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Build Better Brands. Welcome to Brands on Brands on Brands, the only place where entrepreneurs and marketing thought leaders come together to enlighten, to educate, and to inspire entrepreneurs across the globe to get started building better brands. Build a brand that matters today, so your business can thrive tomorrow.

Build Better Brands. Welcome to Brands on Brands on Brands, the only place where entrepreneurs and marketing thought leaders come together to enlighten, to educate, and to inspire entrepreneurs across the globe to get started building better brands. Build a brand that matters today, so your business can thrive tomorrow.
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Build Better Brands. Welcome to Brands on Brands on Brands, the only place where entrepreneurs and marketing thought leaders come together to enlighten, to educate, and to inspire entrepreneurs across the globe to get started building better brands. Build a brand that matters today, so your business can thrive tomorrow.








#037 Freestyle Friday - Selling vs. Serving Customers As A Personal Brands

This week’s Freestyle Friday focuses on how to work with others and make a good impression while you are maintaining your own personal brand. Running your own business takes a lot of time, and that time is already divvied up as you try to balance several plates at once—logistics, finance, communications and, of course, content. It’s by no means an easy balancing act, so it helps to have a go-to method for establishing rapport with customers to hear what they want and figure out how you can...


#036 Brand Love: Meaningful Customer Connection

We’ve come to the third and final part of Brandon’s Brand Trilogy. After discussing how you can make your brand stick out from its competitors and effectively convey its message, we’re going to look at the big—and little—things you can do to really resonate with your customers and make them spread the word about what you have to offer. In this episode, Brandon lays out five steps for going above and beyond to make the best possible impression on your customers, as well as some technical...


#035 Jeff Tippett | The Power of Persuasive Branding

Jeff Tippett, known as “Mr. Persuasion,” is an international speaker, podcast host, writer, and expert in persuasive communication. Jeff is the founder of the public affairs and communications firm Targeted Persuasion, and author of the book Unleashing Your Superpower: Why Persuasive Communication Is the Only Force You Will Ever Need. In this episode, Jeff explains how persuasive communication played a vital role in adopting his daughter, breaks down his "Three C's" of communication, and...


#034 Freestyle Friday - Consistent Content Myths

A lot of entrepreneurs drive themselves mad fretting about not having enough content at the outset, but really they have it all backwards. Building a brand, at least in the early stages, really isn’t about creating content day after day. Rather it’s about listening for what prospective customers are looking for, reaching out to them for input and to gauge interest, and making the most of what you have while you build up recognition. In this episode, Brandon explains how he was able to make...


#033 Brand image: Sharing Your Story Everywhere

For the next installment in Brandon’s “Brand Trilogy,” he shines a light on the image you craft for your brand to make it distinct and resonant. What tone are you setting for your potential customers? How are they discussing you? Is your brand image even reaching people to begin with? You need to know first how your brand comes off to people if you want to figure out what’s the best “look” for you. In this episode, Brandon instructs you to seek out the people who are already talking about...


#032 John D. Russell | Creative Assets for Your Brand

John D. Russell is a professional photographer and creative director based out of Manhattan Beach, CA. A good friend of Brandon’s for the last 15 years, John works with brands across the globe to help them create powerful content that effectively conveys what companies have to offer to their customers. He can count Toyota, Ford, Skechers, Habitat for Humanity among his clients and has photographed celebrities such as John Legend and Magic Johnson. To John, photography isn’t just a career but...


#031 Freestyle Friday - Practicing Patience and Listening

This week’s Freestyle Friday reminds you that leading a successful business means talking to your customers and really hearing out their wants and desires, rather than keeping them at arm’s length. If you fail to keep in touch with your customer base you can risk them moving away to a different product or service without warning. Don’t let yourself get locked out of the loop from the people who keep your business thriving! In this episode, Brandon emphasizes why you should communicate with...


#030 Brand Truth: What Makes Your Business Different

What brings value to your customer and makes them choose you instead of the competition? And before you say your product or service, remember that every company out there offers a product or service as a baseline. You need to find something around your product—your customer service, your message, your whole vibe—that will make you stand out in a sea of similar services. What’s unique about your company? What inspired you to start it in the first place? In this episode, Brandon explains why...


#029 Dan Gingiss | The Customer Experience Is Your Brand

Dan Gingiss is a social media consultant, Forbes contributor and an acclaimed keynote speaker. He has spent the last two decades helping numerous companies—from McDonald’s to Discover—optimize the service experience they provide customers with and, more recently, their social media engagement. Dan is the author of Winning at Social Customer Care: How Top Brands Create Engaging Experiences on Social Media, and co-hosts the customer experience podcast Experience This! with Joey Coleman. In...


