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Building better businesses, technologies, and lives by sharing them out loud. Show notes & newsletters can be found at

Building better businesses, technologies, and lives by sharing them out loud. Show notes & newsletters can be found at


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Building better businesses, technologies, and lives by sharing them out loud. Show notes & newsletters can be found at




#19: L.D. Russell on Spirituality, Religion, and Finding Your Tribe

L.D. Russell is a Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at Elon University, where he has taught in the areas of world religions and religion and culture since 1993. I had the opportunity to engage with L.D. in the classroom during my time at Elon University. His willingness to be vulnerable about spirituality, religion, and community (or a "tribe" as L.D. calls it), allows for students to explore difficult questions with great depth. In our conversation, L.D. and I discuss finding your...


#18: Nate Kadlac on Making Design Approachable for All

Nate Kadlac is a digital product designer based in Los Angeles, California. He leads user experience and product design at HomeSpotter (acquired in May '21 by Lone Wolf Technologies.) Nate also co-hosts a weekly podcast called It's Gotta Be the Mic and hosts a live monthly workshop where he teaches the fundamentals of design to non-designers. You can view some of Nate's projects here, or on Dribbble. In our conversation, Nate and I discuss design for non-designers, why minimalism is...


#17: Greg Pellegrino on a Personal Philosophy of Leadership

Honoring the memory of a husband, father, brother, son, friend, and colleague by hearing his own words on leadership. This episode was recorded on April 14th. On April 25th, Greg passed away unexpectedly at the age of 55. In our conversation, Greg and I discuss memories he had with his late father, the time he shared with his kids, and the stories that shaped his leadership philosophy. May we carry Greg's memory forward by living out the principles and values that he depicts in this...


#16: Nick O'Brien on Productizing Copper's Anti-Microbial Properties

Nick O'Brien serves as co-founder/CMO/CFO of Alloi, a consumer products company that brings elegant design and anti-microbial properties together. In the recording, you will hear Nick and I speak about Aeris (different from Arist, a separate digital product startup featured on this podcast). Nick and his co-founders have since rebranded and Aeris is now Alloi. Here's the co-founders' statement on the rebrand: "We’re becoming more than Aeris — an homage to copper — and introducing a new...


#15: Ryan Laverty on the Future of Learning and Training

Ryan Laverty serves as co-founder/President of Arist, a text message learning platform working with organizations to create & deploy text message courses. One of Ryan's co-founders, Maxine Anderson, was featured on Episode #8 of Building Out Loud. This conversation is an interesting follow-up to Maxine's episode because it offers a new perspective on a familiar startup. In our conversation, Ryan and I discuss helping organizations create engaging, accessible learning materials and the...


#14: Christina Lampert on Business & Environmental Sustainability

Christina Lampert is the founder of the Sustennial Network - a social channel that celebrates sustainable lifestyles & businesses that are integrating sustainability into their practices. She is also a masters student at Columbia University where she is currently studying Sustainability Management. In our conversation, Christina and I discuss promoting sustainable practices through the Sustennial Network, macro vs. micro environmental change, and why businesses have a responsibility to...


#13: Turning the Tables - Creating with Consistency

Guest host! Thomas helps Josh reflect on building the podcast. Thomas Waschenfelder is the founder of Wealest. He was featured on Episode #4. True to form, I want to be transparent about what it's like to build a podcast. For that reason, I brought Thomas back on. Why Thomas? The challenge with content so far has been consistency. Thomas is the king of consistency. He's on a 2+ year streak of shipping an article and a newsletter every single week. In our conversation, Thomas and I...


