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Many businesses are started every day, but the number that lasts the test of time is much lower. So what separates the businesses that last and those that don't? With this podcast, we intend to find out. Each week, we'll feature conversations with business owners who have lasted the test of time to gather stories, tips, and ideas, that will help others grow.

Many businesses are started every day, but the number that lasts the test of time is much lower. So what separates the businesses that last and those that don't? With this podcast, we intend to find out. Each week, we'll feature conversations with business owners who have lasted the test of time to gather stories, tips, and ideas, that will help others grow.


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Many businesses are started every day, but the number that lasts the test of time is much lower. So what separates the businesses that last and those that don't? With this podcast, we intend to find out. Each week, we'll feature conversations with business owners who have lasted the test of time to gather stories, tips, and ideas, that will help others grow.








The 6 Core Human Needs with Alex Judd & Jay Owen

This special episode was recorded originally for the Path for Growth podcast with Alex Judd and shared here with a new intro with special details about the future of the Building a Business that Lasts Podcast. We talk about the 6 core human needs, how they apply to personal growth, business growth, and life as a whole. Both Jay & Alex are on a mission to help leaders and companies grow in a healthy way. Want to grow a healthy business without crashing your life at the same time? This is your...


Episode 112 - The Busy Entrepreneur with Mike McDerment

Behind every great success is a great story. Mike McDerment is the founder, board chair, and executive at FreshBooks, the #2 small business accounting software in the US. In this episode, he shares his experience, thoughts, and best advice on how to approach life as a busy entrepreneur. Notes: Quotes: “The best deals come through referrals.” 30:59 “I think of how I work as a lifestyle choice.” 40:08 “You’re learning what’s best for you along the way, and that can change over time.”...


Episode 111 - The True Measure of Success with Adii Pienaar

Is your life profitable? Not just in money, but in everything else: family, friends, hobbies — the things that really matter and bring you the most happiness. That’s what Adii Pienaar is focused on. A published author and 3x company founder of Cogsy, Conversio, and WooCommerce, Adii has learned what it truly means to have a meaningful, fulfilling life as an entrepreneur, and he’s here to share just a few things he’s discovered along the way. Support the show...


Episode 110 - Human Connection with Thom Singer

Conversations are the cornerstone of every relationship, and human connection matters more than we may think. Thom Singer is a growth leadership speaker who has acted as a “human connection catalyst” for more than a decade, and he’s here to share about business, relationships, and the importance of human connection. Support the show (


Succession Planning with Steven Goodman

You’re going to leave your business one of two ways: one, because you chose to leave it, or two, because you died. When you’re gone, what will happen to your business? You need to have a plan. The President and CEO of SHG Planning, Steven Goodman helps people preserve their legacies through estate and business succession planning. It’s a hard conversation to have, but something critical to think about and plan for today because tomorrow is never promised. Support the show...


Authenticity in Business with Dave Will

Our experiences help shape us and guide us toward our futures, and this is true even for business owners. Dave Will is currently the CEO and co-founder of PropFuel, an engagement platform, but his journey into the business world started long before then. Over time, he’s only learned what works for business, but also what really matters in life. This conversation gets deep, so join us as we talk authenticity, business moves, family, and so much more. Support the show...


What Entrepreneurs Should Know with Bryan Clayton

How did you start your business, and where is it today? Bryan Clayton founded one of the largest landscaping companies in the state of Tennessee, and then sold it. Now, he’s the CEO of GreenPal, an online marketplace that connects homeowners with local lawn care companies and helps those same companies run their businesses more efficiently. A co-founder, mentor, and real estate investor, Bryan’s got real-world experience and real-world advice that every entrepreneur should hear. Support the...


Stop Wasting Time with Josh Little

If you could attend fewer meetings, would you? These days, we have access to so many different tools that allow us to work in a more productive way, and the right ones can change the way we work. Josh Little is a 4x founder whose passion for entrepreneurship has led him to create Volley, a video recording tool that replaces your meetings and frees up your schedule. Drawing from his experience and expertise, Josh shares wise counsel every entrepreneur should hear. Support the show...


How to Humanize Your Business with Darin Dawson

Have you ever seen a business have a total communication fail, either internally or externally? All business is built upon relationships, but many times, we miss the mark. Darin Dawson is the President & Co-founder of, a company whose mission is to rehumanize the planet. His video email software helps people break through the digital noise to build human connection and get a “yes” faster and more often. For business owners, sincere, personalized communication with your team,...


