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Learn how to build wealth through investing in commercial real estate. We invite special guest on the show to discuss about how they got started and their journey on how they created and build wealth in commercial real estate such as apartments, hotels, self storage, mobile home parks and other commercial asset classes.


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Learn how to build wealth through investing in commercial real estate. We invite special guest on the show to discuss about how they got started and their journey on how they created and build wealth in commercial real estate such as apartments, hotels, self storage, mobile home parks and other commercial asset classes.






Journey From Passive to Active Investor In Multifamily Real Estate with Rama Krishna

Rama Krishna Chunchu is the founder of USHA Investment Group LLC. With more than 15 years of experience as an IT professional, he brings his experience in analysing markets, underwriting deals, raising capital, and asset management. He is both an active and passive investor in multi-family apartment syndications. Rama found his passion for multifamily apartments. He started his podcast and virtual conference with the goal of educating passive and active multifamily investors on how to...


From Silicon Valley Engineer to Startup Entrepreneur with the Passion of Building a World Class Investor Portal with Perry Zhang

Perry Zheng is the founder and CEO of Cash Flow Portal, a modern real estate syndication software. He was an engineering manager at Lyft for 5.5 years, and worked as a software engineer at Twitter and Amazon. Perry is also a lead sponsor on 1,020+ apartment units, having raised 25M+ for real estate projects and generating 30%+ annualized return for investors. Click here to check out Cashflow Portal CONNECT WITH PERRY Email: LinkedIn:...


Wealth Preservation and Planning Your Legacy with Spencer Hilligross

Spencer Hilligoss is the CEO & Co-Founder of Madison Investing, a real estate investment firm specializing in real estate syndications. As a passive investor and active syndicator, he understands the unique challenges that busy professionals face when starting out on their REI journey. His mission is to arm investors with the know-how they need to make confident investment decisions tailored to their individual life goals. Prior to pivoting to real estate, Spencer held several executive...


Learn How to Access Your Home Equity Without Additional Debt With Matthew Sullivan

Matthew is the CEO and Founder of QuantmRE, a company that solves a real problem for homeowners by helping them access a portion of their home equity without taking on more debt. This new financing tool is not a HELOC, it's not a loan and it's not a reverse mortgage. That means homeowners can get cash from their equity with no interest and no monthly payments. Matthew and his team have helped over a hundred homeowners use their home equity to pay off expensive credit cards, remodel their...


Real Estate Development for Built to Rent with Chloe Kwan

Chloe Kwon is a real estate investor and a developer with a passion for development and creative strategies. She manages acquisition, underwriting, financing and creating systems and processes. Her background in tech as a data scientist and as an avid learner of real estate knowledge helps to ensure maximum profitability for investors by keeping a pulse on the latest data patterns and trends. She has experiences managing various types of rental managing practices including short-term rentals...


A Retired Veteran Journey into Multifamily Investing with Eli Vo

Eli is a retired veteran, where he proudly served his country for 21 years as a paratrooper in the US Army and later as an IT Specialist in the US Air Force. He co-founded the Atlas Multifamily Group with his partners Chris & Nathan. They are TX based syndicators who own & operate $44M of assets in AR, OK, KS, and soon TX. To help others build wealth and grow professionally, Eli co-authored a book with other high-achievers, detailing his purpose and passion, which became an Amazon...


Learn About Private Lending with Ruben Izgelov

With over a decade in the real estate industry – acquiring, flipping, developing and financing over $500 million worth in real estate – Ruben Izgelov has quickly become a renowned real estate expert, speaker, and guide for many professionals in the industry. The most successful time in Ruben’s career was during the 2009 financial crisis; during this time, he bought, fixed, and sold distressed properties, which showed his determination in both bullish and bearish markets. After using private...


Building a Winning Real Estate Team with Maria Quattrone

Maria Quattrone is an entrepreneur, real estate expert, investor, speaker, visionary, philanthropist, and Owner/CEO of Maria Quattrone and Associates and RE/MAX @ HOME. Maria is a real estate executive with over 25 years of sales, marketing, and branding experience. She is a proud Philadelphia native and Temple University graduate. Under Maria’s leadership as CEO, her company has grown into one of the most successful real estate companies in Philadelphia and has assisted with her client's...


The Current State of Multifamily & Importance of Positive Mindset With Rod Khleif

Rod Khleif is a multiple business owner and philanthropist who is passionate about business, high performance, real estate and giving back. As one of the country's top real estate and peak performance luminaries. He has also owned over 2000 properties. Rod Khleif soared from humble beginnings as a young, impoverished Dutch immigrant to incredible success. Rod's experience involves both remarkable triumphs, and spectacular failures, which he affectionately calls "seminars”. He brings...