#12: Alec Coughlin on The Guiding Principles of Growth

Alec Coughlin is the founder of Ludlow Growth where he helps increase the velocity of results for businesses. In our conversation, Alec and I discuss the values & beliefs that he leans on to implement sustainable growth within emerging businesses. Alec's Links Twitter LinkedIn Ludlow Growth


#11: Danny Miranda on The Power of Showing Up Every Day

Danny Miranda is the host of The Danny Miranda Podcast where he helps listeners pursue the highest versions of themselves. In our conversation, Danny and I discuss showing up every day, the 75 Hard challenge + meditation, and how he almost landed Matthew McConaughey on his podcast. Danny's Links Twitter Youtube Personal Site The Danny Miranda Podcast


#10: Rahul Rana on Making Moonshots

Rahul Rana is the author of Making Moonshots and an associate at Lux Capital. In our conversation, Rahul and I discuss why it is imperative that we make moonshots, the future of deep tech, and the value of learning from our failures to achieve success. Rahul's Links Making Moonshots on Amazon Twitter LinkedIn


#9: Sean McDonald on Clubhouse & The Future of Digital Media

Sean McDonald is a Media Guru, specializing in building, growing, and maintaining radio and broadcast video programs. He's the director of Neumann Media, Neumann University's largest student organization on-campus consisting of over 115 students. The organization includes award-winning FM licensed radio station 98.5 WNUW-LP,. In our conversation, Sean and I discuss how to get the most out of Clubhouse, communicating in a remote environment, and quality vs. quantity in content.


#8: Maxine Anderson on Empowering Women Innovators

Maxine Anderson is a co-founder of Project W and co-founder/VP of Operations of Arist. Project W is a student-led group dedicated to fostering collaboration amongst women innovators and entrepreneurs at Babson, Olin, and Wellesley (BOW) Colleges. Arist, is a text message learning platform which went through Y-combinator this past summer. In our conversation, Maxine and I discuss building connection and curriculum for women innovators and making education more accessible via text message.


#7: Gregg Vanourek on Discover Mode vs. Climbing Mode

Gregg Vanourek is the co-author of Life Entrepreneurs: Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives. In our conversation, Gregg and I discuss how taking the time to individually define discover mode vs. climbing mode leads to a happier, more fulfilling life for each of us.


#6: Ethan Jaffe on Persevering Through a Pandemic

Ethan Jaffe is a co-founder and co-owner of Saje Kitchen, a restaurant focussing on southern style cuisine in Providence, Rhode Island. Saje Kitchen was scheduled to open in March 2020 when COVID-19 changed our way of life in the US. The Saje team adapted, prepared a safe environment for patrons, and persevered by opening to the public in August 2020. In our conversation, Ethan and I discuss navigating uncertainty, the power of food, and the importance of the customer experience.


#5: Wes Woodson on Embracing Who You Are as an Entrepreneur

Wes Woodson is the founder and Chief Storyteller of thehidden, a streetwear brand designed to empower outsiders to never hide who they truly are. Wes is also in the fundraising stage of publishing a book called “The Anxiety Advantage” - a perspective on anxiety and how to manage anxiety as a Gen Z-er. In our conversation, Wes and I discuss embracing who you are on your entrepreneurial journey, discussing mental health openly, and the creation of his own podcast to be released in 2021.


#4: Thomas Waschenfelder on Building Wealth & Leverage

Thomas Waschenfelder is the founder of Wealest, a platform that simplifies the ideas of wealth creators. Wealest is designed to take you from zero understanding about how people build wealth to a working knowledge of how you can do it yourself. In our conversation, Thomas and I discuss creating a personal definition of wealth, learning from mental models, and building leverage online. While Thomas and I discuss wealth creation, it should be noted that the content of this podcast is for...


#3: Jamie Russo on Cultivating Sustainable Change

Jamie Russo is the founder of Goodnote, a newsletter that details the world’s most impactful brands using “business as a force for good.” Jamie combines case studies, current events, and business strategy into long-form essays delivered to inboxes across the world. In our conversation, Jamie and I discuss creating valuable community online, building in public, and developing sustainable change through kindness.


#2: Ari Lewis on Succeeding in the Attention Economy

Ari Lewis is an Attention Economy Expert and co-founder/partner of The Greenblock Group. We discuss capturing consumer’s attention, creating a new “Chief Social Officer” position in today’s digital media environment, and whether or not a newsletter bubble exists.


#1: Kenny Hanson on Mentorship, Minimalism, and Mental Health

Kenny Hanson is the founder and CEO of MentorPass. We discuss the power of mentors that guide us, what it's like being a digital nomad, and how authenticity has made him who he is today.