Building a Better Team with Dean Hallett

Getting leadership right is hard work, and developing leaders can be even harder. However, it’s this work that can revolutionize your organization to build a strong culture and propel you toward success. Dean Hallett has provided leadership at the highest levels, including as EVP/CFO at Disney and Senior EVP at 20th Century Fox. Now, he helps organizations just like yours develop their leadership teams for happier, better organizations that thrive in a world of continual disruption. Find...


Building a Strong Team with Ira Wolfe

People and personalities matter when it comes to hiring, building a trusted team, and working toward success in your business. Ira Wolfe is an expert in these things, including best practices in hiring and succession. If you want to build a strong, healthy team that helps your business succeed, then you have to understand — and apply — this formula. Support the show (


Elevate Your Business with Chris Prenovost

In order to elevate your business and focus on the parts of it that you love, there are some things you need to do first. Chris Prenovost is a professional EOS implementer who helps business leaders fall back in love with their businesses by learning about — and implementing — EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System. When you learn what it is, how it works, why you need it, and then implement it in your business, you can achieve incredible results. Support the show...


Big Business Tips for Small Businesses with Tony Guarnaccia

What does it take to get out of the frustration zone in business, and how do you find the resilience to get through it? Tony Guarnaccia is a business founder, strategist, and consultant who helps small businesses grow and succeed by teaching them exactly what to do and how to do it. Find out what he discovered while working with market leaders across hundreds of niches and learn how you can apply his knowledge to your...


A Special Offer for You

Listen to today's episode for a limited-time promo code to get a big discount on your ticket for Business Builders Live in March! Without the right knowledge, you can get stuck as an entrepreneur. I’m here to teach you how to build a business that lasts and grows regardless of the environment, including the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Support the show (


Leading & Selling with Noble Purpose with Lisa McLeod

People need to know their life has meaning. If you know that what you do for work makes a difference, your whole life changes. Lisa McLeod is a strategy consultant, executive coach, and keynote speaker who helps people just like you find meaning in their work and get money from it at the same time (yes, it’s really possible). Support the show (


Following Your Framework with David Henzel

Do you make decisions based on your mission, vision, and values? Do your employees? What about your family? And yourself? These things don’t just apply to businesses — they apply to families and individuals, too. When you know what your mission, vision, and values are, then you have a framework in place to help you better make decisions in life. UpCoach CEO and veteran entrepreneur David Henzel has some powerful counsel and wisdom about these things that are truly worth hearing. Support the...


Start Your Own Business with Christine Blackledge

Sometimes the best way to start a new business is to see something you don’t like in the world, think, “I can make that better,” and then do just that. When Christine Blackledge had a personal experience that prompted her to reinvent home health care, she went for it. Now, her business has gone international and she teaches others to do what she once did herself: start nursing agencies and healthcare businesses. If you need inspiration or encouragement, don’t miss this heartfelt conversation...


How to Scale and Sustain with Tatiana Tsoir

Have you ever wondered how to take a traditional business, like law or accounting, and convert it into something that’s more scalable from a profitability standpoint and more sustainable from a personal standpoint? An accountant, an author, and a true professional, Tatiana Tsoir has turned her agency into something that works for her, her life, and her team. Find out how you can do the same (and get some good accounting tips as a bonus). Support the show...


Write Your Book, Finally with Laura Gale

Have you ever thought about writing a book but haven’t done it because you don’t have the time? If you have thought about it, have you ever considered using a ghostwriter to help you tell your story? Ghostwriting isn’t cheating because it’s still your ideas, your thoughts, and your words — you’re just getting a little help putting those things down on paper. Laura Gale is a ghostwriter who helps entrepreneurs and business owners write, publish, and market powerful, profitable books that...


It’s Always Personal with Lori Hibma

Some people like to say, “Business isn’t personal.” But that’s not true. If you’re a person, it’s personal — and that includes business. For business leaders, there’s so much more to your day-to-day operations than work because life can change in an instant, and those life changes can have a big impact on your business. Lori Hibma is a skilled CEO who knows all too well how life can affect work. It’s always personal, and if you’re a business leader, this is one enlightening conversation you...