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How to Scale Your Direct to Consumer Strategy

From working as a cog in the machine of journalism to a reputable editor of national newspapers, Natasha Courtenay-Smith has done it all. Founder of Bolt Digital, Natasha examines her clientele’s social media strategy and gives advice to those seeking guidance in the world of advertising. You can catch the full video version of this episode here and from her vlog. “Your first job as an advertiser is to stop the scroll.” -Natasha Courtenay-Smith Like the podcast? Subscribe on ...


The Art of Living Well and Mindset for Success in Business with Tracey Woodward, CEO of Aromatherapy Associates

Get ready because today's episode is not your average interview. Tracey Woodward, CEO of Aromatherapy Associates' and Natasha, cover it all from health and well-being tips to performing at the next level like Beyonce and Tiger Woods, to goal setting and the current e-commerce landscape. You’ll discover expert strategies that will help you build your online brand, sharpen your mindset, and how Tracey redesigned the vision of the brand to what it currently is today. This interview covers...


Scaling Facebook Ads to Her First 100k Month: The 10 Month Journey of Scaling an E-Commerce Beauty Brand with Maxine Laceby

Meet Maxine Laceby, the founder of Absolute Collagen, a beauty product that’s winning people in the world of beauty and skin care. But how did Maxine do it? How did she manage to create a product that brought her so much success in such a short time? Join our conversation to listen to Maxine’s story, her most significant moments with her new product, and some excellent advice for your own improvement. “It gave me a period of time when I really connected with my end user.” -Maxine...


How to Dominate in the Crowded Bag Market

Opportunity is everywhere. Born from dissatisfaction with his corporate career and a need as a customer, founder, and CEO Howard Harrison, birthed his company KNOMO! Now a solid brand with 14 years of steady growth Natasha and Howard discuss the evolution of KNOMO, brand strategy, and optimizing advertising dollars. “The world is filled with products. So new products must fulfill a consumer need that isn’t out there already." -Howard Harrison Like the podcast? Subscribe on ...


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Social Media with Jeremy Vine

On today’s episode, Tash is joined by Jeremy Vine at a local coffee shop! Jeremy is the host of the BBC Radio 2 Programme. Together the two discuss how Jeremy’s Facebook following has grown dramatically. Initially, Jeremy thought Facebook was for grannies, tune in to hear what made him change his mind. “You have to hang it [your content] somewhere where it's a bit permanent and Facebook is the best.” Jeremy Vine Like the podcast? Subscribe on iTunes Times Stamps: 2:45 How Tash...


Going Global With A Shoe Brand With A Difference - Butterfly Twists

Knowing nothing about footwear, four friends took the leap, started a brand and ten years later Butterfly Twist remains a top brand of consumer choice. Emmanuel Eribo, co-founder, and CEO stops by to discuss how they’ve built the brand from conception to market while remaining in the challenging retail space. Emmanuel drops many nuggets to his company’s success that you can use immediately. These pointers include knowing what works well for your company, knowing your message and the best...


Brand Management and the Resilience Required to Last in the Industry with Tim Waring of Eves and Gray

A day that started as a search for a quality pair of shoes, and a dropped purple pocket square ended with the start of a custom shoe brand. Now four years later, Tim Waring, founder, and director of Eves & Gray Ltd. drops in with Natasha for an in-depth conversation into everything brand. Tim gives a peek into brand management, internet marketing strategies and the resilience required to last in the industry. “You learn very, very quickly that outsourcing is king.” -Tim Waring Like...


How Sean Vigue Became YouTube’s Most Watched Yoga & Pilates Guy

Sean Vigue has made something as simple as posting videos online translate to reaching more than 20 million worldwide. After this episode, you will walk away with valuable tips that you can implement today. “Make sure the videos you do first, is something you really enjoy doing because people enjoy watching you do something you love doing.” -Sean Vigue Like the podcast? Subscribe on iTunes Timestamps: 1:29 - Sean’s professional history 8:10 - Sean’s start to making videos 9:55...


How to Publish Your Book in Half the Time Using the Hybrid Publishing Model with Lucy McCarraher

Want to write a book? Want to be seen as the authority in your area of expertise? Listen to Natasha’s interview with Lucy McCarraher, co-founder & managing editor of Rethink Press, as she provides valuable tips that will land your book on the next printing press. “If you have a book it puts you out there...It changes people’s perception of you… It’s the best ambassador, business development manager you can have.” -Lucy McCarraher Like the podcast? Subscribe on ...


How Cy Wakeman Doubled Her Revenue by Going ALL IN on Social Media

Why give all the secrets away? In this Information Age, everyone wants to be in the know. They want to know upfront ‘what’s in it for me?’ And even who the mystery person behind the products and services they’re buying. So, Cy Wakeman, Reality-Based Leadership CEO and author, makes sure she meets that need. Grab your notepad as Cy and Natasha discuss the value in effectively branding yourself and using social media to build your business. “People are always distracted at work. We want to...


Personal Branding 101 with Carl Reader, the Ground Work Needed Before You Become an “Over Night” Success

Be you. That’s who people really want to see. Carl Reader, a successful author, and entrepreneur joins Natasha to discuss how his unique appearance, simple messaging, and the showcase of his human side helped propel him to become a leading expert and advisor in the business industry. “Business is simple. If I can do it, anyone can.” -Carl Reader Like the podcast? Subscribe on iTunes Timestamps: 3:57 The start of building a personal brand 6:26 Measuring the initial success...


High Street Vs Going Online? The Real World Opportunities and Challenges of Growing An E-commerce Brand with Pala Eyewear Founder John Pritchard

Some people just talk about what needs to be done. But John Pritchard and his team have set out to take action. With an uncommon focus, grounded in ethics and aesthetics, he spreads the message of helping others with each purchase of the quality eyewear brand. In today’s episode, Natasha and John discuss specifics around digital marketing, defining the target audience and much more. When you’re launching a fashion brand, you’ve got to have passion –it’ll keep you going. -John...


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