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Many businesses are started every day, but the number that lasts the test of time is much lower. So what separates the businesses that last and those that don't? With this podcast, we intend to find out. Each week, we'll feature conversations with business owners who have latest the test of time to gather stories, tips, and ideas, that will help others grow.

Many businesses are started every day, but the number that lasts the test of time is much lower. So what separates the businesses that last and those that don't? With this podcast, we intend to find out. Each week, we'll feature conversations with business owners who have latest the test of time to gather stories, tips, and ideas, that will help others grow.
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Many businesses are started every day, but the number that lasts the test of time is much lower. So what separates the businesses that last and those that don't? With this podcast, we intend to find out. Each week, we'll feature conversations with business owners who have latest the test of time to gather stories, tips, and ideas, that will help others grow.








#037 Good Storytelling on Social Media with Carlos Gil

Two of the most difficult things experienced by business owners are transitioning into new industries and knowing what to do with social media. Over the last decade, Carlos Gil has become a master of both areas. On this interview, we talk about how he transitioned from losing his job to building an international speaking career, and how he helps major corporations tell their stories well on social media. Don't miss this interview with Carlos on understanding the critical ideas of social...



In this episode, I meet with Dr. Jason Lewis, owner of Bartram Dental Center. Dr. Lewis started the office in 2005, with the goal of operating a little differently than the typical medical practice. While dental care is their passion, the staff also emphasizes doing fun things and enjoying life together. Jason and I go in depth on his beginnings in the dental industry and how he overcame the stresses of managing a new practice. We also examine how family and fun are such important components...


#036 Yes, You ARE in the Sales Business

When you start a business, realizing that sales is a big part of things can be pretty scary. A lot of people HATE sales and think it’s a bad thing, but the reality is, you are in the sales business and need to get great at it if you want to grow. This episode is a free release of the chapter from Building a Business that Lasts titled ‘Yes, you ARE in the sales business.


#035 Happiness in Life Leads to Success in Business, With Gavin Zuchlinksi

Gavin Zuchlinski is the founder of Acuity Scheduling, a fast, efficient online assistant that allows businesses to automate and manage their appointments online for easy client scheduling. Gavin’s company supports nearly 100,000 businesses of all sizes, from people working for themselves to large corporations with thousands of employees. This episode, we discuss Acuity’s history and subsequent growth, the importance of showing up to work with a good attitude, learning to make difficult...


#034 Chocolate, Caramel, and Live Streaming with Decades of Experience

From all the way on the other side of the world comes John Kapos, better known as #ChocolateJohnny. He was packed with energy even though it was before 5AM Australian time when we recorded this. John’s family chocolate business has operated in Sydney, Australia for nearly a century—and he’s ran it for nearly three decades. If that’s not a business that lasts, I don’t know what is. Chocolate Johnny has built a community using live video and social media to take his brand from a local...


#033 Growing a SaaS business for over a decade with Jason Hsiao

Jason Hsiao is the co-founder of, an online video platform that makes it easy for anyone to make awesome videos. Jason shares his insights on how he has grown from a team of four to over 100 in an industry that’s known for companies coming and going. Animoto has been built to last with over 10 years of experience—and they’re still going strong. If you run a Software as a service (SaaS) business, or are interested in hearing how Jason and his team have made it work for so long,...


#032 - Surviving & Thriving in a Constantly Changing Social Media World (Keynote from Social Media Day Jacksonville)

On this episode I share the full length keynote from Social Media Day Jacksonville where I talk about surviving and thriving in a constantly changing social media world.


#031 Special Edition: Starting is the Easy Part

On this special edition of the podcast, you’ll get to hear the first chapter of my new book, "Building a Business that Lasts— Without Sacrificing Family." In chapter 1, I talk about how starting your business is the easy part, and cast a vision for how to establish the foundation of a business that will last for decades.


#030 Growth and Expansion in the Modern Age with Bryan Croft

Growing a manual business of creating rubber stamps from the pre-Internet days to the modern age is a daunting task—but that's exactly what Holmes Custom has done. Bryan shares stories of how his dad bought the company from Mr. Holmes years ago before he took over in the late nineties. Since then, they've grown from a mostly local business to a national e-commerce site with locations in three major cities and over 100 employees. If you want to hear ideas of how you can grow beyond your local...


