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Brilliant Balance is a podcast for working women who are ready to shine. Each week we will discuss ideas, inspiration, and insight on balance, business, and getting it all done gracefully. Are you ready? Let's be brilliant.

Brilliant Balance is a podcast for working women who are ready to shine. Each week we will discuss ideas, inspiration, and insight on balance, business, and getting it all done gracefully. Are you ready? Let's be brilliant.
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Brilliant Balance is a podcast for working women who are ready to shine. Each week we will discuss ideas, inspiration, and insight on balance, business, and getting it all done gracefully. Are you ready? Let's be brilliant.




Why Doing it ALL is Overrated

You’ve probably heard the phrase “more is more.” But is that ALWAYS true? We often feel like we should be working more, doing more and saying yes to ALL THE THINGS. But when you try to do everything, you lose focus. You feel like you’re pulled in a thousand directions. In this episode, you’ll hear how saying no strategically can give you the opportunity to shine AND a little room to breathe. Show highlights include: - The counter-intuitive question to ask yourself when you don’t...


Becoming Unstoppable with Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint Water

One of the most fulfilling aspects of life is the ability to pursue a purpose. Being passionate about what you do each day gives you clarity and energy in all aspects of your life. And no matter what you might be juggling on a given day, we are all wired for a sense of mission. Today’s guest, Kara Goldin, turned her passion for health into a $100M+ company. She is the CEO of Hint Water, a mother of four and hosts the podcast, “Unstoppable“. Listen to this episode and find out how Kara has...


Do You Talk Too Much? Why talking about our problems isn't always good

We all have problems from time to time - but who do we turn to for guidance when we need it? Sometimes it’s just therapeutic to talk it out and vent about our issues with family and friends that we trust. In this episode, you’ll find out who you should actually be talking to, and when to stop talking altogether - so you can take action - and finally enable YOURSELF to solve them. Show highlights include: - The key reasons sharing your problems can become dangerous and keep you from...


Strategically Selfish: Is it ever okay to do something for yourself?

Let’s face it - being called selfish is usually a bad thing. Yet being selfish at the right point in time can actually be good - it can even help you make an amazing impact in OTHER people’s lives. In other words: You get to serve those you love (including yourself) by being selfish at the right moment. You’ll find out when those right moments are in this episode of Brilliant Balance. Show highlights include: - Why taking care of yourself is NOT selfish and actually benefits those you...


When to Say When: Decide when you've done enough for the day

Let’s face it - with all you have to juggle on a daily basis, stress is almost a badge of honor. But with all the energy you put into advancing your career, growing yourself and being with your family, at some point you need to feel ok about unplugging. In this episode, you’ll find out when you can be satisfied for the day and give yourself a healthy dose of “done”. Instead of juggling all your tasks, you’ll feel energized and allow yourself the rest you need to make the next day another...


The Secret To Losing Stress Weight with Nagina Abdullah

It’s easy to make bad food choices when you are working long hours and strapped for time. You might feel really good about your professional achievements, but don’t like the way your clothes fit or your reflection in the mirror. But what does it take to consistently keep “eat healthy” at the top of your to-do list? Our guest on today’s episode is Nagina Abdullah, founder of Masala Body and corporate management consultant-turned-weight loss coach. Nagina knows what we’re going through...


From Burned Out to Fired Up - How to make the shift

When you’re on your A game with the things in your life that fill you with energy and purpose, it can be an amazing feeling. But if you don’t take time to breathe once in awhile, what used to energize you can eventually take an ugly turn. In this episode, you’ll gain an essential toolkit to go from burned out to fired up. Listen now to transform your perspective and fall in love with your life again. Show highlights include: - Why you can’t be “on” all the time—and the best strategies...


Imperfect Action — Why Done Is Better Than Perfect

When you’re managing the many aspects of your professional life and your home life (and don’t forget about yourself!), your to-do list can get out of control quickly. Sometimes it’s so extreme, you don’t even know where to begin. Overwhelm, anyone? In this episode, you’ll hear about the three steps to break the feeling of overwhelm and learn how to flow through your tasks, checking them off one after another. Show highlights include: - How to tackle tasks that seem too big to be done...


Why some women seem to have all the luck

Some women seem to live a charmed life - everything just falls their way. Maybe they start a business at the perfect point in time, or bump into just the right person when they need it most. They consistently get huge returns on the chances they take. These women seem to magnetize luck. And while you can’t control luck, you can take more advantage of the serendipity all around you. In this episode, you’ll hear how you can attract more luck into your own life and career. Experience the...


