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The #1 global fintech radio show and podcast. Every week we explore the personalities, startups, innovators, and industry players driving disruption in financial services; from Incumbents to unicorns, and from the latest cutting edge technology to the people who are using it to help to create a more innovative, inclusive and healthy financial future.

The #1 global fintech radio show and podcast. Every week we explore the personalities, startups, innovators, and industry players driving disruption in financial services; from Incumbents to unicorns, and from the latest cutting edge technology to the people who are using it to help to create a more innovative, inclusive and healthy financial future.


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The #1 global fintech radio show and podcast. Every week we explore the personalities, startups, innovators, and industry players driving disruption in financial services; from Incumbents to unicorns, and from the latest cutting edge technology to the people who are using it to help to create a more innovative, inclusive and healthy financial future.




Episode 442: Looking To The Future

In today's episode of Breaking Banks, we feature two of our sister podcasts, each with an eye to the future.We start with Jennifer Tescher's EMERGE Everywhere. Jennifer sits down with Shamina Singh, Founder and President of the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, to discuss the quest for a more sustainable and equitable future, and how she's developing solutions to make the global economy work for everyone. Then, we introduce you to the newest podcast in the Breaking Banks' family, The...


Episode 441: The Three Trillion Dollar Economic Opportunity Hiding in Plain Sight

Businesses founded by women deliver high revenue, and it's no secret, closing the gender equity gap would lead to an increase in GDP. There are a lot of economic reasons to support gender equality, but what exactly does it mean, and how can leaders go about creating change so that we can all reap the benefits of elevating women? Host Amber Buker dives into this and more in today's episode. First, Amber explores investing through a gender lens with Heidi Patel. Heidi began her career in...


Episode 440: Innovation To Be Celebrated: No Slaps Allowed Fintech Awards!

Today Jason Henrichs speaks with Fintech Futures about their first ever Banking Tech Awards USA, to celebrate the outstanding achievements and successes of the US' best and brightest in the financial technology sector. He goes in depth with independent judges, Mary Wisniewski from Bankrate and Lisa Moyle, VC Innovations UK about what they noted as they judged the various categories. It will come as no surprise that the list of categories has grown, and with that overall entries. It isn't...



The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a press release on April 25th that it was invoking a dormant authority that allows it to examine nonbank companies posing risks to consumers. That's pretty broad and seems pretty scary. Listen to Dara Tarkowski, host of the Tech on Reg podcast, and Jason Henrichs break down the legal realities and implications in the first half before being joined by Lindsay Davis of Atomic and Alex Johnson of Fintech Takes to riff on the potential industry...


Episode 439: Journeys: A Large Bank’s Innovation Journey & VC with Cowboy Ventures

In today's episode, Jason Henrichs connects with Jo K Jagadish to discuss TD's innovation journey. As EVP, Head of Corporate Products, Services and Innovation, Jo centers TD product design efforts on customers, even corporate customers, figuring pains, gains and jobs to be done, rather than finding solutions and looking for a problem. Design thinking is leading the way and enabling TD to think small and then scale large to benefit customers and the financial institution. Then, host Amber...


Episode 438: Getting into the Weeds with Regent Bank

In this episode, Breaking Banks host Amber Buker speaks with Keri Cain, SVP at Regent Bank. Personal experience shapes us all, but Keri's experience and unique perspective is helping many and also Regent Bank build a new business line as architect of Regent's multi-state cannabis banking operation. It's a compelling episode, her background in retail, unique perspective and personal experiences having shaped how she leads the way forward at this not-so regional bank in Oklahoma....


Episode 437: Cyber Perspectives from a former FBI Agent & Mindfulness Coach

In this week's episode of Breaking Banks host Amber Buker speaks with James Turgal, VP Optiv. As a former Assistant Director of the FBI Information and Technology Branch he's worked it all. Cybersecurity and ransomware are top of mind, learn how collective defense and one act of collaboration can have an exponential effect on combating cyberthreats. Thereafter, we take a deep breath and connect with Lisa Warner, President, AMP Creative who from the Learning & Development space shares how...


Episode 436: China’s CBDC Dominance

In this special presentation from Breaking Banks, a very comprehensive report on China's Central Bank Digital Currency trial. With global experts including Richard Turrin, Henri Arslanian, Ruth Wandhöfer and Dave Birch, interviews of citizens using the digital currency on the ground and recent coverage across mainstream media, this is the single most important episode on CBDC development we've ever attempted. We hope you enjoy this special production from the team at Breaking Banks....


Episode 435: Secret Sauce for Deeper Relationships & What’s So Nifty About NFTs

The key to deep relationships and customer success? Host JP Nicols and Joe Welu, CEO and Founder, Total Expert have an insightful conversation. CRM and the process are often misunderstood but done properly can lead to an incredible customer journey and deep relationships that help customers, while also enabling you to cross-sell the right offerings to give customers what they need — offering the right products at the right time. Cross-selling can be an ugly word, but banking and lending...