#029 Generating Revenue and Living Large with Chris Patterson

Chris Patterson's company has generated over $1.4 BILLION in sales for their clients.... Do we have your attention? What an awesome stat! On this episode, Chris shares his stories, tips, and ideas on how to build a business over time that generates more revenue year after year. Chris even shares a cool story about when Zig Ziglar personally coached him for a year! Check out our conversation and learn how you can "LIVE LARGE" too.


#028 Time Management and Personality Secrets with Terry Ogburn

If you find yourself running out of time in your day, struggling to handle certain people's personalities, and want to learn how you can improve those areas to build a business that lasts, this conversation with Terry Ogburn is for you. Terry started an HVAC business with just $118, and grew it successfully before selling it a decade later. He then worked in the corporate world and is now providing strategy and consulting to businesses of all sizes.


#027 Building a Team, Adjusting to Change, and Continued Growth with Warren Wilansky

Many people talk about how they care about their team and the people around them, but others really walk the walk. Warren Wilansky from Plank Design in Montreal, QC is the latter. Since 1998, Warren has been putting people first at his digital agency, and it's paid off with a long history of growth. On this episode, we talk about building the right team, working with partners, and how to adjust with the changing tide of technology. If your goal is to grow your business successfully for 20...


LIVE KEYNOTE: Future Proofing Your Marketing (at the MTI / IHEA Spring Meeting)

Hear a live recording of a presentation Jay gave on Future Proofing your Marketing to Get More Attention and Acquire more customers while at an event in Scottsdale, Arizona. On this episode, you'll learn about the 3 keys to future proofing your marketing along with a special trick on how to export your contact data from Linkedin.


#026 Company Buyouts, Quality Communication, and Lifetime Entrepreneurship with Pamela Wasley

Pamela is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and CEO of Cerius Executives and Cerius Advisors. She has served on private boards, is a frequent national speaker, and has advised hundreds of companies on strategies for growth and higher shareholder value. On this episode, Pamela shares insights on building a life as an entrepreneur and the importance of communication. She offers a free resource to help listeners grow their businesses as well. Books mentioned in the episode: The 4...


#025 Master Podcasting, Predict ROI and Follow Your Passions with Stephen Woessner

There are a lot of people who say they're going to "write that book" or "start that podcast" but never do. Stephen Woessner has done both successfully, all while growing an agency. His newest book, "Profitable Podcasting," has been a huge asset to us here at Building a Business that Lasts. Stephen's podcast, "Onward Nation," has over 700 episodes at the time of this podcast. If you want to learn how to pivot careers, help others, produce a podcast or write a book, Stephen's insights will be...


#024 Growing a Business Your Way with Jason Blumer

Jason isn't your average CPA. While he does run a team that helps with traditional accounting functions, but they do it in a crazy, unique way. A lot of accounting organizations are reactive, only helping with lag measures that have already happened, but Jason's firm "proactively leads clients to equip them for growth." He runs a distributed team as the visionary that helps with coaching and consulting, while his team helps with the traditional taxation, account, and technology portions for...


#023 From College TV Newscast to Professional Production Company with Chris Kennelly

Chris started in the video world almost by mistake. After choosing TV production as a college major, he quickly fell in love with the world of video production. After studying at UF and then heading to LA for an internship, he settled back in Florida to start Kennetic Productions and has successfully grown it for well over a decade. Hear his story, learn what has worked and what hasn't to help you build a business that lasts. In the episode, these books were mentioned: The E-Myth Revisited:...


#022 Entrepreneurship, Family and Freedom with Clint Drawdy

On this episode, I interview Clint Drawdy, President, and COO of iMethods in Jacksonville, FL. Clint started his entrepreneurial habits from a young age, and that has grown into an incredible business. iMethods has been serving customers for over 14 years and certainly lasted the test of time. Clint shares stories about starting the business, how important family and freedom are to him, and how he's built a business that's lasted.


#021 Selling is Helping with Tim Owen

On this episode, I interview one of the most often referenced mentors in my life—my Uncle, Tim Owen. He owns and operates Owen and Associates along with his wife, Wendy in Jacksonville, Florida. We talk learning how to sell, helping others through sales, referral marketing, moving from remote work to a centralized office and much more.


#020 How to put family first AND build your dream business with Kerry Tustin

It is possible to have the family live you desire with the business you dream of. Kerry Tustin proves that in a business that has lasted the test of time. On this episode, we talk about starting a business with a young family, building a team you trust, and growing a business through all seasons of life. If you’re a parent wondering how you can make a business work with a young family, this episode is for you.