#028 Freestyle Friday - Building Word of Mouth Brands

This week’s Freestyle Friday is focusing on the marketing tactics you should use to build up your word-of-mouth businesses. Focus not on the people who find your content passable or “meh,” but those who genuinely love it, since they often end up being your top referrers. Forge strong personal connections with these customers that makes them want to spread the word about what you have to offer. In this episode, Brandon breaks down why direct referrals bring in a lot more customers, explains...


#027 Brand Truth, Brand Image, Brand Love

Building a brand from scratch without the benefit of a research firm or big budgets may be difficult—after all, any minute an entrepreneur spends on building their brand is a minute taken away from improving their product or service—but it’s not impossible. You can make your enterprise stand out by focusing on three key components for building a brand that matters: brand truth, brand image and brand love. In this episode, Brandon discusses what each of these main brand components mean to...


#026 Chris DiVecchio | Building a Life-Changing Fitness Brand

Chris DiVecchio is a fitness trainer, a lifestyle specialist, and a health and wellness expert. He founded Premier Mind & Body, a wellness and coaching company based out of Los Angeles, and is the author of 5x2 Method: Revealing the Power of Your Senses. Chris believes that the 23 hours a day we’re outside the gym are just as important to your health and fitness, if not more so, than the 1 hour we spend training. In this episode, Chris discusses how he started a training business in his own...


#025 Freestyle Friday - The Secret World of Masterminds

When Brandon left his corporate job to become an entrepreneur, he quickly realized he needed to start investing in himself to grow fast enough to succeed. He needed to learn from others that came before him. Networking is key to that, which is why for this Freestyle Friday Brandon’s diving into the fascinating world of Masterminds. In this episode, Brandon recounts his experiences attending Masterminds, and networking events, and reveals what you’ll get out of his own upcoming...


#024 Top Needle Movers for Your Brand

What moves the needle for your business? Today we discuss what marketing tasks to prioritize if you want your business to grow and move forward. This includes the adjustments and strategies that will make your brand pop just a little bit more than they did before because, if executed correctly, you’ll stand out more to the part of the crowd that will really like what you have to say. This means leaning into your strengths, attending to where you’re weakest, and ensuring you have a community...


#023 Neal Schaffer | The Art of Influencer Branding

Neal Schaffer is a global keynote speaker, university educator, consultant and owner of media agency PDCA Social. He works with brands to craft effective social media strategies that allow them to reach their audiences without intruding on their online experience. Neal is also the author of Maximize Your Social: A One-Stop Guide to Building a Social Media Strategy for Marketing and Business Success, and his upcoming book The Age of Influence is set to release in February 2020. In this...


#022 Freestyle Friday - How to Convert Followers Into Buyers

Brandon’s discussion with Jenn Herman this past Monday (check out episode #020!) has him thinking about the ways we can make social media work for us rather than the other way around. Many startups and entrepreneurs believe they have to build up a base of followers before getting them willing to invest in your product or service, when in fact you’re bound to get more success convincing people to purchase first, then building a community around them that increases word of mouth. In this...


#021 Top 5 Ways to Spend $3K per Month on Marketing

For the high six figure and seven figure businesses out there just getting started, $1K-$3K per month tends to be the advertising budget for anyone ready to grow their business with marketing. In the grand scheme of advertising resources, that’s not a lot, but with smart spending and the right expertise you’ll find that this limited budget can pay dividends. Thankfully, Brandon knows what to do to ensure you’re wasting neither your money nor your time. In this episode, Brandon discusses...


#020 Jenn Herman | Instagram Branding for Dummies

Jenn Herman is an author, speaker, blogger and “Instagram expert.” As one of the forefront bloggers on Instagram marketing, she helps her clients craft optimized social media strategies that get them noticed. She also uses her site Jenn’s Trends to examine how the web’s biggest brands make themselves household names. In this episode, Jenn discusses how she honed her Instagram game, explains what you can do to put your profile on the forefront of everybody’s discovery feed, and gives some...


#019 Freestyle Friday - "For Purpose" Businesses and Brands

When Brandon was at the Thrive: Make Money Matter conference this past weekend, he heard some of the presenters speak on the subject of businesses that are neither for-profit nor nonprofit, rather “for-purpose,” managing both the financial growth of the former with the altruism in the latter. Traditional nonprofit organizations do very important work, but they’re ultimately limited by how many donations they receive. For-purpose businesses take the best of both worlds and create something...


#018 Chasing Dreams and Breaking Routines

Brandon turned 40 this January, which has made him contemplate what his goals are and how he’s going to accomplish them moving into the next 10 to 20 years of his life. While he knows that, statistically, many people in their middle age and beyond are capable of achieving a lot—thanks to experience—he’s still concerned that his path has been too safe. To create real success, and on a faster timeline, it will be necessary to break from routine and take what Robert Frost called the road less...