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#13 MINISODE | Soulful NOT Smarmy Solution Oriented Selling

For this minisode, I am sharing my perspective on selling - specifically focusing on finding solutions for your clients, not selling goods or services. Sounds counter-intuitive but for creative entrepreneurs that often struggle with selling, feeling smarmy or manipulative, this perspective will help change your mindset and help you grow your business. Learn the difference between your prospect's external problems and internal problems so you can adjust to create a solution the speaks to core...


#12 MINISODE - What is a Marketing Funnel?

Today's minisode answers the question - what is a marketing funnel? From the different sections to what sales and marketing activities are in these sections as well as how small businesses and their staff can break a funnel and lose a sale. I share the mistakes I see small businesses make over and over when it comes to marketing and sales and talk through the importance of thinking beyond the funnel, turning your clients into repeat clients. See Complete Show Notes Check Out Other...


#11 Quests and FOMO | Chris Creed of Jen & Chris Creed Photography

For today’s episode, I chatted with the Chris-half of Jen & Chris Creed Photography. Jen & Chris are a laid-back wedding photography duo based here in Nashville that loves documenting real moments for joyful couples. Chris also shares my love of traveling, thinking deeply about the big questions in life and fine bourbon. So, of course, I had to have him on the show. Chris and I talked through a lot of things - not being taught to be an entrepreneur, getting caught in FOMO (Fear of Missing...


#10- MINISODE - Creating an Annual Plan for your Business

In this Bosses & Bourbon minisode, I am sharing my how-to process of creating a plan for your small business for the year ahead. I use this 5-part process for my wedding & event clients as well as my own business to create a more intentional business and life. From reviewing the past year, checking in and adjusting to set goals for the next year as well as determining an accountability, this process keeps me and my clients on track and intentional about the year ahead in their marketing,...


#09 Side Hustles and Girl Bosses | Claire White of White Ink Calligraphy

For today’s episode, I chatted with Claire White, founder and owner of White Ink Calligraphy. White Ink Calligraphy provides custom calligraphy for events, weddings, and personal projects. Claire built White Ink Calligraphy from the ground up, starting on social media (one of the many topics we dug into). She also teaches calligraphy classes and oh yeah, she has a full-time gig as a lawyer (#sidehustlegoals). As a relatively new business owner, Claire shared how she built her business around...


MINISODE - 5 Marketing Mistakes of Small Businesses

In today's mini-episode, I am sharing the top 5 mistakes that I see small businesses make in the marketing. From not being consistent to staying too close to your comfort zone, these are the marketing tactics that can stall your growth and success. I also reference a previously Bosses & Bourbon podcast episode where I go more in depth on my #2 marketing mistake - building an audience in a space you don't own nor control. COMPLETE SHOW NOTES


#08 Naps with Chocolate | Sarah Goude of Regalo Design

Today’s episode features my friend and seasoned wedding planner, Sarah Goude of Regalo Design. Regalo Design has been serving clients in Middle Tennessee for over a decade as a wedding and event planner, florist and event decorator. Sarah found her way into events and weddings after a college professor re-directed her towards a marketing and business career that revealed itself as a full-blown passion. We chatted about how she built her business from scratch, her personal struggles with...


#07 Perfect Wedding Days & Expo Lines | Rebecca Annastas, Dream Events & Catering

Rebecca Annastas, known to her close friends and colleagues as Becki, is the owner and chief manager of Dream Events & Catering. As a full -service event and catering company, Dream Events & Catering provides everything from sensational cuisine and entertainment to seamless planning and design for gatherings all across Middle Tennessee. Becki graduated from general manager to owner when she bought the full-service events & catering company after working for the former owner for nearly a...


MINISODE | Are Industry Conferences Worth it?

In today's mini-episode, I am sharing my thoughts on industry conferences and why meeting in-person matters. While these can be in an investment of money and time, there are limits to online summits and e-courses. You can also learn more about the conference I am hosting with Alyssa DiCicco of Nashville Bride Guide. The Beyond Business Conference is for wedding & event business owners that want to get actionable, get out of their own way and build their business the right way. Happening Aug...


MINISODE | What's the formula for an effective style shoot?

In today's mini-episode, I am talking style shoots. Jen Creed (of Jen & Chris Creed Photography) and I touched on this some during our boss chat and I wanted to share the 7 key things I look to when planning and coordinating style shoots for my clients - be them wedding style shoots, brand style shoots or event photos. Setting a goal for your shoot, being mindful of contributing vendor needs and creating a plan are all part of my formula for effective photo shoots that are beneficial for all...