Episode 434: Rethink What You Deliver: SX Roundup & Wild Ride in WA

We start this week's show with a PSA for those unable to make it to Austin and SXSW. You need only listen to host Jason Henrich's recap to feel the energy and understand the value of looking at fintech through a different lens, the chance to discover burgeoning tech startups, and rethink opportunities for financial services. In our second half, host Amber Buker connects with top leadership from First Federal Bank, Matt Deines, CEO and Christopher Riffle, COO/CDO, for a compelling interview...


Episode 433: Global Payments Report & Fintech and Ukraine

Host Brett King begins this week's episode with a conversation with Jim Johnson, President of Worldpay, FIS' Merchant Solutions arm. They discuss insights and ways to fuel the potential of every business around the world, enabling smarter commerce by focusing on key take-aways from Worldpay's Global Payments Report, an annual report which analyzes consumer behavior online and in-the-store in over 41 countries. Worldpay, serves more than a million merchants around the world – including the...


Episode 432: From Fine Wine & Fintech to Solo Cups & Solo GPs

Just as red wine is said to be good for the heart, this episode is good for the industry. With a glass of fine red wine, host Jason Henrichs raps with Lindsay Davis, Forbes Contributor and Head of Markets, Atomic about where the fintech industry is, among other things. Money and investment continue despite the various challenges of working in a hybrid world. All validation of the fintech space and this industry near to our heart. If it takes money to change money, you need only look to JPMC...


Episode 431: Building a Financially Inclusive World; Then Get Ready For The Future

Today we feature two episodes from our Provoke family of podcasts. We start with Jennifer Tescher, host of EMERGE Everywhere and her special guest, Her Majesty Queen Máxima of the Netherlands. In this segment we hear about Her Majesty's passion for financial inclusion which began as a child in Argentina, navigating the impacts of hyperinflation on families and desire to act. In her role as the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development (UNSGSA),...


Episode 430: London Calling & Razzle-Con

This week on Breaking Banks host Brett King interviews the 693rd Lord Mayor of the City of London, Vincent Keaveny. With his mission to invest in a better tomorrow, the head of London Corporation discusses his role in supporting Fintech in the U.K., driving investment, ESG (with his personal emphasis on the S), COP26/27, and his special role in the service of Thanksgiving to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. It’s an engaging piece from across the pond. Thereafter JP Nicols and Brett...


Episode 429: DAOs & Payments Fraud and Friction

What is a DAO? Brett King kicks things off this week by interviewing Marcello Mari, CEO, SingularityDAO. DAOs (Distributed Autonomous Organizations) are gaining traction as the industry looks at company mechanisms and operations and tries to heavily automate them in the blockchain and crypto world, Think of corporations as elements of computer code built from the ground up vs. prior classification as legal institution and you are on your way. Then, host Jason Henrichs squares off with Kate...


Episode 428: Open Finance For All

Leading edge execs Ginger Baker, Plaid's Head of Financial Access and Adam Blue, Q2's CTO chat Open Finance, platformization and the opportunity that Plaid-Q2's recent partnership offers to smaller regional banks and tens of millions of customers with host Brett King. The pandemic increased awareness of problems associated with inequality and amplified the need to expand services and access to more diversified accounts and people. Open Finance is helping to bring solutions for inclusion and...


Episode 427: Reframing the Branch and the Industrialist Dilemma

In today's episode, Brett King starts us off with an interview with Auriga's Mark Aldred about next gen branches. Branches need to continue to adapt -- change their nature and the economics in parallel with offering better mobile and digital engagement. The in-branch journey is more than design, the bank of the future right sizes and incorporates behavior and technology -- inside and outside -- to be smarter and better as banks rethink branch role. Economics are important, listen to Italian...


Episode 426: Meet CHUCK

Everyone is talking about CHUCK. But who or what is CHUCK? CHUCK is none other than the newest payment method collaboratively developed by a consortium of community banks, for community banks, mid-sized institutions and credit unions, yes, credit unions! Listen as Amber Buker speaks with DJ Seeterlin, CIO, Chesapeake Bank and Julie Thurlow, CEO, Reading Cooperative Bank, two stakeholders who had a hand in creating CHUCK, and Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer, Cornerstone Advisors, as they...


Episode 425: Fintech Investment and Growth Opportunities

BankProv's EVP and COO Joe Mancini speaks with host Amber Buker about innovations at this nearly 200-year-old MA-based bank which is anything but traditional—it is helping lead the industry forward with its tech first approach and focus on emerging markets supporting crypto currency, offering full-service banking to crypto-related businesses, BTMs, BaaS and alternative energy. But first, JP Nicols continues our look back to look forward with an informed conversation with Greg Palmer, VP...


Episode 424: Everything’s Coming Up FinTech

What drove the explosive growth of fintech in 2021, and can 2022 top it? Brett King, Jason Henrichs and JP Nicols think so, and they have some ideas on how. From M&A to SuperApps to Defi to emerging markets, here are the things leaders need to pay attention to in the coming year.