How to Use Private Money to Acquire Real Estate with Jay Conner

Jay Conner began investing in real estate in 2003. At the start of his career, he relied on his local banker to fund his deals and was able to put together a few deals. After years of feeling owned by the bank, Jay learned how to buy properties using creative financing, including “buying” subject-to existing note, using lease options and seller financing. Jay learned about the world of private money in less than two weeks of being cut-off from banks. He developed his own system for securing...


Learn about Commercial Real Estate Insurance With Jeremy Goodrich

Jeremy Goodrich owns Shine Insurance Agency with McKenzie. He’s a teacher at heart and he simplifies insurance by giving step by step guidance along the way. Before Shine, he was an elementary school teacher, helping countless kids fall in love with art, math, science, and writing. Former students remember learning to play hockey in gym class, opening epic businesses in a virtual world called The Businesses Project, and learning to use a sewing machine. After 13 years of teaching, he...


Discover Solid Advice from Mark McGuire on Investing in Commerical Real Estate

Mark McGuire is a lifelong student of the school of hard knocks, taking the road less traveled. He’s unconcerned with academic accolades and Greek affiliations—what you see is what you get. While Mark excelled in academics at both the high school and collegiate levels, he discovered his preferred method of learning is immersion. Real-life mistakes can’t be taught from a textbook. Time and time again, Mark has found that rolling up his sleeves and getting in the trenches is the only way to...


Going From Limited Partner to Active General Partner with Camilla Jeffs

Camilla Jeffs is the Founder and CEO of Steady Stream Investments, a company focused on providing investment opportunities in large multifamily and senior housing communities. Camilla recently left her W2 job to pursue real estate investing full-time. Her path to real estate investing started when she was a young mother at 22 years old and living in a garage apartment. Over the course of 18 years, Camilla steadily grew her real estate portfolio and would love to speak with your audience...


Investing in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology with Zach Morrow

Zach Morrow has worked hand in hand with Boron Capital for nearly 5 years. With a strong business background, Zach owned and operated 2 of his own businesses before selling them to join the Team at Boron Capital. With Boron Capital, he oversees the Investor Relations of 3 private investment funds which operate across a series of alternative asset classes. He also serves as an advisor to the Fund on development and strategy. Zach is a seasoned Real Estate and Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund...


Learn About Multifamily Investing with Arn Cenedella

Arn Cenedella is the founder of Spark Investment Group. Arn is a real estate expert with more than four decades of experience, including 35 years as a Realtor navigating the unique real estate landscape in Silicon Valley, CA. During that time, Arn invested in real estate ranging from single family homes and fix-and-flips to land subdivisions and condominium conversions to commercial multifamily properties. Through these experiences, he developed a passion for helping others achieve their...


Find High Quality Tenant Leads with New Rental Listing Site Named Dwellsy

Jonas Bordo is the CEO and Co-Founder of Dwellsy, a free rental listing site where owners and property managers can get high quality leads for free and where renters can find a rental and make it home. In Dwellsy, Renters should be able to find ALL of the rentals, all in ONE place. They should be able to trust that a listing is not fraudulent. And they should be able to quickly distill down to rentals that meet their preferences -- not be driven toward irrelevant listings from paid...


Investing in Commercial Flex and Industrial Real Estate with Brian Adams

Brian C. Adams is the President and founder of Excelsior Capital, where he spearheads the investor relations and capital markets arms of the firm. He has 10 years of experience in real estate private equity. Prior to forming Excelsior Capital, Brian co-founded Priam Properties (an institutional real estate private equity sponsor) in 2010 and provided leadership and direction for the firm in connection with capital markets, investment management and investor relations. From January of 2016...


My First Deal in Multifamily with Oleg Shalumov

Oleg Shalumov is a real estate investor who has been investing in property rentals since 1999. Oleg graduated from Brooklyn College (CUNY) with Computer Science degree and has been utilizing his IT skills with companies like IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, BNP Paribas, and Credit Suisse. Most of his career in the field he spent on the different Trading Desks assisting traders with various trading application. Sensing a shift in the market, Oleg started focusing on Multifamily investing in...


Discover Good Markets to Invest and the Benefits of Investor Portal With Brad Onge

Brad St. Onge is the Head of Partnerships at InvestNext. At InvestNext, it’s mission is to transform the process in which investment firms raise and manage capital. Based in Detroit, Michigan, InvestNext was founded in 2016. At the time, it saw a major flaw in the industry. Investing as a whole operated within a black box, with countless hours spent on activities that made fundraising, investment management, and investor relations tedious and inefficient. Since day one, Brad known that...


Learn About Self Storage Investing With Jacob Vanderslice

Jacob Vanderslice is Principal at VanWest Partners, a Denver-based real estate investment firm focusing on the acquisition and management of self-storage centers and other opportunistic real estate throughout the United States. By focusing on this conservative and growing real estate sector, VanWest has established a track record with over $195mm in real estate assets. Jacob and his partners’ success is driven by a commitment to delivering an expertly-executed, adaptable strategy with an...