#06 The Art of a Full Dance Floor | Jason Middleton of Premier The Entertainment Company

Jason Middleton, owner-operator of Premier | The Entertainment Company loves music and full dance floors. It’s in his blood after all, having followed in the footsteps of his dad, the Music Man. Honing his craft as a Dj and master of ceremonies, Jason’s company has grown into a respected entertainment company that now serves it’s Middle Tennessee clients with DJ’s, Photobooths & Green Screens, Lighting, Dance floors and even dance instructors - but most of all with an unparalleled committed...


MINISODE | How can I get clients to leave me a review? And what about bad reviews?

In today's mini-episode, I am sharing my tactics for getting clients to leave you a review or testimonial after the event as well as what to do when you get a bad review. Listen to the episode for my additional strategies and actionable tips for wedding and event businesses regarding client reviews. And don't forget - what did you think? Review the podcast and subscribe to Bosses & Bourbon. Have a question or suggestions for improvement? Email Krista at See...


#05 The Evolution of Entrepreneurship | Jim Hagy of Chef’s Market, Cafe & Catering

On today’s episode, I met up with Jim Hagy of Chef’s Market for tea and bourbon treats (caterers are the best hosts!). A longtime resident of Middle Tennessee, Jim and I chatted about his family roots in the hospitality business and his long path to entrepreneurship which included stints with then-new concept called Cracker Barrel (for the record there are 645 stores around the USA today) as well as O’Charley’s and Pargo’s where he honed his skill as a restauranteur. Jim also shares how a...


#04 Wearing Costumes and Masks | Amanda Stone of A&M Events

For today’s episode, I sat down with Amanda Stone - the “A” of A&M Events. We talked about her entrepreneurial parents (making her a natural business owner), how she found her footing and passion for the event industry and the benefits of a business partnership. And then we dug into the stuff - sexism, ageism, generational challenges in business and knowing the work you do matters (even when it involves pretty things). While we didn’t chat over drinks, it was an enlightening and timely...


MINISODE | Style Me Pretty is Closing - what do we do now?

In today's mini-episode, I am sharing my thoughts about wedding blog, Style Me Pretty's decision to close up shop, what this says about the state of the wedding industry and how wedding pros need to respond (hint: focus on what you own and not what you rent in business). Listen to the episode for my actionable advice for wedding and event businesses alike that want to build a company that will sustain and adjust to evitable market changes. Have a marketing or business question for me? Send...


#03 Campfire Slings and Style Shoots | Jen Creed of Jen & Chris Creed Photography

For today’s episode, I visited with the lovely and talented Jen Creed of Jen & Chris Creed Photography. While still a teenager, Jen started shooting and over time her side hustle hobby became a grown-up business, one she now runs in partnership with her husband, Chris. Chris was our pre-conversation bartender so we first had to talk about delish drinks (recipes are noted in the show notes so be sure to check it out at the link below). After reminiscing about poorly chosen college majors, we...


MINISODE| How do I reach more wedding and event clients?

Introducing Q&A with Krista! In today's mini-episode, I answer one of the most common questions I get asked - 'How do reach more wedding and event clients?' (a.k.a 'How do I book more business?') While I do share my current favorite marketing tools to reach engaged couples and people planning an event, I also share the core questions you need to be asking yourself before you get too committed to any marketing tool or platform. Have a marketing or business question for me? Send me your...


#02 A Favorite Uncle and 100 Year Flood | Robyn Bass of Maple Ridge Events

For today’s episode, I sat down Robyn Bass at her Nashville office to talk shop over coffee (too early for bourbon!). Robyn is the CEO and owner of destination event management company, Maple Ridge Events. Robyn’s path into the event industry began after a short live dream to be a country music singer. When a career as a country music superstar wasn’t in the cards, Robyn began working for local restaurants and event companies, cultivating the knowledge and passion that serves her now. It was...


#01 Lessons in Day Drinking | Adam Loeffler of Details Nashville

For my very first episode, I had long-time Nashville industry pro, Adam Loeffler of Details Nashville, over to my office for a chat and a bit of bourbon. His multi-media company specializes in Wedding & Corporate Photography & Videography as well as Photo & Video Booths. We talked about Adam’s start in the industry, how he sets and measures goals for his company and the things he considers when making important business decisions. That and why he uses personality tests and sometimes day...


#00 Welcome to Bosses & Bourbon | Wedding & Event Podcast of Real Business Owners in the Industry Sharing Strategies and Stories of their Business

Welcome to Bosses and Bourbon, a truthcast of real wedding and event bosses, talking shop, swapping the stories & strategies that make their business successful. In today's preview episode, learn more about your host of the podcast, why she created Bosses & Bourbon as well as what listeners can expect from future episodes. Krista Chapman of Path & Compass, marketing & strategist to the wedding & event industry works with a lot of smart, hard-working bosses in her consulting work....