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Cultural Creative Lifestyle! Interviews on Success Principles from International Experts, Celebrities, Millionaire Mentors & Billionaire Icons... in Alternative/Naturopathic Medicine, God Centered Life Principles, Entertainment Arts, Organic Cuisine, Personal Development, Business Wealth, Alternative Energy.... Copyright © HEART, Inc. 2021 Join me on iHeart Radio ~ or Spotify @ & Amazon Music "Follow Me" on Twitter ‎@SabrinaMarieW

Cultural Creative Lifestyle! Interviews on Success Principles from International Experts, Celebrities, Millionaire Mentors & Billionaire Icons... in Alternative/Naturopathic Medicine, God Centered Life Principles, Entertainment Arts, Organic Cuisine, Personal Development, Business Wealth, Alternative Energy.... Copyright © HEART, Inc. 2021 Join me on iHeart Radio ~ or Spotify @ & Amazon Music "Follow Me" on Twitter ‎@SabrinaMarieW


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Cultural Creative Lifestyle! Interviews on Success Principles from International Experts, Celebrities, Millionaire Mentors & Billionaire Icons... in Alternative/Naturopathic Medicine, God Centered Life Principles, Entertainment Arts, Organic Cuisine, Personal Development, Business Wealth, Alternative Energy.... Copyright © HEART, Inc. 2021 Join me on iHeart Radio ~ or Spotify @ & Amazon Music "Follow Me" on Twitter ‎@SabrinaMarieW






Bev Smith ~ CNN, BET Expert on Human, Voters Rights & Economics in the 21st Century Pt.1

From CNN, BET, AURN I'm LIVE in Studio Talking w the Legendary Journalist & Talk Show Host Bev Smith This March America marks a Historic Events It's Women's History Month, Bev's Birthday & The Anniversary of the Selma Marches for Voter's Rights. Voters Rights Now.......... He-La Cells is being Researched for a Cure for COVID, We Talk Black Inventors, Newspapers, Media, Community. Many Black & People of many cultures & races marched for civil rights . How have we fared since then? Talk Media...


Dr. Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H. ReClaiming Peace in a Chaotic World!! Pt.1

3x Emmy Award Winner ~ How can we become a more positively peaceful being in a 24/7 Pop Culture-Social Media World? My Guest this week has some solutions. Dr. Carole Lieberman's multi-dimensional career as an internationally renowned "Media Psychiatrist" is always leading edge! Dr.Carole is "the doctor who helps you stay sane in an insane world!" On TV, Radio, the Internet, in Film, Print, as a Speaker and as the first Shrink on Board airline in-flight entertainment, Dr. Carole's insights...


Rohulamin Quander ~ From 1684, George Washington, The White House to Now, What a Legacy!

The White House, Smithsonian, NY Times Washington Post, PBS Have featured the Quander Families nearly 340 Year Roots BEFORE the forming of the United States of America to Now. This Week I Look at Highlight of the AmQuando Families Journey & Present Day Walk in America My Guest is Rohulamin Quander, a native Washingtonian, is a retired Senior Administrative Law Judge for the District of Columbia. He is also a member of the Quander Family whose distinguished history in the Washington, D.C....


A Look at "Good Trouble" ~ a Foot Solider's First Hand View Then & it's Relevance in 2021!

Time Magazine, CNN, Media Images & Reporting Reflect the Colors of Change. This Week I Take Time to Reflect & Just Breathe. Also Reflect of Things Happening in Our World. In Remembrance of Jimmie Lee Jackson & The Late Honorable John Lewis (D,GA) I have been Blessed to Meet, Learn, Train & Work along side of Several Civil Rights Icons. On of them was the Late The Honorable John Lewis (D,GA) who Fought & Marched in 2020 to the Very End!! I have attended events Remembering the History, People...


Bobby Brooks Wilson ~ Grammy Award Nominated Vocalist & Son of the Legendary Jackie Wilson Pt 1

Grammy Award Nominated Artist with an Amazing Life Journey! He started from Humble Upbringing in a Foster Home @ not Knowing He was he Son of a Legendary singer till he was into Adulthood. Bobby Brooks Wilson, " Mr. Entertainment", is the son of Legendary R&B/Soul Singer, Jackie Wilson. Bobby shares the same amazing traits and talents of his father; many say Jackie’s legacy lives on through him. His adoring fans have dubbed him as “Mr. Entertainment” from his natural ability to entertain and...


