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Learn How to Build Your Life (not just your portfolio) with Financial Expert John Browning

Learn How to Build Your Life (not just your portfolio) with Financial Expert John Browning


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Learn How to Build Your Life (not just your portfolio) with Financial Expert John Browning




Standing on the Summit with Lei Wang

Standing on the Summit of the world's tallest mountain is amazing. Lei Wang has stood on the summit of 7 of the world's tallest mountains! Today, financial xpert, John Browning, talks with Lei about her adventures and she reveals the top tips she shares with those just starting their adult lives and those who've been up and down their own mountains in life. Lei also shares the idea that it is O.K. and right and good to ASK FOR HELP – It makes you so much stronger. Be sure to listen in...


You Don't Have to be Old to Die - Legacy Planning with Cindy Arledge

In this episode of Building Your life with John Browning Author and legacy advisor Cindy Arledge talks to us about the realities of legacy planning and how to do things the right way especially in that first family meeting. Spoiler alert – you don’t have to be old to die. Cindy is the author of four books including the Cur$e of Inheritance, How to Protect Your Family From Being Broke, Bitter and Blaming You. You can find out more about Cindy Here.


Why people don’t hire a professional adviser?

Financial expert, John Browning, shares a few common reasons why some people don't hire a financial advisor. One major reason is fear. Other people are concerned about costs. There are other reasons that you'll hear about on today's episode. Listen to see if John talks about one that you've heard of. And be sure to connect with John by texting "LIFE" to 21000 or


What you should do with your 401(k).

Like many Americans, your retirement savings may be in a program like a 401(k). Listen to financial expert, John Browning, as he gives you his #1 piece of advice to someone who is leaving a company (hint: don't leave your 401(k). This is a very helpful episode. Connect with John by texting "LIFE" to 21000 or


Automotive Analogies (Roadmap, Speedometer, rear view mirror, wheels touch the ground, gas pedal, brake)

Looking at a map can inform a lot about your retiremtent. In order to build a roadmap for your life you need to know a few things. Knowing where you're going is primary. Once you have your destination, it's time to accelrate, but you don't want to lose control. Listen to financial expert, John Browning, as he shares multiple automotive analogies that can help you build a life that's right for you. Connect with John by texting "LIFE" to 21000 or


Magic Money Making Triangles

Financial expert John Browning shares some of his magical methods of helping you Build a Life not Just a Portfolio. You can connect with John when you Text "LIFE" to 21000. Part of what you'll have acces to when you do this are his Magic Money Making Triangles. As a triangle has 3 points, so do John's Triangles. 1. Pay Attention. 2. Look and Find. 3. Save and Make Money.


Having a CLEAR Mindset

CLEAR is an acronym that John uses: Clarity, Length, Engineering, Adversity, Responsibility. Listen to John as he shares how having a CLEAR Mindset can help you Build a Life not just a Portfolio. You'll also hear him unpack this quote: Never allow a blind person proofread your vision. This is a pivotal quote that you should understand.


COLI - is it the Real Thing?

COLI is the Cost Of Living Index. It's related to inflation and is an indicator of how much it costs to live in different places. It's important to understand how this affects your life and your investment portfolio. John asks a great question, "What is your personal inflation rate?"


Hearing through the Noise

There has been a lot of noise, information etc regarding innovation how does that relate to how we look at investments today? We hear about bitcoin, self driving cars – billionaires in space – what does it all mean for people who are not yet billionaires? You need someone who can be a "filter" to clean up the noise that you're hearing every day. Listen to John's 4 Filters that can help you Build a Life Not Just a Portfolio.


Sell Your Company to Your Employees with ESOP Evangelist with Patti Plough

Patti Plough who is the ESOP Evangelist, CEO and Founder of Excel Legacy Group. She gives the seven amazing benefits of selling your business using an ESOP (Employee Stock Purchase Agreement) Patti is a successful serial entrepreneur running several businesses including one which she sold using an employee stock purchase program or ESOP where she continues to serve on the board of directors.


How to be UP in Down Times with Preston Weeks

Preston weeks is the author of three books and is the co-founder of Formula EQ. The most recent book is How To Be UP in Down Times. Preston is a serial entrepreneur building several successful businesses and he is now in the business of building people and businesses. His mission is to uplift people and make tomorrow a better place to live. We cover the idea of “starting” and actually taking action - how do you get started? There is a gap between learning or knowing what to do and actually...


Three Secrets of Bringing Abundance Into Building Your Best Life

What's holding you back from building your life the way you want it to be? Today, financial expert and Amazon bestselling author, John Browning, talks with Elizabeth Otis as she takes us through some of the science behind what often holds us back from our Best Life. Then she gives three ideas to get our mind working for us. This one episode could be a breakthrough for you as you seek to Build Your Life.


Never Be Poor Again. A guide to money as a spiritual practice with author Mathew Morales.

Author Mathew Morales, talks with John Browning about the difference between begin rich and wealthy. If all you have is money you are actually poor. Listen to this interview and learn how to take the next step in your financial literacy journey. This is a very compelling conversation that you will really enjoy. Connect with Mathew at his website: . And always remember that nothing in this communication should be construed as personal investment advice and past performance is no guarantee of...


Why Beaver's Mom would not make it in today's society.

Social Security was established in 1935 when most women did not work outside the home. Today financial expert and amazon Bestselling Author, John Browning, discusses how you can plan properly to build a wonderful life. Learn more from John when you reach out to John at


Early Buyout / Early Retirement

How should you respond if your employer is acquired and you are offered an early buy out or some other option? Listen to financial expert John Browning discusss differeing liquidity events throughout your life. Learn more from John when you reach out to John at


Dating Advice... what WAS your retirement date, what IS your date?

When can you retire? What is your date? Listen to financial planning expert John Browning as he gives a bit of "dating advice" as it elates to your retirement. John discusses what your life after full employmeent can look like. Learn more from John when you reach out to John at


Which is more important: The type of account or how my money is invested?

The coin toss between account type and investment decisions can be a challenge. You also need to know how your account is titled and which 'vehicle' your plan is riding in. This is really a Both/And equation becuase both of these are critical in how you build your life and your portfolio. Learn more from John when you reach out to John at


How do I create my own personal paycheck protection program?

How would you like to have a paycheck for the rest of your life? Financial planning expert John Browning explains how you can create your own paycheck protection program. Reach out to John at . Grab a copy of John's Free Report 8 Common Misunderstandinga About Retirement and How to Understand them Better. Go to the Contact Us section and as for this Report.


Tax Tips for Retirees

Whether you are entering or already in retirement, taxes don't go away. You still have to pay taxes on your retirement income. What is the best way to plan for these taxes? How can you plan today to pay less tax in the future? These questions and many more are answered by financial expert, John Browning.


How To Teach Your Kids About Planning for Their Financial Future

Financial Expert John Browning shares from his personal experience with raising six kids how to talk with them about planning for their financial future. Money doesn't have to be an "adult" conversation for younger kids. Make it simple and fun. As your kids grow, the discussion changes. Learn how to make it fun, make it real, and allow for a bit of some spending. Check out John's Magic Money Making Triangles when you reach out to him at or on John's YouTube channel.