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Episode 62: Getting Strategic & Creative with All Over Media

Out of Home (OOH) advertising continues to get creative, finding more ways to be where people are conducting everyday activities. On this episode of Brandstorm, Dan and Nancy talk Jake Johnson, VP & national sales director at All Over Media in Minneapolis to find out what’s new in OOH ads. OOH Advertising OOH, or outdoor media, is advertising that reaches consumers while they are outside their homes. It focuses on connecting with people while they are on the go in public places…on mobile...


Episode 61: Creating Great Experiences with Hard Rock's Joe Bravo

To be relevant in business, it’s all about the customer experience. On this episode of Brandstorm, Dan and Nancy talk to a man who makes a living keeping people happy. Joe Bravo is the Bars and Entertainment Director at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego and is responsible for creating memorable experiences for guests. About Joe Bravo Prior to coming to San Diego a few months ago, Joe worked at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, where he oversaw the iconic Rehab Beach Club. Joe started his...


Episode 60: Corporate Team Learning with Kyle Lacy of Lessonly

An educated and knowledgeable employee is a happier employee, according to our guest on this edition of Brandstorm. Kyle Lacy is the VP of marketing at Lessonly, a modern team-building software company based in Indianapolis. The company provides online training software for those in sales, customer service, and any other customer-facing role. Its biggest customers include the retail, telecom and software industries. The Six Pillars of Training The mission at Lessonly is to help people do...


Episode 59: Bublr Bikes' Boom in the Brew City

Bike Share programs have been popping up all over the U.S. In some cases, bike sharing has become necessary because motor traffic is too dense in the city, or there is a parking space shortage, like in Milwaukee. On this episode of Brandstorm, Executive Director Sally Sheperdson talks about the bike share program in Milwaukee, called Bublr. Started in 2014, Bublr’s affinity and awareness in the community is through the roof. Bublr Beginnings The concept of bike sharing is simple enough....


Episode 58: Crucial Conversations with Julie Loeding

Are you confident enough to know what to say in a crucial moment? On this episode of Brandstorm, our guest will help you speak and be heard. Julie Loeding is a certified corporate trainer of “Crucial Conversations” and a management and marketing instructor at Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC), as well as a former Miss Wisconsin. What’s a Crucial Conversation? A crucial conversation can happen at the workplace or in your personal life and evokes strong emotions, has high stakes and...


Episode 57: Visualizing Dining with John Kuehl of Hankr

John Kuehl’s biggest argument with his wife was deciding where to eat. According to John, you can search the Internet to find just about any product, but when it comes to food, you get a list of places. That got him thinking, what if you could search what kind of food you wanted? Better yet, what if you could articulate what you were in the mood for - something that’s comforting, gluten-free or savory? John’s answer was a new website called He joins us on #Brandstorm to talk about...


Episode 56: Modernizing the Professional Bowlers Association with Commissioner Tom Clark

In the heyday of bowling, Milwaukee was known as America’s “Ten Pin Capitol”. When enthusiasts weren’t out playing for fun or in leagues, they were at home, tuned in to the Professional Bowler Association (PBA) tour on ABC. When the popularity of the sport began to wane near in 1980s, bowling alleys closed shop and took once-thriving leagues with them. Although the golden age of bowling has long passed, the Commissioner of the PBA, Tom Clark, believes it is making a comeback. State of the...


Episode 55: Content Marketing to Consumers with Michael Brenner

This week’s Brandstorm guest is a globally-recognized speaker on leadership, culture and marketing, the author of “The Content Book” and the CEO of Marketing Insider Group. His marketing prowess has captured the attention of The Guardian, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Economist. Michael Brenner joins #Brandstorm to talk about content marketing strategies and how marketers can be more engaging with consumers. The Content Pool Contrary to what we may think, Michael says no company suffers...


Episode 54: Radio Programming for the 55+ Demographic with John Sebastian

This week’s Brandstorm guest has been in radio for more than 50 years and during much of that time, @John Sebastian was programming radio stations. He’s programmed almost every format, including Top 40, Smooth Jazz, Kick Ass Rock, Country and Classic Rock, and targeted just about every demographic -- 12 to 24, 18-34, 25 to 54 and 35 to 64. John Sebastian joins Brandstorm to talk about his new format for 55+ listeners, a demo he believes is the most undervalued, most underappreciated and in...


Episode 53: Losing Your Largest Distribution Platform with Brandon Bruce of Cirrus Insight

What would you do if your business suddenly lost its largest distribution platform? Brandon Bruce, COO and co-founder of Cirrus Insight, was thrown a curve when his company’s application was removed from the SalesForce App Exchange, its largest distribution outlet. While this blow might signal the end of most application’s lifecycle, Cirrus Insight’s branding and unique lead generation capabilities kept the app alive and well. What is CRM? Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management...