Decker Weiss NMD, FASA ~ Bloomberg, 1st Leading World Naturopathic Cardiologist

Bloomberg, 1st Naturopathic Cardiologist ~ Decker Weiss, NMD, FASA and naturopathic cardiologist, travels around the world training physicians and pharmacists on safer ways to use fewer prescriptions and provide more vitality to their patients with natural medicines. A pioneer in the application of effective natural alternatives to bypass and angioplasty, Dr. Weiss has helped over 10,000 patients with his definitive holistic approach to cardiovascular disease management. Dr. Weiss was named...


Jawn Murray ~ MSNBC, E!, CNN ~ Always A Listed Social Political News & Pop Culture Expert

E! Entertainment, Access Hollywood, CNN ~ Want to be in the "Know" about current political,, social, news & pop culture? My guest Jawn Murray knows!! As an entertainment and pop culture analyst, Jawn has become a staple on television offering commentary on networks like CNN, HLN, MSNBC, Fox News, TV Guide Channel, TV One, VH1, E! Entertainment, TruTV and BET. In addition to appearing on shows like NBC’s “Today Show,” “Wendy Williams Show,” “Access Hollywood,” “Washington Watch with Roland...


Mark Thompson ~ A Look at Voters Rights & Economics Today, Where Are We??

MSNBC,CNN, DCP Entertainment Host of 'Make It Plain' with Mark Thompson, he is a Grassroots Activist. This week, We Remember the Leadership & Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Mark Thompson's give his insight on what he believes is the key to social, economic & educational success today. The show is a political, human rights, and breaking news program. Mark (Matsimela Mapfumo) passionately and provocatively moderates discussion with well-informed listeners and nationally known leaders...


Everett Hall ~ Celebrity Designer, Tailor ~ CNN, Wall Street Journal, E!, GQ

Celebrity Haberdasher ~ CNN, Wall Street Journal, E!.,GQ, Tyler Perry, Smokey Robinson are just two of his many clients! He's been featured in CNN, Wall Street Journal, E!.,GQ, USA Today, Black Enterprise. My Guest is Everett Hall, Celebrity Tailor, Fashion Designer @ Everett Hall Signature Collection at his Boutique & Neman-Marcus. Everett Hall is owner of his Upscale Men's Boutique featuring high-end designer suits, sport coats, pants & accessories. At just 13 years old , he designed 300...


Art Lisi ~ BMI Award Winner, NBC, FOX, Nick Jr. Television Musical Composer

" A Musician is a Person in Your Neighborhood!!" . No Joke, Just Across the Street. My Guest this Week, composer Art Lisi has an AMAZING Career Success Track in Television Arts & Sciences! He is a Multiple BMI Award Winner for his work a compose arranger on some of the most Iconic TV Shows ever like: "The Cosby Show on NBC-TV, A Different World,on NBC-TV, (Actress Dawnn Lewis who played Jaleesa also co-wrote the theme to "A Different World"), Living Single on FOX-TV, Little Bill on CBS-TV &...


Clifton Taulbert ~ Pulitzer Prize Nominated Author & Entrepreneur on Community Connections & Lasting Success

"Your Growth Mindset Defines Your Perceptions & Your Actions" “Your will to succeed remains one of your greatest assets.” Clifton-Taulbert According to Clifton L. Taulbert, noted author and entrepreneur businessman, he could have failed had he not encountered community builders and entrepreneurial thinkers early on in his life. Taulbert was born on the Mississippi Delta during the era of legal segregation where he completed his secondary education. Though opportunities were few and barriers...


Paula Boggs ~ Starbucks® Frm Executive VP .... A 2021 Golden New Year !!

Starbuck's Coffee Frm Exec Vice President This 2021 New Year's Theme is about Game Changing in Networking. With a NEW Year it's Time to Step Up In Integrity & Making Strong & Keeping Connections. As I sip my Starbucks Carmel Latte,I talk to my guest Paula Boggs, who has served as: *Executive Vice President of Starbuck's Coffee * Executive Board of NASDAQ Sterling Financial * A Voting Member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences "The Grammy Awards". Paula Boggs fronts a rock...


Dr. Diane Hamilton! New Year in Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal Relations

Forbes ~ Happy New Year 2021!! In addition to being a nationally syndicated radio host, award-winning speaker, author, and educator, Dr. Hamilton is a thought leader in the fields of leadership, sales, marketing, management, engagement, personality, and motivation. To help improve relationships in the workplace—and performance as a result—Dr. Hamilton draws on her decades of work experience in software, computers, corporate training, pharmaceuticals, real estate, mortgage lending, social...


