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What Do Engineers Do After Storytime? Tracer Bullets with Freedom Dumlao

Product teams start with a one pager, then they storytime, then they get into the organize phase. But what do the engineers do while the designer is designing? A technical proof of concept that we call the tracer bullet. Freedom Dumlao, Chief Architect at Drift, joins Maggie to talk through how engineers contribute to discovery at Drift. Like this episode? Be sure to leave a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review and share the pod with your friends. You can connect with Maggie on Twitter @maggiecrowley...


Kickoff: How To Go From Discovery To Delivery In 15 Minutes Or Less

So you've talked to customers, you've prototyped, you've figured out what will solve for your customer's problem. What's next? Kickoff. In this episode Maggie and Trevor Rundell (Director of Engineering at Drift) explain how to go from discovery to actually building by kicking off the work. Like this episode? Be sure to leave a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review and share the pod with your friends. You can connect with Maggie on Twitter @maggiecrowley @HYPERGROWTH_Pod


Maggie’s Top 4 Product Lessons for 2020

Who says resolutions are just for your personal life? In this episode, Maggie looks back at what she learned in past year of Build — and what she’s committing to doing in 2020. Like this episode? Be sure to leave a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review and share the pod with your friends. You can connect with Maggie on Twitter @maggiecrowley @HYPERGROWTH_Pod


What Really Matters When Hiring A PM

Interviewing for your first product job can seem impossible (and so can interviewing for your 5th PM job, to be honest). In a role where EQ and being able to influence stakeholders is just as or even more critical than data fluency and understanding business models, interviews can be challenging and unpredictable. So in this episode, Maggie sat down with Craig Daniel, VP of Product at Drift, to talk through what matters when hiring PMs, their favorite interview questions, and the best...


How The Art World Gives Feedback

Talking to Drift's Tim O'Brien about what happens after storytime got Maggie thinking about feedback. Because feedback is really the key to making ideas, designs, processes, and products, basically anything, better. But receiving feedback can be really stressful, and giving feedback as a PM can be really hard when you don't want to be a jerk – but you also want to get your point across. So she decided to reach out to someone outside of the product world who's well-versed in feedback: an...


5 Steps For Better, More Effective Presentations (For PMs & Everyone Else Too)

Yes, this whole episode is about slides. Here’s why you should care (and listen). Being able to communicate ideas, information, plans, product decisions effectively is absolutely critical to being a good PM. That communication often happens in the form of a presentation, so this is Maggie’s method for how to put together a fail-proof presentation every single time. Need to present a choice to your executive team? Have a conference talk coming up? Want to get people on board with your ideas?...


How To Build A Legit Career In Product With Lesley Mottla

What does good look like for a product veteran? In this episode, Maggie taps Lesley Mottla (former product leader at Microsoft, Zipcar, M.Gemi, and others) to find out. Lesley talks about how to get the mix right between qualitative and quantitative data, the importance of building relationships, the path that's now opened up to product pros, and what she's learned along the way in her product career.


How Slack Thinks About Product Onboarding

A lot of companies treat onboarding as something that they set and forget (or they treat as a project instead of a team). Slack? Not so much. From the day the company launched, Slack put a big investment into onboarding to help their customers get into the product and understand it quickly. So in this episode of Build, Maggie talks to Fareed Mosavat (Director of Product at Slack) to learn about Slack's approach to onboarding and how it's evolved over time.


How To Get Rid Of Your Backlog & Still Get Things Done

Maggie is not a fan of backlogs. So in this episode, she talks about what's wrong with working off backlog and feature-based roadmaps. Not convinced? Don’t worry. Maggie walks you through the top five most common objections to this approach – and tells you what it’s really like to work without a traditional backlog.


What Happens After Story Time?

You get product, engineering, and design into a room to go through your one pager. Then you develop a list of open questions as a team. But as a PM, what comes next? In this episode, Maggie is joined by Tim O'Brien, Director of Product Design at Drift, to talk about what happens after story time and what each team owns in the build process. Because let's get one thing straight. It's not the kind of thing where the design team goes off into a dark corner to come up with a prototype all on...


What It Means To Build With Your Customers In Mind

In product, you always want to do more discovery, be more customer-centric, and talk to the people who are on the front lines using your product every day. But it’s easier said than done. And it’s also pretty tough to find real-life examples of what the relationship between a PM and the customer should look like. So on this episode of Build, Maggie talks to a customer she’s been working closely with for nearly a year. Rob Stevenson (Product Growth Leader at Keap) joins Maggie live at...


