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E283: Staying Productive In A Distracted World With Mark Struczewski

Today’s guest is a speaker who speaks for corporations, conferences, and non-profits. He’s also a coach, and podcaster with an obsession to teach people how to get more done. He is the author of How to REALLY Be Productive which helps readers boost their productivity…but only if they take action on the book’s insights. Quotes To Remember: Coming soon... What You’ll Learn: Coming soon... Key Links From The Show: Coming soon... Recommended Books: Coming soon...


E282: Hustle, Grind, And Repeat With Matt LeBris

Matt LeBris is the content coordinator at the Shark Group and a hustler who’s touring the nation to publicly speak at colleges and universities. He aligned himself with the right people and capitalized on the opportunities that were once dreams. While in the nightlife industry across the New York Metro area, he and his team worked with multi award winning artists such as 50 Cent, Fetty Wap, Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks, Fat Joe, Ja Rule and more! Quotes To Remember: Entrepreneurs are a...


E281: The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest With Karen LeLand

Karen LeLand is the Founder and President of Sterling Marketing Group, a branding and marketing strategy and implementation firm helping CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs develop stronger personal, business and team brands. She is the bestselling author of eight books which have sold over 350,000 copies. Quotes To Remember: “The more specific you can be, the more chances you are going to have on getting that audiences looking for you.” “If you want to go really serious on Pinterest,...


E280: Work Less, Make More, And Cut 30 Years Off Your Retirement Plan With Todd Tresidder

Todd Tresidder raised his net worth from less than zero at 23-years-old to self-made millionaire 12 years later and became financially independent at 35 through his investments. Despite his financial independence, he is still an active investor earning consistent investment returns in both up and down markets. Quotes To Remember: “You always start with what’s most interesting to you.” “You start at your lowest resistance and then you explore out to the other ones.” “You can’t leverage...


E279: How To Successfully Start And Grow As Many Businesses As Your Heart Desires With Shawn Reynolds

Shawn Reynolds is an entrepreneur who operates a family construction company, Reynolds Brothers Exteriors, with his two brothers. Reynolds Brothers Exteriors prides themselves in offering you the best rainwater management systems on the market today. Quotes To Remember: “You can plan for luck and timing. That stuff just happens.” “You have to have processes in place.” “You have to trust that the people around you can do the job as well as you.” “You are important but not as important...


MB1: Focus On What You Can Do

It always seems like we have a lot of different things to do. This is where overwhelm happens and our dreams are left astray. We focus on how much there is left to do instead of the small steps we need to take to get there. This is the first Moment of Breakthrough which will be a weekly series within Breakthrough Success. The Moment of Breakthrough is inspired by Justin Schenck who provides his listeners with his weekly Moment of Growth. I'm mixing in some shorter episodes with the longer...


E278: Creating A Personal Time Management System With Dino Dogan

Dino Dogan is the founder of Triberr, the social network for content creators that sends millions of monthly visitors to its members. He is a high-energy speaker who blends original research in customer loyalty with a delivery of a stand-up comedian. He is the creator of Insane Loyalty, an original framework which reveals that brands and cults use the same techniques to recruit their most loyal fanatics. He and his startup have appeared in publications like Venture Beast, Forbes, Yahoo!...


Snippet3: Your Book Is A Sales Funnel

The ultimate, sole goal for most authors is to get more book sales. This is why most authors don't make enough money from their books. Instead of viewing a new reader as the end result, use your book to strengthen the relationship and provide calls-to-action. Your book is a funnel that people pay to get into. It's not the main product. This is how authors become authorpreneurs and expand the revenue potential for each of their books. Gundi Gabrielle shares a lot of great insights in this...


E277: Finding More Time To Write Your Next Book With Sarah Lentz

Sarah Lentz is an author of books like The Hypothyroid Writer and Writer on a Budget. Through her books, she helps authors write more books and tap into their inner productivity instead of potential overwhelm. Quotes To Remember: Coming soon... What You’ll Learn: Coming soon... Key Links From The Show: Coming soon... Recommended Books: Coming soon...


E276: Fight Fears, Find Passion, And Unlock The Extraordinary Life With Adam Smith

Adam Smith is an entrepreneur, life coach, consultant, and public speaker. His popular blog,, offers important advice and insights on leadership, bravery, and life purpose, among other topics. Named one of the most influential people by American Genius, he has written for publications like Success Magazine and has been featured in Newsday and other media. Quotes To Remember: Coming soon... What You’ll Learn: Coming soon... Key Links From The Show: Coming...


