. Produced by Haley Draznin, CNN. via Knit


Jennifer Garner's Next Mission

Actress Jennifer Garner is teaming up John Foraker, former CEO of Annie's Organic, to build a new organic baby food company -- Once Upon a Farm. They are on a mission to provide more access to fresh and nutritious baby foods and they are committed to sending a message when it comes to company culture and family leave. This is new venture is personal for Garner who grew up surrounded by generational poverty in West Virginia, and is an Ambassador for Save the Children where she's working to...