This Is How Ryan Singer from Basecamp Builds Products

Struggling with prioritization? Want to know how the experts pick projects and scope work? Find out in this episode of Build, where Maggie talks to Ryan Singer, the Head of Strategy at Basecamp. Ryan has been shaping and building at Basecamp for over 16 years, and recently wrote a book on how they work called Shape Up. Maggie and Ryan dig into what it means to shape work, prioritization theater, how product decisions are really bets, and what happens when your product scope gets out of...


How Product Leaders Really Think About Goal Setting, Prioritization, and Coaching

There’s 10,000 different ways to do it. But when it comes to setting goals (and prioritizing and measuring them) which way is best? Find out in this episode of Build, where Maggie talks to Rachel Neasham, VP of Product at Lola.com. Before joining the startup world, Rachel was an officer in the U.S. Army. But after four years at West Point, two deployments, and five years in the Army, Rachel was ready for a new challenge and eventually found her way into product management. Maggie and Rachel...


Talking Product Discovery with Jocelyn Mangan (Co-founder & CEO Him for Her)

It’s underused, underrated, and often seen as a “soft” thing to focus on. But guess what? Product discovery is also critical in making sure you’re building the right thing – and the more thorough your discovery is, the more effective your delivery will be. So on this episode of Build, Maggie meets with Jocelyn Mangan, someone who has a ton of operational experience in product discovery. Before she was the co-founder & CEO Him for Her (an organization helping to get more women on for-profit...


You Can’t Cherry-Pick the Best Parts (and Other Product Lessons from David Cancel)

You could have a field day researching the tactics, frameworks, mental models, and processes and then apply them to building better products. But David Cancel says most of us are doing this wrong. When you're picking a role model for your product, you can't cherry-pick the best parts – because then you end up with a Frankenstein product. So on this episode of Build, Maggie and DC talk about the importance of stepping back and using first principles. Want to know how DC says product managers...


How Do You Bring Product Best Practices To A New Team?

What works for some product leaders is often so company and culture-specific that it’s hard to see how you can take those best practices and make them work at your own company. So on this episode of Build, Maggie talks to Scott Williamson who is the VP of Product Management at GitLab. Before joining GitLab in 2019, Scott ran product management at SendGrid and CA Technologies, so he’s got first-hand experience developing a product philosophy at one company and then bringing it over to another...


What's The Build Trap & What Does It Mean For Product Managers?

On this episode of Build, Maggie sits down with Melissa Perri, product management and UX expert and author of Escaping the Build Trap: How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value. Maggie and Melissa dive deep and explore what the build trap is and what it means for product managers, plus how product management teams can get out of the build trap and drive real business value – not feature factories. Want to hear Melissa's two best pieces of advice for PMs? Listen to the full episode.


Post-mortems: The Secret To Better Performing Products (And Teams) with FYI's Marie Prokopets

On today's episode of Build, Maggie sits down with FYI co-founder Marie Prokopets to talk through how to run seriously effective project post-mortems. Marie explains what they are, why you should be doing them, what you can hope to learn and much more. You'll leave this episode (and your first post-mortem) with tangible takeaways you can use to improve your processes. And hey, they're not just for product people. Post-mortems apply to everyone and everything. So be sure to tune in for more...


We Talked To Product Management Legend Marty Cagan. Here’s What We Learned

Marty Cagan is often referred to as the most influential person in the product space. He got his start building products for eBay, AOL and Netscape Communications, and Hewlett-Packard. Now he's a partner at Silicon Valley Product Group where he helps companies create winning product strategies and grow their product organization. Oh, and it just so happens that Marty has been a longtime role model for Build’s host, Maggie Crowley. So in this episode, Maggie and Marty sit down for an epic...


Getting Product, Engineering & Design In The Same Room: What Happens After You Write A One Pager

On this episode of Build, Maggie and special guest Alexa Nguyen from the Drift product team talk about what happens after you write a one pager. At Drift, 'story time' is the next step in the product development cycle. It's where product managers, engineers, and designers get together in one room to outline the problem they're solving and identify any open questions. So the goal of the meeting isn't about coming up with a solution to the problem – it's about empathizing with the user and...