E275: Atomic Habits Are All You Need For Remarkable Results With James Clear

James Clear is the author of Atomic Habits, the creator of the Habits Academy, a weightlifter, and a travel photographer in over 30 countries. His writing is focused on how we can create better habits, make better decisions, and live better lives. His work has been covered by dozens of major media outlets including The New York Times, TIME, and on CBS This Morning Quotes To Remember: If you make these small changes...then you can end up with these powerful remarkable results in the long...


Snippet2: How Small Steps Turn Into Big Steps

We are conditioned to despise change. However, change is exactly what you need to create momentum and take the small steps that lead to the bigger ones. In the second Snippet Saturday episode, Adam Markel shares how the small steps we take seem really small at the time but can lead to massive shifts in our level of success. This episode will give you a new idea of what is possible in your life and encourage you to set bigger goals. Adam also reveals how many dominos it would take to knock...


E274: Attract Influencers To Your Business With Cloris Kylie

Cloris Kylie is an influencer marketing specialist who helps you attract the right clients and build a magnificent business that thrives over the long term. She is the author of the #1 bestseller Beyond Influencer Marketing: Create Connections with Influential People to Build Authority, Grow Your List, and Boost Revenue, where she shows you her proven system to build long-lasting connections with influencers. Quotes To Remember: “When you start focusing on what’s wrong, you are not...


E273: Crafting Effective Sales Copy With Michael Giannulis

Michael Giannulis grows and scales companies. His most recent company is on track to do $40 million in gross revenues. He is a serial entrepreneur who develops systems to help other entrepreneurs run multiple companies without having to be there. In 2012 he appeared on the ABC television show Extreme Weight Loss, losing 255 pounds. He has overcome a stutter. He has gone from the bottom of the corporate ladder to the top of the mountain... and he loves helping others do the same. And now he’s...


E272: Turn Inspiration Into Action With LuAnn Nigara

LuAnn Nigara is a sought after speaker on topics ranging from work-life balance to making decisions that make a difference. She’s also host of the top-rated interior design podcast, A Well-Designed Business®, which airs two times per week on iTunes, Stitcher and iHeart Radio. Her podcast is the definitive resource for interior design professionals interested in operating a profitable and productive business. Her first book, The Making of A Well-Designed Business®, is an Amazon #1-rated...


Snippet1: Stop Focusing On Results And Start Building A Community

Welcome to the first ever Snippet Saturday episode on Breakthrough Success. Each week, we'll turn back the clock and share some insights from a previous episode. The first Snippet Saturday brings us back to Anna Sabino who shares some valuable insights in Episode 259. Most people are results focused. They think about growing their email lists, boosting conversion rates, and ultimately, getting more sales. While it's good to set goals like these, they can prevent us from seeing the full...


E271: How To Lead When You’re Not In Charge With Clay Scroggins

Clay Scroggins is the lead pastor of North Point Community Church, providing visionary and directional leadership for all of the local church staff and congregation. He understands firsthand how to manage the tension of leading when you're not in charge. Starting out as a facilities intern, he has worked his way through many organizational levels at North Point Ministries Quotes To Remember: “Influence is what really makes leadership work.” “Influence is the essence of...


E270: The Art Of Buying And Selling Businesses With Nunzio Presta

Nunzio Presta is the founder and CEO of BizON, an online marketplace where people can buy, sell, and grow businesses or franchises every day. The ex pro athlete turned entrepreneur is a thought leader on digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Quotes To Remember: “The spotlight is always on entrepreneurship.” “Timing is one big factor.” “A lot of successful buyers on our site are looking to buy businesses that is self-sufficient.” “No buyer wants to enter a business with so many...


E269: Turn A Failing Business Into A Success With Steven Kuhn

Steven Kuhn is a decorated U.S. Military combat veteran who turns failing businesses into successes across Europe and the U.S. He has been handpicked to consult some of the most influential people in the world about how to expand their brand, build value and loyalty and develop strategies for increasing beneficial relationships. Throughout his career, he has led international organizations, managed multi-continent projects, and coached executive teams in non-traditional ways that led to...


E268: Seeing Possibilities With Daniel Blanchard

Daniel Blanchard is an award winning author, speaker, educator, and life coach who shares real-life lessons and inspiring stories with audiences of teens, adults, educators, and sometimes a mixture of all three. His goal is to positively influence the way we think about what is possible, regardless of how old we are. He is also an award-winning Advanced Toastmaster Gold Speaker, has been a featured guest on radio and television, and is a former Junior Olympian wrestler and Junior Olympian...