Lessons from The Balance Project with Susie Orman Schnall

Let’s face it - some women just look unstoppable. They raise great kids and maintain a killer relationship, while still driving toward their own goals and dreams. And honestly, they sparkle with joy in everything they do. Susie Orman Schnall, our very first guest on the Brilliant Balance podcast, got so curious about these women that she decided to interview a bunch of them! She curated those interviews in a series called The Balance Project which then inspired her novel by the same name....


Recovering From a Setback - do you Spring Forward or Fall Behind?

How do we react to setbacks or disappointments in our lives - do we spring forward or fall back? Everybody has setbacks - trying to avoid them is useless. In fact, the bigger you play in life, the more often you’ll experience them. Instead of letting yours drag you down, learn about the magic of transforming them into opportunities to get everything you want (and more). In this episode, you’ll learn how to spring forward when setbacks happen in your life, including a proven method to get...


The best cure for your Valentine's Day hangover

Did Valentine’s Day make you feel either utterly adored or deeply unlovable? That’s why it’s called a hangover - but not the kind where you drank too much the night before. Today we’re talking about an emotional hangover where you still feel the residue the following day. And in this episode, we’re going to be giving you the best cure for your Valentine’s Day hangover. Here Are The Highlights: - How to revive your relationship to make it feel like it did in the beginning (7:40) -...


Why you need a date night with yourself

Society pressures us into minimizing time alone. We worry about feeling lonely, seeming selfish, or looking like a loser if we’re rolling solo. But protecting time to do exactly what YOU want to do is darn near magical. Whether you’re married, dating, or single, you need time alone every now and then. Today I’m giving you permission to treat yourself to a date night...with yourself! Stop doing what everyone ELSE wants you to do for once. You deserve it...and you’re going to love...


How do you make a habit stick?

Have you ever met someone who seems to get ALL THE THINGS done? When they say, “I’m going to…” (whether it’s start eating healthy, get more organized, or start exercising) they make it happen! But when YOU attempt to tackle a similar goal, it’s a very different story. You might be able to keep up with a new habit for a while, but somewhere along the way, you lose motivation...and quit. If that rings true, then today’s episode is for you. We’re going to break down the three steps to...


Put on your big girl pants and let's talk money

It doesn’t matter if you’re working, retired, independently wealthy, or currently unemployed... money matters...a lot. And if you don’t think that’s true, just try ignoring money completely for a few months and see what happens! Today, we’re talking money, and I’m sharing some practical steps you can take TODAY to put you on the road to financial confidence. Here Are The Highlights: - How to protect a positive money mindset (3:30) - How to calculate your personal net-worth (6:30) -...


Are you settling for a B+ life?

Sure, your life is pretty good, but can it be better? What is preventing you from squeezing every ounce of opportunity and potential out of it? Life can be an infinite cascade of possibilities, so don’t settle for less than the best YOU can be. After listening to this episode, you’re going to be in a far superior position to step up and go from good to great. Let’s do this. Here Are The Highlights: - Why it’s my life’s mission to get women to step up (7:00) - The mind-riddling lies...


The real reason you don't work out (and what to do about it)

You’re busy. You’re tired. You’re in charge of the kids. I’ve been there. But if these are your three big reasons for not working out (even though you WANT to), then today’s episode is for you. I’m sharing three very simple shifts that will get you in gear so that working out with consistency is actually EASY. Not only that, but I’m going to help you uncover the real reason you’re not working out so you can get past it once and for all. Here Are The Highlights: - A solid strategy for...


The secret to eating well even if you’re never at home

Between work, school, kids, and everything in between, eating healthy often gets put on the back burner. The good news is there are a few things you can do to make sure you dig into a healthy and balanced meal...even if it’s taken to-go! In today’s episode, we’re going to uncover the truth behind staying in control of the food choices you make - even if you’re never at home. Here Are The Highlights: - Giving food the mental priority it deserves (7:10) - Why you should never make a...


Calendar Control: Why you do NOT need another daily planner

January is the time of year that millions of us buy beautiful new daily planners. There are so many to choose from, and we all love the thrill of picking the perfect one for us. The anticipation is delicious. But fast forward a few weeks, and for most of us, this sparkly new planner lies forgotten about in the bedroom drawer or collecting cobwebs on a bookshelf. Today we’re going to break the mold, show you why you don’t need another daily planner, and teach how to supercharge your days...


DO NOT make a New Year's Resolution until you hear this

Don’t you just love beginnings...they’re so full of possibilities! The new year is an extremely powerful time to channel your best positive attitude and optimistic outlook… but unless it’s done correctly your best intentions may fall flat. New Year’s Resolutions just don’t usually work - so maybe it’s time for a different approach. In today’s episode, you’re going to discover a game-changing method for getting what you want out of the New Year and getting better results in 2019 than...