Episode 52: Marketing a Party in a Box with Lyle Stoflet and Tom Daugherty

On this episode of Brandstorm, Dan Trzinski and Nancy Christopher talk to the owners of Containers Up. Lyle Stoflet and Tom Daugherty had an ingenious idea. What if they could make a bar that could be shipped anywhere they wanted, and people could rent or buy them for private parties or corporate events? With these thoughts in mind, Lyle talked Tom into buying a 20- by 8-ft., upcycled shipping container for themselves and placing it on the street in front of Lyle’s house for a neighborhood...


Episode 51: Gas Pump Media with Becky Colman

Finding a captive audience to deliver your advertising message is always challenging. On Episode 51 of Brandstorm, Becky Colman of Fuel Montana Media tells us why Gas Pump TV is an effective way to reach consumers with relevant, local content. Getting Started Business ownership has always interested Becky Colman. She tells us how she became a part of Fuel Montana Media and why it seemed like an exciting and innovative way to get into business ownership. We learn how Gas Pump TV works and...


Episode 50: Marketing Higher Education Dave Murphy

On Episode 50 of Brandstorm, Hosts Dan Trzinski and Nancy Christopher discuss the role of marketing in higher education with Dave Murphy, vice president of marketing and communication at a prominent Jesuit School, Marquette University, in Milwaukee. Getting to Marquette University Dave Murphy discusses how his initial interest in a media career led him to the world of marketing and advertising. After completing a degree in Mass Communication, Dave worked at a local radio and TV station....


Episode 49: The Business of Promotional Products with Josh Kozinski

Sometimes called premiums or swag, promotional merchandise is used to promote companies, brands or events with logos or slogans on products. On this edition of Brandstorm, Josh Kozinski, founder and chief business development officer at Sky High Marketing, talks about the promotional products industry, what’s trending and how his company is meeting the growing demand for his services. Sky High Marketing Founded in 1997, Sky High Marketing is an $8 million company with 22 employees and...


Episode 48: Betting on Sports with Dan Kustelski

This past May, the U.S. Supreme overturned the key federal anti-sports betting law. Today’s guest on Brandstorm, Dan Kustelski, is a leading authority on sports wagering and the CEO of Chalkline Sports. He’s talking about what this decision will mean to sports betting in the U.S. Chalkline Sports Dan’s company is a data company focused on customer acquisition and retention for casinos, race tracks, media companies and anyone else who wants to engage with sports betters. Chalkline Sports...


Episode 47: Brandstorm Talks to Erik Olsen about his Whirly Board Invention

People who enjoy board sports like skateboarding, snowboarding or wakeboarding are always looking for ways to up their game. Bored with the limitations of most balance boards, our guest on this episode of Brandstorm, Erik Olsen, invented the Whirly Board out of his garage. Giving the Whirly Board a Spin Using PVC pipe, a piece of wood, a bowling ball and two pool balls was able to create a versatile balance training board with three balance points that make it possible to spin and walk it...


Episode 46: Minocqua's Krystal Westfahl Talks About Beef-A-Rama

Where’s the beef? On the last Saturday in September, it’s in Minocqua, Wis. On this episode of Brandstorm, Co-hosts Dan Trzinski and Nancy Christopher talk to Krystal Westfahl, executive director of the Minocqua Area Chamber of Commerce, about Beef-a-Rama and the event’s impact on the local economy. The signature Northwoods event attracts four times the town’s normal population. Krystal Westfahl As the executive director of the Minocqua Area Chamber of Commerce, Krystal has long history...


Episode 45: Chris Jacke Talks about his Company, Packer Alumni Resources

Placekicker Chris Jacke shares what he's been up to since he left the Green Bay Packers and the NFL on this episode of Brandstorm. Jacke talks about his company, Packers Alumni Resources, his new team of players and how to sign up a Packers legend for your next event. Chris Jacke Chris Jacke is a former football placekicker best known for playing for the Green Bay Packers in the National Football League. Jacke was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the sixth round of the 1989 NFL Draft....


Episode #44: Brandstorm Talks to North America's Leading Augmented and Virtual Reality Expert

Ready for a reality check? This week’s episode of Brandstorm features XR Futurist Alan Smithson. Alan talks about the differences between Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Extended (XR), what they can do, what you will need to participate, and how it is changing how companies market brands. Alan Smithson Alan is an XR futurist, inventor, author of DJ Prophets, mentor for Techstars, and CEO of MetaVRse, North America’s largest VR and AR consultancy. More...


Episode 43: Katie Felten and Bridgette Palm Talk about Changing Perceptions in Manufacturing

Katie Felten and Bridgette Palm are working to change perceptions about modern-day manufacturing. They are also providing support to support to women in marketing who work at manufacturing companies. On this episode of Brandstorm, the two women talk about the new association they have founded called Women in Marketing in Manufacturing, or WiMiM, and how they are helping the industry become agents of change. Katie Felten and Bridgette Palm, Co-Founders of Strategy House Katie and Bridgette...