Ahmed Hassan ~ DIY, HGTV Host, Celebrity Landscape and Green Industry Experts

HGTV’, DIY, “Yard Crashers”,“The Dirt On” “Green Me Up”, “Blog Cabin,” is where you have seen Ahmad Just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't have fresh food from the garden. Greens such as lettuce, arugula and mustard, along with cold-weather crops including kale and Swiss chard can be grown in a cloche or cold frame. Many root crops and brassicas will overwinter for a spring harvest. At the age of 10, Ahmed Hassan discovered his love of gardening and working outdoors. To many...


La La Brooks ~ The Original Crystals Vocal Legend.... Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!

The Late Show w David Letterman, PBS~ Those are just SOME of the place you have seen "La La" Dolores Brooks, the original lead singer of top hits of the girl group the Crystals and Broadway & Film actress. She is best known as the lead vocalist on the Crystals' hits "Then He Kissed Me" and "Da Doo Ron Ron", "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" & many others. In 1968, she appeared in the original Broadway production of the musical Hair, where she performed the song "Aquarius". She would later...


Dr.Steven Lamm ~ Oprah, ABC-TV ~ Maintaining Healthy Gut Health Thru The Holiday's & Thru 2021

ABC-TV's "The View", Today Show, Oprah ~ Happy Holiday's!! It is a Season of Reflection, Giving, EATING!! My guest Dr. Steven Lamm is a practicing internist and faculty member at New York University School of Medicine. Known by millions as the "House Doctor" on ABC-TV's 'The View' It is The Week of Christmas & Kwanzzaa and there are at least 3 MORE Holiday's, Parade's, Sports Events PLUS to Celebrate over the next 8 weeks. So this weeks episode should help us thrive the munchies & FEASTS....


Darlene Love ~ Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Honoree, Oscar Winning "20 Feet From Stardom" Christmas Baby, PLEASE Come Home!!

Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductee! Happy Holiday's, Merry Christmas!! Featured in the Academy Award Winning Documentary "20 Feet from Stardom", Darlene Has done a LOT #1 Hit Make, Actress on Stage & in Motion Picture Blockbusters like the "Lethal Weapon" Movies Rolling Stone Magazine has proclaimed Darlene Love to be “one of the greatest singers of all time” and that certainly rings true, but perhaps Paul Shaffer says it even more concisely: “Darlene Love is Rock N’ Roll!” From her first...


Landau Murphy, Jr. ~ NBC-TV's AGT ~ Conquering Covid-19 & Adapting in the NEW Entertainment Scene

Anderson Cooper, AGT Winner, The View, CNN, Fox and Friends, The Wendy Williams Show, The Talk, He's Conquered Covid-19, Got His GED & Has Been Busy with Virtual Concerts & Ceremonies in this Age of Social Distancing. I Talk with Landau about his Thoughts'on His Career, Adapting to the NEW Normal in Entertainment Events & His Healing from the Virus. Happy Holiday's!!! His is a true rags to riches story; car wash rags. When Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. showed up to audition for America’s Got...


Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum ~ CNN, Dr. Oz, Talks Maximizing Energy, Curbing & Enjoying Your Holiday Sweet Tooth!!

"Dr. Oz Show" CNN medical expert- It's the Holiday Season 2020!! Can You Enjoy this Season's Great Foods, Treats & STILL Maintain Your Health Goals? Of Course You Can!! Our favorite house Doc, Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. is in the Holiday Season spotlight this week! He is also a frequent expert on CNN, Dr. Oz Show, Oprah, Martha Stewart, Good Morning America, Fox News. Dr. Teitelbaum's timely book is called "Beating SUGAR Addiction NOW"- The Cutting Edge Program That Cures Your Type of Sugar...


Nabaté Isles ~ GRAMMY® Honoree, Trumpeter “Eclectic Excursions” & More

Grammy Award, Sirius XM The Grammy-winning trumpeter and composer was born and raised in New York City. Nabaté's debut album called, 'Eclectic Excursions' he's had a glorious career journey. During his high school years, Nabaté represented the fifth generation of jazz for the preview of the Louis Armstrong Archives, with trumpet greats Dr. Donald Byrd, "Doc" Cheatham, "Dizzy" Gillespie, Jimmy Owens, Jon Faddis and Wynton Marsalis. Nabaté also appeared in a Coca-Cola commercial, directed by...