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BrumPod, the podcast for small businesses, by small businesses; discussing the topics that matter to you; including marketing, networking, generating business awareness, as well as covering various business tools & technology. Find us on Twitter, @brumpod. Brought to you by Brummies Networking, the home of free, stripped-back business networking (Twitter: @brummiesnet). Music by Birocratic - Produced by Audio Shed - Twitter: @audioshedstudio

BrumPod, the podcast for small businesses, by small businesses; discussing the topics that matter to you; including marketing, networking, generating business awareness, as well as covering various business tools & technology. Find us on Twitter, @brumpod. Brought to you by Brummies Networking, the home of free, stripped-back business networking (Twitter: @brummiesnet). Music by Birocratic - Produced by Audio Shed - Twitter: @audioshedstudio


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BrumPod, the podcast for small businesses, by small businesses; discussing the topics that matter to you; including marketing, networking, generating business awareness, as well as covering various business tools & technology. Find us on Twitter, @brumpod. Brought to you by Brummies Networking, the home of free, stripped-back business networking (Twitter: @brummiesnet). Music by Birocratic - Produced by Audio Shed - Twitter: @audioshedstudio






Adobe Launches Free Canva Competitor

With the meteoric rise that Canva has seen over the last few years, it was inevitable that competitors would rise to get a slice of the action. Given how Canva has completely changed the game in the world of graphic design, democratising the way graphics (and now of course video) is created by not just graphic design professionals, but by everyone - through the use of templates and pre-made elements that people can incorporate within their designs; a major player had to take notice. The...


Farewell 2021, Hello Better Times - Merry Christmas To All

In our final episode of 2021, we just wanted to give you a few updates of things you need to know. As you know, we had to cancel our December networking event due to the current Omicron spread and the restrictions that are currently in place - we decided to wait until the new year instead of putting on a substandard event, so fingers crossed this is just a very temporary suspension of our events, and we look forward to welcoming you back hopefully early in 2022. In the meantime, we...


Tis The Season - Networking At Christmas

Well, it’s official, Christmas is fast approaching now from all angles, whether you’re ready or not! The wine is starting to flow, the nibbles are out, and people are gathering at all manner of festive themed networking events at this time of year. Hopefully your workplace is putting on some kind of Christmas party this year after the tumultuous time we had last year, and now the hospitality industry is so well versed in keeping venues and guests as safe as possible, we hope you enjoy...


LinkedIn Rolls Out Freelance Services Marketplace

In this episode, we discuss LinkedIn’s latest offering - an in-built freelance services marketplace - an additional function within your LinkedIn profile for adding ‘open to work’ banners to your profile picture, as well as the option to add various keywords about your service offering, so people can find you more readily when they need your skills. It supersedes the ‘ProFinder’ offering they’d trialled a while back and, after a beta trial in the USA earlier this year, this service is now...


Living An Analogue Life In A Digital World

Running our businesses, (and indeed lives), old school - does it still have a place in an ever-more digital society? With so much focus these days on people, and indeed businesses taking advantage of the latest platforms and technologies, i.e. the TikTok generation (something that completely eludes us, I might add) - there doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as much focus on tried and tested marketing methods that would now be considered ‘old school’. But does old school mean old and...


Disrupting The Face Of The Recruitment Industry With Dan Hoff-Rodrigues

In this episode we talk to Dan Hoff-Rodrigues from CX Squared Talent Solutions based in the Midlands. Dan’s company focusses on recruitment for the tech industry - but he doesn’t work in the traditional model of recruitment, but favours a ‘Talent As A Service’ model, helping to drive the industry into the 21st century. You’ll learn about his career path to date bringing him to where he is now, and why he wanted to disrupt the face of recruitment by doing things in a different...


When Does Planning Become Procrastination?

A raw and unplanned episode filled with some topical updates, including the state of the electric vehicle infrastructure, as well as updates on the Birmingham Clean Air Zone and how that’s going. Electric Vehicles & Infrastructure: Midlands Connect calls for urgent action needed to speed up the expansion of EV charging points in the midlands. EV use will increase by more than 3000% by the end of the decade, and currently we’re lagging behind. Around 500 charging points are being installed...


LinkedIn Announces Native Video Conferencing

LinkedIn now has nearly 740million members, & over 55million registered companies. Microsoft bought Skype in 2011. They then bought LinkedIn in 2016. They’ve had the ability to bring in video technologies to LinkedIn for years now. So why the delay? At the beginning of 2020 saw the massive rise of Zoom, from a little heard-of video conference app, to global powerhouse, exponentially increasing their user base in a very short space of time thanks to the pandemic. With LinkedIn...


How To Take Time Off When You’re Self Employed

When you’re self-employed, a freelancer or solopreneur, it can be difficult to make the time to take time away from your business and go on holiday. There’s often guilt about not being available to your clients, worries about loss of earnings, pressures of getting someone in to cover for you while you’re away; meaning there are so many people that don’t take annual holidays at all. This can be extremely damaging to your physical and mental health. We aren’t robots, we’re humans - we...


Networking Safely After 17 Months & How To Keep Your Network Effective

In this episode, we reflect on the fact we have just hosted our first in-person networking event in over 17 months! It was a strange feeling being back in our spiritual home of networking - but quickly the strangeness subsided into a feeling of (relative) normality, and absolute familiarity. We had a (capped) roomful of people eager to get back to business networking, with great, deeper conversations happening throughout. It really was great to see. We also reflect in this episode about...


Productivity Tools You Can't Live Without

In this episode, Richard and Iwan give a run down of some of their top productivity tools that they simply can’t live without. (What they did before then, who knows…) We cover various business tools, apps, software and platforms that simply make life easier in 2021 and beyond - tools that will often save you lots of time and effort, in turn making you a more productive business owner. There are also mentions in this episode of great free or low cost alternatives to the more well known...


Will Digital Business Cards Prevail In a Post-Pandemic World?

A new (to us) technology has been stumbled upon - the digital business card. An NFC-enabled plastic credit card sized business card that can be scanned on the recipient’s phone, loading up a browser page with all your relevant contact details and web links - with a big shiny button front and centre to allow that person to immediately save your details to their phone’s address book. The technology isn’t necessarily that new - but it’s the first time we’ve seen it in such a slick easy to use...


Are You A Specialist Or A Generalist?

A phrase we’ve all heard before - ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ - certainly some truth to it - albeit with some negative connotations. In this episode we’re discussing generalists versus specialists - which is more preferable? Maybe there’s no right or wrong answer, as there are a multitude of advantages and disadvantages to both. Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, this topic will apply to you, as you may already fit on one side of the fence on this one, possibly happy...


When Plans Change - Be Adaptable (Including Us)

With the recent announcement from The Government that so called ‘Freedom Day’ being set for June 21st is now being put back by 4 weeks, it means our plans have now had to change too. We are now planning on bringing back our in-person networking events, hopefully, in August. But of course, watch this space and subscribe to our newsletter and follow our socials for the latest news on that. It brings with it the renewed thoughts of the importance of being flexible and adaptable, as changes...


BrumPod045: Returning To Normal - And The Return Of Our In Person Events!

Business is gradually returning to some sense of normality; people are back at work, shops are open, and for the most part, we can more or less return to life as we kind of knew it. Many companies are transitioning their office buildings to accommodate hybrid working, allowing for people to continue to work from home indefinitely, and scaling down their premises to have spaces to meet and collaborate, but not necessarily every day. Companies such as HSBC, Lloyds, Standard Chartered are...


BrumPod044: Keeping The Passion Alive Within Your Business - The Benefits Of Outsourcing

In this episode we talk to Jenna Lawson and Georgia Beech from Seamless OS, an outsourcing company based in Birmingham. Throughout this episode, they both highlight the benefits involved in starting your outsourcing journey, the amount of money you might save if you start outsourcing compared to hiring in-house teams of people, or indeed doing various tasks yourself. And for many small businesses, especially over the tumultuous last year, how outsourcing various tasks can help business...


BrumPod043: Networking In The Virtual World: Clubhouse & Its Clones

With more options to network online than ever, especially during Covid where it’s been of utmost importance, we discuss the latest iteration of platforms - Clubhouse; the audio networking platform that’s slowly taking the world by storm. Used as a platform that’s akin to Zoom, but without the cameras, people are using it in a multitude of ways; general group chat, Q&As with industry experts, panel discussions, the list goes on. And of course, as soon as something becomes popular, all the...


BrumPod042: The Real Dragon’s Den - Investing In Small Business

In this episode we talk to Roger Wood, Director at Midlands based Venture Capital firm Midven. We discuss the obvious comparison - what does real-world small business investing look like in the real world, and is it anything remotely like what we see on Dragon’s Den? (Or Shark Tank in the USA). Roger explains all a small business would need to know should they be thinking about seeking investment for their own business. Key things discussed include; what makes a business investment-ready?...


BrumPod041: How Important Is Hope?

Covid vaccines have been rolled out at an unprecedented rate. The general mood of the country is gradually improving now we have the roadmap out of lockdowns, with ‘life after lockdown’ being a firm light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. So we ask, how important is hope in business? Many businesses this last 12 months have innovated their way to staying afloat, and in some cases, success and thriving. Being adaptable to change and uncertain futures has been a key marker in seeing how a...


BrumPod040: How Important Is Email - And Are You Too Reachable?

In the technological age we’re living in, we’re now all too used to being reachable by a multitude of communications media - email, text, social media, mobile phones, video conferencing. When email came around, people proclaimed ‘the letter is dead!’. Of course that’s not true. When texting, WhatsApp, social media etc came about - people then proclaimed that ‘email is dead!’. Of course, that’s not true either! It’s more about its importance in our lives, and how we adapt to technology,...